PlayStation Comic-Con 2012 Panels Detailed

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PlayStation Comic-Con 2012 Panels Detailed

It’s that time of year again — Comic-Con International 2012, and we’re here to give you an early look at everything PlayStation this year.

Throughout Comic-Con, the PlayStation booth will be offering demos of the latest content from our upcoming titles for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Come over and check out PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale (and make sure to pay attention at the panel for the game on Sunday, where two new combatants will be revealed!), Sports Champions 2, The Unfinished Swan, LittleBigPlanet Karting, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Papo Y Yo, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and The Expendables 2. Attendees will also be treated to hands-on opportunities with new and upcoming PlayStation Vita titles like Sound Shapes, Retro City Rampage, LittleBigPlanet, Jet Set Radio, Guacamelee, Gravity Rush, Ragnarok Odyssey, and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. There will also be chances to check out cross-play features for PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale and Street Fighter X Tekken.

A limited number of The Last of Us shirts also will be given out at the PlayStation booth throughout the week. Stay tuned for details on dates and times as we get closer to the show.


For anyone unable to get hands-on with PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale at our booth, we will also have two gaming stations featured in the SPIKE TV booth (BOOTH#3729) for another shot to get your hands on one of the most exciting new upcoming PS3 games.

Excited for Comic-Con yet? Well, hang tight, there’s more. Below is a full schedule of our panel sessions that will be taking place for some of our highly anticipated titles, including Beyond: Two Souls, The Last of Us and PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale.

Thursday, July 12 (12pm to 1pm) – Room 25ABC
Beyond: Two Souls
A New Breed of Interactive Storytelling from Writer/Director David Cage of Quantic Dream

Meet David Cage, the co-CEO of Quantic Dream and writer/director of the 2010 hit Heavy Rain, as he discusses his latest project — Beyond: Two Souls. David will focus on the concept of creating innovative gameplay experiences that are woven together with emotion and story. Beyond: Two Souls is prepared to deliver an immersive interactive and cinematic experience based on emotional involvement and interactive storytelling. In developing a unique “interactive drama” to engross the audience, David and his team have introduced the concept of Virtual Performance Capture to videogames, where actors play the entire role in development of the game (from motion capture to dialogue). The session will focus on techniques used to create an emotional and compelling experience, focusing on their award winning titles as well as provide a deeper look into their brand new project, Beyond: Two Souls. Join‘s Greg Miller as he moderates with writer/director and co-CEO of Quantic Dream David Cage, and actress and academy award nominee Ellen Page as they explore the uncanny valley of bringing realism and emotion to this project.

Friday, July 13 (5pm to 6pm) – Room 25ABC
The Last of Us
Behind the Scenes with Naughty Dog

Join Creative Director Neil Druckmann and Game Director Bruce Straley of Naughty Dog, along with actors Troy Baker (Fullmetal Alchemist, Batman: Arkham City) and Ashley Johnson (Marvel’s The Avengers, The Killing, Ben-10: Alien Force) in a discussion about the upcoming post-pandemic, survival-action PlayStation 3 game The Last of Us, from the developers of the critically-acclaimed UNCHARTED series. Panelists will provide an exclusive reveal of a new in-game cinematic featuring a special guest in this Q&A session moderated by Adam Sessler (veteran videogame industry journalist). Guests will also receive a limited edition The Last of Us poster.

Copy of Ellie checks dead body

Saturday, July 14 (11am to 12pm) – Room 7AB
The Unfinished Swan
An Art-Infused Adventure: Giant Sparrow Talks Art and the Inspiration Behind One of the Most Unique and Anticipated PlayStation 3 Titles

The Unfinished Swan presents an art game like no other before it. For many years, a debate has raged over whether or not videogames can be considered art. In 2012, The Unfinished Swan will address the issue head on, both in terms of its experimental nature and its focus on the art of painting. Attendees will have the opportunity to get an up-close look at the art within the game, discuss games as art, and chat with Giant Sparrow about the creative inspiration behind developing one of the most beautiful and intriguing games on the PlayStation 3.

Sunday, July 15 (11am to 12pm) – Room 24ABC
PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale
Tapping into PlayStation History: The Emergence of PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

Chan Park, President of SuperBot Entertainment, provides a look into the creation and development of PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, where the team has tapped into 17 years of PlayStation history to create a brawler with top PlayStation characters and environments. Learn about decisions faced in selecting characters, how the team implemented the idea of mash-ups, and how players can engage in cross play to challenge one another, regardless of whether they’re playing on PS3 or PS Vita. The team will also unveil the two newest characters in the series at the panel. Q&A session to follow.’s Greg Miller will moderate a panel featuring Chan Park, President of SuperBot Games and Omar Kendall, Game Director of PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale.

