The PlayStation Recap — Comic Con Edition

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The PlayStation Recap — Comic Con Edition

I didn’t make it down to San Diego Comic-Con this year and, speaking frankly, I’m okay with that. It’s a bummer to miss out on the panels for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and The Unfinished Swan (plus The Last of Us and BEYOND: Two Souls from Friday), but the downtime will give me a chance to catch up on my ever-growing Pile of Shame — starting with Spec Ops: The Line and progressing to Batman: Arkham City. Maybe even (gasp!) Journey…if I can manage to put down the uber-addicting Theatre of Magic table for The Pinball Arcade.

What are you playing this weekend? Are you watching any Comic-Con panels? Be sure to share in the comments.

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Most-Watched Video of the Week: The Last of Us – Bill’s Safe House Cinematic

The PlayStation Recap — Comic Con Edition

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • PSN PLAY Returns This Month with Four Great Games For the Summer — Four big releases and 20% off for PlayStation Plus members…PLUS up to $10 back if you purchase several games: Includes Sound Shapes (PS3 + Vita), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Papo & Yo, and The Expendables 2.
  • Malicious Awakens on PSN July 24th — This long-awaited PS3 adventure is set up entirely around big boss battles.
  • The Last of Us: Bill’s Safe House Cinematic — Despite this post publishing less than 24 hours ago, Naughty Dog’s Comic-Con showing nearly topped this week’s reading list.
  • FDA Approves Dyad for Public Consumption on July 17 in North America — The dazzling (and indescribable) game from developer Shawn McGrath speeds towards its exclusive release on PSN.
  • Okami HD at Comic-Con: Amaterasu Unleashed with Move, 1080p — Jeff goes hands-on with Capcom’s new PSN exclusive and San Diego Comic-Con.
  • June 2012 PSN Top Sellers – Magic: The Gathering Casts a Powerful Spell — A strong PS Vita debut for Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Gravity Rush, while The Walking Dead and Journey top the PS3 sales charts.
  • New Awesomenauts Update, Characters Deploying Soon on PSN — New characters Coco Nebulon and Derpl Zork, balance updates, more prestige levels and more — for free.
  • Sack it to Me: Karting Creation Hands-On — Community Creators get hands-on time with LittleBigPlanet Karting, Beta update, and new LBP costumes.
  • The Walking Dead Video Game: Stealth and Scent — First details on the PS3 shooter that puts you in the boots of Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead TV series.
  • EVO 2012: PlayStation All-Stars in the Spotlight — Developer SuperBot Entertainment crashed EVO with panels, new character announcements, and playable PS3 vs Vita crossplay.
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    4 Author Replies

    • I just put another 3 hours in rainbow moon. Also I recently got fat princess and the DLC for it very fun when the matches are fair.
      other then that burnout paradise back on 360 and anno 1404 on PC. this whole week has been about gaming for me.

    • I thought there was another reveal for playstation all stars. During evo, they said there is new announcements held for Comic con. Nothing?

    • I’m playing: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on the Vita, and replaying the entire God of War series in timeline order. I’m watching: hate to admit to it but the entire Xena Warrior Princess series on Netflix…6 episodes to go.. I’m reading: the latest Gameinformer mag..The Injustice cover is sweet! I’m listening to: the sounds of my children now trying to copy Xena’s war cry…what have I done?

    • awwww my last post didn’t stay in order like I typed it…grrr

    • I’ve been watching Comic-Con for any news on Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Since the PS3 and PSVita versions are available at the convention floor, I figured there’d be some news, *like a release date*, but no luck so far. :(

    • Enjoying Rainbow Moon this weekend great game.

    • Sid, they must have really loved last week’s posts, if those are still the most viewed for this week. :)

    • @2
      They’re announcing them Sunday from what I’ve heard.

      Journey should be the priority man (although I’m guessing it’s already been ruined for you).

    • New character announcements tomorrow. Im hoping for Cole McGrath (Eric Laden confirmed already) and BATMAN! I honestly want Batman in the game Arkham version

    • I’m playing God of War HD and Amazing Spider-Man. Might clock in a few minutes for Pac-Man DX, and maybe Infamous, but I doubt it.

      I’m watching American Dad, X-Files, and — BREAKING BAD MONDAY NIGHT!! (assuming that’s when PSN will be getting it). Oh, and I might see Drive, and rewatch Terminator.

      I’m reading some Batman comics, and Death Ray by Daniel Clowes.

      I’m listening to NIN and Christmas music (my little sis is listening to Christmas album we have ^_^)

      Got love Boney M’s Christmas songs!

    • Sid, I’m extremely mad and frustrated, last weekend I bought a episode of the show Angel Beats off PSN, on my ps3 and then put on my vita. Then yesterday deleted off my Vita because the youtube app sucks and needs your memory card space, then I go to downoad back to my vita, It has the blue back next to it saying own not the red bag and I can’t get what i just bought just last week. what do i do, someone needs to fix this i don’t like wasting money, so i need a answer

    • @11
      U have to keep ur videos downloaded. Unlike games u cant redownload them

    • I wanna know what made em think that’s a good idea, they need to fix that immediately cause i know for a fact in the past i could redownload things from vids. even if not, how can you justify that, paying for a whole series on psn is more then the dvd set, and you can only download once? That’s basically just a rent, what’s the point, they need to change the name to rental store and im serious, cause they just ruined one supporter of anime in canada, I want to support, but dvds look garbage and blu-rays only play 1080 on my ps3 and my tv is 720 with no hdmi. This is why people prirate things and watch free online, why pay for scams. I want my mony back for the episode, I only owned for a week and on top of that, never got a warning for when deleting. I’m going to call sony and spam there phones Till i get my money or ep back. Even if it’s in the terms i can easily screw em over with false advertising lol. Love family within the law, I’m not being screwed anymore by no company, that’s just a insult to your consumers. I can’t just keep what i pay for, why even have it say OWN if you don’t own nothing. So mad cause I was just going to buy the whole series on the 20th now i can’t

    • Thank you sid. Try it out

    • I’m playing: Mortal Kombat 9
      I’m watching: Chrome Shelled Regios
      I’m reading: Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge
      I’m listening to: Yuna – Thinking About You (Frank Ocean Cover)

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