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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

I’m not typically a huge fan of watching other people play videogames; I’d rather have a controller in my hand. But that hasn’t stopped me from getting sucked into watching EVO this year. I’m a big fighting game fan, but the participants there compete at such a high level, that it can be amazing to watch.

The Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat and Super Street Fighter IV finals take place later today. Click here to watch them live.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of July 2, 2012)

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  • Any idea of when SF X T comes out for Vita, i know it is fall. I’ve been holding out on the PS3 version.

  • If u guys were not aware yet, if it still is, Mortal Kombat on the Vita is being sold for a bargain $9.99 at Gamestop

  • Small complaints, but it would be great to get a different version of trailers for the PS Vita. It is extremely lame that the PS Vita gets trailers that feature a PS Vita in the trailer to show that the game is for the PS Vita and not PS3. Moreover, the message app does not allow you to delete an entire conversation and instead you have to delete each message one by one.

  • There some many complaints about Vita that i still dont get one… waiting Sony give the players what they want and deserve!!!

  • EVO has been exciting as always and hopefully PS-Allstars takes part on it next year. Also please get someone to make Borderlands 2 on PS Vita!

  • The Plus article was nice. The service has really became outstanding compared to what it use to be. Keep up the work with these PSN games I am loving them so far. I just don’t want to many Full Games I don’t want to upgrade my HDD another time.

  • I’ve been told a while back that the blog share will be handled by a new team or something, has it happened yet? Because the blog share seems to update at a very slow rate still. Plus some of my ideas are “In Action” but doesn’t appear on the “in action” list.

  • Love my PSV thanks for the youtube app.

    Anyway we could get flash support?

    APPS: Amazon video & Pandora?

    Are apps developed by Sony or the indepent companies with Sony just giving the ok? If this is the case we could contact them as well. Thanks for the info.

  • DeadKillersRevng

    Not a single link about the acquisition of Gaikai from SCE? =/

  • Can u guys find out from Ubi or ask around as to whether the US PS Store will/can get a preorder on ACIII? EU has it thx. I know u said u had no idea last time. Why does EU Store get certain content earlier: LBP2, Assassin’s Creed, MGS Collection PS3

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      There’s no update here. Rules and plans are different in different markets. There’s plenty that we get before they do. The EU blog is filled with comments like ‘Why does the US get all the good stuff first?’ ^__^

  • btw does SONY develop its external APPS like Skype and YouTube or do the creators like Skype and Google?

  • hey sony are you ever going to release those new apps for the vita at all im tired of waiting

  • The best new this week is Tales of Xillia coming in English

  • Glad to see Tales of Xillia coming over.

  • @PS BLOG
    PS Plus Discount on SFxT characters? 15-20% off that 20 dollars would be nice.


  • Sony! Get someone on Borderlands Vita. Give it crossplay with ps3 users and it’ll be a must buy.

  • @2
    I think that sale is over since it was one day only. I got my copy and love it!

    Oh, and Modnation Racers will be on sale for a day for $9.99 tomorrow at Gamestop! Best Buy will price match too (just show them the price from your phone)! My Vita collection is starting to shape up at this rate!

  • I hope you all are petitioning on Twitter for Borderlands 2 to come to PS Vita.

    @Sony @PlayStation @SonyElectronics @GearboxSoftware Randy Pitchford wants BL2 on Vita and so do we!! #borderlands2vita


  • I have question or rumor speculationit heard that theres a graffti app on ps vita called “tagged” its app where you can draw grafftti and share it and via net and download other graffti art work..

    Is this true or false @ jeff

  • Jeff, PLEASE tell me SONY would love to see Randy Pitchford’s wish to come true. I would love to see Boarderlands on my VITA. I tried to add this request to Blog Share when I read it earlier this week. It hasn’t posted yet. Could you make sure there is a Blog Share post on this for people to vote on (even if it isn’t mine)?

  • Jeff…Can I call you Jeff? Ok. Jeff, I like this. I like what sony is doing. My only complaint Jeff, No party system. Cmon Jeff, I needs to talk to my friends while I play a different game. You feel me Jeff? I knew you would man. Make it happen Jeff.

  • why didnt u post the link to IGN which 2K devs said that we can have a Borderland for Vita IF sony helps…. XD

    BTW very exited for more JRPGs coming!

    And last but not least… Very VERY MAD at SuperBot for putting Stupid Heiachi on Smash Station Royal! WTF?!
    If i waned to fight as him ill just buy Tekken or SFvsTekken….. Really a freaking stupid move. Hell Toro was even greater…. and still no additional modes info when the release date its so near….and just 10 Chars when the release date its SO NEAR! I hope they start showing chars weekly!

  • Thanks for the link… My god watching right now. Incredible.

  • Something that would’ve been cool is for the PS3 and PS Vita to stream and support events like EVO considering that PlayStation has a tight hold over fighting games and PS All-stars was being shown as well.

  • I’ve been watching EVO all weekend and I suddenly felt the urge to play some fighters so I went to the PS store to go buy some only to be disappointed by the lack of options =/. There’s no King of Fighters XIII, no Tekken 6 and no Blazeblue Continuum Shift EXTEND. What’s the deal with that?

  • Love the new characters revealed for PASBR. I was wondering if you have seen the Video of the guy playing left 4 dead on his vita via remote client made from PS Mobile?

  • Hi any word in ps vita digital games discount?

  • Happy that Tales of Xillia is coming over, to bad no Vesperia Director’s Cut.

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