Dungeon Twister Brings Board Game to PSN Tuesday

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Dungeon Twister Brings Board Game to PSN Tuesday

Dungeon Twister on PSN

My name is Christophe Boelinger, and I create board games. To date, I’ve made more than 30, most of which are available in North America. My life is dedicated to games, so it goes without saying that I’ve always dreamt of having one of my board games turned into a video game.

When I designed the Dungeon Twister board game in 2003, I knew it was the perfect candidate for a videogame adaptation. Its modularity, its infinite gameplay, its never-ending renewal, the tremendous variety in strategies that can be deployed, and most of all its addictive nature. So when I met the guys from Hydravision at a board game convention, it was a revelation — and the beginning of Dungeon Twister as a video game. Dungeon Twist makes the jump to PSN this Tuesday, July 3rd.

So what is Dungeon Twister? It is a turn-based strategy game that some describe as a mix between chess and Dungeons & Dragons. The story is simple: A powerful character called the Arch-Mage has discovered immortality. But he’s bored to death, so he enlists dwarves and gnomes to build labyrinths equipped with mechanical rooms — the Dungeon Twisters — then populates them with hapless adventurers and creatures. The combatants must avoid traps, fend off attackers, and learn the secrets of the labyrinth in order to escape alive. All this occurs under the watchful eye of the Arch-Mage, who awards points when he’s satisfied!

Dungeon Twister on PSN

To win a game, you have to score five Victory Points. There are several ways to earn points. Killing an opponent or guiding a character to the dungeon’s exit earns you one. That means that you can either be aggressive or stealthy and find success. During each turn, a player spends Action Points. One Action Point enables you to move a character, initiate combat, trigger a special power, or rotate a room. Speaking of rooms, the dungeon is composed of eight rooms split into four different colors. Each room contains insurmountable walls, closed gates, deadly pits and a rotation gear. The rotation gear rotates the room, but also enables you to remotely control other rooms of the same color — opening new paths to the exit, or preventing your opponent from progressing. These are the basic rules… but rules are made to be twisted!

The player controls a team of eight characters, each with a special power. The Wall-Walker can pass through walls, the Mekanork can rotate rooms in any direction, the Thief can open gates and safely navigate deadly pits, and the Troll can regenerate when wounded. You’ll also find powerful magic objects discarded throughout the dungeon, such as speed potions that grant more actions per turn, fireballs that instantly kill a foe, and ropes that let you bypass pits. You can probably imagine the possibilities for powerful combos.

Dungeon Twister on PSN

Hydravision has created a training mode comprised of 20 scenarios to help you master the basics against the computer. Once you feel confident in your strategy, you’ll be ready to go online and confront any player connected worldwide. Hydravision has also preserved the social element of board games: using PlayStation Eye, you have the option to see and talk to your opponent. You can also filter games by language, to avoid any potential communication obstacles.

The Dungeon Twister board game already sports eight expansion packs that introduce new characters, new rooms, and new magical objects that open up still more strategic possibilities. If the videogame meets its audience, Hydravision and I may be able to implement this extra content into the digital version.

Dungeon Twist will be released next week on July 3rd, and will cost $9.99. Champions of the board game will be there, eager to compete against new players. I am also on PSN — my PSN ID is Chris_Boelinger. Don’t hesitate to challenge me!

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  • Will there be a demo? This looks really cool and like something I could get into. Even though this type of game isn’t usually what I play, there are some that really grab me interest when I give them a try. Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes was like that; I didn’t think I would like it, but I played the demo and got hooked.

    • Yes, there will be a demo. It is planned though to be realeased later, end of August. You are right, turn based games are really addictive but need some understanding at the beginning. Hopefully there is a good tutorial here. Might and Magic or Xcom series are good examples. I hope that Dungeon Twister will be another reference now :)

  • This looks really good and reminds me of the board game Hero Quest, which I spent all too many hours playing with my friends. Any games similar to D&D are a-ok in my book.

  • Looks interessting. Will there be a Vita version?

    • I know that the guys at Hydravision are fond of the PS Vita. It is not planned on this console yet, but I’m sure that if the game finds its audience on PS3, there will be a PS Vita coming later. I already have many ideas of what to do with this console…

  • im very impressed. i have a few questions

    Is it co-op based. and welcom to playstaion

    vp-psn legionaire group

    • Thank you :) It is not co-op. It is one versus one. The board game can also be played up to four players, but on a console it becomes quite long to wait for your turn. So the 2 player-option was the good beginning for the video game.

