Free Pure Chess DLC This Summer, Help Inspire a Name

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Free Pure Chess DLC This Summer, Help Inspire a Name

We launched Pure Chess on PSN earlier this year, and it’s the first chess game available for download on both PS3 and PS Vita. Later this summer, we’ll be releasing a new downloadable chess set which will be offered free to all PSN users — and that’s where you come in! We want you to help inspire a name for the upcoming set, which you can do by submitting an idea via Twitter (see full instructions below). Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming downloadable set to get your creative juices flowing…

Pure Chess - Summer 2012 Free DLC Set

Pure Chess - Summer 2012 Free DLC SetPure Chess - Summer 2012 Free DLC Set

The set is available in both plastic and metal materials and will be playable in any of the three locations featured in the main game (Museum, Study, and Penthouse).

But what should we call this new set? Tweet us your naming suggestion to @RipstoneGames and include #PureChessComp so we can find your submissions! If you want to enter multiple times, just send multiple Tweets.

We’ll select 50 random participants (North America and EU entries only) who will will receive a copy of the game for either PS3 or PS Vita, along with the ‘Park’ and ‘Forest’ DLC packs which are already available in the PlayStation Store. If you win, make sure you’re following @RipstoneGames so we can DM you your winning code! We will notify random winners within 21 days of the closing date.

You’ll need to be quick – you can start providing name suggestions via Twitter now, but be sure to send an entry by this Friday, July 13th at 11:59pm Pacific Time, after which we will stop taking suggestions.

Pure Chess aims to reflect the beauty and depth of the widely respected game. Chess is one of the world’s most played, popular and recognized games and to reflect this, Pure Chess was developed with the aid of a chess Grandmaster, the highest title a chess player can attain. Created by independent games developers VooFoo Studios, the title aims to appeal to a wide audience with various tutorials to allow beginners to take part, improve their chess skills and become a Grandmaster in their own right. Pure Chess is a classic strategy board game which is brought to life with stunning graphics and a series of interactive game modes.

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  • I suggest: “Ad-Hoc online Multiplayer” as the name I want for the DLC.

  • I bought Pure Chess (Great looking game btw). Have you guys thought about adding DLC packs with Killzone, Uncharted, Rachet and Clank, God of War chess pieces and backgrounds? C’mon, it’s a great idea! Watch the money roll in!

  • yeah i hope this DLC consist of actual online multiplayer instead of play by mail…

  • Excellent promotion! I’ve sent a couple of my suggestions.

    #1, clever comment, and correct me if I’m wrong – but isn’t ad-hoc multiplayer with those in proximity of you? Wouldn’t it be just online multiplayer? Otherwise, you could always just start up a two-player exhibition match. But yes, the one (and probably only thing) this game needs is a way to have an exhibition match with someone online aside from play by mail. While a good option, it shouldn’t be the only one. Also, it would be nice if DLC bought for one version unlocked the other, as buying the game twice is fine by me (two games, people) buying DLC twice seems a bit much.

    Great chess, though, and the visuals and sound make it even better!

  • What in the world were you thinking when you decided to make pure chess without a multiplayer option. This idea of playing by mail only was not a good idea. Excellent chess game, Im a chess player and would love for Pure Chess to have a multiplayer option, ditch the play by mail option.

  • I was really tempted to get this, but when I saw the the Vita and PS3 versions were separate at that price I couldn’t get behind it… Shame really…

  • @2, that is… an EXCELLENT idea! There are obvious licensing issues but I think sales would def. triple!

  • @2, Great idea indeed.

    Imagine a GOW set. Gods of Olympus Vs. 16 Kratos figures XD

  • I bought this for my Vita. I really appreciate a game like this but so far it’s still in my backlog. Someday it will teach me chess, hopefully.

    And yes, I also vote up @ 2’s suggestion. I would buy the Uncharted set, for sure.

  • I love this game as a learning tool. I love the mate problems and the tutorials.

