PlayStation Blogcast 031: PSN Sales and The Walking Dead Tales

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PlayStation Blogcast 031: PSN Sales and The Walking Dead Tales

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The word is out! The eagerly awaited second episode of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead is coming to PSN this Friday, June 29th. To mark the occasion, we put Director Dennis Lenart and Lead Cinematic Artist Nick Herman from Telltale on the hotseat: We talk new (old?) characters, unresolved tensions, the game’s expanding scale, and the challenges of episodic game development. If you’re wondering what dark terrain this five-part series will explore in coming episodes, don’t miss our in-depth discussion.

We also share first details on PSN’s upcoming Summer Sale, which grants deep discounts to a collection of PlayStation Store favorites starting Tuesday. And, of course, the first details on next week’s PSN game lineup, a slew of new user questions and tips, and what Nick promises to be a frightfully hard new Mystery Theme. Listen in and let us know what you think!

Stuff We Talked About

  • The Walking Dead: Episode Two – Starved for Help
  • Spec Ops: The Line
  • The Pinball Arcade
  • PixelJunk Eden
  • Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut
  • Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Sid ShumanJeff Rubenstein

    Official PlayStation.Blogcast: Nick Suttner

    The Cast

  • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Jeff Rubenstein – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Manager
  • Nick Suttner – PlayStation Sr. Product Evaluator
  • Dennis Lenart – Director, The Walking Dead: Episode Two – Starved for Help
  • Nick Herman, Lead Cinematic Artist, The Walking Dead: Episode Two – Starved for Help
  • Bonus: Dormilón (composer of PlayStation Blogcast’s fabulous theme song and segment music) is DJing a PixelJunk 4am set at 8pm Pacific Time this Friday, 6/29/12! Tune in at PSN ID SXEZSKOZ, and follow @dormilonmusic!

    [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game
    details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating

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    7 Author Replies

    • I’m interested to see what you guys think of Spec Ops: The Line.
      Easily my favorite military story in a video game- ever.
      Gameplay issues are all forgiven when the Story is taken into account.

    • Any news on when Uncharted 3’s 1.13 patch is gonna be available?? :)

    • We were looking for a VITA Summer Sale… Sigh…

      Whats happening on Playstation US? Why they dont offer sales like EU? (some were really great).

      Also we are still waiting Motorstorm Apocalypse for PS+.

      Why dont realise that the platform has only a few worthy games and people are waiting for a Vita sale, c’mon!

    • ok ur problem with the sales on the vita are the vita only games. if u really want to sell it you have to make everthing on it also on the ps3 if possiable. stuff that uses the unique controls of the vita i can understand. but everthing else should be on both. same with the psn tittles. stuff from castle crashers to wormes1&2 should be on the vita. you would have people lining up around the block to buy one if thay can play their favorite psn tittles on the go………… posted wirh the vita

    • Awesome ;-)

    • Decent sales, but I would like some games on sale for the Vita, the European PSN store did have a great sale a little while ago, I would love to have that.

      Also, make Metal Gear Solid Portable ops, and portable ops + playable on Vita as well (it’s playable in Europe!).


    • we dont care bout that stuff we just want our psone classics and other psp games that dont work this really sux and it makes no since to have spent all this money and we dont get wat we want and im sure yall have it up and running yall just making us wait til sales pick up well get it rite yall not gone sale if the customers r not happy with wats out and yall sure not gone sale no 10 million by next year cuz yall on some other bs that can wait when wat can push 10 million yall aint doing get it rite tired of waiting

    • I don’t believe there won’t be a Vita software sale!

    • Awesome!!!

    • amazing sony, once again you have forgot about the vita, no PSplus on vita, no vita game sales, no vita nothing, is like the freaking system don’t even exist, im done with it, trading it in this weekend

    • i dont know if the people that work on sony are either blind or pretend to be, at least 50% of the comments here keep asking constantly for vita sales, in every post but you people always come up empty handed, so what gives? at least be respectful enough and give the customers that supported your UNSUPORTED handheld and tells us why in the world you care so little about the system

    • Is the vita a product of my imagination?
      no vita ps plus support, no vita discounts, no vita hype, vita less anyone?

      I love my vita, just wish its parent company showed the love it deserves.

      Vita owners asking for some vita love… sony is very strange

    • Just wanted to say, compared to scee, scea is really lame

      Always behind, constantly dissapointint

    • I guess I should be ashamed of myself Sid. I listen to the blogcast every week and I’ve never once played Shadow of the Colossus. =P

      For ~$10 I can’t go wrong but Closure was really interesting for me when I tried out the demo. It was so unique!

      Choices…choices… =)

      • Both are killer games. Shadow of the Colossus is a must-play, however. If you like “epic” games…this will redefine epic for you. :)

    • X Games are on but no EA Skate in the PSN Store. We at least need Skate 3.
      Don’t you think?

    • Sid, Jeff, what’s the difference between social media specialist and social media manager?

      • One is my boss and one isn’t. Can you guess which? Managers in general help run the show with planning, strategy, and the “big picture” element.

    • Nice episode as always but regarding the Sumer Sale: I understand it might be too early to put Vita games on sale but could we get at least some PSP titles that are compatible with Vita? There are so many awesome JRPGs on the PSP that look great on the Vita.

    • SephirothItachi-

      Definitely going to pick up Shadow of the Colossus, Closure, Infamous: Festival of Blood, Catherine, and maybe Crysis or Jurassic Park

    • Will Playstation Plus have another package promo since it’s PS+’s 2nd year anniversary? I’ve been meaning to renew my subscription and I was wondering if there would be some promos like last year.

