PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

Good Sunday morning to you. I’ve noticed as I’ve been watching Euro 2012, that most TV doesn’t fully occupy my brain anymore – I’m constantly checking Twitter, reading gaming blogs, or playing PS Vita during every stoppage of play. I’ve blown through all of Lego Batman 2 that way during the tournament (fun game, btw). Any of you found that one screen just isn’t enough for you anymore?

Anyway, find stories on Gravity Rush, Assassin’s Creed III Liberation, Marvel Pinball, The Last of Us, a Stranger’s Wrath HD patch, and Uncharted: The Board Game(?).

Now off to watch the final. And play Pinball Arcade during the lulls.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of June 18-30, 2012)

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