DC Universe Online Marketplace Sale Starts Today

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DC Universe Online Marketplace Sale Starts Today

Did somebody say SALE? Starting later today and lasting until July 10, 2012 in North America, the SOE Summer Sizzle is coming to the DC Universe Online PS3 in-game marketplace. In our first-ever sale for PS3 players, we’re discounting all items in the in-game marketplace by 50%. This sale has been in the works for several months, and we believe the effort will pay off for our players. We have long wanted to offer a sale like this to our loyal PS3 players, and we really hope to do more of these in the future.


So maybe you need to stock up on Replay Badges, re-spec your Power Type, or finally get some Prometheum Keys to open up those Lock Boxes that have been cluttering your inventory – now is the time! From Style Items to Vault Tickets, everything in the in-game marketplace is half off starting with today’s PlayStation Store update.

So tell us what you think in the comments below, or track us down and Like us at Facebook. We love to hear what you guys have to say because it’s the community that helps make DCUO better. Have a great summer, and we hope you enjoy the sale. We’ll see you in-game!

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  • What about the Green Lantern and Flash expansions? will they be half price as well?

  • why sony dose not have there own internet 3G/4G service with there playstation plus memberships who here think they should cuts out middleman all profit gose in sony pocket its an investment id make if u had it and im sure im not the only one ? is version 1.8 really for psone classics r is that just a rumer

  • when is the store updating? i want max payne 3 dlc already im up since midnight wtf

  • You should drop the price for memberships instead and add some incentive with each membership like items and game cash, and for $120 it should be a lifetime membership not just 12 months.

    And maybe something for PS Plus users like discounts or special items.

  • @ MrRatatat

    They usually update the store between 12PM-5PM PST.

  • Well, about last topic, SONY why we won’t receive DEUS EX, MOTOR STORM APOCALYPSE and DARKSIDERS in our instant collection just like European people???


  • I haven’t played Dc Universe online but perhaps i’ll check it out now.

  • i was waiting for a sale to buy all DLC’s pack for my sons.
    50% is very appreciate i can get all 4 pack for 20$.
    thank you!

  • DeadKillersRevng

    lol I couldn’t understand the second comment.
    By the way that Facebook link is ‘kind of’ broken.

  • NOT SEEING any price drop in the store(eastern time) in fl

  • I just checked the in game marketplace. The items have been discounted, with the exception of the DLC packs. So, looks like those aren’t part of the sale.

  • I still wish you could unlock trophies with a premium membership (or whatever the second tier is called). I’d be interested in some of this stuff, but I’m not paying for content for a game in which I have to constantly subscribe to get access to something as basic as trophies.

  • This Sale is fking AWESOME!

  • The term “everything” may have been used a tad liberally in this case. I logged in to buy a DLC pack and found that they’re not part of the promotion. Bummer.

  • I really can’t think of any reason to download this again. Low level characters are ruthlessly harrassed by much higher level characters during every mission on the PvP server, and if you’re not on the PvP server to eventually fight other players *fairly* then there’s really no point to playing at all.

  • @6: because SCEA =/= SCEE

  • people is mostly here to see if they put the dlc half price

  • People would like to see more discounts on the DLC and membership stuff than on the ingame stuff, if i see a membership discount (a good one) illseverely think about buying it.

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