The Amazing Spider-Man Swings to PS3 Today With Collectible Suits, Comics

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The Amazing Spider-Man Swings to PS3 Today With Collectible Suits, Comics
The Amazing Spider-Man Swings to PS3 Today With Collectible Suits, Comics

Hello True Believers and PlayStation.Blog readers! Good news — The Amazing Spider-Man video game comes to PS3 today with PlayStation Move support. The game’s story picks up right where this summer’s blockbuster movie, The Amazing Spider-Man, leaves off in a new tale crafted by acclaimed Hollywood writer Seamus Kevin Fahey and voiced by veteran talent such as Nolan North, Sam Riegel, and Bruce Campbell (and even Stan Lee, for those of you who pre-ordered the game from Amazon!)

The Amazing Spider-Man has been developed by the veteran webheads over at Beenox (creators of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions) and the team has been hard at work over the last two years to bring Spider-Man back home to an open-world Manhattan teeming with side missions and playable content. In addition to bringing back free-roaming gameplay, the team has dramatically improved the combat system and added an entirely new feature called Web Rush. Stick with me and I will explain why this is the best Spider-Man game yet!

The Amazing Spider-Man for PS3

In The Amazing Spider-Man, you’ll swing all over Manhattan stopping car chases, subduing armed thugs, and protecting the innocent. But now, the camera provides a much more visceral swinging experience: As you plummet from the rooftops, descending on the denizens of Manhattan, you will get a true sense of vertigo and a real rush as you swing out of your fall at the last nanosecond.

Vigilante Spider-Man SuitYou can also find and collect many suits throughout the game. For the PS3 folks, we are offering up the exclusive Vigilante Spider-Man suit from the upcoming movie that you can win by participating in the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s sweepstakes. You just need to purchase a super large beverage (i.e. the one with the game on the front of the cup), peel back the tab, and input the code online for the chance to win a PSN download code. You can also win other prizes such as the game itself, a PS3, and a PlayStation Move.

6067_d20120126-014_CKE Cup Promo_Carl's Junior Mockup_10Speaking of PlayStation Move, The Amazing Spider-Man fully supports the PlayStation Move in all its glory for everything from Web Rushing around the city to engaging in frenetic combat. For motion control fans this implementation really brings a lot to the table.

Beenox has even added in one of the coolest collectibles in gaming for you Marvel fans out there. As you collect comic pages scattered throughout Manhattan, you will progressively unlock full Spider-Man digital comics that you can read through an in-game viewer!

Gone are the past ‘dial-a-combo’ combat systems, because The Amazing Spider-Man employs an entirely new free-flowing combat style that plays to Spider-Man’s strengths as an agile and dexterous combatant. His attack style is easy to learn but hard to master, and will enable you to build combo streaks while countering and dodging incoming blows. As the combo streaks build, you’ll unleash new and more powerful moves upon your foes, culminating with jaw-dropping signature moves. Of course, there are also Spidey’s all-important web shooters that you can use to bind enemies, blast them onto walls, or grab and twirl them into their companions like a morning star.

Players will be rewarded with experience and tech pieces based on how well they perform in combat. These experience points can then be used to purchase upgrades to Spidey’s suit, web shooters, and attacks, and can even unlock entirely new abilities.

The Amazing Spider-Man for PS3

Possibly the most innovative addition in The Amazing Spider-Man is the entirely new Web Rush feature. Meant to capture and convey the speed at which Spider-Man perceives the world around him, Web Rush allows the player to momentarily slow time to a crawl. While time is dilated, you can choose what you want to do: zip towards an enemy to open combat, for instance, or grab a dumpster and hurl it into your opponents. You could use Web Rush to drop from the ceiling and stealthily cocoon an unwitting foe, or just use it to precisely target where you want to move within the environment.

You don’t always have to slow down time, either. You can simply tap the button to Web Rush at whatever you are currently looking at. As you get better at using Web Rush you’ll find that it seamlessly integrates into the new combat system allowing you to zip from opponent to opponent, use objects in the environment, and perform stealth takedowns all without breaking your combo streak. Web Rush is immensely satisfying to use and really helps cement the feeling of being Spider-Man.

Thanks for sticking around, and I hope you enjoyed learning more about The Amazing Spider-Man, free-roam, combat, collectibles, and Web Rush. Beenox have really outdone themselves with this game and words just do not do it justice. Swing on down to your local game store or go online so you can experience it for yourself! Excelsior!

For more information, videos, bios, and other awesome assets on the game, visit the official website here.

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  • Hope this is as good of a superhero game as Batman arkham city!

  • i hope there’s going to be a PS HOME costume/outfit of spiderman with special moves.

