Anime Fans: Crunchyroll and Neon Alley Are Coming to PSN

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Anime Fans: Crunchyroll and Neon Alley Are Coming to PSN

PSN Anime Networks - Crunchyroll

We’re always looking for ways to deliver PlayStation gamers the entertainment you crave. Hot off the presses from Comic-Con is news that we will be the exclusive launch partner for VIZ Media’s Neon Alley – a 24-hour anime channel – to PlayStation Network in Fall 2012. Neon Alley will be a subscription-based service available to all PS3 owners in the U.S. and Canada for $6.99 per month. Neon Alley will include a mix of action, adventure, science fiction, supernatural, fantasy, and horror anime, all uncut and dubbed in English, and presented in HD (when available), including include blockbuster anime titles like Naruto Shippuden, Inuyasha: The Final Act, and Death Note, as well as new titles such as Tiger & Bunny, Berserk: The Golden Age Arc, Zetman, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, plus original content that provides news and behind-the-scenes access for anime and manga fans.

PSN Anime Networks - Neon Alley

That’s not all, though. It was recently unveiled that the Crunchyroll App will be coming to PSN, streaming directly from your PS3 console. Current subscribers will be able to log in with their existing account to access all the benefits, including streaming the episodes of popular anime shows such as Naruto Shippuden, Shugo Chara, Hunter X Hunter, Sket Dance, and Korean drama shows like Dr. Jing, Jumong, The King 2 Hearts and more. And if you’re not a member yet – you can also sign up for a 30-day free trial directly from your PS3. The packages include Anime membership (all anime titles and simulcasts for $6.95 per month), Drama membership (all drama titles and simulcasts for $6.95 per month), or All-Access membership (all titles and simulcasts for $11.95 per month).

So that’s it – great anime content will be streaming directly to your PS3 soon! What are your thoughts on a dedicated anime channel on PSN? Share your feedback with us in the comments below.

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4 Author Replies

  • DragonBall Z too?? ^o^

    • More details will come as we get closer to the release of these two exciting apps, so keep your eyes on the PS Blog for further info.

  • Can you watch the free crunchyroll content on this app?

  • Awesome getting another anime streaming service beside crunchyroll … now is there a major diff or just what you prefer? i know crunchy will becoming to vita later on after it comes to ps3, will neonalley also release on vita? I have both ps3 and vita

  • Sharingan_itachi

    Is subscription required?

    • Both Neon Alley and Crunchyroll will be subscription-based with Crunchyroll also offering a limited free tier option as well.

  • Great! Anime Streaming on the Big Screen!!!

  • … crunchyroll is free on the ipod/iphone but needs a subscription on ps3? not cool..

    • It is free on Android and iOS, but with a very limited content offering as well as requires ad support, and no way to view it on the “big screen” (TV), but you may try Crunchyroll with a free trial to see if it’s something you’re interested in keeping. With it comes ad-free content, a ton more options and HD!

  • Been waiting on the Crunchyroll app for a long time, thanks. :)

    For those wondering, if it’s anything like Crunchyroll’s phone apps, it’ll start out premium only and switch to free with ads later on. I can’t be sure obviously, but there’s a decent chance it’ll end up like that. I’m subscribing anyway, all I was waiting for was a PS3 app. It supports HD, right?

  • I can see that Neon Alley is coming to Playstation 3 this autumn, but what about Crunchyroll? On their website- Crunchyroll’s website, it staed that this app will come during sometimes this summer, correct? But no firm date have been given… But this summer, right? Thanks.

  • this seems really awesome def excited to try it out, free trial- even better!

  • This is great,, now come on announce the Youtube APP for ps3..

  • The logos and descriptions are criss-crossed but I’m digging that Neon Alley. Crunchy Roll? Not so much…

  • Are these vita-compatible?? It would be pretty awesome to have one subscription and be able to access the content between devices. If not too bad but i’ll still be subscribing.

    • Crunchyroll is planning to release a PS VITA app following the launch of their PS3 one. With the same membership account, you will be able to enjoy your shows from either console!

  • The more apps to all of the PS devices the better. There is so much potential to what modern consoles can do but haven’t been explored yet, so any time a new app or feature is introduced I get excited.

  • please tell me these apps are coming to psvita.
    cause i want to see my anime too,iam a big fan
    of anime. and this apps will make my day on psvita.

  • Yeah! Crunchyroll, I can finally retire my roku now. Unless the app is being made by the same people that failed at the amazon video app… apparently a 16 meg connection is insufficient bandwidth for their app…

    Neon Alley looked interested until I read the “all dubbed in English” part, really?, English only? How disappointing.

  • If I can pay for it monthly (a sin a month by month basis) through the PlayStation store with PSN cards then Im in… otherwise Ill stick to watching my dubbed anime in other ways I wont mention here…

  • Is it only me who seems to think that Crunchyroll is using the same subs scripts from fan subs?

  • since i’m a dub fan i think that neon alley could be up my alley.although i must say,that crunchyroll provides an awesome service if you want to sub and simulcast your stuff directly from japan.i’m currently using hulu plus and i wonder how these services will affect the anime content on hulu? but yah i might try the neon valley app to see how good it is :0

  • YESSS!

  • Cannot wait for crunchyroll app :). I do not like the the viz shows so far, we will see what else it offers, i think funimation(the current anime comp with the most shows licensed in the US) would of been a better app, but we will see how viz handles this. either way cannot wait, anime apps for anime lovers like myself! SWEET!

