New Games Coming to PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

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New Games Coming to PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

Last month we gave all PlayStation Plus members an Instant Game Collection that included 12 full PS3 and PSN games, and it’s been a resounding hit with gamers everywhere! This month, we’re continuing the free game goodness by bringing three new titles to your collection in PlayStation Plus.

Break out the fireworks for the July 3rd PlayStation Store update, where PlayStation Plus members will be able to download Gotham City Impostors, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, and Renegade Ops for FREE!

PS Plus July 2012

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July 3rd PlayStation Plus Update

New Games Coming to PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

Gotham City Impostors: Previously announced as 50% off in Plus as part of the PSN Summer Sale, we’ve got a surprise for Plus members as Gotham City Impostors will be free for the month of July! Hatched from the twisted minds at Monolith Productions, Gotham City Impostors is a download-only multiplayer FPS that pits violent vigilantes (dressed up like Batman) against craven criminals (dressed up as the Joker) in open warfare on the streets of Gotham City. Since its release, there have been a ton of new additions to the game, including more customization options, thousands of player unlocks and upgrades, and more. Check out Giant Bomb’s review praising its gameplay and outstanding humor. Add this phenomenal multiplayer FPS to your collection this July – free with your PlayStation Plus membership.

New Games Coming to PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX: This edition of one of gaming’s most beloved franchises takes the series in a bold, and incredibly addictive direction. With fast-paced gameplay, countless twists on the classic Pac-Man experience, awesome head-bumping music, and crazy-good leaderboard integration, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is a title that no gamer should miss — IGN gave it a 10 out 10! And now, with your PlayStation Plus membership, you won’t have to!

New Games Coming to PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

Renegade Ops: Last year’s PSN PLAY promotion introduced 4 amazing PSN games to heat up the last days of summer. Renegade Ops was one of those titles and deservedly so. The critically-acclaimed PSN game boasts 4 player co-op, destructible environments (using the Just Cause 2 engine), addictive gameplay, and lots of fun add-ons. This title will spice up your PlayStation Plus game collection with firepower on the back of co-op gameplay, and is a true must-download for all members. Check out’s Renegade Ops review, where it scored a perfect “A” grade.

PS Plus July 2012

Click here to visit the Official PSN Summer Sale page

PSN Summer Sale: If you saw the PlayStation Store’s Summer Sale news this morning, you know that you’ll be able to heat up your PSN games collection by taking advantage of some deep discounts on major PS3 Full Game titles: Shadow of the Colossus, Killzone 3 Multiplayer, and more are all on sale this week with 50% off deals for PlayStation Plus members!

July 10th PlayStation Plus Update

New Games Coming to PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

Rainbow Moon: This PSN exclusive strategy role-playing game comes packed with strong emphasis on exploration, character development and turn-based battles. And the best part is that PlayStation Plus members will receive a 20% discount when it releases on July 10th! With a classic isometric open world, six playable main characters, more than 20 dungeons, around 100 special skills, fully customizable weapons, armor and accessories; Rainbow Moon is a massive game that offers all the features that you want from a traditional RPG… and a lot more!

That’s it for now! We’ll have another update for you midway through the month with more great Plus content, including offers on a psychedelic racing game, exclusive access to an action-packed beta, and amazing deals on anticipated new PSN releases. Keep an eye on the PlayStation Store Update posts every Tuesday to stay current with all the offerings made available to PlayStation Plus members.

Also, please share your feedback regarding this month’s PlayStation Plus update in the comments. Some of the burning questions we have for you include: Do you prefer monthly Plus free games updates all at once, or more of a steady feed of content arriving through the month? On a scale of 1-10, what would you score the current Instant Game Collection lineup?

PS Plus July 2012
PS Plus July 2012
PS Plus July 2012

Want Plus? Click here to purchase online, or activate on the PlayStation Store.

