New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

This week, the Music Unlimited service features new releases from Chris Brown and Flo Rida, as well as titles from artists including Prodigy, Mike Patton, Daughter, Doug Benson, and many more. Plus, few labels have shaped the sounds of music like Sub Pop Records, so we’re excited to bring you our brand new Sub Pop Records Premium Channel! Make sure to check it out in the Premium channels section on the Music Unlimited service.

On the video side, the gang is back together and Jim, Oz, Michelle, and Stifler promise to keep the laughs coming in American Reunion. Own it today on the Video Unlimited service before it hits DVD shelves! Also fresh from the oven last week, be sure to check out Wrath of the Titans in Movies – this blockbuster is a technological feat that makes for a truly epic audiovisual spectacle. In Collections & Sales, get more $5 movies in Own $5 Films featuring Comedy this week. Get your daily dose of laughter with movies like Cougar Hunting and Rocksteady. Also, check out the Spider-Man sale and own the three previous Spider-Man movies for as low as $5.99, now through 7/17. Get all the details for this week here.

Finally, keep an eye out for our Video Unlimited Fanboy Double Features pack coming next week. These special fanboy bundles offer a serious one-two punch, so be sure to head over to next Tuesday, July 10, and check it out!

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  • why is it so important to talk about everything that we consumers care nothing for wat we do want u never talk about oter sites announce em sometimes but thats not enough we need dates when can we look foward for this no new apps no news on psones at all thats should b the main thing yall announce and not this bull who care we can upload music from a computer give use some good news plz

  • @PS3 Employees

    Will the PS3 offer The NFL Sunday Ticket for the 2012 season? and if so,what will be the purchase price?

    I would like to know soon and early so I can save my pennies.THX.

  • @1 furlowguy134. First, off learn some punctuation you look like an idiot. Second, people do care about this stuff. The ones who have Music Unlimited and rent things from the video store. Third they announce everything Playstation related and share the information they can. If you don’t like how Sony does things sell your Sony system and get something else.

  • Sorry but I’m going to keep asking till i get any kind of answer.

    When is Resistance Retribution coming back to the PSN so i could play on my Vita

  • CommandingTiger

    I just bought a 750Gb Hdd for my ps3, so that I could have more space to store games and movies.
    I formatted the hdd, but then it said that it couldn’t recognize the license and I had to re-purchase everything I bought….

    Wow, this is as bad as iTune.
    Thank you, Sony, for your comprehension and flexibility.

    The video store needs to be like the Game Store.
    Once you bought it, it’s yours to keep.

    Also, your video unlimited is awesome.
    But, we need more Metallica.

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