The Drop: Week of July 16th 2012 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of July 16th 2012 New Releases

On PSN this week, experience a transcendental sensory overload in Dyad. Race through a reactive audio-visual tube creating a harmonious synthesis of colour and sound as you hook, graze, and lance enemies to master Dyad’s 27 unique levels.

Embark on a mind-altering interactive journey through Dyad’s Game Mode in order to prepare yourself for Trophy Mode’s tactical freakout variations wherein a Platinum Trophy awaits only the most skillful. Or choose to sit back and chill with Dyad’s hallucinogenic Remix Mode on this week’s The Drop.

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DYAD — Dyad is an abstract racing/shooter/puzzle hybrid where players move forward by manipulating other vessels on the track. Dyad also explores the mind state of the player — the game is designed to create a strong sense of flow, upon which it offers different contemplative approaches.

The topics of contemplation, called Mantras, create a thought-based metagame on top of the audio-visual gameplay. An independently-developed project created by Shawn McGrath, Dyad is made for play on PlayStation 3 consoles.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles — Arm yourself against the horrors of the city in this sequel to the gun shooting game Umbrella Chronicles. Darkside Chronicles takes place in Resident Evil 2’s Racoon City. It’s September 29, 1998, and the city has turned to hell due to the effects of the T-virus. Players take control of Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy to deal with the undead. Only this time, the enemy is not the Umbrella Corporation … instead, players venture into the unexplored areas of the Resident Evil story, along with the darker passages of the characters’ histories.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles — Umbrella Chronicles takes place from the first person as your characters move through a fully 3D mansion. This action/shooter hybrid reveals the back story behind the fall of the Umbrella Corporation by exploring locations from past Resident Evil 0, 1, 2 and 3 as well as new never-before-seen locations, such as Umbrella’s stronghold.

Record of Agarest War 2 — Following up in a series by acclaimed Japanese role-playing game designers RED and Idea Factory, Record of Agarest War 2 features all-new strategy RPG gameplay, HD graphics, and bonus mini-games! The Limited Edition release enhances the experience with a unique set of items for franchise fans.

One day, the world was enveloped by a mysterious blinding light. The destruction it caused was terrible, even as the light itself was sublime in its beauty, and it made those who witnessed the awesome display think of the unrestrained rage and fury of the divine. The central continent, from where the light is believed to have originated from, went silent, while at the same time demons began to spread throughout the world like a plague. Amongst the survivors of the catastrophe, that fateful day became known as the “Day of Light.”

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Is this it? No sales, PS2 or PS1 games? :(

  • Looks pretty empty to me. Disappointing week this week I guess…

  • This is the worst psn update ):

    Why Sony ?

    No ps1 classic or ps2

    I think I’m going to turn my ps3 and sleep

    And I will not play my ps3 . I’m waiting for the next week update then I will play my ps3


  • Some good games. But I’m waiting for Tony Hawk HD.

  • C’mon, where’s Tony Hawk? BS!

  • Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
    Final Fantasy Crisis Core

    PSP update with Vita compatibility please. PLEASE.

  • @ raamlife3
    seriously… you need psn update to play games… wtv…

  • I really hope that there is a killer sale going on Tuesday, or a massive update (Vita PSOne update?) at least. This is easily the most pathetic PSN Store update in a long time.

    No PSOne/Two uploads, no PSP Legacy, no minis, and no Vita games. Not exactly giving me reason to support your systems with my purchases. Meanwhile, my 3DS is getting quite a lot of love.

  • I seriously do not understand why I can only sort the games I bought by recently played or creation date.

    Why oh why cannot we sort the PSN games we bought alphabetically? Would a firmware update that included this basic function and necessity be over the heads of the PSN team? I mean, why don’t we have this? It should have been implemented from the very first moment that PS3 systems were placed on store shelves. Is there some sort of reason why the PS3 does not have this? Does the PS3 just not have the tech and the capability of displaying titles and sorting them by their letter, alphabetically?