  • its nice to see a fun board game come tpsn

    • There are not many board games adpated into video games, that’s right. Hope the Dungeon Twister is just a beginning. The board game already counts 8 expansions with new characters and magical objects… That would be great to add them later. It would allow to create your own character deck like in Magic. Then the strategy possibilites are inifnite.

  • Really looking forward to this! Great price point, too!!

  • I also ask the demo question. Looks like fun.

    • There will be a demo, but end of August. If you like strategy games, you can however go for it. You won’t regret it. I just warn you that when you enter the dungeon it becomes quickly addictive.

  • so single player is just for practice ? are the AI even smart or just thrown in to get a taste for whats to come online ? im a single player type of guy and if the AI is stupid or trash then i will NOTTT buy this game. psn games online rarely everrr last long. i hardly ever find anybody online when it comes to psn games. please let me know if the AI is good for long term single players only ?

    • The AI is designed to teach the games and challenge the new players. We had many long discussions with Hydravision regarding the AI, and we discovered that there are so many strategy possibilities that to design an unbeatable AI, it would take around 20 years like for chess! You may not remember/know it, but on an old console called intellevisions, there was a cool chess game… that took around 3 days to play a smart turn! So we decided that the AI should play in 3 minutes. Let’s say that you can play around 10 hours in solo mode to master the rules, then the real and forever lasting challenge is to comptete against people over the network! Don’t misunderstand me, the AI is difficult to beat, especially when playing the challenge mode. There is for that matter a leaderboard for this mode. I’m number one now. Well, ok, the game is not released yet ,)

  • Not much content on the blog today huh?

  • I am looking forward to snagging this game. I too would like to know if there will be a PS VITA version, as well as, if there is a PS Plus-based discount.

    • PS Vita is definitely a great console. I would like to see Dungeon Twister on it. I have many ideas for it. A version is not planned yet… but if the game works well on PS3, I’m sure it is possible to see Dungeon Twister on PS Vita.

  • WHO CARES! Just tell us about Obscure 3 or whatever. QUIT PULLING US AROUND ON YOUR CRAP TWITTER POSTS SAYING “ITS IN DEVELOPMENT”, “IT HAS ASHLEYS SISTER”, “ITS COMING IN FALL”. WHERES THE TRAILER OR MORE INFO? You would rather release a boardgame that will FAIL then release a high quality horror title?

  • #11 ccrogers15 – I’m going to assume the 15 refers to your age. Not really the place for this RANT, dood!

    @ Chris Boelinger – If this does well, are there any talks of bringing Earth Reborn to PSN, too?

    • You know, bringing a board game on a console is a challenge. Hydravision did it because they love Dungeon Twister. There is no marketing strategy behind that. They are game lovers, just like me. If the games works well enough, we could consider bringing Earth Reborn too. By the way, I’m really glad that you know Earth Reborn. I’m really proud of this one too.

  • Looks great. Very nice to see new & different types of games from indies. Best wishes to your team.

  • I agree with comment #8 – PainOfSarrow. Im also not a fan of online games. This games looks awesome but if the Scenarios are for training purposes only and offer no real challenge or replay value, then I will definitely pass on this game.

    • The solo mode is composed of he training mode with 20 missions. It is the tutorial. And you play right there against the IA in small dungeons first that become bigger and bigger in the next missions. Then there are the simplified and the advanced modes. And finally there is the challenge mode in which there are 12 difficulty levels. As you can see, the solo mode is not only a tutorial. I think that you can play many hours in solo mode as well. Even in the solo mode there is a leaderboard for the challenge mode.

  • Definitely has a Hero Quest vibe, which I like. Count me intrigued :)

    • I hope you will enjoy the game. Board game players are playing to it for around 10 years now. I hope it will be the same with the video game.

  • I’m intrigued by this game.

    • Give it a try, if you like turn based game with a deep strategy, I’m sure you will love it.

  • I’ve never played the Dungeon Twisters board game before, but color me intrigued! I’ve been searching for a unique strategy game for a while and it seems that this just might fill my itch for one. Good luck to you Hydravision and Chris!! I’m not only looking forward to playing this, but i hope this game garners enough attention so that the expansion packs will be considered!

