Sack it to Me: Karting Creation Hands-On

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Sack it to Me: Karting Creation Hands-On

Welcome our new LittleBigPlanet Karting Community Coordinator

Joining myself and Simon on the LittleBigPlanet Community Team, Michael from San Diego Studios will be here to help with the community management of Sackboy’s upcoming karting adventure, LittleBigPlanet Karting!


Michael may be better known to some of you as ConfusedCartman (Or as Valeview suggested should that be ConfusedKartman now?), the former administrator of the massively popular fansite.

Michael will be a great asset to the community team and should be able to help you with all your LittleBigPlanet Karting needs.

LittleBigPlanet Karting for PS3

Game Jam: Community Creators Get Hands-On with LittleBigPlanet Karting

Not only do we have Michael joining the team, we both attended an event a couple of weeks ago where we gave a select group of LittleBigPlanet community creators an exclusive chance to check out LittleBigPlanet Karting’s Create Mode in its entirety. tsr13, who we recently featured on Sack it to Me with his Awesomesauce Pocket Moon Podcast, was one of those lucky guests and he’s taken the time to write up a lovely article to tell everyone about the game jam event and to give exclusive insight into LittleBigPlanet Karting’s Create Mode!

tsr13 says: “I pulled up a new level, picked the Gardens background, and began messing around with the landscape. I found the terrain deforming and sculpting tools to be intuitive and easy to work with, and it wasn’t long before I had something that looked a bit like a construction site. That inspired me to try my hand at creating some vehicles, and before long I had a half-decent dump truck and a crane in the middle of my site. Some random piles of explosives here and there, a few warning signs and presto! Instant industrial-themed battle arena. (Honestly though, it didn’t look quite right until the porta-potties went in.)”

To read more from tsr13 and to find out all about LittleBigPlanet Karting’s Create Mode, head on over to and read what our recent game jam guests had to say.

LittleBigPlanet Karting for PS3

LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta: Start Your Engines…

With all the excitement surrounding our new LittleBigPlanet Karting Community Coordinator and the recent GameJam, don’t forget that you too have a chance to get an early sneak peek at LittleBigPlanet Karting in our upcoming beta test!

So for your chance to get an early lead, head on over here and sign up for the race!

Summer Games Costume Pack Coming This Week

After Sackboy relaxed at the beach with the recent Summer Creator Kit, it’s now time for him to limber up and join in with the fun of the Summer Games. There’s a full range of costumes here to support Sackboy’s sporting needs: Track and Field, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Horse Riding, Tennis and Fencing are all part of LittleBigPlanet’s Summer Games!

Summer Games Costume Pack

These costumes will be released on the PlayStation Store this week, so check them out if you feel that your Sackboy is up to the challenge of the Summer Games.

Mm Picks

Finally we finish this week with your usual dose of Mm Picks! Sackboy has some classic platforming fun in three wonderful levels, there’s some madcap mini-game action to be had with a game of table football or you can just chill out and listen to weirdybeardy’s amazing music compositions in his gallery level.

7514523058_c71863887e_o copy

The Goo Refinery by SX_Shookie99

7514523570_3f9a322ab7_o copy

LittleBig Adventure ..::Uprooted::.. by stryder12

7514523702_ca3cace0a8_o copy

…And down it goes! by AcAnimate

7514523138_41bb69e82f_o copy

Table Soccer HD (2 PLAYER) by FabFio71

7514522948_a9457364e0_o copy

The Weirdyland Music Gallery [v2.03] by weirdybeardy

Sack it to Me: Karting Creation Hands-On

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8 Author Replies

  • Signed up and hopeful to get into the beta, thanks!

  • Any word on pricing?

    • The full Summer Games Costume Pack can be purchased for $2.99

      Otherwise you can purchase each costume individually for $0.99
      The individual Track N Field Costume contains items to allow your Sackboy to participate in four different events too! As a Runner, Hammer Thrower, Javelin Thrower or a Discus Thrower!

  • Nice! I already filled out the form for a chance to get into the beta a few days ago, and I hope I get accepted in with the other people who signed up for it and won.

