New Gran Turismo 5 DLC Today: Twin Ring Motegi Pack and Scion FR-S 12’

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New Gran Turismo 5 DLC Today: Twin Ring Motegi Pack and Scion FR-S 12’

The online portion of GT Academy 2012 may have ended, but that doesn’t mean you should stop playing Gran Turismo 5! Hitting the PlayStation® Store update this week are two new exciting DLCs – The Twin Ring Motegi Pack and Scion FR-S 12′


Twin Ring Motegi Pack (2 tracks, 4 layouts)
The Twin Ring Motegi is a racing circuit located in Japan that has both an oval and road course. The 2.4km oval ‘Superspeedway’ is mainly used as the stage for American motorsports, while the 4.8km road course is used for races like the Super GT and Formula Nippon.

In addition to these two tracks, the Twin Ring Motegi Pack also includes the West and East courses that are formed by separating the first and latter half of the road course, letting you enjoy the different technical layouts of the Motegi Track

Price: $5.00

Scion FR-S ’12
The long awaited compact FR (front engine, rear wheel drive) sportscar from Scion carries a 2-liter horizontally opposed engine that gives it a very low center of gravity and great weight distribution, and the car is specifically designed throughout to provide driving pleasure. The car is a brother of the Toyota 86 sold in Japan, and its front engine-rear wheel drive layout makes it perfect for learning sports driving techniques. Put one in your garage!


Price: FREE

For more information, be sure to check out Gran

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  • Hi Penrose, cheers on the update! Can you mention anything about any other content arriving in the future? Thanks!

  • How much?

  • New content is always much appreciated. It’s unfortunate how little DLC is available based on how delayed it was though. After originally being stated that new DLC would arrive every two months we’ve had to wait almost 5 months just to get one car and one track. The fact that the track has so many nice variations and the car is free are silver linings.

  • HEY SONY you gonna release these new vita apps at all some time this week I mean come on now im getting inpatient

  • That is a terrific update. Thank you for bringing more contents to us, so that way we can enjoy the game more (and immensely)! By the way… I am curious to see if you guys plan to bring MORE of American and European cars over to Gran Turismo 5 anytime soon??? Don’t get me wrong: I do enjoy using Japanese cars, but enough is enough, you know? BUNCH OF SKYLINE CARS? Where is Porsche, and more of American & European cars… Please? Thanks…

  • I would love to see the ’13 Ford Focus ST added to GT5 soon.

    Especially since I ordered one.

  • I Agree with the above , it’s great to see some Dlc but its a small dlc pack was hoping for a bit more tracks or cars since, its been such awile from dlc’s but none the less ill prob buy it , i question why the scion FR-S ’12, its the same car as the Toyota 86, but just seems to be under the Scion banner but cool. thanks for all you do . i always wish there was more tracks and car packs ,but how much is the price n the us ?

  • I’d like to see the SRT Viper GTS.

  • Nice!, it’s good to see that you are releasing more dlc for gt5, but it would be nice to see more new cars on future dlc, thank you very much for your efforts, keep the good work.

  • LOL ITS BEGUN! An article for every vital/unvital piece of information will now be written to delay the store update till there done writing them articles!

  • @9 Oh yeah, writing simple articles are what delays the store. My god it’s not even one yet and people are already complaining.

  • Any plans of bringing GT to Vita in the near future?

  • Is the Scion left-hand drive? And does Motegi have weather/time change? I was wondering why it costs more than Spa + Kart Space.

    @MakoSOLIDER, grow up. The world doesn’t revolve around you. You may not be interested in these articles but some people are.

  • Let me guess, more useless DLC that cannot be used with new events in A-Spec? Even Shift from EA when they released DLC added all new Single player events for the new cars/tracks.

  • Very happy for this track DLC. I’m buying it if for nothing else, just to FINALLY have another oval in the game for NASCAR races. Motegi is alot like Darlington. In fact NASCAR used to go to Motegi’s oval along with Sazuka East and Fuji in real life. I think that’s all the Japan tracks NASCAR used to go to now in GT5…….too badd you don’t have any of the current tracks aside from Daytona and Indy. I wish you guys would have at least put Bristol in the game, and Infineon since it was in GT4 and is a NASCAR track too. But oh well, I still love you guys at PD. But please, a few more NASCAR tracks in GT6 if you still have NASCAR licensing then.

    Have you guys at PD decided yet if GT6 is going to be a PS3 game, or are you gonna try and save it for a PS4 “year 1” game? If it’s a PS4 game are you planning to continue GT5 support for the rest of this gen with more DLC, maybe a spec-3.0 or something? Or are you getting ready to move on at this point?

  • GT Planet reports $5 for the track.

  • LONG LIVE TO GT5!!!!

  • Sweet! More content on the disc unlocked.

  • @#2


  • @#2

  • @10 – ur hilarious, I think I’ve read all ur posts today.. so far lol :)


  • PS the content is not on the disk but was rather downloaded in the second last update, this is done by pd so YOU can enjoy the track for a month for free …

  • Another subpar subcompact that will go in the garage and never be driven, oh well at least its free even though thats all its worth. The twin ring motegi track I won’t be buying, $5 is a total waste of money on an old track thats been re-rendered and rehashed from previous installments. Hinto to PD: if you really wish to sell more tracks, come up with some more affordable bundle packs of say some NEW tracks. If you want this game to have legs and last even a portion of the long dev time till the next installment DLC has to show more imagination and even just the slightest amount of effort. But what we’ve got is why most of us who have the game gave up on it months ago.

  • Woohoo! I waited a long time (not too long) to new GT5 DLC. Thanks! XD

  • PD, Why is the Formula GT a standard car? (well it was fully designed and developed by PD, so why is it standard and not premium like the Ferrari F1 cars?)

  • Can’t access the Scion? It’s not showing up on the dealership :(

  • I seriously doubt PD will see anything posted here but …..Pointless car downl;oad that looks to be nothing more than a commercial to sell the real thing. Looking forward to the new track though.

    I would happily pay for Tourist Trophy either stand alone or integrated into GT5 if possible with its physics intact.

    Some older Ferrari’s would be fun additions, even thought the newer models are fast etc they lack the character of older models that made them iconic dream machines like the 288 GTO, Original Fiber Glass Webber carbed 308, Early GTO & Testarossa, Daytonas etc.

  • @mastorofpuppetz

    I think there’s plenty of single player events in the online Seasonal Events, and those include the new tracks, I’m sure there will be some that will include Motegi pretty soon. A-spec is old, Seasonal Events with the new performance XP system is where the real single player experience is at.

  • Guys guys! GT for Vita please?

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