    But I wish I could also use this game as a way to play chess with people (sounds funny right?) Unfortunately your opponent has to be on your friend list and the move by mail method is slow (not necessarily a bad thing for chess in-and-of itself) and clunky (they have to be on your friend list and moves go through your messages and opening the game is so slow, etc). I really wish DLC would add a real online multiplayer. I would even pay a few more dollars for it even though it should have been included.

    But I appreciate the free DLC and the promotion. I’ll try to think of a good name for your new chess set. I’m just still holding onto hope that you go all out and give us real multiplayer with ratings and everything.

  • Even Ad Hoc local would be a nicely added feature. It’s kinda weird sitting in a room with two of your friends and sending mails to each other..

  • @gus please don’t play chess with someone on a Vita if you’re sitting in the same room together. ;)

  • The game looks nice. I don’t have a Vita yet, but I will be getting it when the White version bundle comes out this fall, or I might wait until Black Friday. So having an extra game to play when I get it would be nice except, well I thought you put in the play by mail as an option. Extra, you know? I thought there was already a multiplayer for the PS vita version. I don’t need it for PS3 as I have far too many games to play. Having it on the Vita would be nice, the play by mail option seems nice but might clutter up my inbox.

    I thought it was like “Oh they have to go somewhere, here let’s postpone our game, you can send me your next move and If I get a spare minute I’ll send you mine” That seemed like a great idea for doing matches on the go. But having it as it’s main multiplayer focus? I don’t understand… wouldn’t it be easy making a regular one on one MP for chess? Judging by everyone else’s comments, it’d be a nice idea.

    Oh and I tweeted you guys my idea. (@ReptileHand) Don’t want to say it here though, just in case! Just thought I’d give it a chance, and I might end up liking the game, it looks amazing from the screenshots.

  • get up off yall lazy behinds and add ad-hoc multiplayer & online multiplayer…and add xcrossgame support for ps3 and vita users..and sell the game at 1 combined price for vita and ps3..both ver at 1 price…Hustle kings did it so why cant this damm chess game be done the same way!!!!!!!!! think people think!!!!!! give us gamers what we want and u will simply make all the money u want !!!

    if these feat was added i would def buy ……but untill then i will keep my money …….come on man itz up to u devz

  • How about call this set: “Finally, not an over-priced, underwhelming POS DLC”

    Seriously, $2.49 for current DLC for this game is a rip-off. Too bad since the game seems to be rock solid and enjoyable.

  • @Michelle Senior
    Can you plese only allow one entry per person? Becuase one guy is just spamming in entries which greatly reduces the chances of the rest of us unless we stoop to his level…

  • @ReptileHand
    It deletes itself right after so you don’t have to worry about a cluttered inbox.

  • “Buy the Vita version, get the PS3 version free” would be nice too.
    Honestly, I want to buy this game but, I can’t bring myself to buy it twice. Though, the pieces to look gorgeous. Modernization.

  • I am just a lil curious (pardon me but still new here) .. what make’s this chess game more special than normal chess? Curious bc it’s quit popular .. does the vita version stand out on any special way? Ive been debating a lot if i should buy it or not..

  • When this game came out I considered getting it, but now that I see it only has play by mail I am not going to bother. As for dlc, how about what almost every games first dlc is, “we didn’t have time to put this in the main game so now you pay” even though it is free.

  • That’s fun and all, but adding true multiplayer to the greatest PvP game for centuries would be much more appreciated.

  • Why Twitter? Why not here? Obviously you read the PS Blog, so why not let us suggest it here?

  • easy check mate.

  • To anyone who is a die-hard Chessmaster fan (Chessmaster is Ubisoft’s best selling chess program) and has played Pure Chess:

    Is Pure Chess better than Chessmaster? I still have a copy of Chessmaster 9000 for my PC, and I am a die-hard Chessmaster fan. I don’t play chess regularly, but am looking for a play with at least an ELO Rating of 1300 and knows the basics of chess. This is X-menfan from the Playstation Network, giving the infamous “Chessmaster Thinking Pose” (My right index and middle finger resting against my right eyebrow), and I look to anyone challenging me to a game of chess! Later.