  • is there any word on when the playstation Vita DLC for LBP2 is releasing

    • No release date has been announced for the Cross Controller DLC just yet.

      It’s a little way off still, however we have two amazing DLC costume packs coming soon! Stay tuned!

  • Simon Rosenkotter

    Congratulations, Michael! :)

  • I’ve been checking my email everyday, and idea when the beta invitations will be sent out?

  • Are the emails for LBPK Beta going to start rolling out today or tomorrow when the Beta goes live?

  • Congratulations on your dream job, CC (Well close enough, haha).

    I’m sure you will do great.

    Also, ConfusedKartman? I like it.

    • I’m ashamed to admit that it actually took a long time for us to realise that…

      It wasn’t until Valeview pointed it out on the forum, that we actually noticed the amazing coincidence!

  • What should I say…
    *raises wine cup*
    “TO MICHAEL!!!”

    Congrats buddy!!!
    And thanks for your work on Central!

  • So does this mean all costumes from LBP 1 and LBP 2 will be compatible with LBP Karting? Or is Sony and the devs still in the “I don’t know” stage??

  • I see some Karting costume items appear to be costume bits from LBP and LBP2.

    So that leaves three questions:

    Can this be taken as confirmation that LBP and LBP2 items are appearing en masse in LBP Karting?

    Will the use of these items utilize profile data from LBP and LBP2 for access?

    Does this include DLC content?

  • awesome sauce!

  • Does anyone know how the load times are in this game? I loved ModNation racers and LittleBigPlanet and I am really looking forward to playing this game. However, the load times in ModNation really killed the flow of the game for me. I have my fingers crossed that this game doesn’t suffer from the same problem.

  • I have tried to log on to the PS Blog 4 times now on my ipad and every time I tried to ask a question it crashes.
    So please answer my Q-

    Will the limited edition Spacsuit be available for download when this title or LBP Vita releases?

    • The Launch Spacesuit will be re-released twice this year.

      Once to celebrate the release of LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and a second time to celebrate the release of LittleBigPlanet Karting!

  • Awesome Can’t Wait For The Beta!!!!!!!!!

  • Maxomega, The load times are more along the lines of LBP2. It did not seem to take as long as ModNation at all.

    • Thanks guys!

      The build seen at the LittleBigPlanet Karting GameJam was obviously an incomplete build but we’re really pushing to minimise those load times as much as possible!

  • Will Lbp2 DLC be ported over to LBP Karting?

  • i really hope i get into this beta. i missed out on the lbpv beta. kinda bologna considering some people who got it didnt even play it or had never played the other ones, whats the point of the survey if it doesnt have any affect on entry. anyway, i have high hopes for getting in this one. this dlc looks awesome, still saving for the lbpv rare t tho, so i cant get it yet

  • To Michael? lol

  • I hope I get in. Never been invited to a beta before, I only played starhawk beta but i dont know how i got it???

  • Going by the images and text you posted, your Community Manager (former Administrator) is. . . 13-years-old? =-|
    I have college degrees and can’t work at Sony.

    • Michael is a rather youthful-looking 19 year old!

      Fresh out of college and ready to put his years of experience with the LittleBigPlanet community to great use in his new role as the LittleBigPlanet Karting Community Coordinator!

  • I’m saying PLEASE and I Mean PLEASE Answer me Steven!! I have been asking on every LBP article if our DLC will be Ported over to LBPK! Even if you cant tell me, tell me you cant tell me. D:!

    • I’ve told lots of people that I can’t tell you just yet.

      We’re still in the process finalising these details but as soon as we know, I can assure you that we will let you know!

  • After reading about the LBPK Game Jam, my excitement for this game is through the roof! Combining my two favorite games in LBP and MNR is going to be nothing short of AWESOMESAUCE! (Fingers crossed for the beta)

    Congratulations go out to Michael!

  • @21 – I looked at his lbpcentral profile and he’s 19.

    Still crazy though considering I’m that age! I would die if I had his job, hopefully he’s very thankful.

  • Way to go CC!!

