Okami HD at Comic-Con: Amaterasu Unleashed with Move, 1080p

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Okami HD at Comic-Con: Amaterasu Unleashed with Move, 1080p

San Diego Comic-Con doesn’t want for distractions – famous graphic novelists greet their fans, uber-limited edition collectables line sprawling tables, and cosplayers roam the halls by the thousands.

When I learned that Capcom would be showing Okami HD at their booth, all of those attractions quickly dropped in importance; I knew where my Comic-Con would kick off.

Mere seconds after the doors of the San Diego Convention Center opened for business, Capcom’s Tristan Corbett handed me a PlayStation Move motion controller and I beheld Japanese sun goddess-turned-canine Amaterasu in full HD glory for the first time.

Okami HD for PSN

Not all HD remakes are created equal, but Hexa Drive’s effort clearly isn’t just a soulless re-processing. With the PS3’s hardware muscle to play with, they’re working to improve draw distance and load times over the PS2 original. The cel-shaded visuals up-rez quite nicely, with the game’s iconic bold, black outline strokes popping off the HD display. All cutscenes have been fully recreated, and areas of the game that the team felt weren’t up to snuff were re-textured by hand. It looks stunning.

Corbett informed me that this is the first HD remake that Capcom will release outside of Japan featuring full 1080p HD. That high-end resolution, coupled with the new 16:9 aspect ratio, help Okami’s insane level of visual intricacy stand out significantly more than on the PS2. The game lavishes layers upon layers of visual effects: while approaching a seaside cave, I noticed violet mist pouring forth from a foul portal as wind visibly blows off the sea. Bold lines express the speed of dog deity at a canter, as vibrant flora spring forth from the soil underneath her life-giving paws.


The team even lets you play with filter effects in this version; opt for “Heavy,” and the sky appears to have been painted on a rough scroll, making things pop with a timeless, storybook look. It’s may be clichéd to say, but I can’t help but think that Okami HD is a more pure expression of the vision that Clover Studio had when they created the game in 2006.

Okami HD’s enhanced visuals only represent half of the new package. This PS3 exclusive also supports PlayStation Move controls, with a Navigation Controller. Those that struggled with the thumbstick when painting with Amaterasu’s Celestial Brush may find salvation in motion control – hold the T-button to bring up the canvas, then and press the Move to deploy ink as you sketch with Ammy’s paint power. After a few tries, I was rejuvenating dying cherry blossoms with tight circles and power slashing through guarding enemies via a well-placed horizontal line. Of course, Dualshock 3 controls are supported, and control just as you may remember.


I tried to sneak a peek at the PSN Trophy list, but Capcom had not yet implemented them into this build of Okami HD. Fortunately, Corbett promised to share the final Trophy list here on PlayStation.Blog, and it’s been confirmed that there will be a Platinum up for grabs.

Okami HD is coming exclusively to PSN this fall for $19.99. Got any questions? We’ll aim to address them in a future post.

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  • Vita version?

  • Thank you guys for listening to many people’s request, this is a game I missed out on the PS2 and I was definitely hoping for a PS3 version so I can finally use my PS Move controller. However a Vita version would be stupendous because of the touch screen!

  • Yes i agree with a vita version. Would be perfect!

  • Jeff, about HD collection. why isn´t Metal gear solid HD collection Ps3 version on store?

  • Great news about the filter. I know a lot of fans on YouTube were worried about that.

    Pretty much confirmed the sale for me!

  • This game NEEDS a psvita version. WOULD WORK PREFECT FOR IT!!

  • Never got to play it on PS2 but will totally play it on the PS3. But do you have to play it on the move or that just optional?

  • i disagree will a vita version (well sort of) i recommend okamiden for the vita. i post a comment about that in a different okami page but no reply… can’t wait for okami though! :)

  • If Okami comes to the PS Vita… please make it a brand new game and not a port. I’ve had it with the large number of ports on the PS Vita and the very few new IPs.