  • So apparently the ONLY “new” release this week is Dyad, as the two RE Chronicles games are already available as a bundle. And, as usual, there’s absolutely nothing for the Vita and no announcement of more BC PSP titles for it that people actually care about. Well done, Sony.

  • Lol this is so embarrassing you gotta be kidding Sony. That’s it 2 games? Rey you man have balls, posting such an embarrassment of update, I admire you , you have guts.

  • @7 Tony Hawk is a timed exclusive for another console. We’ll be getting a few weeks later, supposedly. It’ll be interesting to to see what Plus offers will be available on top of the Dyad discount.

  • Oh yeah, I forgot about Record of Agarest War 2’s digital release, which seems to be getting really poor reviews and I doubt many people care about. I don’t know HOW I overlooked THAT game.

  • Terrible drop. Atleast I am still playing Rainbow Moon and some games from the Summer sale.

  • @ Cyb3rfr34k-iso

    Lol . Do u know how many years I was waiting for yu gi oh fm for ps1 classics ?

    And did u think I always play ps3 ? No. I’m not ps3 fan . And the ps3 have no fun when play it

    I’m GameCube fan ok ?

  • Will we have another PS Plus update this week?

  • wow empty…When can we get Wake up Club

  • lol why does there have be a huge update filled with games every week? To be honest, they should really just do Store updates every two weeks. This current generation of gamers are nothing but a group of self entitled bunch of b*tch whiners who need to gag on their own tampon.

  • O yeah . I bought a psvita but why u don’t update the psn on the psvita ?

  • And I wonder if the psvita can play ps2 classics cuz that will be awsome

  • I was excited for last Tuesday, until it came and went… And then I was angry. What happened to Mickey Mania? Yeah sure, “subject to change” happens but, why that one? That was among the greats!

  • @CynicalNerd They don’t need to have a “huge update filled with games every week”, but they DO need to have something in the place of said games to fill the void. We’re in the midst of the Summer Dead period. It’s a good time to release things like new Vita-compatible PSP games while the Vita’s getting NO other software. And considering the Vita’s been dead since Gravity Rush last week, why aren’t we seeing ANYTHING for Vita right now? If we’re not going to see new PS3 software for PSN, how about some PS2 Classics to fill the void? The PS2 had a MASSIVE library of games to choose from, and now’s a great time to put them out while there’s little else.

  • @NeoMahi It was previously announced in an Edit on last week’s The Drop, but Sony apparently didn’t consider the problems with releasing a PAL-only game in NA so Mickey Mania for PSN has been canceled.

  • Dont bash this Update till youve bought Dyad Its an amazing game

  • @18
    Yes there will be a PS Plus update this week, but Morgan Haro has already told us not to expect any free games for the rest of July.
    Meanwhile EU Stores enjoy a new free PS3 Retail title AND a new PSN title this week.

    This new 3 games a month rubbish will be the end of my Plus subscription.
    We went from averaging 8.3 free games per month over the last year and now we’re only going to be getting three per month til Sept/Oct.?

    Doesn’t sound like “bigger and better” to me.

  • Edit: And considering the Vita’s been dead since Gravity Rush last MONTH*…

  • @6 Tony hawk HD has some exclusivity with Xbox’s Summer of arcade promotion

  • Still no Metal gear solid HD collection on PSN store?! wth sony!

  • Any options to sort our digital games we bought from the store, alphabetically yet? Or is it a work in progress?

  • @ sk8allday25 – Yeah I hear you I really want that on PSN.

  • @27 I think the problem here is that they switched from a onetime info dump to a twice a month info dump. This way makes it harder to see the overall value. On top of that, this month is clearly a “sale” month. The EU store didn’t get nearly as good discounts as us. I understand the frustration with the instant game collection though. It’s the highlight of plus for me (as well as you it seems), and with Deus Ex alone, Europe clearly got the better deal there.