Looking to become a professional race car driver and the next GT Academy winner? Phase 1 of the GT Academy National Finals is coming to Comic-Con!

GT Academy 2012This year’s GT Academy National Finals will be taking place on Friday and Saturday, July 13 and 14, at Jolt’n Joe’s in the Gaslamp Quarter, a short distance away from the San Diego Convention Center. The nation’s top 32 drivers will take part in a live head-to-head competition, battling it out for the opportunity to move on to the next phase and get one step closer to becoming the winner of Season 2’s GT Academy.

NEW TWIST ADDED: This year, everyone at Comic-Con has a chance to secure a spot in the National Final. This “wildcard” will compete with the 32 finalists, fighting for the chance to move on to the final phase of the competition. Anyone (pending eligibility) can register at the Oasis Bar inside the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego on Thursday, July 12th from 10am to 4pm Pacific time and compete for top lap time in Gran Turismo 5. The top competitor of the day will walk away with a one-of-a-kind GT Academy 2012-designed HumanRacing® GT Chassis equipped with the Thrustmaster T500RS wheel and pedal set. Additionally, the winner will earn a 33rd spot in the Finals competition, becoming “Racer X” and earning a chance Friday morning July 13th to knock out and replace any of the top 32 finalists.
So for those who didn’t make the top 32 within the online competition, this is your second chance to fight for a spot in the National Finals! Just be sure to show up early as the competition will be first come first serve, and will only be running from 10am to 4pm.

GT Academy - HumanRacing Chassis

Once within the National Finals Event, the 33 contestants will be divided into individual groups and race in a series of live head-to-head races in Gran Turismo 5. Racing Nissan vehicles, each contestant will earn points based on the place they finish in. As race difficulty increases, the contestants with the fewest points at the end of each round will be eliminated until only 16 remain. These final 16 contestants will move on to Phase Two in GT Academy, taking the racers away from their PS3 consoles and onto the track, behind the wheel of real race cars, for a chance to become a professional race car driver and the official GT Academy winner for the U.S. The winner will have the opportunity to train with an elite racing team and will work towards a debut as part of a professional team. The competitors’ road to victory will be documented in an innovative new series airing exclusively on Spike TV in late 2012.

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  • I wish I could get one of those last of us shirt but unfortunately I live in Miami and there’s no way I could get there I would actually buy it if I could

  • Great line-up! Looking forward in seeing the content on-line.

  • A lovely Ellen Page at Beyond: Two Souls’s panel ! + The last of us , The Unfinished Swan and Battle Royale This is so good.

  • I would love to go there! And hey snakeeyes211, I also live in Florida! Just about 2 hours from Miami.

  • Aww man too bad i won’t be attending,but I hope to see some Playstation all stars news.

    if anyone could answer, will ther be new character announcements at EVO or just Comic-Con

  • Man I really want that gt racing seat…..

    Just 2 more years till my license…..just 2 more years till my license……

  • Remind me again: Is comic con in LA or NY or both. And if both I’m guessing LA is probably the better one….
    Sigh most gaming events are held on the west coast. Even most game devs are on the west coast….

  • PS+

  • Hey PlayStation I live in San Diego, how about hookin it up with a pass ;D

  • I hope you reveal that Crash and Spyro are combatants in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. You can’t make a game about PlayStation history without those two! Oh, and please use their classic designs to make it twice as awesome and nostalgic!

  • Hope the 2 New Characters are going to surprize me :D I Want cloud And Sora in This Game so bad.. maybe they will be since they are allowing third party characters!

  • also crash and spyro would be cool

  • There should be a panel that discusses how Resistance 3 failed to sell well partly due to the bad decision to not include a separate 8-player online co-op mode (like in Resistance 2).

  • New stage reveal for PSBR please. It was criminal a new one wasnt shown at E3.

  • Jkar275 that wasn’t the only reason R3 didnt do well but its too long a story for here.