  • 3-D support please

  • I’d like Okami and Okamiden on Vita… ah to dream.

    I really wish we were getting a retail release like Japan… dat Snow Globe. D:

    Why couldn’t I just be born in Japan? ):

    Really looking forward to replaying this in HD. :3

  • I WANT VITA VERSION!! IF NOT, I WONT BUY IT. I could already play Okami on a big screen 1080p on my PC (if you now what I mean).

    HD collections look amazing on the PSVITA, way better than on the PS3. So I prefer to get them on the PSVITA, after seeing the MGS HD collection. Also PSVITA NEEDS GAMES!!!

    I will buy ZOE HD for the VITA.

    I want are re-release of GOW collection 1-2 for the PSVITA!! I already have them for the PS3. But I would buy them again for the PSVITA. I am a GOW FAN! XD

    Also the ICO-Shadow of the Colossus Collection would be amazing on the go!

  • My excitement is overwhelming, I played the one on the Ds, Okamiden but I never owned a wii or a ps2 so this is a dream come true.Day one buy for me.

    I hope we get loads more ps2 remakes and hopefully some ps1 remakes I really want to play the original spyro in glorious HD.

  • Does the US version support multiple languages? Can I play it with the original Japanese text if I download from the US store?

  • Jeff, please find out if there will be an option to mute the “voices”. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Unfortunately I missed out on this game when it was on PS2. I was anticipating the day when a HD remake would finally be announced. I’m also glad there is a platinum trophy.

  • Sigh, another nonunderstandable Japanese game coming to confuse Americans.

  • Never got a chance to play the PS2 version, but this Version looks amazing, being the only known 1080p game, it will look NICE on my 42″ Vizio…

    3 Games I’m getting this year:

    LBP Karting, LBP VITA,Okami HD.

    I’m really interested to see how the story plays out and witness the gorgeous 1080p Graphics, This is another game that proves the PS3 is better, Xbox does shooters, PS3 does so much more, like awesome Artistic Games.. Journey is one I’ll play over and over again, I hope Okami is that good too.

  • This all looks great.

    So, when are they going to reveal the two new All-Star characters this weekend?

  • If this game were released for Vita, It would be very difficult to choose between that an a PS3 version. I might have to get both. I actually bought the original PS2 version after I had bought my 60 gig bacwards compatible PS3 so that is what I played it on. I would totally play that game again. Great story, lots of fun.

  • Vita version please!Also, if you make a Vita version, please dont lock the ability to take screen shots like you did with MVC3!

  • Please release Resident Evil 6 E3 trailer on the store.

  • Hey Jeff i reckon the final boss for PS All Stars is Ken Kuteragi. Am i right huh?

    – btw, Your job is too good. No fair!! D:

  • I’m with the question.. what about a Vita version?

  • I got this on PS2 so I don’t think I need it on Vita. Oh wait I haven’t bought a Vita yet. We need ORIGINAL Vita games not the same thing that is on PS3. That’s why I haven’t bought one yet.

  • Heck to the yes! Will buy/10.

  • People: quit wishing for other stuff and please comment about the current topic! This happens every time. “Super Adventure Time announced for PS3!” Then it’s nothing but requests for a Vita version or smell-o-vision or something. I’d like to think they’ve considered (the awesome possibility of) a Vita version.

    That being said, I’m glad to see this available as a Move release! Does the orb on the end change colors much? I like how in Resistance 3, it stays a mild and fitting orange.

    • The orb was purple the entire time I played, but it definitely wasn’t a finished version of the game.

  • When will the winners of the sly cooper contest be announced?

  • Well, a lot of us paid a nice amount of money for a Vita, and many of the games announced for PS3, ie, Okami, Rainbow Moon, etc, would be perfect for the Vita. It’s not like the handheld isn’t capable of producing games like that.

