Celebrate Independence Day in PlayStation Home

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Celebrate Independence Day in PlayStation Home

This Wednesday, July 4th, we celebrate Independence Day in PlayStation Home with a very special event in Pier Park, x7 delivers a ton of exclusives (including previews of a new personal space and a clubhouse), Granzella, Lockwood, Heavy Water, and Digital Leisure release loads of new content, and more! Here’s your weekly to-do list for PlayStation Home:

Independence Day Event
Head to Pier Park for a celebration in lights. Everything has been decorated in the colors of the holiday, complete with a new mini-game and nighttime spectacle. Play the game correctly hitting enough sequence will light up the sky in a decorative pattern of your choice. Play well enough and earn some clothing items to match the season. Join us on July 4th (for one day only) and earn a very special reward.

PlayStation Home Update - July 4, 2012

Lockwood Fireworks
This week, Lockwood unveils the latest in firework launching technology, with their Pyrotechnic Overhead Display Interface (PODI). From a short display, to an epic fireworks extravaganza, PODI has all you need to wow your guests with ease. Choose which fireworks to launch, how many and whether to offset them with fuses, all in PODI’s simple operating system. Or if that sounds like too much work, give PODI a wave and he’ll cook something up for you and fire it away before you’ve had time to lower your waving hand.

PODI is a friendly little machine who loves attention. The more time you spend with him creating displays and setting them off, the happier he becomes and when he’s happy, PODI loves to give out rewards. Some of them are for everyone, some are just for you – spend time playing with PODI to make sure you get them all! Check out PODI in action this week in the special limited time Midnight Glade open house.

Celebrate Independence Day in PlayStation Home

More X7 Exclusives
Members of the exclusive nightclub x7 will be able to reap some serious VIP level early-access items, from the new Crystal Seashores Apartment and Clubhouse to some rare species of animals from Lockwood to a very full Medieval Collection from VEEMEE. Head to x7 starting Wednesday and speak with the bartender to get to hooked you up a free Gold Mosaic!

The Midway Ca$h Carnival
This week you’ll have the chance to win yet another prize at the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes! Go to the Hot Zone in Midway 3 to sign up for the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes. Every green ticket you purchase to play the Midway games earns you an entry into the weekly drawing for a special prize . And every weekly entry counts toward the Grand Prize drawing for $15,000! Real prizes! Real Money! Real Fun! For official rules, click here.

PlayStation Home Update - July 4, 2012

Huge Update to the PlayStation Home Mall
Check out the newest Virtual Item Showcase for a taste of what’s to come in this week’s update!

Celebrate Independence Day in PlayStation Home

New Heavy Ink Tattoos
Visit the PlayStation Home Mall to pick up new Heavy Ink tattoos. The designs come in Obsidian and Ivory, so pick the color that works best for you or buy both colors and mix and match! These tattoos are meant to be worn with your existing clothing*, and if you don’t have clothing that works, Heavy Water has provided Bare Canvas torsos free of charge for male and females to proudly display your ink!
*Some clothing items are made differently so clipping might occur with the tattoos.

PlayStation Home Update - July 4, 2012PlayStation Home Update - July 4, 2012

Special 4th of July Rewards
To celebrate the 4th of July Digital Leisure is giving away an Uncle Sam Top Hat to everyone who visits The Casino! All you have to do is drop in on July 4th and they’ll give you a free hat — no strings attached! This giveaway is only available on the 4th so don’t miss out! If you want to finish off that patriotic look, head over to the Casino Gift Shop and pick up the full Uncle Sam outfit. They’ve also filled the Gift Shop with all new Casino themed outfits, so swing by and try them all on for size.

PlayStation Home Update - July 4, 2012Granzella Cheer Squad
Granzella releases the new Cheer Squad costume series. The lineup consists of a hairstyle (with headband), a long uniform jacket, pants, and gloves. Available for both men and women.

New Drey Outfits
Drey’s latest outfits are made with hip holiday makers in mind. Stroll the sands looking smart casual with the Beach Businessman outfit, or keep your cool as the temperature rises with the Seaside Siren clothing set.

