PlayStation All-Stars EVO Reveal: Heihachi and Toro

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PlayStation All-Stars EVO Reveal: Heihachi and Toro

This weekend the SuperBot team and I are here in Las Vegas at the annual Evolution Championship Series. In addition to checking out some of the best fighting games in the community and the heated competition between the fans, we’re also here to make a very special announcement. Tonight during an Exhibition Presentation, we are excited to announce two new challengers in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – Heihachi Mishima and Toro Inoue!

Hailing from the ever-popular Tekken series, the original mastermind behind the Mishima Zaibatsu joins the battle! Making his first appearance on the PSX in 1995, Heihachi is one of only five characters to appear in every iteration of Tekken thereafter, brawling his way through 17 years of King of Iron Fist tournaments. Heihachi fans will feel right at home with this newest interpretation.

Familiar moves such as his Electric Wind God Fist and Twin Pistons are intact and as deadly as ever. He excels at close-range combat, overwhelming opponents with quick, powerful strikes. Heihachi’s combo potential ranks among the best in the roster, turning every encounter into a stylish martial arts exhibition. Though the battlefield has changed, Heihachi brings his signature fighting style and brutal attacks to PlayStation All-Stars!

Toro Inoue, also known as the Sony Cat, has been a faithful mascot to Sony in Japan for over a decade! He has made appearances in numerous video games spanning several different Sony consoles and is a welcome addition to our roster. Though appearing to be simply a cute feline, the warrior within proves to be as formidable as the next.

Toro brings a unique stance-based fighting style to PlayStation All-Stars, affording him several different sets of attacks to utilize in combat. He transitions seamlessly from a close-range fighter in his Justice form, to a ranged specialist in his Torobi form, to an effective wide-area controller in his Oni form. All the while, Toro’s fun-loving charm comes through in every action he performs. Be sure to check him out!

Finally, we are pleased to announce our newest stage, Dojo! Fans of the original Parappa the Rapper on the PSX will immediately recognize this kung-fu dwelling, which is where Parappa originally acquired his martial arts arsenal from Chop Chop Master Onion. However, not everything is as it seems in the city; could danger be looming ahead?

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Toro & Heihachi reveal

For those of you who are here in Vegas participating in the tournaments, you can now go hands-on with these new characters at our booth in the Tournament Hall starting Saturday morning when the booth opens at 8AM. So be sure to swing by.

That’s it for now! We have plenty more information coming in the near future, so stay tuned for more reveals to come as we get closer to October 23, 2012! Don’t forget to pre-order your copy!

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Toro & Heihachi reveal PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Toro & Heihachi reveal

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5 Author Replies

  • Darn was wishing for someone else… oh well

  • Awesome! Now bring on Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza. That would make this game perfect!

  • UnleashedMonkey

    the tekken guy…? well ill sit back praying that some how Prinny from disgaea gets in the game :(

  • There’s definitely some other characters I’m hoping to see, but I’m sure Sony has quite a few surprises up their sleeve. This is most likely a day one purchase for me. Especially if online play works well.

    To all of the people freaking out and assuming there are ten characters in the game, please work on your reading comprehension and have a little faith in Sony! When did Nintendo ever reveal every character in Smash Bros before it launched?!

  • I’m really excited for this game and appreciate any and every roster announcement. However, I’m crossing my fingers for Sir Dan to make the cut. If this happens, words cannot describe how excited I will be.

    I got to pre-order this ASAP, which reminds me, any chance we can see the bonus costumes for Heihachi and Toro now?

  • BossmanCCrowder1

    Awesome! Really cool to see a Tekken character in the roster.

  • Toro! <3

  • please put in spyro and crash!

  • Waiting for Snake or Raiden.. make it happen plz!

  • I swear if people just relax and wait that you will see the character you want to see. Don’t get mad until you have seen the full roster. It is good to be optimistic.

  • pretty damn cool. if only they could add someone from battle arena toshinden lol

  • Awwh Hell YES! Can’t wait to see who’s next

    • Haha it’s great to see people’s enthusiasm regarding our roster. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled this week for our Comic-Con reveals!

  • Not bad

  • Where is Cloud from FF7? That would be awesome.

  • Also glad u didnt reveal Snake or Cole. We know there coming thx to Eric Laden

  • But do not get me wrong, still good good characters to add to the roster, can not wait to see more! and how long does the pre order deal last, the day before release?

  • Krazy_Tazmanius

    eh… these reveals were kinda… just ok. I’d like to see Wander, Jak and Daxter, Nariko, Ellen Page and Nathan Hale. As for third party characters… put in Dante from devil may cry, Solid Snake, Kazuma Kiryu, Crash Bandicoot and Cloud Strife!

  • nice fantastic character
    i hope sonic is next

  • Cool, Toro. Are we getting him here in the US?

    I’m always disappointed when Toro gets stripped out for US release of games. Especially Disgaea games.

  • Make a dual pack with the PS3 and PSV versions of the game for one low price please!!! :D

  • I never got why Toro isn’t Sony’s mascot in every region in general. Its not like they have one for the US.

  • i heard the rumor about Toro but Heihachi i didnt see coming.. why not Paul??? he was in the michael commercial!! either way good job and keep ’em coming

  • Hopefully we’re getting Toro in the US release.

    I’m always disappointed when they strip him out of games for US release.

  • PLEASE add BATMAN to the roster. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me it is a smart move.

  • I didn’t see this one comming…

  • I love toro! on another note, please add different modes of play, not only the one that you win with specials.. I’m anticipating that every player will go against the weakest rival to build up their specials,, that would not be fair..

