MLB 12 The Show Predicts the 2012 All-Star Game; HR Derby Online Now Available!

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MLB 12 The Show Predicts the 2012 All-Star Game; HR Derby Online Now Available!

Baseball fans – it’s that time of year again… Major League Baseball’s Midsummer Classic, where the best and brightest will battle it out for bragging rights and home-field advantage in the World Series. To find out which team, the American League or National League, will come out on top, we’ve tapped the most authentic gaming resource available – MLB 12 The Show. So, what was the outcome you ask? After simulating tomorrow night’s 2012 All-Star Game, the win will go to the NL All-Stars, who will make it three in a row after a 13-year winless streak, hanging on to beat the AL by a score of 3-2 at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.

Here’s a look at some of the video highlights from the game courtesy of MLB 12 The Show:

MLB 12 The Show Predicts the 2012 All-Star Game; HR Derby Online Now Available!

In a season that has already seen five no-hitters, it should come as no surprise that pitching dominated most of the game. The AL got out to a 1-0 lead thanks to the power of former National Leaguer Prince Fielder, which stood until the bottom of the sixth when fellow Home Run Derby contestant Carlos Gonzalez delivered a big two run homer that put the NL up by one. Then a double by Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler, and a big RBI knock from Angels rookie sensation Mike Trout in the seventh tied the game up. But in the top of the eighth, a clutch hit by Giants catcher Buster Posey drove in the go ahead run. From there the NL bullpen held fast for a hard fought 3-2 victory, just enough to win the battle of baseball’s best. MVP honors went to Buster Posey, 2-3 with the game winning hit and RBI. Pitching obviously took center stage this year as the two staffs kept some of the game’s most dangerous hitters at bay. With such high quality hurlers, we could be looking at the start of a new golden era of pitching.


As top the top rated sports game for the past four years, MLB 12 The Show is the most authentic baseball game available. Find out tomorrow night if our prediction was right. The 83rd Major League Baseball All-Star Game will be televised nationally on FOX at 8:00pm EST.

For those of you who might be heading out to Kansas City, don’t forget to stop by MLB All-Star FanFest (July 6-10) at the Kansas City Convention Center (Bartle Hall), and swing by the PlayStation booth where you can check MLB 12 The Show’s Home Run Derby Online, which is available on PSN starting today!

MLBASG2012-1 MLBASG2012-3

Now, what is Home Run Derby Online you ask? Well, it’s an entirely new way to compete with other players on PlayStation Network. You can play against one or seven other users online (2-8 players simultaneously) for a chance to be crowned the Home Run Derby champion and earn extra XP. Users can enter into a “Random Match” against the community or “Play with Friends.” All players will see and be able to swing at pitches at the same time and watch each hit, which is represented by multi-colored hit ribbons that stretch from home plate to wherever the ball lands. The on-screen, in-game, real-time leaderboard lets you know who the leader is and where you stand so you’re always aware of how you’re doing against the competition. So, while you’re watching your favorite sluggers compete in the State Farm Home Run Derby tonight (8:00pm EST on ESPN), you can duke it with your friends in your own virtual HR Derby from the comfort of your own home. Pretty cool, right?

Lastly, don’t forget to compete in the latest Challenge of the Week. This week pits two All-Star starters against one another… New York Mets ace vs. the New York Yankees second baseman. Prize this week a signed limited edition David Freese MLB 12 The Show game cover. Good luck!

MLB 12 The Show Box Art (PS3 & Vita)

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  • sony you going to release those new ps vita apps or what

  • I was excited about Online Home Run Derby when it was announced before launch, as the Home Run Derby has always been one of my favourite modes in The Show, then I got my copy, and it wasn’t in the game…

    Then I was excited when it was announced a couple of months ago, until I found out that Sony didn’t give a **** about its international customers, and made the promotion to get it only available in the US…

    Now, four months after launch, I just can’t bring myself to care anymore, and given the way those of us outside the US were treated as second class citizens in regards to the mode, I’m not sure I’ll be able to bring myself to care about MLB 13 either, since I won’t know until I’ve purchased it what promised feature they’ve advertised, then held back for US customers only.

  • I wonder if The Show will ever fix Prince Fielder in the game? He is on the Tigers, an AL team, he will be donning an AL jersey tonight in real life. Yet, The Show still has him wearing a NL jersey. C’mon, wrong jersey, and no update for the new playoff system, and wrong roster updates, c’mon guys! Oh, and go NL!

  • Is the online HR Derby mode available on the Vita version as well? If not, will it be made available at a later date?

  • so i was reading on that japan is finally getting ps2 classics soon. “yaaa” but one of their first games will be Dead or Alive 2 HARDCORE. something i put on this blog “share” section two years ago. i really hope we get it at the same time thay do or bang sip straight to the moon sony.

  • I got my Home Run Derby Online psn code free from Taco Bell on my $5 box. Also got a free game on my android phone too.

    I REALLY hope this is for Vita too and my download works for both version. Cant wait.

  • No Move support? What the heck, that’s the best part of the HR Derby!

  • I am just not pleased at all with sony and the way yall do business all i want is psone classics and i know yall have the update up and runing so why is it that were still waiting for something that is already running i really dont understand god knows i love gaming and vita is the best thing ever but this is just wrong sony and careless of yall it really sucks all my family want a vita but they want get it until psone classics hit the handheld

  • Picked up The Show ’12 on Vita, and it’s pretty good — the Washington Nationals are rated far too low for a team at the top of the NL, however.

  • Fix the comeback AI in ’13 or I wont be purchasing!! 8-0 in the 2nd, 11-0 by the 5th, then the Red Sox score 7 in the 7th, 4 in the 8th to tie it at 11, I score 1 in the 9th to take a 12-11 lead, and as PREDICTED their first two batters get a base immediately followed by a 1 pitch 3 Run HR to win the game in the (wait for it) bottom…of…the…9th!! Too PREDICTABLE!! And yes, I used healthy Pitchers throughout the last 4 innings.

    Also, fix the ‘run down’ game, there is NO ‘who is gonna win’ feeling when you get caught between bases, Defense ALWAYS wins unless you’re lucky enough for them to overthrow.

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