  • Honestly I would subscribe to an anime servuce that gave me all the anime why I want because I want to support those people. Its the same reason I buy games New all the time. However, I always watch anime online because I hate the English Dubbing. If u cud get JP with English subbs than I’m on board, otherwise I’m not. Its the advantage games have over this. There not region locked.

  • Okay now this is awesome. I’ve been hoping for a Crunchyroll PS3 app for a long time now!

  • @MakoSOLIDER: Crunchyroll sounds like what you are looking for then. The stuff they provide is straight from Japan with JP voices untouched and English subs.

  • does the 30 day trial require a credit card for crunchyroll?

  • So Neon Alley plays like a normal TV channel?, and you only get 1 channel? I have Hulu Plus and it has a surprisingly large amount of anime but 90% subbed and nothing to tell you if its subbed or dubbed you have to sit through the first commericals to see. I just wish there was a service that has all their shows in both sub and dub. I grow tired of the sub only.

  • Holy wow, by time we get anime app for PS3. I’m big time anime fan and i watch a lot on everyday. Thanks for being great anime app :) so happy now. I been requesting it for the longest and its happening now sweet.

    :) :) :) :) SO HAPPY; YAY

    sorry for the way i’m just now; can’t hold back sometimes.

  • @ Sevyne That’s good to know. English dubs often ruin it for me.

  • crunchyroll is cool. Neon alley….. Not so much. Just look at the company that’s running it, Viz. Viz has been ruining anime and manga for near thirty years! They’re not gonna stop anytime soon… Believe it! (haha, couldn’t resist that one!)

  • Oh if there r subbs then Im on board. Also good job for SONY getting these exclusive services

  • Nice. As an anime fan. This is some great news.

  • Can you guys add a time Warner cable app on psn store so that I could watch cable tv straigh to the ps3 without using the cable system.The iPad could do it is even less powerful than the ps3

  • How we pay like adding money to the playstation store or how

  • This will be only for USA like Amazon Video or you can use it in another countries?

  • SkyShadowNinja91

    seriously a subscription for neon alley. rather just watch it on for free. hey could you see if maybe plus members can get a reduced price on subscription?

  • Guess this is a good time to request:
    1)Ability to download vis via YT APP
    2)Skype text chat and less battery life consumption
    3)G+ App
    4)Wake up Club??? When’s it coming? Will it release within the summer?

  • I was just sitting on my Ipad the other day wishing CruncyRoll was on PS3 and Vita…I couldnt be more pleased.

    I have been getting very tired of the offerings that are put up recently for stream on NetFlix and now I got some more options coming.

    • Yep, agreed. As stated above, options are a great thing to have! Glad we could make a wish come true.

  • oh MAN THIS IS GREAT! Huge Anime fan and now i have another reason to keep my PS3 on for hours and hours. This is a Joyful day INDEED!
    Keep it Comin Sony!!

  • iiONyKz-_MaQuIrO

    No money for this!
    Pandora radio app
    Google Voice app
    Watch Espn app
    Optimus app
    Update; Skype, YouTube and FaceBook!!
    and then the rest!

  • ???QUESTION???

    Will the Crunchy Roll app coming out later for the Vita support play over 3G and/or Wifi??

    I just want to say that the fact that NetFlix does not work over 3G on my Vita(last i checked) is one of the big reasons I am planning to switch to one or both of these services when they come out.

  • Will there be any yearly subs instead of just by the month?

  • For those people asking for PSVita application. I am a crunchyroll member and I can confirm from Crunchyrolls behalf that there is a PSVita Cruncyroll app coming later this year after the launch of the PS3 one. As for Neon Ally. I am sure it is going to come aswell. We just don’t have any details yet but yeah for CR its been confirmed 1000%

  • Please app it to the psvita as well

  • Will the Crunchyroll app stream the 1080p feeds for series that currently support that or do they max at 720p?

  • Was pretty certain that Game Informer reported that Crunchyroll was coming to PS Vita a while ago. However, when will we see a patch to fix some of the issues with the PS Vita and finally get 100% PSP title support?

  • I’ll definitely hop on when Crunchyroll lays out the free, lesser version for everyone else! I think it’ll be a daily thing for a lot of people that can’t spare the monthly cost.

  • I hate when English dubs are the only choice. It’s sad that Netflix doesn’t have more comprehensive options for original Japanese audio with subs, English overdubs, or even original audio with no subs at all. I hope these new apps are more flexible so I can enjoy anime with its original audio.

  • This is FANTASTIC! I just hope the selection is large and varied and not constrained to a single publisher like Funimation channel.

  • Good Job Sony but the PS3 needs strong Apps like: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, ESPN, Pandora Radio and the most anticipaded Skype .

  • it should be free to watch

  • MoneyEscobar2in1

    THIS IS AWESOME: More and More I Love being Forever Playstation, Anime and Video Gaming at it’s best, PS is as Good as it gets, Viz Media and Crunchyroll made an awesome Choice in Picking us. and to Dub Haters I say only one thing: Dub/Sub end of the day It’s Still anime. I love english dubs more, so this is awesome!!!!

    BTW question to the Blog, do you know when the date for Both Crunchyroll and Neon Alley are coming to PSN?

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