Hip Hop Gamer & HomeCast
This week in the Community Theater, HomeCast returns with a very patriotic video starring Demon Warhorse and his spiky little friend. Next, Hip Hop Gamer steps up and shows off his “moves” in Move Boxing!

First Look: nDreams’ Blueprint
This week we have an exciting preview to share with you from nDreams.

In PlayStation Home you can customize your avatar to look however you want. With apartments you are able to decorate pre-built spaces with items and furniture. But wouldn’t it be nice to design your own apartment from scratch?

Blueprint: Home from nDreams will allow you to create and build your own apartment. With a variety of different style packs you can craft your perfect pad. Want one huge warehouse with ten doors and no windows? How about a house with twenty-five rooms and a courtyard in the middle? Would you like to move instantly from a country field to the top of a skyscraper? Easy.
Rooms, doors, windows, wallpaper, flooring, ceilings, feature objects, exteriors, skies and environments — let your imagination run wild and create and store multiple apartments exactly how you want them. Machinima makers, this is perfect for you too. You are the architect with Blueprint: Home.

See you in Home!

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14 Author Replies

  • The day its released, I shall build the perfect home! Blueprint: Home Preview looks awesome – w00t for nDreams. :D

    • I imagine that Blueprint: Home will provide endless potential for us. It’s a brilliant design and the execution of it is really great. nDreams does it again!

  • how much for PODI and the N-DREAMS apartment going to cost.

    • PODI has a few options in the form of firework bundles:

      –The Starter Pack bundle has some basics and runs for $4.99.
      –The Independence Day Firework bundle has some color-themed stuff and runs for $5.99.
      –The best one of all is the Ultimate bundle which includes the above plus some other goodies you can’t get any other way and it runs for $6.99.

      The Blueprint:Home personal space has not had its price set quite yet, so stay tuned in the coming weeks.

  • agreed the Blueprint from nDreams looks like a must have. And on another note there is some confusion on the Axe Ted movie promo will they have any Home content…

    • The Axe Ted promotion does not include a reward of “teddy bear hair”—that’s the tag line from Axe from the current blockbuster film Ted (sorry for any confusion there—the tag line is literally straight from the movie). It does however provide a few rewards for participating and also a companion for doing well. Hit the Hub now to check it out!

  • Steeler-Nation69

    Wow, Could we get some prices for Blueprint? It looks bad to the bone!

  • wait.. podi?… really? that’s gonna sound great… i’m gonna go use the podi.

  • Cade, Your late! You suppose to post a blog post yesterday!

    • True, but it was a planned delay so we could sync announce Blueprint: Home between us and Europe. ;-)

  • Blueprint looks pretty amazing. Any pricing information that you can share?

  • The Youtube Title for LKPD PODI is misspelled. now it called “Lockwood PODO High Definition Firework System”

  • Everything else, meh. Blueprint: Home Preview is the star of this post!! This is EXACTLY what we need, a reason to NEVER buy a personal space we can’t be happy with EVER again!!

  • Blueprint looks quite great. I can’t wait to try that out when it’s released.

    As for this week, I can’t wait to check out PODI in action. Any word on whether Lockwood took advantage of optimizing PODI for lower slot counts, or is he going to take up the full 22 slots?

  • This is what I’m talking about Great update

    Glass I know this belongs in the suggestions thread but is anyone going to bring some heavy rain type personal space or game to home. and some more active items like a ringing phone and pictures that when you walk by words rearrange themselves. sorry about the suggestion but great update my 20 dollar psn card is burning in my pocket

    • There’s nothing at this time to announce concerning Heavy Rain-related content in Home, though your ideas are very cool.

  • Also I would like two bacon cheeseburgers large fry and a large coke to go and thanks.

  • The blueprint looks very interesting Im guessing its still 100 blocks for items Im more interested in the granzella island

  • All I have to say is: THIS UPDATE IS EPIC!! Also I can’t wait for the Blueprint: Home to be released soon, cause it sounds super-cool!! I mean building your own apartment, how cool is that? I’m soooo excited for it!

  • Blue Print Looks amazing OMG, Can’t wait to play it so on the purchase list!! Cade do you have any prices for the Estate?

  • Things just keep getting better and bigger. Question: How will the Home Blueprint affect the 100 item limit? Or doesn’t it?

    nDreams is doing a great job. Please let them know.