(Please note that Virtua Fighter 5, Hard Corp: Uprising, and Zombie Apocalypse will be rotated out of the PlayStation Plus catalog on 7/3. However, you can still download them prior to the 7/3 PlayStation Store Update hits, and will be able to keep them in your collection as long as you are a PlayStation Plus member – so if you haven’t added these awesome games to your queue then we suggest you do so now! )

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25 Author Replies

  • Renegade Ops and Pac Man CE DX are great games. Haven’t tried Gotham City Imposters so I’ll be downloading and trying that out

  • Pac Man CE DX is awesome unfortunely already own Renegade Ops and been wanting to try Gotham City Imposters so all around good :)

  • wow thanks for another awesome PS+ update! pacman demo was very fun and i always wanted to try gotham impostors :D

  • You’re going to get some complainers this month. But awesome deals. PS Plus does more than it has to. I have always wondered what PS has to do with the the companies to get there games on these deals (or give aways). I can imagine some companies are not fun to deal with. Keep up the good work.

    • I hope everyone realizes as well that we’re only going over the first half of July’s updates here. We will have another post going over more Plus content in the later half of the month. But at this time, the Instant Game Collection update here is what’s slated to be updated for the month of July,.

  • I like the a combo of the new and old style of PS Plus. Every few months or so give us a bunch of free games to start but each month after that do the old style and introduce one or two new ones just so you don’t run out of new ones to give lol!

    Also I have a question for you. Do you know how much Rainbow Moon will cost (before the discount)? $10 or $15? Thanks for answering.

  • i already downlaoded Renegade ops from Psplus europe this month and i already have Pac man CE DX,its a very addicting game very fun completed it 100%. gotham city is very fun i played the beta hopefully euro plus will get it too.

  • Any upcoming PS+ discounts? I really liked when those would be posted at the beginning of the month as well. Though I think you may be holding off on a lot of them due to the whole Rayman: Origins incident.


    • In addition to Summer Sale and Rainbow Moon? Yes. Check the Store Updates as they drop, but the later half of July will have some great discounts on some anticipated new releases.

  • As regard to your questions, I don’t mind the games releasing as staggered or on first week of the month. I see benefits to both sides. Staggered would ease the pain of downloading all those games at once while having them all available gives us the choice to play which game instantly.

    As for the collection, I find it decent despite playing or owning some of them already. I find it more important to have the games rotated frequently.

    I think many people want PS+ for Vita however, it doesn’t seem to be much focus for the Vita right now

  • Pretty good drop. I will be definitely checking Gotham City Imposters. What happened to more retail games getting rotated in though?

    • Keep your eyes on future PS Plus posts for surprises in terms of content type (PS3 Full Game, PSN Games, etc)

  • I already have all those :( Oh well, at least more people will be playing Gotham City.

    Hey, could y’all give away Pain for PS+ I never got that one. Maybe Motorstorm RC… I got it for Vita, but never got it for PS3.

  • The longer you keep those games up from last month, the longer people will wait to activate their subscriptions.
    They’ll only activate them once they know everything is coming down, to stretch their subscription for as long as they can.
    This is one of the flaws of the new system.
    You do realize that, right?
    All games should be rotated out monthly again. ESPECIALLY the big games.

    • To manage expectations, I wouldn’t count on an entire 12 game refresh monthly, it’s not in the cards at this time. What we did was bolster the # of free games that are always available on the service, while still maintaining the previous new game update levels. So in past months, you would get approx 3 free games in Plus. Now, you still get that, plus a ton of other titles that will continually be an option.

      We’ve got our eyes on the math in the system, but thanks for the feedback!

  • Wow, that is so….meh.

    After an incredible month, we get 3 PSN games, two of which are kinda old.

    – No full PS3 games
    – No PS1 games
    – No minis

    Somehow I thought that, after a great june, we’d have a constant flow of great games (specially full blu-ray games), but it seems it’s not the case at all, because we’re getting a (very) below average month. Sigh…

  • Like @PsychJericho I already have Pac Man… but two other games looks great for trying. And, of course, I’m in with Rainbow Moon, supporting RPG developers (we need much more RPG and especially JRPG on this generation). Waiting for more content “midway through the month”… XD

  • Already have two of them, but I’ve been meaning to try Gotham City Imposters. Works for me.

    To the complainers: You’re getting spoiled after last month’s embarrassment of riches.

  • I’ll be disappointed if we’re going back to the old school style of PS+ updates with one post every two weeks instead of one a month without much information. I’d prefer to also hear about themes, avatars, all deals, Minis, and anything else that is coming rather than waiting until every Tuesday to learn what’s new for PS+ that week.

