New Awesomenauts Update, Characters Deploying Soon on PSN

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New Awesomenauts Update, Characters Deploying Soon on PSN

Awesomenauts: New Update Characters for PS3

It’s been about two months since Awesomenauts launched on PlayStation Network, and we’re thrilled to see that the community has grown to be so active and vibrant. Teaming up with Sony to make Awesomenauts part of May’s PlayStation Plus offer has really helped to get our multiplayer platforming-shooter off to a running start. And now, we’re almost ready to launch the first big update for our game!

In this update, we’ve addressed two key concerns that we’ve heard from the community: balance and content. After two months of solid playing, we can confirm that the balance in the original version is pretty good, but not perfect. With this patch, we’re taking a couple of steps to further improve this balance, and bring it closer to where we want it to be. We’ve buffed some characters, and nerfed those who deserved it.

This patch doesn’t just bring boring stat changes, though. We’ve got some new characters for you, too! Coco Nebulon and Derpl Zork will join the original six Awesomenauts very, very soon. What we haven’t told you yet though, is that they’re going to be free!

Awesomenauts: New Update Characters for PS3Awesomenauts: New Update Characters for PS3

So, let’s talk about Coco Nebulon – our first female character. She’s a space-surfing chick who comes from the watery world of Okeanos. She is great at harassing enemies with her Ball Lightning, which moves through everything and can be detonated at the press of a button. Whenever the tables turn, she also has a great move to punish chasers: a trail of slowing, damaging lightning particles. Basically, she’s great against everything that moves (but weaker against enemies that stand their ground).

And that’s where Derpl Zork comes in. His primary special skill is to turn his Combat Walker into a static turret with a heavy cannon that deals massive damage. Of course, he’ll be stuck in place until he transforms back — so running away from him shouldn’t be a problem. That is, unless Derpl uses his other ability, which places ensnaring traps on the battlefield. Derpl usually sits around in a field of traps, ready to blast anyone foolish enough to run into him.

Finally, Derpl has one last ace up his sleeve against enemies that try to get within range: the Trap skill actually changes into a Nuke-launching ability while in Turret mode. A large, homing Nuke that deals massive AOE damage — what’s not to love?

Coco and Derpl are both a lot of fun to play, and they add a lot of new teaming possibilities with the original ‘Nauts. We hope you guys have a lot of fun devising new strategies and tactics with these new characters, not to mention all of the skill and item changes we didn’t mention here. And for anyone who needed even more encouragement, we’ve added 5 more prestige levels!

We’ll see all you on the online battlefields soon!

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  • Good to hear there’s new stuff inbound. As a kid who grew up watching cartoons in the 80’s, the trophy list for this game alone was enough to draw me in! That said, if there was one thing you could count on back then, it was that a cartoon would have toys for it. So…any chance of Awesomenauts toys?

    • Hi TERWALLACE! You’re totally right, Awesomenauts toys and action-figures WOULD be awesome! I sure hope we ever get a chance to do that, but no plans right now unfortunately :(

  • Can’t wait to play it! Hope for new maps too! Also, any chance of AwesomeNauts on the Vita? It’d be great! Cross play would be awesome too! :D

  • Will the patch do anything to improve matchmaking? I find that I am often teamed with a noob or two and then I am trying to fight against three experienced players. It would be nice if it mixed up the teams somehow when it was unbalanced like that. Thanks for the free characters. I was going to buy them but that is awesome. Also, will there be any new levels available?

    • The matchmaking experience should be smoother and more stable overall :) Normally, the system should try to balance both teams automatically, though there are some situations where imbalances like that may occur. Sorry to hear that’s been happening :(

      Glad you like the characters!.

  • Great news!! I got this game free with PS+ XD

    off-topic comment:

    AT LAST!!!

  • Awesome, I enjoyeed this game very much! Sitting at 95%, still havent gotten the 25 or 35 solars, whichever it is, maybe ill get it after the update.

    Off topic, MGS4 tropheeeeezzzz

  • This game has taken the majority of the playing time from my girlfriend, her brother, and me at our house. Even when I plan to play a different game, somehow I end up with Awesomenauts open and playing it. :D I can’t wait for this update! Thank you and your team for your hard work and dedication to bringing us such awesome content.