    I love my Vita to death. You can’t fault gamers for wanting more games for it. I’m in the camp that thinks there is plenty to play on the system now, and more coming soon, but that doesn’t mean I’d love to have Okami HD on my Vita, with touchscreen controls for the Celestial Brush.

    I’ll be snagging this PS3 HD version day one, but I’ll still hope and wish for a Vita version at some point.

  • And who asked for this….? for every new IP CAPCOM throws out, here’s a buncha old games made pretty or “balanced”. What a joke

  • Bravo! Now THIS is how PS3 remasters should be done! Full 1080p plus improvements on the original assets, reduced load times, better draw distance… what’s not to love? Send my compliments to the team working hard on giving this phenomenal game the attention it deserves.

  • @27: Um, wanting this on Vita is related to the topic.. because, we want this game… on Vita… the topic is the game… so… I mean… sheesh.

    And there’s nothing wrong with it. So don’t act like it’s wrong to want to buy a portable version of a fantastic game like Okami. Besides, touch screen controls for the game’s painting interface is just a no-brainer. So it makes sense to want it on PS Vita, because the game’s design makes sense for touch screens and buttons. Of which, the Vita has.

    @30: A ton of people have asked for this… myself included.

  • Blu-ray version! Please! Please! Please! Please!

  • I’m so jealous of you right now Jeff.

    When the game came out on the PS2 i couldn’t put the controller down. I too believe this is how Okami should have been from the get go.

    It would be awesome if someone actually decides to make a sequel or another game just like this, you guys need to keep digging in the old PS2 library and find more games to bring back to life.

    Best wishes to the team and i hope to see more from them.

  • They have to annouce a versio for PS Vita… It’ll be perfect.

    Please Sony pay attention to your portable!!!

  • Im with you jeff i would had gone for the same game first.

    On a side note jeff are the 2 new playstation all star reveal different from Tekken‘s Heihachi Mishima and Sony Japan mascot Toro Inoue one?

  • I would pay $40 instead of 20 for a disc version of this. Why is it only Japan gets that?

  • This is one of those games I’ve always heard great things about, but have been reluctant to purchase for the simple fact that, even if the game is awesome, the low resolution of the PS2 (or even the Wii) is too distracting after growing accustomed to clean, crisp HD visuals.

    It sounds like my only reservation about buying this game is going away, so this will definitely a day one purchase for me.

    Also, to echo other comments, a Vita version would be wonderful as well. :)

  • Did they fix the annoying non-voice voices too? Taking one half-second sound clip and repeating it ad infinitum is not a clever non-voice voice. Look to the Banjo-Kazooie series and Legend of Zelda series for clever non-voice voices. I wish they would fix that. Just add more soundclips to each characters voice file, so there is clever and interesting variety to the “voices”.

  • This is great. I never really had interest in this game until using Ammy in Mahvel. Now I’ll be able to play a full HD version :)

  • whoa wait…. 19.99 ….. ok I might get it …… if only they had hyped Resident Evil 4 “HD” like this ….and put it in 1080p maybe it wouldve been better :)

    I still love my RE4 “HD” though :)

  • Yes, day 1 purchase. The old gen game above all others that I’ve wished for a remastering.

  • It’s all Capcom’s choice people there the ones doing the remake. So if you want a vita version go to talk to Capcom.

  • Hi:
    Wow, excellent news. Is this game Full HD Native (1920x1080p) or is just 1080p upscaled or something.
    I wanted this Game on PS2 but with this HD version I would be able to get it. It could be AWESOME a PS Vita version.

  • @37
    I would pay extra too for an retail release too. At least they should do an very limited retail release of Okami. I might not buy this cause I have no room at all on my HDD and I’m not a fan of digital.

  • This is just fabulous!

  • PS PLUS PRICE!? We are your special ones right? Right?!

  • I would love a Vita version as well.

  • I would love even more a Collection release for the Vita containing This and Okamiden HD both on a single PS vita card…. :)

  • Like many have said, please bring a vita version. Also borderlands 2 for vita really needs to happen, please people spread this.

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