    And thanks for making lbpcentral the greatest fansite on the web!

    Hopefully I’ll see you all in the beta.

  • FarmFreshEggBoy

    I’m still waiting for my Day 1 costume for LBP1.

    + AsiaQatar on July 9th, 2012 at 9:42 am said:
    I have tried to log on to the PS Blog 4 times now on my ipad and every time I tried to ask a question it crashes.
    So please answer my Q-
    Will the limited edition Spacsuit be available for download when this title or LBP Vita releases?

  • Nevermind on my previous question, United Front Games updated their twitter: “Beta invites for #LittleBigPlanetKarting to be sent out starting on July 10th. Keep your eyes on your Inboxes!”

    Yay the excitement is building!

  • How far along is LittleBigPlanet for PS Vita? Now that the Beta is over with, I’ve been anxiously anticipating a release date announcement soon…we’ve got box art, pre-order DLC, basically everything but a release date hahaha. But can’t wait to get my hands on both of these titles this year! :)

  • If you look at the screenshot you can tell there is costume pieces from LBP 1 & 2, plus how smart is it to recycle the dlc from the first two and not drop the price. money, money, money, MONEY!!!

  • On Facebook and LBP website, there is a link to sign-up for a BETA. I click on link, fill out the form, but when I submit, I get “The page you’re looking for doesn’t exist.” Is the BETA closed, or just an error? I missed the last BETA :-(

  • I can’t seem to sign up for the beta. After filling out my information, it redirects me to a page that (according to the website) doesn’t exist! I bought all the level packs, I bought LBP2, I created sackbots and wacky inventions and gave them away like mad, I even show new players to the most awesome user-made levels I know, I even went ahead and got 100% of ALL the prizes! The LBP theme has been the only theme I’ve used since I GOT my PS3!

    So uh… Feeling a bit dejected here. Mind helping me out guys? I’ve played Modnation and I’m _super crazy excited_ for LBP Karting!

    Btw, my PSN name is The_Zomboy

    I’m going to try that page again…

  • I was invited to the Karting Beta! :) I cant wait to try it. gotta download it over night due to it being 3GB

  • thanks Sony ! got my Karting Beta Code & it’s downloading now …. very excited to have this opportunity to play it early & provide feedback …. really appreciate it. my almost 8 yr. old son was thrilled when I showed him the email …. he’s a pretty good gamer. congrats to everyone else who is busily downloading it now !!


  • I just hope I get the email aswell hope It does not get into my spam folder

  • check your spam folder …. that’s where mine was – which seemed odd, as all the purchase PSN emails come to my inbox, but this went directly to spam ……

  • I gots a question fer ya:

    Are we allowed to enter more than once?

    I gots another question fer ya:

    Will there be anything about the tools of this?

  • I signed up for the BETA,I really hope i get a code considering i didn’t get into the LBP VITA BETA.

  • im scared that i might not join the beta i signed up a long time ago n got so frustrated that one of my friends are on the beta RIGHT NOW! :( i really want to be on this beta im getting sick and tired of not being in beta events and of modnation racer demo costeming track and charaters ARG! so sick oh my please let be in this!

  • Congrats! I have a question on the Beta, I heard it started this week (7/10) but I still haven’t received an invite =(. I was wondering when will you guys stop sending invites for it? I know between my son and I we would definitely rack up the Beta time hours as we did in the LBP Vita Beta. We are definitively looking forward to this game and would love to participate on the Beta. =)

  • Hey Steven can you answer this question:

    How many beta invites are sent in one day, (If your not countin, can i get an estimate) Just curious

  • I want an invite… :(

  • someone from SONY please reply, When does LBP Kart/Vita both come out??? I have a tight budget, only paid once a month, I need a CLEAR Release Date, and btw, try NOT to release them in the same month! I need a honest answer, I want both games, I was in Both betas.. and Must know when I can drive 20 miles to my closest Gamestop. i live 35-40 minutes N. East of St. Louis… out in the middle of nowhere. Walmart is the only store 8/10’s of a mile from me. they will not do any preorder specials like Gamestop.

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