  • I appreciate that some people aren’t happy with the missing online component, but the play by mail mode is what sold me on this game. I used to play postcard chess with some college buddies. I love how it changes the pace of the game; I can spend a couple of days contempating my next move. I certainly wouldn’t mind a ‘true’ online mode, but I love the play-by-mail.

    @2… I’d drop cash on a Uncharted or Ratchet & Clank set in a heartbeat. Great suggestion.

  • Dear Sony,

    If You Could Give Any Of Us VITA Users A Hint Of Full-On Remote Play For The VITA To PS3, We Would All Love You. If Anyone At Sony Sees This, Please Respond With Details. I Would Love To Play Skyrim, Or Assassin’s Creed On My Vita! Thank You!

  • Hi guys,

    What about ‘ Succhessful dlc’ ?

    Successful + chess

  • Wow been awhile since I posted here, but I felt compelled to do so. I absolutely love Pure Chess as a Chess fan, however I have to agree with the masses here. Without a true online multiplayer experience, the game hinders itself to completely break the mold of Chess games. Yes Pure Chess has hit everything right to tutorials to actually giving your hands on experience with the problem solving aspect, but the fault is that you can only enforce your new tactics in a long, sometimes overly dragged out game with a friend with Play by Mail, playing someone you know locally,or playing the AI. As someone pointed out Chess is one of the best PvP games out there, therefore you should be able to take the fun online, play different styles and adapt and grow to earn a better ELO, and make it competitive. Pure Chess is a Golden product that hindered itself on that one very thing that Chess players want. To be able to play with Real live players and have fun, without jumping through hoops to do so. That said I really hope online multiplayer is getting at leastalked over for inclusion. It won’t stop me from using the product but it sure can lengthen my use and want for it.

  • Can you please make this promotion be available to Facebook, I don’t have a Twiter account and I don’t want to make one because I just won’t use it, so it will be a waste of time for me.

  • I was all set to buy this, till I read the reviews about how online games are played. C’mon REALLY? If I wanted to play chess by mail i would get a prison pen-pal. I don’t care how modern and ultra realistic the graphics are, when you can only play online like in the days before online, something is wrong with this game.

  • i own two ps vitas.1 while im at work & one for home use,& let me tell you that the ps vita is a BUST.the console is great,but theres really not that many games being developed.after the launch date.theres a slow trickle of 2 games almost every month.the month of august has only two games,& itll be like that for the rest of the year.the game sound & shapes is awesome,but i want games like GTA,batman,infamous,or all the redone ps2 hd collections like the god of war collection,or ico & shadow of can be done look at the metal gear collection,PSN games,ps1 games,ps2 games,or a back catalog of old official sony licensed ps3 games.we are still waiting for the vita update that allows us to play ps1 games,meanwhile we are almost halfway through the month of july.the worst part is we will see the same prolonged issue of a VERY SLOW TRICKLE of 2 games a month for the next year, or 2

  • replying to the topic, i think it should be called the Material DLC pack. I thought it was bronze not plastic, and i would’ve called in the Stone, Natural, or Material.
    BTW, if i won, i would want the Vita version.

  • I suggest club chest

  • Cant find the FREE part about it.

  • im a big chess fan , the game looks great , im looking forward to some added features .a mid evil piece design would be great .is battle chess an option ? off with their heads !! J/K.

  • I’m guessing the main reason they don’t do a “true” multiplayer is because how long games would probably go on. Granted if you’re going to play chess you’ll more than likely by prepared to be there for an hour or so.

    Though maybe if they did they could put a speed chess type deal in… each turn you get a set amount a time to make your move. And the amount of time could be determined before the game.

    I really want this game but haven’t bit just yet! And like someone said above, buying 1 version should give you the other :D

  • Can I play against another human who is in the same room with me? I am not seeing mention of local multiplayer anywhere. Thanks.

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