Kratos Conquers PlayStation: The Official Magazine’s August Issue

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Kratos Conquers PlayStation: The Official Magazine’s August Issue

Call PTOM a bunch of bloodthirsty gore-aholics, but nothing piques our interest and attention more than a new God of War game. This issue, we dispatched executive editor Mikel Reparaz to Sony’s Santa Monica Studios to learn all that can be learned about God of War: Ascension. We’ve got the most detailed info yet available on the single-player and multiplayer action in Kratos’ new prequel as we reveal a Kratos caught between the remnants of his tortured humanity and the blind fury of the ruthless deity to come.

PTOM August Cover

It’s also been a while since PTOM’s done an in-depth game strategy guide, but Rockstar’s latest Max Payne 3 has us so enamored that we couldn’t resist. Check out our 12-page breakdown—compiled with a little help from our friends at—that reveals the location of every single collectible in the single-player game.

As for previews, a whole new spate of potential blockbusters has been announced and we’ve got the details on the new Tomb Raider reboot, DC super-hero slugfest Injustice: Gods Among Us (from Mortal Kombat dev NetherRealm), Hitman: Absolution, Sleeping Dogs, Dead Space 3, and much more. We haven’t gotten hands-on time with all of the newcomers yet, but what we’ve played thus far indicates the next 12 months of gaming is looking stellar.

Lollipop Chainsaw leads off our reviews this issue, and while we love dev Grasshopper Manufacture‘s unique style, our reviewer did have some issues with the gameplay. It seems inconceivable that a game featuring zombies and a cheerleader could fall short. Personally, I’m heart broken. Fortunately, we also got to review the exceptional Gravity Rush for PS Vita, which embodies everything we’ve been hoping for in a new IP for the portable.

Check it all out in the August issue of PTOM, hitting newsstands on Tuesday, July 3.

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