  • “The game’s story picks up right where this summer’s blockbuster movie, The Amazing Spider-Man, leaves off…”

    ugh, here we go again.

  • Watched some walkthroughs online looks pretty good but not sure if worth $60, combat looks similar to Batman, but more Arkham Asylum than the refinements made with smoother animation and gadgets integrated within combat as in Arkham City. Combat seems as it boils down to attack/dodge not as good as AC, but we’ll see any reviews up yet?

  • mmmmmmmmm Hardee’s I just want one of those new grilled cheese burgers

  • oh great here come the its a movie-esc tie in whiners and batman game comparisons….

  • @4 ign 7out10

  • oh great here is the complainer of the comments.

  • Sweeeet! Can’t wait to pick it up later this week. I’m looking forward to slinging a new web.

    And @6, I only whine when the tie-in is incorporated with a place like Taco Bell, or Taco Smell as I like to call it. Will never get their sour cream again, unless I really have nowhere else to go. Luckily, there are many other options.

  • hey sony you gonna release those vita apps or what ?????

  • I love the music in that trailer (oh, and it looks pretty awesome too)! Any idea of the title/artist?

  • Hurry and update!

  • By the way guys, I started playing this game recently, and I implore you NOT to start until you see the movie. There are MAJOR spoilers from the film in the first 5 minutes of the game! I know it seems silly, but if you can wait, do so. I wish I had, and I’m bummed to be going into the film knowing just what happens (and I don’t just mean that Parker becomes Spider-Man or that Conners becomes the Lizard).

  • @13 thx for the info see the movie 1st then play game got it

  • @4 Gamespot gave it a 7.5/10, but the most important thing is the Metacritic user score which is at 9.5 right now!!! I really want this game!

  • @15: Really? That’s the most important thing? The Metacritic USER ratings…? I sincerely hope that doesn’t affect your decision to purchase games. If Metacritics user system were any more corrupt, it could run for Italian Prime Minister.

  • i wont be getting it just yet but i def like and want this, im wondering why its ratings so low,, this game looks fantasic and im sure it plays well.

  • I am disappointed that this doesn’t have a PS Vita version. If this game can be on DS and 3DS then how come its not on PS Vita? its quite a disappointment. Sure I will get this game but when its down to at least 30 or 25 bucks or so.. not worth spending 40 or 50 or 60 bucks for.. I would’ve definitely gotten this on PSV, with or without touch controls. Oh well.. hopefully there will be more of the same games from PS3 going to PSV.. I think developers don’t want to lose money by making two different versions of the game, when making one game free after buying the same type of game. If SONY made PSV with the same controls as PS3 and have the same type of graphics then porting the game wouldn’t be a major problem for them and would definitely be free for PSV if you already bought one for PS3..

  • @18 thats the problem with vita people dont want to pay for the copy they want it free free

  • Well, I’ll chip in as well, what’s up with no vita version. C’mon, the game is out for virtually everything else. and the vita is like this red headed stepchild. Thanks Activision for your stellar support. You guys suck.

  • Actually looks like a cool game, but Activision…meh. Might pick it up anyway, f it.

  • Game is awesome! Love it so far. Hardee’s webpage is not accepting my codes all I get is an ERROR message :(

  • Got a great deal on a great game. I’ve only had time to play a little but so far it’s meeting my expectations especially after the linear gameplay of the last 2. Anyways, I price matched Fry’s $10 off at Best Buy who also threw in a blu ray copy of Spiderman 1, 2 or 3 (I went with 2). The blu ray came with a $10 voucher to see Amazing Spiderman. So all in all a pretty good bundle for $50.

  • @6, as well I will whine as I wish when said tie-in is the only means to get access to a home run derby multiplayer mode that should have been in MLB 12 The Show already. With that said I will be looking to go to Carl’s Jr. to get my big cup of soda, or lemonade. Live long and prosper.

  • @21 blakseed, I saw Activision too and thought the same. But it looks like developer Beenox had the freedom and cash backing to do things awesomely. I’ve bought many Activision games in my day, many, it’s hard to knock them for the many good games they put out.

  • Looks awesome!! :D

  • Carl Jr’s, Hardee’s? Never seen those places around here… Should have picked Subway again.

  • I’m hearing that this game is crap.

  • not complaining or anything and i think this game is gonna be epic but it looks wierd for spidey to be sporting a new suit (utility belt included)

  • really amazing

  • Hey where is the full game trial, there should be a trial or demo for every full game, and previews on all items if you want people to purchase your products on this service.

  • Will there ever be DLC for this game? I know if you pre-ordered the game, you got a code for the rhino challenge.


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