  • YouFromTheFuture

    This is an Awesome game (pun intended). I really enjoyed my limited experience with the game. However, as mentioned above better matchmaking would be appreciated. One thing I really like is the various classes. If played properly, the game is very tactical, and team oriented…

  • Great game! I’m glad to hear about the balancing and other changes. Not that the game needs it enough to warrant mentioning, just that I like to hear when a developer continues to fine tune their product.
    Even better news: new characters!
    You should pass along to whoever has the wheel that you need to release avatars. They’re a great way to get people interested in the game, as people (like myself) enjoy putting a comment on their PSN profile informing others of good news and using an avatar of a favorite game.

    • Hi FORMIK, thanks – that’s actually a great idea. I’ll get in touch with some people about to see whether we can make it happen!

  • Cant wait for the patch. Its really nice for the team to give us new characters for free. Keep up the good work.

  • I know the odds are probably low, and the answer probably being a “no”… but, will the new characters be added to the intro?

  • I should be excited but like someone else said, when I tried getting back into it after the first month, I often got paired with a noob and/or a bot against a prestigious team. It was very frustrating.

    I’m glad you’re giving the new characters away for free, the lightning trail would be my favorite thing, I hate getting chased by Leon.

    I deleted the game in frustration but I’ll redownload it and give it another chance.

  • Bummer. ): Thanks for answering. :3

  • Please, please, please, conciser making a Vita version with cross play.

    Did I say please :)

  • Great I can’t keep my nephew off my PS3 because of this awesome game. Now you are just giving him more fun things to play with…. How dare you….. hehe. Thanks for the update he will be so happy to hear it.

  • Yes, I’ve been waiting for this! Thanks for all the hard work guys!
    I got my PS+ in May and I wasn’t expecting much from the free titles, but this game blew me away.

  • “…And now, we’re almost ready to launch the first big update for our game!…”
    Does this means that there is gonna be a second update in the future? If so, that’s great.

  • Did You fix the Host problem? add host migration, cause I am still lvl 3, cause every time its getting good, the host leaves and everything i’ve done goes to waste, either add host migration or if the host leaves, we get all those points.

    • We have fixed a lot of networking issues that were causing repeated disconnects from the game. The game has actually had a Host Migration feature since the start, but there a small group of our users was plagued by disconnects (often after a few minutes after the game starts, or when the system would try to migrate the host).

      A couple of fixes for this issue have been included in the patch, so I definitely hope you’ll be able to play without any problems when the patch hits!

  • new levels, new heroes, When is the update coming out?!?!?!

    • Hi Vince8502, we’re not sure when the update will be released, unfortunately :( It’s should be quite soon though, and we’ll let you know on our Facebook and Twitter as soon as we know a definitive date!

  • Omagod, omagod, omagod god god. You guys have made my day. I’ve been waiting for this update. Free characters????? You guys really are awesome. I hope your financial situation has been fixed. I wanna keep seein yah work on this game and be successful from it. Where can we see the balanced list? From your site or facebook? When you said that you guys think the game is perfect that just needed some balancing, I agree with you. I truly think the game was near perfect. After putting in so many hours I have seen expert players of all the characters. I have been killed by every single character, so I myself did feel it was really good. The only problem I had was the different hit boxes that each character had, thats the only thing I wanted fixed. Keep up with this game. Go big with game. Bring it to Esports. Thanks again Ronimo. You guys are the $h*t.

  • Thank you a million times for giving us something like this for free. I honestly think supporting games (especially multiplayer/community based ones) with this type of DLC for free and showing love for the consumer is a win-win. It gets the community back into the game and talking about the game and hopefully leads to more sales of the full game in that fashion. Thanks!

  • I stopped playing when the AI got too strong for my wife to play with :(. I wish I could just have the difficulty be the same in offline.

    • Sorry to hear that Lasdrub, the AI will always playing on it’s highest difficulty-setting during online play. There’s no direct way to lower the difficulty setting of the bots in Practice either, as they adapt to your Account level, but if you make a new account they should start out again on their lowest setting. I hope this can get you back into playing!

