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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

Good Sunday morning to you. I’ve noticed as I’ve been watching Euro 2012, that most TV doesn’t fully occupy my brain anymore – I’m constantly checking Twitter, reading gaming blogs, or playing PS Vita during every stoppage of play. I’ve blown through all of Lego Batman 2 that way during the tournament (fun game, btw). Any of you found that one screen just isn’t enough for you anymore?

Anyway, find stories on Gravity Rush, Assassin’s Creed III Liberation, Marvel Pinball, The Last of Us, a Stranger’s Wrath HD patch, and Uncharted: The Board Game(?).

Now off to watch the final. And play Pinball Arcade during the lulls.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of June 18-30, 2012)

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  • If u can answer, any update on PSone classics for Vita. It was said to be sometime this summer.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      When we have a release date, we’ll announce here. Technically, Summer has just started (June 21).

  • Good luck to Spain and Italy in the final! It sucks that my team, Holland, got knocked off in the group stage W/O winning a single game, but aw, well……..

    Speaking of Italy, Jeff, do you know if this week is finally the week that Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends finally comes out? Or has it been delayed yet again?

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Based on the info I have, it will be this week.
      Hopefully Holland going out early will help Arsenal re-sign RVP.

  • Still no word on Travel Bug, Ecolibrium and Imaginstruments vita apps? And from the japanese vita apps wake upp, yuusha calendar and the Toro app?

  • Any news on a release date for playstation all-stars battle royal or when we will get one.

  • HAPPY CANADA DAY ! to all you canucks out there have a happy canada day eh .

  • I’ve been forced to look at my PSN download history screen for the past 3 and a half days :(

    I finally got my PS3’s 320GB upgraded to 750GB and have been downloading almost 300GB of PS3, Vita, and PSP purchases along with PS+ content again (especially those full sized games. 15GB for Ratchet & Clank A4O! Ouch!) Good thing PS+ installs everything automatically while I’m sleeping so manual organization will have to wait until tomorrow.

    Comcast will love seeing my bandwidth usage for this month haha.

  • So with Persona 4 arena, do we know if ATLUS is still making Persona 5 for PS3? Or any SMT for PS3?

    Something besides a fighter for PS3?

    Good Forbes article btw. Nice to know Forbes knows their stuff.

    “From Software’s Demon’s Souls is, quite frankly, reason enough all by its lonesome to choose the PlayStation 3 over the competition.”

    Demon’s Souls is the best thing this entire gen without a doubt.

  • Jeff when are you going to unveil what’s coming out for the PlayStation plus members this month? ;-)

  • + Jeff Rubenstein on July 1st, 2012 at 1:31 pm said:
    Please have some poutine with my compliments.

    Believe it or not, as a Canadian, I’ve never had poutine nor do I even wish to try. Gravy, cheese curds, yuck! One dish I loved when I used to visit Detroit were coney island dogs, which, despite the name, actually originated in Michigan. Now we’re talking eats.

  • I’ve never heard of poutine until the blogcast episode from Canada, after which I’ve been craving it everyday! Keep up the good work guys

  • Wow! I’ve been on the sidelines about Spec Ops the Line, but it seems like it’s calling out to me. I really want to rent it somehow! I’ll see about redbox. Really wish Blockbuster was still here =/

    but man, what an amazing review/article about Spec Ops. I’m super interested in this game now!

    Oh and Amazon is having a thing where you buy a PS Vita an get Escape Plan for free btw.

    I’m still waiting for Black Friday / Getting my wi-fi problem sorted out.

  • Any news on when Ad Hoc party swill be up and running again?

  • DeadKillersRevng

    That article about Naughty Dog on gamesindustry is great! Now I understand why Naughty Dog didn’t want to develop another Crash game; I recommend everybody to read it. By the way, thanks for putting that Jeff.

  • No “The Drop” update today?

  • Well summer ends sometime in September……..(PS1 Classics). Though this is SONY time not Valve time :D
    Can I get an answer to this question:
    Will we be able to preorder Assassin’s Creed III on the US PS Store like u can on the EU Store?

    • I honestly don’t know. I asked, and there are no imminent plans. If that changes, you’ll of course read about it here.


    I’m Canadian and don’t like poutine that much. definitely not something you want to eat everyday unless your goal is to be 300 lbs. LOL ;) Happy Canada Day my fellow Canadians, and happy Independence Day in a few days to our neighbors to the south.

    – sent from my PSVita

  • for realsies? there are no plans of bringing wake up club to the na market, when can i put peace walker on my vita like the rest of the world? When will this piece of tech get the name change because i think everyone is about on the same page, i am holding the psN-GAGE and vita heaven will happen just like ken levine didn’t sell out when he gave hype about a game that has no details as of the e3 one year later. could we get some support in next weeks drop? at this point i am just starting to feel burned, i am tired of hearing… well this was a selling point but it will be offered exclusively everywhere you dont live.

  • the only thing im looking for is the ps one classics with the new vita update 2.0

  • Has there been any news on Final Fantasy Type-0?

    The rumors have ranged from: “Not coming to North America,” to, “Coming to N. America digitally,” to, “Updated for Vita,” but I’ve not heard anything even unofficially in months.

    I’ve heard this is, possibly, the best Final Fantasy game in years. I’d hate to think we got Army C.O.H. from Square-Enix, but not FFT-0.

  • Win is PS4 coming out.

  • Hey Jeff how about a little but really necessary thing every one should notice, that is also in playstation share.

    At this time of the ps3 cycle and all the stuff people have in the psn its really weird sony has not implemented this.

  • can you still recieve welcome back games if you missed out and had an account when the hack happened?

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