Watch the Beyond: Two Souls Comic-Con Panel Now

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Watch the Beyond: Two Souls Comic-Con Panel Now
Watch the Beyond: Two Souls Comic-Con Panel Now

Greetings! Yesterday was my first time at San Diego Comic-Con and I was amazed at the people I saw! What costumes! It’s great to see so many people embracing their passion.

After such an amazing E3, I was lucky enough to come here to speak to some incredible supporters of the game in a panel hosted by IGN’s Greg Miller. Joining me was the lovely and talented Ellen Page, who we are very lucky to have playing BEYOND‘s main character, Jodie Holmes. We had a great discussion about how we are combining the latest in performance capture technology and amazing acting talent in the hopes of creating a truly unique and emotional experience for all of you to enjoy. We were also happy to reveal additional talented cast members, Kadeem Hardison and Eric Winter, experienced actors who you may have seen both on TV and film.

Please enjoy a recap of our Comic-Con panel above. And on behalf of the team at Quantic Dream, thank you so much for your support so far. We are hard at work and look forward to sharing more about BEYOND soon.

‘Til then… Adieu!

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  • Awesome! Glad that you guys put the panel online for those who couldn’t go. Really looking forward to Beyond!

  • didn’t watch or listen yet, but i’m super excited for this game Dave. Should really check out Heavy Rain while I’m waiting :)

    how does revenue for these games work? does your production company still get any money from new sales? I want to know if it’s a terrible sin to buy it used :P

  • I’m so glad to watch this. Makes me want Beyond: Two Souls even more now. Mr. Cage, you’re doing a terrific job on handling the quality of your games and I can not wait to play this experience. I hope Sony buys QD and have you guys under their WorldWide Studios as the talented developers you guys really are. You really deserve it!

  • Indigo Prophecy on Vita… that would be pretty cool. They could add Trophies and touch control tweaks… I’d buy it!

  • Good to see more info on this game. I am patiently awaiting it’s release.

  • This is pretty cool, looks like an interesting game and it must be fun for the actors to do, despite being all covered in dots. It looks like Playstation is really pushing performances in games, first with the Uncharted franchise, and now heavy rain and Beyond.

    I think this ground work will lead to a more mature game industry. It’s exciting.

  • I’m a huge fan of Heavy Rain and the narrative style of Cage;s games. A huge part part of them is interactivity where I felt as if I were the person making the decision and thats what matters. However, I have a question for David: Do you think playing Twister on the controler might ever make u loose focus on the game and story itself? When ur pushing certain buttons and holding others it prevents u from forgetting that ur this character sometimes I think. Is there any other way which it cud be done? If u look at a game like UNCHARTED ur basically playing through a movie watching stuff blow up around u and u the player are in the middle of it. Thats immersion and u forget ur holding a controller. The choice in Heavy Rain is whats stands out and the story speaks for itself. Honestly I forgot what I was trying to say anymore…..either way I cant wait for this!

    Also, can we get it on US PS Store?

  • BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This game looks awesome. Can’t wait to see Sundays showing of PS all stars and the 2 character reveals. fingers crossed for Jak and Ratchet!

  • I’d give so many monies for a new Omikron, we have systems capable of realizing the potential of the project now.

  • hello, I recently signed a plus, and I can not download any game that has more than 2.3 gb …
    when I try to download immediately arises a post saying the following: HTTP Status Code 502 Server Error has occured and I can not download the game
    someone has a solution for this, this happened to anyone else?
    Please really need help!

  • have a request when ever yall decide to give us psone games theres one called jade cacoon can u plz add it to the playstation store ………..JADE CACOON………

  • Congratulations David, I admire your initiative and effort for developing this kind of games, the game is looking great, can’t wait for it, I hope we can get to preorder the game via PSN STORE.

    Thank You!

  • Much respect to you David Cage, I’m a big fan of Heavy Rain and I’m definitely going to get BEYOND!

  • Looking forward to Counter Strike G.O.

  • Looking forward to Counter Strike GO. Beyond might be cool as well.

  • I am very excited for this game. Would really love if someone released Indigo Prophecy on PSN as well as a PS2 Classic.

  • Sorry “Last of Us” and “Bioshock Infinite,” but “BEYOND” has officially become my most anticipated game of 2013.


  • this game is going to be really badass. i cant wait.

  • HR is my favourite PS3 exclusive. But I am very weary of this. Cage has previously said HR proved they didn’t need to rely on supernatural elements or monsters (the few bits were harshly criticised), but his next game is doing exactly that! Heavy Rain was special because it was not over the top fantasy, but subtle drama unlike any other game. It felt as real as a movie with very immersively human settings. Killing 1 person was more intellectually significant than killing 1000 in another game. This seems like it will be just another crazy fantasy game. Why does Cage think players want to be told what the afterlife is? All it can do is alienate the majority of players since most of us do not share the same views. I don’t mind fantasy if it’s super heroes or magic, but this is blatantly playing off of the delusional and harmful beliefs of real life people in ghosts, telepathy etcetera and that makes me uncomfortable. In HR a character could die and play continues but this has only 1 protagonist (who seems like a villain). The interactive complexity will decrease drastically and that was the raison d’être for HR. HR was IMO a greater work of art than any film and I’ve pre-ordered this already, so please prove me wrong David!

  • I was sold from the first E3 trailer. Now everything I hear after is just pure torture knowing that I won’t get my hands on this until next year. Great panel, wished it lasted a bit longer (11 minutes seems awfully short).

  • I thought at first when The Last of Us was announced Ellen Page was in that game! So odd, she wasn’t. They got her look, just not her voice! And Then Beyond: Two Souls gets announced! :)

  • This is so Beyond anything i seen from any video game so far. I love the game ready and can’t wait to get it by next year. Thanks for being awesome great games to PlayStation Family David.

  • @4


  • Ellen Page! Nuff said. :D

  • I am so excited for Beyond. It is what I want most right now. I loved Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy. Speaking of which, is Indigo Prophecy ever going to be released on PSN or as a PS2 classic. That would be so awesome. I am suprised it has not with Heavy Rain and Beyond being PS3 exclusive. I know Indigo Prophecy is a Xbox original on 360. So I hope it gets on PS store someway or another. Trophies would rock:P

  • I like how kadeem just contemplates david while he speaks.

  • Beyond: Two Souls was the only good thing at E3 and one of the very few games i’ll get on release day.

  • valleyshrew

    Indigo Prophecy was still a great game even with the superantural story, Heavy Rain is just a more realistic version of Indigo Prophecy.

  • I really love David Cage’s ambition and vision for his video games. Beyond: Two Souls will be something special.

  • Titles with concepts like Beyond is what make PlayStation my go to for gaming. The diversity in experiences is unmatched with this platform and I am very pleased that Sony is backing this direction with their PlayStation Division. It’s the only place where a person who believe videogames are art can go and feel that sentiment is backed. Not on PC, not on other console platforms, but on the PlayStation. My sentiment is kinda “fanboy” but as a person who constantly looks for captivating content I purchase everything… and there was no better purchase for entertainment and experiences than with PlayStation. Keep up the great work and I hope this leads to more wonderful experiences going into the next console cycle.

  • Mmmmm… Ellen Page.

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