  • Great to see this changes! I have one more recommendation:

    In Awesomenauts there is currently no tradeoff between trying to get experience and money vs. trying to get kills. Let me explain: In Dota and other MOBA’s, if a full-sized team goes in a single lane, they won’t be able to do much early in the game: the definding hero can still get experience by staying near the tower while heroes in other lanes can get a ton of experience. In Awesomenauts this doesn’t seem to be the case. Aside from the fact that there are only two parallel lanes (or even one) in all maps, if one hero is left defending the lane he cannot do much. Even if his tower kills the droids he might not be able to get the money because leon might catch him with his tongue and then get team-killed. My main recommendation for fixing this is that whenever a tower kills a creep the money should be evenly divided among team members (Or given to the heroes closest to the tower). I also think adding more money or experience in different lanes might help add another level of strategy to the game. Hopefully you will release a map with 3 lanes at some point and a lot of golden cubes in each lane.

  • Thanks for the update! I love this game: this is the third game where I have obtained 100% of the trophies. I am really looking forward for a fix to the ranking system which had taken me in a single night from being in position 700 to position 33,000 after just a few games.

    Some other recommendations:

    1. Please make matchmaking more balanced, hopefully each team will have overall the same rating. I heard League of Legends was doing rankings and matchmaking based on the ELO system. I hope you guys are doing something similar.

    2. We’ll see how Leon and Lonestar work after the balance change, but at the moment they really need to be nerfed. I heard in a presentation by Riot games that they analyze the popularity of characters and their win-lose ratios (which should be close to 50% for all). I hope you are doing the same level of analytics to the data you have.

    Anyways, these are just minor suggestions for an already great game. If the only fix you can do is in the rankings system, that should still keep me interested in coming back the rest of the year.

  • Oh, another thing I noticed is that when players are loosing they exit the game and then they re-enter with a clean slate and more powerful (when you enter late in the game the game seems to give the late comer a level close to those he is playing against). I hope you guys can fix this bug.

    I think the easy answer is to penalize in the rankings players who constantly quit games. I think a quitter should be penalized much more than a player who loses games.

    I think it should be relatively easy to check whether or not a disconnection was because of a network problem or simply a “quit” game command from the controller. Even if a player is willing to disconnect his lan cable or turn of wifi, it is too much trouble to be doing this constantly.

    Otherwise another possible solution is to give gamers who reconnect to the same game they were playing the same status (character and level).

    • Thanks for all these suggestions Seshat :) There are a couple of things here that we currently can’t fix, but they might become a possibility in the future. I’ll forward these suggestions to the rest of the team, and if you have any further ideas you can also post these on our Awesomenauts forum!

  • @Seshat I couldn’t agree more about quitters. I think every multiplayer game should punish people who actually choose “quit” to exit a game mid-match in the most extreme way they can imagine. Go ahead and ban them for a week with a message that says “Quitters never win, see you in a week”.

  • Amazing news! Just got back to playing it recently with my nephew. He loves the game and was asking me about the More To Come area on character selection screen two days ago. I thought I read something in the past about the company not doing well with sales, which is a shame if true, so I told him I don’t think any update would be arriving. He’ll be very excited to hear about this. Thanks a bunch!

  • islankleinknecht

    Omigosh, the new characters are free? Awwwwwwwesooooooome!

  • Nice update.

  • this could totally run on a psvita. like why is sony still doing great things for the ps3 and not the vita. why make such a strong device but give it weak things.

  • I hardly played the game but have it since it was free for plus members.. I might play it in the future.

  • Does this mean Froggy G gets a buff?

  • Cmon sony, approve this patch already.

  • New maps please!!! This is definitely one of the more addictive games available.

  • i deleted the game after a few unbalanced mathes (noobs inmy team) , but now im re down. how about support for 1×1 and 2×2 matches? and new maps for 3×3 with 3 lanes.

    PS: nerf the healing power, lion backtrack skill, froggyG tornado and coldown of stun/scape skill. Improve the tank capability of the fat one (forgot the name sry) , and improve the laser one(srry again :'(

    Im very excited about the new update, and its free o_O i hope i can pay for ur works soon! AND SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH.

  • #34
    Are you insane? He deserves a good nerf!

  • new trophies?

  • Are you planning on bringing this to Vita? I realize it might be too early to ask, but I’m anxious to know! :P

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