  • Oh. No idea how I missed the part about the x7 Preview of ‘Crystal Seashores.’ Yay for new personal spaces!

    • Yeah! And the Crystal Seashores personal space and clubhouse are only available for members of x7. PS+ members get a pass, so you can snap one up starting tomorrow! Since there’s no picture, I would describe it as a palatial estate with influences of both colonial and french design—on the water of course. ;-)

  • Another Awesome Update!

    1. Price for Lockwood’s PODI?
    2. When is Project Nubby entering home?
    3. Any news on ndream’s Puzzle/Mystery Apt?
    4. The StarWars Cantina has been in home for almost 2 years, its been saying on the back of the space: expanding soon, srry for the mess. Any news on when it will expand?
    and 5. I really want Winter Wonderland 2010 space to return for this holiday season, me and my friends loved it!

  • Absolutely unreal update! 4th of july has always had a huge update and this will to them all. I can’t wait for Blueprint and to create my own space, it’s a ream come true! I love the cheer squad outfits, they are a favorite of mine to wear in JP. Thanks for such a fabulous 4th of July update, I’m really looking forward to being in Home tomorrow! 8)

  • spiderman552 look at my post #2 the price for P.O.D.I is listed there….

  • Any teasers on any upcoming games or spaces that will be up in the next week or two like Minibots, Tycoon, or something else we dont really know much about?

    • Nope! The only teaser this week is Blueprint:Home. I think that’s epic enough for one week. ;-)
      Stay tuned! It’s never a dull day in Home.

  • Im surprised the Home Hold’em wasnt mentioned in this blog since season 2 hits July 4th as well. Has it been delayed or still coming as previously stated? Sorry for the second question.

    • They’re still hard at work putting the final touches on Home Hold ‘Em, Season 2, but it’s coming!

  • One Big Step in the Evolution in Home! Awesome Update!

    btw. I can’t find any TED The Movie related event in the Hub. Mr Walls >_>

  • Thanks GW ! :D

  • I am at the Hub were do you start to get the rewards and the companion all I’m seeing is the poster or does it start tomorrow?

  • Aaagh too late, you already reached your 10 maximum replies .
    Anyways, Im not one to complaint but when if ever LOOT is going to come out with a portable EOD TV , so we Home Users can put this tv in any of our personal spaces
    When will we have the option to put personal spaces in Storage, i have close to 60 personal spaces and i would like to put a lot of them in storage .
    Also , when would we be able to put 2 or more personal spaces as Default
    and last but not least, we need youtube, and also be able to use music/music video files from our HDD out to our PS home spaces, thru the LOOT tv or something similar
    and OMG this Update is sooooo Great, Im Buying Everything ….. Ummhummm .

  • Wow Blueprint looks amazing! Wish the item limit was even bigger now! Now does it come with everything in the video? Besides furniture I mean like all the walls, wallpaper flooring etc. Or do we have to pay for extras :O?

  • nice

  • Thank you for clearing that up and to the home team have a fun and safe 4th.

  • Still waiting, and waiting patiently for the Chinese Mahjong Apartment to make its way from Europe Home to NA Home….

  • Lol build your home? Very sims-ish… Love it.

  • This is cool and all, but anyone know what time that Summer Sale is going to start? I am curious could it would be rather awesome if I could set a few games to download while I am at work so I can come back and play them right away. Just curious is all…

  • I would love to buy the Home content if Sony fixed the problem where it won’t accept credit cards…

  • We NEED Blueprint Apartment NOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

  • “Blueprint: Home” certainly looks interesting, but I have some questions:

    1. Does it have the ability to create multi-level rooms (sunken living rooms; or a tall room with an overlooking loft area)?

    2. Can we create multi-story units, or single rooms with elevated ceilings (such as a 2-3 story tall entry area)?

    3. Lastly, I noticed in the video there were several features that were locked/unavailable, stating “You need to purchased this pack before you can apply it…” I assume “Blueprint: Home” will contains many other additional features not-shown in the video that are similarly locked. Can you give us ANY idea of how many individual room styles, features, environments, etc. choices the program contains… and how many of these “included” features are actually locked & require additional purchases?

