Fun in the Sun + Weekly Home Update

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Fun in the Sun + Weekly Home Update

This Wednesday, July 11th, brings a ton of summer fun to PlayStation Home. Here’s your weekly to-do list:

1. Juggernaut Steampunk Adventure Pack
Juggernaut Games introduces the Steampunk Adventure pack bundle that includes clothing, furniture, a companion, a clock that tells real time (using only three furniture slots) and an animated clockwork table (only two slots). Adventure awaits!

PS Home - Steampunk

2. Crystal Seashores Personal Space and Clubhouse
Members of x7 were able to check out and pick up this stunning new personal space and clubhouse design last week, but it is making its public debut this Wednesday. Reminiscent of classic European estates, the Seashores Personal Space and Clubhouse evokes an Old World charm that is destined to put you at ease. Complete with a spacious interior, upper balcony, stunning pool and even lounge chairs you can fully relax in, you will be king (or queen) of your castle. Own your own little piece of stately paradise with the Crystal Seashores Personal Space and Clubhouse, available this Wednesday.

Crystal Seashores Personal Space and Clubhouse

3. Lockwood July Medusa Collection
Over the past year, Medusa’s hair stylists have provided you with a style for every season. Now they’re branching out with a range of styles intended to help you fulfil your fantasies.

Always dreamed of being a high flier? Then you need the sleek, feminine Socialite, or the tough, business-like Power Broker. Maybe standing in front of hordes of screaming fans is more your thing? Charlotte and Sebastian know a thing or two about fame and their luscious locks are all part of the rock star look! Maybe you long to be an iconic actor like the Legend, or appear in a fantasy epic as the Elven Princess. Whatever you’ve dreamed of being or doing, Medusa has the look to help you get there.

PS Home - Medusa_FemalePS Home - Medusa female hippyPS Home - Medusa_Female_Emo

4. Lockwood Wedding – Early Preview
The special day is fast approaching – look forward to the Lockwood Wedding set next week! If it’s not your special day, then you’d better send a little something so they know you’re thinking of them. The Gift Machine has plenty of knick-knacks available this Wednesday to make sure the happy couple can start furnishing their new apartment together after their fantastic wedding! Member of the exclusive nightclub x7 can take advantage of early access to the Lockwood Wedding Set this week.

5. Heavy Ink Reining Blades Tattoos
Heavy Water, continuing their release of the new Obsidian and Ivory tattoo collection, the Reining Blades designs bring the perfect edginess any dungeon warrior craves. These tattoos are meant to be worn with your existing clothing, and if you don’t have clothing that matches, Heavy Water has provided Bare Canvas torsos free of charge for male and females to proudly display your ink!

PS Home - HeavyInk_ReigningBladesTattoos

6. VEEMEE’s Medieval Collection
This week VEEMEE brings the Age of Swords to PlayStation Home! These beautiful items are the perfect way to give your avatar and personal space a sumptuous medieval look. Invite your friends to your Medieval Banquet and share a delicious meal of Roast Suckling Pig, a Selection of Pies, Roast Chicken, Spit Roast Lamb, Bread Baskets, Fruit Bowls and Cheese Boards. The Knight outfit is perfect for courtly gentlemen, or hardened warriors. The King and Queen outfits combine elegance and lavishly intricate detail. And what kind of a monarch would you be without a Throne? Now you just have to decide who gets to sit in it!

PS Home - Medieval

PS Home - MedievalPS Home - Medieval

7. Granzella Spring Swimwear
Granzella introduces a lush spring-leaf collection of swimwear this week. It features two styles for both men and women. For women, two styles are available in both a bikini top and bottom combination (each offered separately) and also in one-piece swimsuits, as well as a total of eight bracelets and anklets to accessorize. For men, there are two types of trunks and neck towels, and a total of five bracelets and anklets. All in all, this collection is a great value. Your wait is over — it’s time to hit the beach in a lush new suit!


8. Konami Raver Items
Konami is releasing some new Raver items and outfits this week, further expanding the hugely popular underground dance scene items. This week, check out the three new female Go-go Dancer outfits, the new Neon Man outfit and a few other individual items. Light up the night!

9. x7 – Exclusive Access
Members of exclusive nightclub x7 get access to a new bundle as well as early access to a large collection of wedding items from Lockwood, as well as dozens and dozens of modular kitchen furniture from VEEMEE in an assortment of colors including red, white, black, gold, and steel. Head to x7 this Wednesday and take advantage of your members-only perks today!