    • MAN, I’m getting so sick of SCEA shunning Vita. Why are there still no sales? You have this great sale going on for Vita over at SCEE, and now a great sale on PS3 content over here, yet there is nothing for Vita. It’s extremely frustrating. It feels like week after week SCEA isn’t giving Vita or Vita customers what they deserve.

    • So sick of the Vita people.
      Need to make a separate blog for those guys.

    • i love this blog cast and ill always listen but i am definitely worn out on all of the pinball game talk lol

    • I agree TOTALLY! Please make Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops playable on the Vita..please?

    • And great blogcast this week. Keep it up!

    • Oh, and if ANYONE is listening..please bring the Final Fantasy I and II psp versions (not FF Origins) to the Playstation store. Im beggin ya!

    • Thanks for the updates guys, cool stuff this week. Since I live abroad I was wondering If the US Store will get digital releases of God of War 3, MGS 4 and The Darkness II. Thanks again mates

    • Lame PSN week

    • I echo the comments above.

      SCEA was hyping so much up till the Vita launch and then… nothing…

      But then there were some free games and more Minis and PSP compatibilities being rolled out in the last few months, which is good, but I do agree with the rest of the comments that Sony isn’t giving the Vita the recognition it deserves. It’s an incredible system but not only did they not keep the fire up after the launch, they just… well… left it for dead.

    • If Sony really wants the Vita to succeed, there are 3 things that needs to be done immediately:

      1. PSOne Classics compatibility. That alone will open up tons of AAA classic games for the Vita including some incredible JRPG like FFVII – FFIX, which will also boost software sales mind you. I’m waiting to get Legend of the Dragoon, which I won’t till it can be played on the Vita.

      2. Vita software sales. Some truly great titles, and although the prices are not steep, it’s been 4 months since the launch, so launch titles should go on sale. Again, boost sales on both software AND hardware.

      3. PS+ on the Vita. I know it’s not an easy thing to do cause the Vita has a limited catalogue and giving out free games is not very good business sense.

      Sigh, so much for Never Stop Playing.

    • what the Vita needs its just killer games… thats all. Not now but just announce them and hype the hell out of them. PPl havent bough the vita bc as u know theres no Killer game with a name for ppl to get it.

      US: Sony just announced COD and AC3: L. thats pretty good (counting Soul Sacrifice and Ragnarok odyssey)

      Japan….. this is where lies the problem…. No JRPGs no nothing for this public (and for me). Persona Golden boosted sales…but u know what sony needs to announce like… RIGHT NOW… and thats Monster Hunter and a Final Fantasy game. Announce it…. NOW! (HELL just Update FFtype0 and release it for Vita(worldwide) with smoothed graphics and better controls!!!)

      Europe:….. Killzone? need to be announced and polished. dont let it go the same way Resistance went, R:BS was a good game but an unpolished one.

      Anyways… the real thing its this… the only salvation for the vita…MONSTER HUNTER MONSTER HUNTER MONSTER HUNTER! ANNOUNCE IT! TALK TO CAPCOM! >_<

    • Just reading through the comments, what’s this aboot Shadow of the Colossus. And I’d just bought it physically, too… Ah well, I have physical backups of those themes and videos, the boxart (NOT gonna lend this case out; my cases tend to end up mucked, despite assurance that they’ll be well cared for), and an extra month of Plus for twenty bucks (Which, since January 2011, put me on ’til November…of next year).

    • Good episode as always and *sigh* sadly I must admit I haven’t played shadow of the colossus either, for $10 though I just may pick it up next week.

      I also have a user question: If I download a game for free with Playstation plus and then buy the same game with a discount (still on Playstation plus), will I still be able to play it if my Playstation plus subscription expires?

    • when are we getting metal gear solid HD colletion for PS3 on the PSN store?

    • @15 dude i really want skate 3 on ps store too that would be awesome.

    • “So sick of the Vita people.
      Need to make a separate blog for those guys.”

      – SCEA


    • I’ve been enjoying the podcast for the last few months now, and I only have one little bit of constructive criticism: please pick a different descriptor and stop using “farm fresh”. I work in a kitchen and actually get to enjoy real farm fresh items, none of which Sony produces.

      Aside from that, keep up the great work!

      P.S. I love the interviews you guys have been putting on the show for the last couple weeks. If it’s possible to make that a regular segment on the show, I’d be pretty happy.

    • @36 I actually like Sid’s use of the term “farm fresh” lol. It seems like ever since someone first commented on his overuse of the term he’s been using it more than ever.

      @Sid but if you were to replace it with another adjective, might I recommend “organic”, or “hand-picked”, or all-natural”, or maybe even “no added preservatives or artificial flavors or colors”. I think one of those could work : )

    • hey i know this is off topic but could you guys talk about upcoming sports titles for the vita especially baketball related ones because as of now none are slated to release for the vita

    • Did Wonder Book win any awards at this years E3? =P

    • Whoever cobbled together the Summer Sale list probably accidentally announced two of the games that will be coming to PS+ next week.

    • Please I need to know what the music at the end is!

    • So is episode 2 out yet?

    • i waiting for the walking dead but i don’t see any dowloand feature in the PSN

    • It was said on the blogcast today that Journey was released in May but was of course released in March where it found itself #1 on the psn sales chart.

      It was #2 on the psn sales chart for April and again in May.

    • Sweet I won! Can’t wait to see what code(s) you toss my way. Maybe Vita ones? Amazing show, every week. Gets me through work.

    • Hey, all you Americans complaining about the ‘superior’ SCEE service – think again. Sure, we get the odd sale here and there – but you guys get WAY more content than us, earlier AND cheaper. Our PS1/PS2 ‘Classics’ stores are practically empty.

      You really don’t have it so bad.

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