    What I wanted to say more is a comment to not only Sony but any game devs in attendence at Comic-con. What I’m sure quite a lot would like to see is this. A few more Graphic Novel / Manga / Anime related games released on PS3 / PSP / Vita. Not just some generic Graphic Novel or Manga art style mind you but based on something people would appreciate. No doubt theres a few Japanese titles rarely seen outside japan that could be adapted easier than something entirely new even. And don’t limit yourselves to the 8 and under crowd. As anyone who goes to comic-con can tell you its not a kids only medium.

  • Okay, I’m not talking about the production values behind your E3 coverage but, how about a video feed off these great events. You know, the events that 99.9% of the PSN community would love to attend live but, can’t. Even a delayed broadcast would be cool.

    Makes me think.. Hmmmm. Once NicoNico has started letting people stream content easily through their PS Vita’s, maybe we’ll see fans doing this.

  • Now I wish I could go. But I’m crossing my fingers for Ratchet & Clank and Jak & Daxter to be revealed in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, each with their sidekicks on them.

    So Ratchet could be more unique by throwing time bombs (Along with having various Clank-related abilities), while Jak could have Daxter jump off and transform into Dark Daxter as a special. Spyro could also get this treatment and have Sparx with him.

    If not those, then I’d like either Leonard, Stitch, Spyro, Crash, et cetera. And what about revealing more stages?

  • Hey PS Bros! This is my first time commenting on the PS Blog! Really excited for PS All Stars. Hoping for Spyro and Crash reveals, maybe even Cloud and Sephiroth? Hopefully the original Dante makes the roster, he’s my fav game character of all time and was originally a Sony Exclusive. Make it happen SuperBot !!!

  • i cant wait for this game I am hoping for some Final Fantasy X characters yuna, auron, tidus, and maybe from FFVII cloud and vincent.

  • I bet that FFVII characters and MGS characters are going to be shown 1 week before release in order to increase the hype XD

  • I’ll never understand why people want fifty Square-Enix characters in All-Stars. You want a fighting game with that many? Go play Dissidia. This is a crossover, so let’s have some variety, people.

    I don’t know about Seph – I wouldn’t be surprised to see a “one character per franchise” rule, at the very least for third party. They have a lot to cover, y’know. I’m sure Cloud will make the cut given how big FFVII was but hoping for anything beyond/aside from that seems unrealistic.

    One of the reveals will probably be Cole. We already know Snake is coming as well so he could be the “surprise” reveal this time, as Big Daddy was at E3.

    And yes, I cannot agree more about seeing a new stage. One would be fine. I’m just as interested in those as the cast.

  • SHOUT OUT TO GAMECHURCH they gonna be their aswell.

  • 8) Oh… just noticed Ragnarok Odyssey on the list! Gah… can’t wait to see this in action! Is it a US demo? Please say “Yes!” Alyssa? Anyone?? ;)

    & Retro City too; open the flood gates Brian & sell us this game!! *slams fist*

    )#*##, my hand! ;)

  • Hope the two new characters are cole and cloud, comic con sounds perfect for cole’s reveal since his games are heavily based on well, comics XD, so yeah, also a release date for the unfinished swan would be neat.

  • I’m going! See you guys there!

  • Wish i could be there, Really excited to see who the new PABR characters.

  • SlyCooperFan100

    I’m praying for a release date to be revealed for Thieves in Time. Let’s go, Sanzaru! :D

  • Ragnarok Odyssey? Hmm…I really hope that joint is dropping sometime in the near future. I’ve been watching the gameplay videos and even purchased Gods Eater Burst to keep me satiated until RO’s inevitable release. I know there was a release date in August on IGN/Gamestop, but when I doubled back, it took the date down and replaced it with Q3…That kinda sucks, but since there’s a playable demo (assuming it’s in English) I guess localization must be close to being finished. In any event, I’m glad to see it’s playable and I hope it gets released soon.

  • I too skipped buying Resistance 3 due to them not having the coop mode that R2 had, the single best part of R2 omitted for R3, LOL.

    But I did find a used copy of R3 for $9 and snatched that up months later.

    Game devs need to know that when they remove something from us it removes something from them, mainly success and money.

    Or how Starhawk doesnt support Sixaxis! Its a slap in the face. Warhawk had the best sixaxis control of any game then the sequel forces you to play with clunky last gen controls, what is this? Xbox?

    Tons of new games come out and dont support 3D! “All big games from us will support 3D from now on” Quote from some head PR guy from Sony only a yr ago.

    Cant you do something new without erasing the past?

    Lets add not subtract, lets create not destroy. P.B.

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