    • The board game counts 8 expansions, each one with new characters like the red dragon or the paladin, new magical objects and new rooms with for example fountain of youth. You can then mix them all to compose you own deck like in Magic. The means even more strategy possibilities. The guys at Hydravision and I are in the starting blocks to add new content soon. We first have to be sure that the game will meet its audience. That would be great! I’m thinking of new characters only for the video game… and many more ideas.

  • Pretty excited about this!

    I’ve never played Dungeon Twister before, I am however, an avid boardgamer. With over 100+ games in my collection and the praise this game has received in the past over at BGG I dont know how I haven’t got around to trying it yet, but for $10 I’ll definitely be giving it a shot on Tuesday.

    Also, I’ll throw another request out there for Earth Reborn getting this same treatment, freakin’ LOVE that game!

    • Thank you. Why not Earh Reborn as a video game. This is a really good idea indeed. Let’s talk to the guys at Hydravision!

  • Vita version would be an instant buy. Just sayin’.

  • I will have a talk with Hydravision for them to consider this option. I promise!

  • i love how this game looks . this seem to be a perfit fix for a vita game. since there is not One planned i get the ps3 one in aug once i get back from vacation. any idea what the next game you wanna make ???

    • I’ve got many ideas. First, it would be great to include even more content for Dungeon Twister. The board game counts 8 expansions. That makes many more strategy possibilities. Then, another board game, Earth Reborn, that I created during the adapation of Dungeon Twister as a video game, could be a perfect candidate. While working on it, I already thought about the way to do the video game in mind. I also like a lot the kind of game like Diablo and have a project on the paper… Well, too many ideas and not enough time to do them all. Be sure that Hydravision and I will do other games soon.

  • Hello… i’ve never played the board game BUT what you are describing i like! This is my type of game and i’m sure i’ll be diggin’ it. You got yourself a new customer…SOLD!!! I hoping for those expansions too, ’cause they’ll be adding for depth and replay value to the game. I’ll be transferring the cash to your account next tuesday!

    • Ha ha, thank you guy! You will see that the game itself without the expansions already brings a lot of combinations and strategies. Let’s play together one day or another :)

  • Chris, congratulations on getting your game to PSN. It’s a big achievement and you certainly deserve it. I own Earth Reborn and love it, have never played Dungeon Twister but I will surely think about buying it for PS3. I would be much less hesitant if it was on Vita though:)

    • What? You didn’t play to Dungeon Twister yet ;) Well, you’re lucky in a way, because many fun hours are awaiting you. Thank you for Earth Reborn. That’s great to have feedback from players.

  • I could definitely roll with a Vita version.

    • It seems that a lot of people are asking for a PS Vita version. I will ask Hydravision to seriously consider this option. If there is one, I believe it won’t be released soon. They need time to develop it.

  • “Just saw the title”…”Meh, another generic named 3D game” … “Just saw the pics”…”WOW, this looks A LOT like classic board games… Like Hero Quest O_O”… INSTA-BUY!

    • Some people told me that “Twister” makes them think at first about a famous game, you usually play in parties, in which you tie yourself in knots to be able to touch points of colours… Dungeon Twister has nothing to do with that. Hero Quest is a fine reference. Thank you! And I played a lot to it. Dungeon Twister has a flavor of Hero Quest but is a bit different though. First in DT each room can rotate, thus changing the dungeon morphology. It allows unblocking new paths… or preventing your opponent from progressing too fast towards the exit. Then in DT, it is all about strategy, luck has no room. And it is not a co-op game. You play against a player. I hope you are still wanting to try the game :)

  • Definitely looking forward to this, as I love the original board game. Congrats, Chris!

    • I’m glad you know the board game and that you like it. Thank you! What about a game together online?

  • This is a very well-written article. Thanks for putting forth the effort to do something like this on the PSN; my request to mirror many others’ is to bring it to the Vita.
    I look forward to trying the demo. This looks fun!
    Also, please release some of the character artwork as avatars. They look cool, and I’d like to see this goblin and some others on peoples’ profiles (promoting the game by doing so).

    • Thank you. I created the game with passion. And so did the guys at Hydravision for the video game. They have a huge board game collection at their office. I wonder if they work from times to times actually ;) There is almost no marketing behind it. It would be great if Dungeon Twister would find its audience. It would perhaps allow seeing more “games made with passion” on the PSN. Please don’t misunderstand me, there are already many great games over there! I’m affraid the demo will be released end of August… Regarding Vita, it is definitely written down: I’ll talk about that to the guys at Hydravision. I’m sure they are reading this blog anyway, so they probably aleady know. They told me that they have prepared avatars…

  • Jumping on the Vita bandwagon! The Vita would make a great platform for virtual board and card games. Dungeon Twister, Settlers of Catan (with expansions DLC) , Magic the Gathering, Ticket to Ride, etc. etc.

