Pulse 7/3 Edition featuring Rainbow Moon and Zen Pinball 2

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Pulse 7/3 Edition featuring Rainbow Moon and Zen Pinball 2
Pulse 7/3 Edition featuring Rainbow Moon and Zen Pinball 2

Summer is a great time to game. Open the window, turn up the volume to let everybody know what you’re playing. Another way to celebrate summer gaming is to watch this edition of PULSE which features new and upcoming releases and the annual PlayStation Store Summer Sale. Join Christina Lee for a look at Rainbow Moon — a classic looking 90’s RPG produced by the same folks who created Soldner X. For the PlayStation Vita, Zen Pinball 2 is coming soon supporting cross-play. The PS3 version supports stereoscopic 3D and is backwards compatible for those of you who’ve got the original.

In PlayStation Plus news, Gotham City Imposters is now part of this month’s instant game collection. Check out this zany take on the Batman universe with wacky costumes and bullet flying mayhem. And, finally, the Top 10 features the most popular downloads of June. Not a huge surprise in the number one spot, but check out a couple surprises lower in the list.

So, watch right here on the PlayStation.Blog or download HD, SD, and PS Vita versions from the PlayStation Store after today’s update.

We hope you enjoy this quick look at what’s happening on PlayStation.

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  • It’s 60 degrees and rainy outside why would I want to open the window?

    Rainbow moon has me excited.

  • awesome …. zen pinball 2 , how about a release date ? can’t wait for 3D pinball , especially with the marvel tables

  • If the Pinball V2 release also includes Vita support… that would be fantastic!

  • lol it says for wrath of the titans that Hades, Poseidon and cronos band together to capture Zeus lmao its actually Hades, Aries and cronos -_-

  • I really hope coming soon for Zen Pinball 2 means next week, I think alot of people have been waiting for that. Thanks for the Pulse update! Missed the show.

  • sup Kev, please bring words with friends to ps vita!

    I was hoping for a new psvita game… or even a release date(s)
    next time I get a cat to follow me and switch gravity I will be sure to be on acid

  • Oh, that was a nasty tease! Don’t put Zen Pinball 2 in the title like that unless you’re announcing its release, please. Got me all excited for more of the same.


  • Was that the last episode of Pulse ever? The end sure made it sound like it.

  • holy crap…the store is updated!!

  • I’ll probably get some of that fooseball on my Vita and perhaps a few PSN games on sale.

  • i have question about ps store updates are we going get Call Of Duty Black Ops II trailer or Dead Space 3 or Crysis 3 or Watch Dogs?

  • or even GTA V trailer that be awesome :)

  • @scxzor I was thinking the same thing…”that’s it for Pulse”…is that true? If it is (or even if it’s not), they should get Christina Lee on the podcast sometime.

  • LOL. It means that’s it for the current episode. Not the entire series. She has used that phrase before. You guys are overthinking it.

  • When will Zen Pinball 2 get a release date? I cant wait anymore the tables physics are just so bad on zen pinball compared to the marvel pinball collection.

  • halfHOLYpaladin

    If I buy Zen Pinball 2 on Ps3, do I get the Vita version as well?

  • yes, cross platform – pay once, get both versions (like Pinball Arcade & Hustle Kings) ….. the new update will combine any other tables you have on your PS3 & import them to your Vita ….. since they ran it in the Pulse, Zen 2 must be ready soon …. yea ! I’ll have to check out all the available tables as I only have Marvel so far ….. would like to know what the 26 tables are …. fun fun ! thanks Zen .

  • @Heatseeker125
    I don’t know… it sounded pretty final to me. With Qore gone, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this were the last Pulse too.
    Still, Access (the UK equivalent of Pulse) is MUCH better than either of them. I hope that isn’t going to go away too.

  • It’s not what she’s always said. She usually says something along the lines of, “That’s it for THIS EDITION of Pulse”. And she’d always sign off with something about next time. “see you next time” “see you here on *insert data*”

    Not this time. Which is worrisome.

    Seems final, and if it is then the send off is fail. I love Pulse, and love Christina Lee. I was bummed about Qore, but losing Pulse is not cool if that’s the case. Especially if this is what we get for the final one. Doesn’t even really acknowledge it being tossed away.

    We need some clarification stat.

  • We love you Christina Lee!! I hope its not the last edition of Pulse!!

  • I’m excited for Rainbow Moon. Hope it eventually comes to Vita and supports save transfers, cuz that would be perfect.

  • Nice! More PS Vita games! Yeeeeeeahuh!

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  • So…where is zen pinball 2 for ps vita? I am getting tired of hearing next week, next week, sony we know you have problems sometimes just tell us unless you like to piss all of us off. You guys have so many customers, but you lack in honest updates on like zen P 2, just sayin…

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