10. The Midway Ca$h Carnival
This week you’ll have the chance to win yet another prize at the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes! Go to the Hot Zone in Midway 3 to sign up for the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes. Every green ticket you purchase to play the Midway games earns you an entry into the weekly drawing for a special prize—this week, it’s a silver Sony Cyber-shot 16.2-Megapixel Digital Camera. Every weekly entry counts toward the Grand Prize drawing for $15,000! For official rules, click here (LINK:

PS Home - Midway 3

11. Community Theater Update
This week, our hardcore (yet sweet) gamer girl Luge from The Tester, season one, brings her newest episode of Luge Control. Head to the Community Theater (auditorium 1) and check out her update on Home, the newest app to hit the PS Vita and more!

PS Home - CommunityTheater

See you in Home!

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12 Author Replies

  • How much will the Adventure outfits go for?

    • Individual pieces of the Juggernaut Steampunk clothing items will go from $0.49 – $1.49 each or bundled for $3.99 (entire outfit). The furniture also offers a bundle at $4.99, though it looks like there is a bundle to rule them all. Check the Mall starting Wednesday for more details.

  • Can we have more Slay games or more maps? i really enjoy playing Slay on Home

    • CCP Games owns the Dust 514 space where Slay lives, and I believe they have more plans for it down the road (not sure if it includes Slay or just other parts of the space), but there is nothing to announce at this time.

  • The ad/picture for the Medieval set perfectly highlights my most major gripe with Home (aside from no custom sountrack support when it’s such a small piece of code), specifically for the costume pieces/sets I pay for. The Home developers REALLY need to put a bit of effort into separating your (our) Avatar’s hands, from what they hold in their hands.

    It’s so odd (and by odd I mean lame) that you have a nice armor set like that but you have to choose between having the matching gauntlets for the armor OR holding a sword and having to look rediculous with bare hands.

    And also not having them as seperate slots means you can’t hold swords or items with the full one piece costumes. For me in particular, I can’t hold the lightsabers I’ve bought…..including the $5 ones with my STAR WARS costumes. It drives me crazy I can’t have my Chewbacca or C-3P0 hold lightsabers.

    That being my major gripe, you guys are doing pretty good. But that’s just my most wanted change to Home because it’s SO disheartening.

  • How much for the Granzela Green Leaf Bundles?! :D

    • There is a male and female bundle, priced at $1.49 and $2.49 respectively. The male bundle includes 5 individual pieces while the female bundle includes 8. Check the bundle description for further details.

  • Phantom_Outlaws

    I’m looking forward to the Steampunk stuff.

    • Me too, and I think the quality of this collection brings a certain level of quality that the Home community will certainly appreciate.

  • Final some steampunk stuff xD Awesome update as well how much for the raver stuff?

    • The new Gogo Dancer and Neon Man outfits will run at $3.99 each. Check them out starting Wednesday to see how much attention you will get with them. ;-)

  • New Granzella suits :) Hopefully we can use them at the new beach soon that Japan just got. Any news on it for us?

    • No news at this time. Granzella brings over what Granzella wants (though we always encourage them to bring more, faster).

  • I like the Juggernaut Steampunk Adventure Pack do you know how many adventure packs are Juggernaut going to make and when are we getting the Granzella Hot Beach for Two. Nice update keep up the good work. Can you please ask veemee to add a single player map to NML thanks Glass

  • Steampunk items with low active slots nice. But the Veemee age of swords stuff is a bit odd. Shield in the right hand, sword in the right hand. You have the ability make items for both hands that would make more sense with these items….

  • There is no reason to hang in NA Home after all the new features and spaces Japan got in the last months and are still unavailable in NA. I’ll learn Japanease, that is all lol

  • Steampunk items with low active slots numbers nice. But is the developers going to revisit the old active items already here?

    The Veemee age of swords stuff is a bit odd. Shield in the right hand, sword in the right hand. You have the ability make items for both hands that would make more sense with these items….

  • All that looks real great. Bet anyone’s looking forward to trying all that! Any word on new Novus Prime missions and content? I would really enjoy more new Novus Prime missions and adventures! And when is Mercia gonna be out? I’m very anxious to play that game! I’ve forgotten how to sign up for the Midway Cash Carnival Sweepstakes. How do I get in and win the cool prizes? Please tell me.

  • Yay for Granzella releasing new swim gear!

    Regarding the “Neck Towel with Bikini (Leaf Green, Men)” item listed in the breakdown… Any word on whether this is separates or a one-piece full body suit since it is clumped together in the descriptions at the end of the video? I hope I won’t be forced to get the towel wet (personal pet peeve).

  • That Granzella leaf green swimsuits are looking good! I can’t wait to get the tattoos too! I wonder if they will be releasing more? Also I can’t wait to get the wedding set from x7 too. :)

    • Heavy Ink has more tats coming out in the near future, so check back and be sure to pick up your favorites in the meantime. Heavy Water loves community feedback, so be sure to share your thoughts with them if you like by sending an email to:

  • The granzella video shows avatars swiming under water with flipper and goggles. We can swim now?