  • Ha ha, Vita again :) Understood. I agree, this is a great console that allows doing many interesting things.

  • This is a great concept turned game,i’ve never played anyyhing remotely like this.

  • Glad to see the Ps Eye hasn’t been left out when developing games keep em coming!!!!!!!!!!

    • Then you should give it a try. It was important for me to keep the social aspect that you have when playing a board game. So the PlayStation Eye was a good solution for this. Hope you will like the game.

  • This looks great! Also, what can you say about the servers for online play? Nothing frustrates me more than a game being dropped because of the servers. Also, is there any kind of online leaderboard for victories online? If there is, rage-quitters (quitting of any kind) better automatically be given a loss. Nothing is worse than rage-quitters being rewarded. If there is not an online leaderboard, might I suggest somehow branding players who quit often in the middle of games, so others can avoid them :)

    Heroes of Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is dead to me because of the number of people who quit in the first few turns because things aren’t going well for them — and they aren’t given a loss.

    • The server infrastructure is provided by Sony, so there should not be any problem. The ranked games results are recorded into a leaderboard. When you play in a ranked match, an opponent is automatically given to you depending on a overall score computed with the number of games you played, won, lost… You should this way have an opponent slightly better/worse or equal. When there is a network problem, for example because someone is loosing and quit the game, then it counts as a defeat. The friendly games in which you can invite a friend to play with you are not ranked.

  • Oh and is there local vs?

  • Very cool, Chris, thanks for the reply. That sounds like a good system and I’m glad to hear those quitters are treated like they deserve. :) What about local vs? Can I play against my wife or does it have to be online?

    • The local VS was quite complicated to implement. During the game you have to choose cards sometimes, for example when a combat is initiated. That would mean that when player 1 chooses his card, player 2 would have not to look at the screen. Complicated, isn’t it?! So with Hydravison we decided that if you want to play together in the same room, maybe it would be better to play with the board game. So no there is no local VS. That said, using the PS Vita alone or along with a PS3 would allow to choose your combat card with being sure that the other player is no cheating. That gives me new ideas indeed.

  • This looks really cool. Are the graphics rendered natively in 1080p?

    to Hydravision: Yes, *please* bring ObScure 1 & 2 to PS3 with HD textures/shaders and audio. ObScure was one of our favorites on the Xbox1 (despite the cheezy voiceovers) due to it’s unique *co-op* adventure/exploration mixed with action. We actually liked it better than Silent Hill 2!

    • I’m sure that Hydravision will be delighted to read your comment! Give a try to Dungeont Twister, that could be one of you new favorite games!

  • I read vita version is not in the works, but I also do want this for vita version!
    Especially, since this is turn base game, it’d be actually perfect for vita over 3G online play!

    I sure hope ps3 version will do well so there will be vita version!

    I will def. buy this game!

    • You are right it would work really well. You can also imagine a new game asynchronous game mode, ie we could play even if not being connected at the same time: I play my turn and when you switch on you PS Vita, then you see that it is your turn to play. Wouldn’t it be cool?

  • Thanks for all the responses.

    Maybe I’ll pick it up on PS3, it’s only $10. We’ll see.

  • Maybe we will have a game together over the netword one day or another…

  • Hi Chris, thanks again for the reply. I agree, the Vita would solve the problem of local vs. Making a Vita version and implementing cross-play with the PS3 would be the perfect solution for my wife and I, so we could play against each other in the same room. Or, like you said, I guess we could just buy the board game :)

  • I’d like a Vita version as well.. this sounds like the perfect thing to play in bed before drifting off to sleep. 8)

    I’m also digging the asynchronous game mode idea very much. Cross-play option would be pretty cool as well if a Vita version should be released at some point. :)

  • I hope you read this chris.

    I love your games, especially earth reborn! And I will check out this videogame tonight on my ps3. It looks very promising.

    But there is something you should read:) Look at boardgamegeek.com and go check the forums for earth reborn!