  • What #8 said. Also, Final Fantasy I & Final Fantasy II.

    The Drop: Week of July 16th 2012 – Hope you like Resident Evil!

  • Still waiting on Suikoden II :( Not that I expect it to happen, but it should.

  • A slow week, I guess we can’t expect every week to have a new AC game or something. Hopefully next week will be better.
    I wish that Crisis core and BBS would be put on PSN, I really don’t want to have to buy a PSP to play them when I have a perfectly good VITA.

    Guys, I know the VITA situation is frustrating, but look at all the huge releases we are getting later this year.
    Best we can hope for for a while is PSP games and PS1 update, which for all we know could happen in the next week or two. I don’t know about you, but I personally have enough PS1 games to keep me occupied for a while if they go on the VITA. (for some reason I can’t seem to make myself play the ff games on a PS3)

  • this isnt the DROP its the PLOP

  • Doesn’t anyone listen to the Playstation Blogcast to here the drop of the week first?

  • where’s the ps1 games that people loved to play? like mortal kombat 4 twisted metal 1 3 &4 spider man and Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro all the tony hawk games tomb raider Chronicles driver 1&2. i could go on and on but i’ll cut myself off before i get my hopes up….. who in the world puts the little mermaid 2??? who’s the sissy who put that on? i may sound like im complaining but i haven’t seen a good ps1 game in how long i think my eye’s may bleed from pain from all the tears that fell everytime i finally see a new ps1 game……

  • @38 I know it’s a habit for me :)

  • Alphabet


    Wish we could sort our PSN games we bought like this in our XMB to make it easier to sort and go through our games. Most recent, wtf??! creation date, wtf??!

  • r they gonna put dead island on psn.i love that game..SONY please do that

  • the tuesday update is wack by the way

  • The_4th_Hokage_X

    I need major dlc sales n ton of ps2 games!! For example i want to 100% starwars forced unleashed but each pack is 10 bucks!!! And theres 3 i gotta buy to 100% the game!! Ps2? Any of The Sims, DBZ budokai, matrix path of neo, n a bunch of other good ones come on!!! Or bring back backwards capability!!! ” it only does, less than wat it use it” but im excited about ratchet and clank collection, ps battle royale and ASSASSINS CREED 3!!!!!!!!!! YEYYAH!!!!!

  • Dyad is a great game. If you like great games stop complaining and get it!

  • Wow I really don’t think Sony likes money…

  • The_4th_Hokage_X

    Oh i forgot and please pleasx1000000000000 not just me i think about a milliokn of us wants digital copies of naruto games, awesome 4th hokage dynamic themes, and avatars!!! Make it happen and take my money!!!

  • If you want some vita content, copy and paste this till you get some vita content!

  • Clearly getting a Vita was a mistake. They won’t even let us play PSP games we want on it while they take the time to make Good Vita games (I mean once the Vita games start rolling in whose going to want to spend as much money on PSP games?) Sony, I’m just asking for the Star Ocean games, Crisis Core, and some of the other PSP greats. Of course I expect Peace Walker will be at a discount for those who bought the MGSHD collection. “entitled”? Sony is not our parents, they are a company and we pay for their products if they keep holding back games (that we will PAY FOR) for no reason what so ever and refusing to give the US store the sales they offer elsewhere, then we can go spend our money with the other companies.

  • This isn’t even the full update. IT NEVER IS, NEVER HAS BEEN, NEVER WILL BE. Yet people always act like it is. smh…

    @15: Pfft, people hate JRPGs all the time. Most fans of them realize that you can’t be going to any review sites for accurate impressions of them. Best to just talk with other like minded people about them instead.

    @20: Agree~ I mean, do people really need a huge game EVERY WEEK… that’ll never happen on any platform. And it’s summer, ever year like clockwork we enter the drought. So either go on Steam for their sales, or accept that the consoles aren’t going to be poppin’ with tons of huge releases.

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