    I’m sure you were surprised that two of the games were semi-spoiled on the Blogcast.

    • The challenging thing here is that we want to ensure people are talking about Plus continually through the month. If you look at conversation levels around the internet, it’s high when we would do monthly posts, but drops afterwards through the rest of the month.

      I’ll strive to find the balance between getting a good outlook on content, while helping the big goal of getting more people talking about Plus. It’s an important goal for the overall service so we can continue to see it grow so much as it has been doing. Hope that gives a little slice of perspective from our end in terms of update messaging!

  • woo! finally games i dont own.. cant wait im going to download all 3 of them.
    Also Sony would you guy consider giving PsMembers the ability to chose or even vote which games should be added for free each month? giving us gamers the ability to vote which games to be selected is really awesome and should attract even more people to the Plus Service.

  • Yeah, I was hoping to see the full retail game support carry over to be more than one month, but still a decent offering.

    Now just let me get some Vita games.


    Its almost like you guys are trying NOT to sell the system between the lack of presence at the E3 press conf. and lack of support by your big rewards system.

  • I’d give the lineup an 8/10. I really like the Full Games you chose to kick things off and look forward to what the future holds.

    As for the downloadable games, some of them are a little…how do I put this politely…old. Nothing wrong with Lara Croft, Renegade Ops, or Pac Man DX (they’re all fun games) but they’ve all been around a while and have had 50%+ discounts. I really enjoy seeing a little bit newer games in the collection, or ones that haven’t had good sales before (e.g. Choplifter HD, Virtua Fighter, Gotham City Imposters).

    Anyways, thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Hey morgan any news on Metal gear solid HD collection PS3 version coming to both US and EU store?

  • I’d also like to add that I’d prefer more frequent rotation, closer to half of the games being changed out each month with some being fine to stay for longer.

  • That’s it?… Weak!
    Only 3 new additions is a disappointment & considering I already owned or played most of these games before plus, this lineup is a 3/10.

  • Thanks for the great deals AND for the heads up on saving me some money this month!

    As for your questions, a steady stream would be best. Look at it like mail; even when it’s an advertising message from your local pizza place, it’s nice to get something.

    I have a question. Will there be another “Buy 1 year of PS+, Get x Months Free” promotion anytime soon? I’ve just convinced someone that $50 a year is cheaper than $60 a month.

    Thanks again!

    • nothing to announce in terms of an upcoming promotion for Plus. Thanks for your support on Plus, as well as your feedback, it’s much appreciated!

  • Lil_Mermaid_Girl

    I got Gotham day 1 but I’m glad it’ll be free so more people play it and enjoy it. I also have Fat Princess but you know, I would LOVE for some of my friends to be able to play it with me that have been holding out on it. That would be a great game for Plus, and I don’t even mind I have it already. The Plus line ups have been so great I don’t care if I have one or two of the games offered already. (We have Plus on my son’s name so I don’t have the yellow symbol but I love plus).

    How about a free PS2 HD remake sometime too? Like one of the ones that onlt released on the PSN and not disc first.

  • It’s too bad that I already own Renegade Ops and the other 2 games I have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in!!!

    1)When are we going to see PS+ for the PS Vita?

    2) When will PS+ get an increase to the 150MB limit for cloud-base game saves?

    3) Batman Arham City GOTY Edition and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning would be excellent games to include in the Instant Game Collection.

  • I love ps plus, I just wish you could tell us if you plan on having any sales or free games or anything for the vita. Do you even know? Summer is a good time to catch up on games to play because not many great new ones are released. I would be happy with a ps vita game discount or even free psp games for the vita.
    Thanks for the games.

  • Don’t get made at me Sony, but this is a disappointing update when compared to last month’s. We got 12 (!!) games last month, 3-4 of which were FULL PS3 Games, and now we get 3 PSN games, with absolutely no Minis, PS2 Classics, themes or avatars?

    How is this an improvement? I think you guys said the key words are bigg(er) and bett(er). Now tell me: How are 3 games more than what we used to get? And if they were Full PS3 Game Blockbusters I wouldn’t say anything, but 3 normal PSN games? Very disappointed.