  • A nice update, and love the constant flow of Granzella items we’re getting, thankyou :)

    Silverado2366, the swiming your seeing is from Japans Granzella Island. Hopefully in a future update we will be able to do the same.

  • Not a bad update. I am waiting on BLUEPRINT!! YAY!!!

    • It’s coming! No dates set for launch, but they’re hard at work on putting the finishing touches on it.

  • This update looks sweet, Steampunk looks awesome! Can we have more steampunk items, especially if Juggernaut is making them. What about the animal companions that did not make it to X7 last week? Will we see those this week also? ?

    • The Rare Animal collection from Lockwood has been delayed for a very special purpose. Bear with us, but I think the community will really like what we have planned for them. ;-)

      If you want more Juggernaut goodness, be sure to share your love for their stuff on the Home forums. They keep up on our forums, and I’m sure would appreciate to hear your compliments and feedback:

  • i’m liking the steampunk pack

  • That house looks like similar to the mansion. Can you go inside?

  • With all this medieval stuff coming out. Could there be the long rumored castle on the way as well?

    • There are some castle-like places already out, but none others that I’m aware of are on the horizon… but Home evolves so fast, anything is possible.

  • Jacked-Assassin

    1. Juggernaut Steampunk Adventure Pack – I may or may not buy…. Leaning toward may not…. But only because it sounds like a game minus the game.

    6. VEEMEE’s Medieval Collection – Maybe just coincidence but I feel like my Skyrim example about NML was taken out of context. Still I already bought all 3 outfits & the knights gloves from x7.

    7. Granzella Spring Swimwear – Forget the Swimwear! How were they swimming?! That’s what I really want!

    8. Konami Raver Items – I want bikini bottoms for the 2 glowing bikini tops for my female avatar.

  • Ha ha haha – why are the Age of Swords handheld swords held in bare hands??

    Put some gloves on!

  • Would love to see more variety for the males like perhaps softer colors, cute clothing designs and such but I’m just being too hopeful. Great update, that leaf green swimwear trailer was sweet!

  • Hey guys is the Killzone 3 jetpack ever coming back?

  • The updates for Ps Home are just amazing liking the support.

  • Hello Cade Peterson , just a little comment on something that is starting to bug me out .
    Names of people , places or furniture, i see them at the bottom of my screen and they never fade away , if im talking to a friend of mine, somewhat close to me i see his or her name at the bottom of my screen, and if he or she says a long line, my friend`s name is in the way , so i have to walk away somewhat to read what he/she said.
    Same thing with Furniture , if im standing by a table or anything else, the names never fade away, causing my avatar to either look down , up , sides. All these names need to fade away .
    Something else , you guys need to reduce the amount of items 1 single active items takes, i placed 4 simple active item lights in my Loot Space apartment and then i was left with only 12 regular items , that needs to change.

  • Yeah… Hi… totally random and unrelated question Cade. The melodies in the two preview videos, those aren’t by chance available for purchase somewhere are they? I’m guessing since I couldn’t track them down, they were made specifically for those vids. I was just wondering cause I really like them. Especially the Steampunk one. Thanks c:

  • Hello Cade, looking good today, LOL………………..on with business , not thrill about the same bathing suits with different colorsfrom Granzella but im sure will appeal to someone .
    I love the new Crystals Seashores just because of 1 item and 1 item only , The Lounge chairs.
    All the previous personal spaces/clubhouse have lounge chairs in which you can only sit , that would off, i mean thats the point of having lounge chairs to LAY DOWN .
    Now , it would be great if those lounge chairs were on sale , individually with the LAY DOWN feature .
    I also agree with Ra The Sun Kiss….lol the name thing of members and furniture , really need to fade away .
    Active items too , 1 active item takes the place of 22 regular item , thats a bit much .

  • awesome!, love the steampunk outfit wasnt a big fan of the steampunk top previously available in the store, and the furniture would give more life to my paris clocktower space i barely use it but that would be a great match!, although i do agree with some of the players that being able to use swords or other handheld items while wearing the gloves u see fit would be nice, like having those items in the accesories slot, and some new animations for the avatars would be nace (dances, actions, poses ,ect)

  • The poor guy in the leaf-green speedos looks cold, like snapped-off & lost forever frozen cold… Just remember developers, if you can over state the bumps on the female form, then I’m sure, for the sake the the other half of humanity’s masculinity you could at least go to the the trouble of understating the male form. It’s not the 1950’s anymore America, you don’t have to get offended at a possible discreet bump…


  • im haveing trobble with finding how to go to the commity becouse i just joined in i can only use this on a pc so how do u go to the commity on a pc

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