  • Toro I expected, Heihachi was a surprise though.
    The game looks great! Really hoping for Wander to be playable in this!

  • Please put Crash Bandicoot in Allstars. He was the icon for the ps1 for crying out loud.

  • I wonder if they will put Crash in Allstars… this is getting better and better.

  • To be honest, I really hope they don’t continue the “one 1st party, one 3rd party” character pattern. I’d hate to see a game celebrating PlayStation turn into a game that doesn’t celebrate PlayStation as much as it is an attempt to one-up Nintendo. Now, 3rd party characters like Crash or Spyro would be great, because they were once owned by Sony; but random 3rd party characters that little to no people asked for? It’s a little ridiculous…

  • I want this game to have more Playstation characters!

  • I should pre-order this so I can get the costumes.

  • Not to beat the death horse about Playstation All-Stars being a fully-inspired game from SMB, but why don’t you do something similar with the reveals of the characters. I really liked that with SMBM, they had a website where they revealed their characters and also showed their moves and stages. They showed pictures of their normal and special moves and described what was special about the stage of that character.

    I would love to have a website like that for Playstation All-Stars. It would be fun to look forward to a reveal of a new character, or at least it would be great to get informed with their moves, stages and whatnot.

    Also, may I request a change in the design of the logo? It really is too simplistic and this game doesn’t deserve a logo like this. Maybe even have a contest to have fans help out? I am not a designer at all, but I know that someone, somewhere could do a far better job with the logo. One that gives justice to this epic game (and the epic characters that surely will be in it)

  • Hopefully its cause its still in production, but many of the events in this game need better transitions, we see things pop in and out without the slightest amount of subtlety, like Nathan Drake’s Super which is a wall that pops out of nowhere and then clips out of the scene as soon as it lands. The same goes for his zipline, it looks kinda tacky, hopefully by release thisll all be dealt with.

  • So hyped for this game! This is going to sell like crazy! Was hoping for a Dart, Rayman, or Lavant reveals though.

  • Everyone is saying that thing in the background is from Metal Gear when it looks much more like the thing from Killzone 3.

    Can’t wait for the next reveals next week!

  • more and better!

  • Actually, since it’s Toro I should be saying :3

  • NauseousPenguin

    Toro’s inclusion, I understand completely. As for Heihachi, it confuses me a bit, seeing how Namco is co-developing the next Smash Bros, but as long as Ratchet and Sackboy are there, I’ll be happy. Perhaps even Spyro, seeing how there seems to be some slightly obscure third-party choices so far.

  • I’m glad to see Toro and Heihachi is a logical character to reveal at EVO.

    I’m still hoping for Kazuma Kiryu!

  • Lol, Toro looks like a troll character. Not sure how to react to Heihachi, I think they could’ve chose better.

  • GearThird_Luffy

    Good Guy Sony
    Namco is co-developing next SMB
    Doesn’t care and add there characters.

  • PLEASE ADD A HEALTH MODE . and please make a forum where we can complain and tell you what we want

  • I really like that first trailer up there with all the people dressed as all stars characters. Very clever! Hopefully more trailers like this come out to really market this game right.

  • Nice!

    Toro looks like a lot of fun to play. I don’t think I’ve played the Tekken games since Tekken 3 on the PS1, but Heihachi is a great addition to the roster.

    I can’t wait to see the other reveals, but it feels like Superbot is taking the PlayStation history seriously. I’m excited by the 10 characters so far, but I’d love to see *ahem*

    Ellen (Folklore, for those that don’t know), with an awesome set of moves consisting of different Folks
    Jeanne (Jeanne d’ Arc)
    Jennifer Tate (Primal)
    Gabe Logan (Syphon Filter)
    Spike or Specter (I think Specter would be more fun, since he’s an evil genius monkey!)
    Lazarus Jones (Ghosthunter)
    Monica or Max (Dark Cloud 2)
    Jaster (Rogue Galaxy)
    Sir Daniel Fortesque (MediEvil)
    Sackboy (although I think he’s a given)
    Jak and Daxter (another given)
    Ratchet and Clank (another given)
    Crash (third party love)
    Spyro (more third party love)

    And that would probably be my ideal roster, with the many other Sony franchises being represented by stages and power ups.

    A man can dream (although I imagine a few of the names on my above list are already in *wink*wink*)…

  • Not a Tekken fan and Toro is a joke character (though his moves definitely look cool), but their additions don’t bother me….still a lot more to reveal, so I’m sure there will be plenty for me to like in the future.

  • @27 tekken is a great franchise and is one many still associate with the ps family as it was THE fighting game of the psx and also loved within the ps2 era Heihachi is a perfect fit for this game

    anyways hope to see more characters really soon or mabey some new stages

  • LuiSpartanMIMIMI

    Hey SuperBot, I’m really surprised with the annunciations.

    I know you can’t tell nothing and etc, but can you at least say “Stay Tuned!” for Gabe Logan from Syphon Filter in the game???

    I don’t want you to say “YES! We’ll include him in the game!”, no. But a hint to not let hopes down would be great!

    Gabe Logan is with Playstation since is early days, having a installment in every PS out there (PS1, PS2 and PSP).

    I guess he deserves to be in the game more than other caracters, like Fat Princess and Rarappa.

    Really counting on ya SuperB!

  • Awesome reveal today guys; I was hoping for some fighting game related characters at EVO and that’s exactly what I got!

    Heiachi’s alternate costume looks really cool, by the way :D

  • Why are people confused about Heihachi? Tekken was a defining PS1 franchise. If a character from Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Syphon Filter or FF7 shows up I will be as equally not surprised.

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