    You guys only managed to blow us away in the short term, at E3. I thought you would rotate all 12 games each month, or atleast give us 4 Full PS3 games each month.

    I’m just not satisfied, and I’m not sure whether or not to re-subscribe. I guess time will tell.

  • Ya per Mr Sullivan last week in regards to someone saying they hoped what PSPlus did on the launch of collection wasn’t a trend
    + Paul Sullivan on June 29th, 2012 at 9:25 am said:
    Yeah, we’re staying aware of keeping those things in line. The PSPlus news should be hitting soon as well.

    So you will continue the throw up a sale…have peeps buy some…then throw the same games up for free? I have to say…this will cause problems.

    • The games on sale here in the Summer Sale will not be going in the IGC anytime soon. As mentioned, we’re aware of the downside of putting a game free in Plus quickly after a sale and will not be doing that again.

  • Oh, and to chime in a 3rd time, I’ll go ahead and say I DON’T want PS VITA to be part of PS+. Maybe you guys could create some sort of VITA+ program that is separate, but I feel like if you started giving away free Vita games, most Vita owners would be happy but all the non-Vita owners would be upset because they would feel like that free Vita game is taking up a potential slot for a free PSN game. I know I would, I have no plans to buy a Vita so it would just feel wasted for me.

  • these games r freaking crap :( God i hate Sony

  • Awesome! I was going to buy Gotham City Imposters and NBA Jam as part of the summer sale anyways Getting one for free works for me. I’d currently rate my instant collection at a 7/10 Only because I owned all the major PS3 games on it already oh you know what I’ll give you an 8/10 just cause I like having the digital copies on my HDD. I’d say for anyone who didn’t have Infamous 2, LBP2, or R&C this is the best deal in gaming!

  • Hi Morgan,

    Regarding feedback, I would personally prefere if a game was released once every two weeks instead of all at once during the start of the month. It will make it feel less of a wait until next month and more of a “Oh cool, I get “X” game this week!”

    As for the overall Instant Game Collection rating, I give it a 9.5/10.

    I would like to see some free RPG’s in the mix. I can’t recall ever seeing one free that’s for the PS3.

    Looking forward to Rainbow Moon next week, thanks again! =)

  • I’m starting a petition to bring Megaman X games to PSN store, please help to reach this goal.

    1 – copy the petition of the person that has signed before you.
    2 – paste on the comment area.
    3 – sign it.
    4 – hit “post comment” .
    5 – cross your fingers and hope to see Megaman X collection on PSN store.



    1 – PiLa_
    2 – modernDAYaltair
    3 –

  • I was expecting retail games to be in the rotations. I guess I was wrong. :(

  • As usual, great update…I haven’t played Gotham Imposters or Pacman Championship DX yet, so I’ll definitely be downloading those!

    Some other games I’d love to see get rotated through here…

    Red Dead Redemption
    God of War Origins Collection
    Jak & Daxter HD Collection
    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (probably the hardest of these to get…)
    NBA Jam: On Fire Edition

    Most of all, however, I’d LOVE to see a promotion with Counter-Strike Global Offensive when it launches later next month. Free would be great but something like a 30-50% discount could really spark interest in the game within the PSN community!! Fingers Crossed!

  • Nice. By the way, I was wondering if we will see Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and Heavenly Sword on PSN? I mean to buy both games from PSN? I hope we will be seeing more of “Multiplatform” games on PSN such as BlazBlue (and its series & Sequels), Original Batman game- Arkham Asylum, etc. The reason why I am asking that is because I saw many of multiplatform games on XBOX LIVE Marketplace and I only see few of multiplatform games on PSN. Why is that? Anyway, I hope you say yes to my questions and answer my question on why is that we see few of them? (I am referring to multiplatform games on PSN). Thanks.

  • This is great. I have been wanting to pick up both Pac-Man DX and Gotham City Impostors. Keep up the good work guys.

  • I can understand the reason why that is not possible with Metal Gear Solid 4, but what about other multiplatform titles? Surely, they are less than 7GB for not to put them up on PSN? I am not saying: “What is your excuse?” I am simply trying to understand why they can’t do that unless many third party companies are under their contracts with Microsoft. I wish we would have similar, but fair opportunity to have them on PSN.