  • m_e_t_a_l-JAH-57

    Dude, i am sorry to report here that i earlier today I read a scathing and unfair review of this unique sounding game on IGN.com They are a decent video game review site, but more often than not, they pan a game which sounds awesome or at least interesting to me. so… hopefully not too many people read that review, but instead give this game a try! To me, this game looks intriguing and very well might be a purchase for me today! Thanks for bringing this fantasy boardgame (which i have not played) to the PSN to find a new audience. The possibility of future expansions sounds very promising! I wish you great success. Just look at how MTG has been featured on PSN, it plays very well in a digital format.

    • Chris Boelinger

      I have read the review. Well, I respect the journalist’s opinion, but it is obvious that he missed the game, probably because he did not spend the needed time to understand it, or because he tried to play against the computer at once without knowing anything about the rules. I mean, Dungeon Twister is really rich regarding the strategy possibilities. You have though to tame it a bit. It is not as straightforward to understand as an FPS for example. But if you give it a try and spend, let’s say one hour in the training mode, then you understand how deep is the gameplay. So it may not appeal everyone, this is right. If you like Magic, you will probably like Dungeon Twister.

  • Where is it? I can’t seem to find it to buy it!

    Oh btw I own the board game and it’s a game with lots of strategy.

    • Chris Boelinger

      Be patient. Hydravision told me that usually, the store update occurs around the end of the day. It should be available now. What about a game together?

  • Only on PS Blog can you get direct developer feedback about stuff like this. So refreshing.

    • Chris Boelinger

      I agree. I like to speak to players directly. And I know that this is the same for Hydravision.

  • m_e_t_a_l-JAH-57

    I am a fan of deep strategy, and always appreciate the effort in creating a finely crafted game featuring that as a play element. It’s really great to see the developer actually personally replying and writing back to fans and potential fans here – makes one feel that there is a vested interest in quality and building a dedicated fanbase in the game.

    You mention future DLC expansion packs featuring new classes such as a Paladin or Red Dragon. this sounds AWESOME, and i hope that they will be able to be implemented!!!

    one question – how big a download is this game? I’m starting to run out of available space on my PS3 HDD… :(

    • Chris Boelinger


      Thank you for your comment.. That’s great to read and to know Hydravision and I have fans :) The game is around 150 MB. Hydravision knew from the start that it is not a game for everybody. Usually chess players like it a lot. But they decided thought to develop it because they love it a lot. Paladin and dragon would be the first DLC to be implemented, but the availabitily date has to be confirmed.

  • m_e_t_a_l-JAH-57

    I’m a HUGE fan of the developer KOEi, and IGN often pans those games invariably too. *sigh* Hopefully people give this really cool looking game a chance, and ignore jaded reviewers that might prefer to be playing a FPS game instead :) LOL

    that’s why there’s so many different kinds of games out there!

    • Chris Boelinger

      For sure, FPS-only lovers won’t like Dungeon Twister. They should not even have a look at it.

  • Great game! Have been playing the game ever since I bought it. Any idea for DLCs or update yet?

    The other thing, my name seemed to be bugged at the leaderboard. You might want to increase the AI level too though.

    Anyone up for a match? : )

    • Chris Boelinger

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad to know that you like it. I will tell Hydravision about your name in the leaderboard. Regarding the DLC I don’t have any date yet. The AI was thought to be a sparing partner. The real challenge is online against other human players. Dit you try the challenge mode? The AI is much more difficult to beat there.

  • We need more players for ranked game

    It’s a good console rendition of the original board game !

    • Chris Boelinger

      Tomorrow (Saturday the 7th of July), a lot of Dungeon Twister champions will be in front of their PS3 for a special game night. It begins at 7:00 PM French time (GMT+1). I will be there! Here we go for many hours of ranked games.

  • Chris, congratulations on having your game brought to PSN! Getting that kind of support for your creation must be very exciting.

    I really want to try out the game, but I’m very disappointed there is no local multiplayer. I wanted to play it with my boyfriend, but can’t because Hydravision decided to leave out that feature. Buying the board game isn’t really an option, as we live in a one-bedroom apartment and do not have the storage space right now. To be honest, the lack of local multiplayer is what stopped me when I was ready to make a purchase.

    Is there any chance of adding local multiplayer at some point? I understand that having all the information on screen for anyone to see changes the game in ways you do not like, but deliberately omitting that feature for that reason was the wrong way to go. Needing to look away from the screen at certain times would not be complicated for me at all, especially when the only other option is to not play at all.

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