    Again, I think “Blueprint: Home” has potential… but I hope the program and additional content packs won’t wind up costing nearly as much as most user’s real-world home mortgages.

    Same for PODI… looks great. But $4.99 – $6.99? However nice it seems, that’s an instant pass. I wouldn’t spend more than $1.99 at most for something like this, and even that’s pushing.

    [cont. @ comment #36]

  • [cont. from comment #35]

    Prices have increased tremendously for “virtual items” — they have no long-term value, can’t be resold/traded, & have no collectibility. I’ve rarely made ANY purchases over the past two years for these very reasons.

    I’ve watched prices skyrocket in Home since the private beta days – it’s far greater than even real-world inflation. Since no manufacturing, packaging or shipping costs are associated with individual virtual sales, the cost per item is the same for 1 or a million. Sony would have much to gain from a common business strategy (esp. where virtual items are concerned): lower prices significantly to increase sales volume at a profit. In addition to regular users, you’d be attracting many users who rarely — if ever — make purchases (such as myself).

    As an example, for any given item, for each (1) user who buys it, 5 users don’t (that’s a VERY generous ratio). What makes better business sense: selling 100 units @ $6.99 ($699 pure profit) or 500 units @ $1.99 ($995, or a $296 increase). If the ratio is a more realistic 1:10, Sony would gain a 35% increase (1000 units @ $1.99 = $1990, a $1291 increase).

    Just something for Sony… and users… to think about. ‘Nuff said.

  • I’m new to Playstation Home and I’m quite disappointed to discover all I’ve been missing out on. Lucky for my since my gaming laptop broke I don’t have access to another life simulation game made by a less creative company so I should be spending most of my extra time on this. ;)

  • #36 You have a point there BaronBrain, but it really depends on the customer. If they just use $10-20-50 PSN cards, they won’t spend any more than what they already have. But then again, getting more out of their money might encourage more returning customers. I spent $20 just a couple days ago, and while I was quite pleased with the clothes, and arcade machine I got for my home (I thought the paparazzi companion will be life size, would have gotten the Fox if I knew). I feel as though I need a more diverse wardrobe, and a different personal space. And it will take an extra $30-40 to achieve, the question is, is it worth it? I will make the purchase now if it were just $20 or less, but now devoting more time to PS Home is what I am going to do. And in a social game, it really lies not only on the quality of their in-game content, but the quality of the other players in the game.

  • Does the nDreams Blueprint have the same 12 user limit that all apartment spaces have and could it be used as a clubhouse space?

  • Great Update !_!

  • BillyBoiDaPrince


  • Bluprint: Home WTH?!?!?!?!?

    Hmmm, Odd enough that’s for sure!

  • Cool stuff will definitely be on checking it out. Will most likely get PODI, can’t wait for the blueprint space.

  • Heavy Ink should try to get some Borderlandsy tattoos in there. Somebody get somebody else on the phone.

  • Phantom_Outlaws

    creating and customizing is one of the reasons i enjoy Home, Blueprint looks like something i definitely will get deep into.

  • Can you make a 2 story home with Blueprint: Home?

  • @22 Another total lack of communication between Sony and it’s user’s,Glasswalls posted on the forum that Home Hold Em poker was to be starting season 2 on the 4th July with new rewards and a chip reset and a reward for those on the leaderboard.Now i have been passing this info around the poker rooms and you are now telling me it’s not ready yet,how stupid am i going to look now,smh you really are useless at communicating with users.

  • Jacked-Assassin

    Three thoughts on this week’s update.

    1. I can’t find nDream’s Blueprint Home

    2. Today’s x7 $1 bundle should have been the old Uncle Sam Clothes. Especially when realizing its the 13th bundle & The US Flag has 13 Stripes.

    3. I hope this is just coincidental but I feel like my Skyrim comparison example was taken out of context by VeeMee. My problem with NML is the forced change. Permanently remove that forced change & I’d gladly buy NML’S $50 bundle.

  • I missed Canada Day at PS Home!!! (I was away on a holiday weekend) :( That PODI looks awesome and Blueprint: Home is a perfect way to create our own apartment and I want to know if there will be new quests avalible.

  • Do we have to pay to use blueprint: home and to build our houses

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