  • Glass half full, I don’t have to renew my subscription this month. Not a fan of multiplayer only games. Would have liked to see Oddworld Strangers Wrath like Europe got last month. Hopefully August will be better.

  • I am excited to play Gotham City Imposters on PS3, I had it on another platform and it didn’t run too smoothly…

    Time to get some more trophies :)

  • I prefer a trickle. If the update above is the “one-and-done” for July then I see what might be interested in a get them. With a trickle if there is nothing I am interested in I can wait to see if something else comes along.

    Now that said, if it’s one-and-done I can at least know that if a good deal came along I can buy it and know that in 1 day it might not go free.

    I would give the game selection a 7/10. Why? Lack of RPG games. I give you applause for including more then just 12 shooters to download. It seems RPG games seem to be second rate at Sony for a genre.

    I’ve heard great things of PAC-MAN I will have to check it out.

  • Also, why not add some multiplatform games from 2006 (The Year Playstation 3 Launched) to now from third party companies? Put up the poll and let people vote in their favorites or to create a specific news that have a min-forums that people can sounds off which ones you should have in for each and every month, so that way, you may have more easier time to rotate in and rotate out. I know you cannot please everyone, but at least we know that you are listening to us. That is all. I might think that my feedback & suggestions are bad, but I hope you catch my drift. Thanks.

  • wow i cannot believe people complain after getting 250$ of free games, you guys should be happy you got that many games with such an small investment!

  • @PiLa_ on

    Take the petition to the blog share please. Sony does read it. Also Megaman is a CAPCOM game and IP. You need to beg them, not Sony.

  • One of the weaker updates this year. Will grab Pac-Man, already bought Renegade Ops.

    Not even going to bother downloading GC Imposters. I HATE multiplayer-only games.

  • To answer the questions posed in the post:

    I prefer the 2-3 times a month smaller updates rather than the all at once at the beginning. It’s mostly psychological, in that it just feels like getting a gift or two every other weeks. But the current line up of games is solid, maybe rated a 7 out of 10. Some are a little long in the tooth, but they are definitely worth the subscription price. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for the update Morgan. I gotta say, I’m a little disappointed with these choices, especially after last month set such a high bar. I was so excited for tomorrow, anticipating the new selection of games. But this is mainly a rehash of last month. I’d really like to see more full games rotating in.

    Regarding your question, I think it would be better to rotate the games on a weekly or biweekly basis. It would be more of an incentive to subscribe (and stay subscribed) if the free game offers disappeared quickly, being replaced by new offers.

    And as many people have said already — please add Vita games to PS+!

  • I’m definitely happy with the Instant Game Collection idea…just want to get that out there since everyone’s being all “OMG SONY!! YOU ONLY GAVE ME THREE NEW FREE GAMES THIS MONTH, GAH!”

    That having been said, I’d really love to see some Vita action with PS+. I know not every Plus member has a Vita, but 1 game at a time isn’t going to get anyone TOO riled up…some games that could be great additions:

    – Sumioni: Demon Arts
    – Reality Fighters
    – WipEout 2048
    – Uncharted: Golden Abyss (I think most people have this one, but if you don’t own a Vita…a free version of this may convince you to dive in and buy one…)

    Thanks again for putting in all the work to bring us an increasing game collection every month!

  • Thanks! I hope you throw some RPGs into + soon too.

  • Its a cool update, if somewhat small, but its certainly great for anyone who wants to try them out through PSN +. The thing that makes the game collection insignificant to me is that almost all of the games listed are either games I already own, dont care for, or just plan on buying rather than aquiring them tied to a subscription based service. Its a cool incentive to buy PSN plus, but Im not really sure how significant it’ll be if it retains the same catalogue of games over the months with only piecemeal updates after starting off with twelve games. Its still cool, theres just not much to keep me feeling inclined to care about it, so we’ll see.

  • I just checked, I have 3 months left on my 1 year subscription.
    If ANY of these Instant Games from June are still up by then, I won’t be re-subscribing. Simple.
    I’ll just wait until the the day before thenext batch of big games is taken down.
    By my calculations, that’s Jan 2013.
    PS+ was averaging 7.8 free games per month before this new system. If these games are going to be up for 12-16 weeks, how are you going to beat that number?

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