DUST 514 Mercenary Pack Out Today on PSN, Grants Beta Access Thursday

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DUST 514 Mercenary Pack Out Today on PSN, Grants Beta Access Thursday


Later this year, there will be an unprecedented level of combat in gaming raging across the entire EVE Universe, from the mighty capsuleers far above in Eve Online, to the relentless onslaught you and your squad will bring to bear against your enemies on countless planets in DUST 514.

The first, harrowing drumbeats of war started not long ago and have been increasing ever since during our beta tests. Until today, this has been of very limited scope while we’ve introduced some of the EVE Universe’s most faithful players to planetary warfare and trickled in some of the earliest of adopters who have picked up their rifles and laid low the opposition.
But that all changes this weekend when we’ll be opening the doors to thousands of new combatants through our beta events. There’s still time to sign up over at our official beta website to participate in this important, and early, testing period for the game.

Signing up for the beta and playing DUST 514 is completely free! But for those who want to try an assortment of the pay-for items, get guaranteed access to beta weekends, and score a discount we’ve created the Mercenary Pack. The Mercenary Pack offers a $50 value for a price of $19.99 and will be available later today on PlayStation Store.


The Mercenary Pack contains an all-access beta pass, which will guarantee entry into every beta event — starting this Thursday, June 28th and then repeating every other weekend. Not only that, but Mercenary Pack owners will get exclusive access to DUST 514 during off weekends in-between beta events as well.

The Mercenary Pack also contains a bundle of goods and items designed to help both rookies and veterans alike, including a customized ‘Dragonfly’ Scout dropsuit that has a unique stealthy look and lowered skill requirements for usage. This dropsuit is a good all-around infantry armor that is versatile in most combat situations and is only available with the Mercenary Pack.

Another useful item included the package is the 30-day Active Skill Booster, also only available in the Mercenary Pack, which will grant the user a 50% boost in skill points earned during in-game matches so you can quickly progress your character to be on par with veteran players.
But what good is a mercenary soldier without weapons to ply his chosen trade? To remedy that, we have also included a spread of armaments to add teeth to any mercenary about to start his career on the battlefields of New Eden.


For starters, there’s the ‘Toxin’ ICD-9 Submachine Gun, which is a multipurpose weapon good for close and medium range fire fights. And for those who like to fight up close, you’ll find the HK4M Shotgun, designed to sweep a room clear of enemy combatants. For those times when you absolutely, positively must blow a group of enemies to bits, there’s the Fused Locus Grenade. Finally, the 1.5dn Myofibril Stimulant module gives damage bonuses for knife attacks.

It is said that endless money funds the sinews of war, and throughout history this has remained so. In DUST 514 there are two types of currencies: ISK (which is earned in-game) and Aurum (which is purchased). To help fund your plans for planetary conquest, the Mercenary Pack also comes with 4,000 Aurum so that you can finance your military campaigns and furnish your band of warriors with modern war gear.

Good luck to all our future Mercenaries! May your victories be sweet, and the spoils of war be bountiful.

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  • see im telling u, vita information THE DAY THE STORE UPDATES. KEEP UM COMING!

  • Wow, my slight interest for this game has turned into zero interest, what a scam..

  • ^^that should be “vital”

  • Sorry this is a little unclear to me. Will the character you create during the beta period be useable when the full game is released? If not will all these perks be accesible when the full game is released or only during beta?

    • Yes, our plan is to allow your characters from beta to be carried over to the full game. The items and Aurum from the Mercenary Pack will also carry over to the full game.

  • I lost interest in this game since I can foreshadow this game will be pay 2 win…… oh well, it was to good to be true (Free to play FPS)

  • Ok so I can clear this up a bit. The character you use during the beta will be wiped away including all the items. BUT the 4000 Aurum you get will ALL come back to you. The 4000 Aurum itself is $20 dollars. So essentially you are getting a ridiculous deal here. I’d take it.

  • Can we get a detailed article on the way Move/Sharpshooter will be implemented in this game?

  • And this game isnt a pay to win game in the slightest . Ive played in the beta, and you CAN take down peolpe who pay for things . It wont be easy but its more then feasible

  • @Joseph
    People who pay are noobs. They have nothing over skill. A skill player will always be able to take out someone who payed for a higher gun. CCP said theres no Mega gun u can buy that’ll let u win everything

  • Will this be able to get carried over to the final game? Or is this stuff only for the beta?

  • i feel like this is a cynical way to sell early access. it’s understandable, at least, but also kind of screams “the games ready to go, we just want to do an early cash grab”. my 2 cents.

  • I’m getting this game, unlike all the people crying about paying and stuff. This game looks to be awesome and a really good game to own.

    Thanks Sony for bring this to PS3, hope to see more.

  • As much hype as this game’s getting I definitely wanna try it out

  • Eh…. I wouldn’t pay money to buy some free to play content for a game that’s still in beta. Might sound a bit hypocritical since I prepurchased Guild Wars 2 for beta access but it’s kind of a different situation. I paid full upfront for a game I now own. not $50 for some stuff for a free to play game that I’m paying to get early access to. I feel as though I should already have early access since I paid for plus but apparently plus is getting less betas these days.

  • I actually dun care if it is a cash grab. The games coming for free guys. Giving the devs this early cash to get into the beta is basically like a “donation”

  • so, has anyone else not been able to find this beta pack that supposedly came out today? i have searched all over the store, the PSN website, and now HOME and i find nothing…

  • Will there ever be a story mode added in the near future?

  • Ill like to start off my saying i fully support this game, im in the beta and enjoy every minute of it.
    I know there are going to but a bunch of comments saying ” this game sucks its all P2W” BLAH BLAH BLAH.
    If you guys would do some research and really look into how this game is set up you would see, this is NOT P2W!
    It has been said dozens of times in dev videos, the Aurum is there as in game currency that you can buy with real money. The weapons, armor, dropsuits, ect. are not the strongest items in game.

    This is not your normal FPS and CCP has tryed to make it as so. If any one is interested to learn more or looking to really get into this msg me i am in a corporation and we are looking for serious players.

    Id advise everyone to give it a chance.

    Thank You.

  • @ 2

    How is it a “scam”? It’s still free (I’m in the 100% free beta now). No one is making anyone buy anything… but the DUST community is better off without you anyway since you already weren’t interested, but found in necessary to comment in a DUST post anyway. Troll.

  • I won a beta code from the Dust 514 lounge in Playstation Home but am unable to redeem it on the Playstation Store. Why is this?

  • @josef217
    Lol I have the beta. It’s not like that, trust me. You wanna be good at this game, you really have to work for it. There really, really is no getting around that.

  • I can tell people arent ready this thing.

    Key Points:
    – For $20 you get (all of this a $50 value) :
    -All that gear (doesnt return for the full game)
    -4000 Aurum (a $20 value itself) (does return to the full game)
    – Instant beta access
    – The game is NOT pay to win. you just cant do it

  • F2P devs always say “we won’t give heavy advantages for money” but when their profits flounder, they suddenly betray their own words. I don’t mind making micro transactions, but when it starts to destroy the integrity of the game, I leave. Hopefully DUST 514 will be different.

  • I wish a dev would get on here and reply to some of these comments and explain to you noobs the difference between having micro-transactions (which they ALWAYS said from DAY ONE that the game would have) and actually being pay to win.

    • Your wish is my command! Something that a lot of people have overlooked is that the items in the Mercenary Pack are not pay2win items. These items (be it dropsuits or weapons) are variations of standard items that players can get without paying money. They are designed to help new players who are not familiar with EVE’s system of fitting items to dropsuits or vehicles and make it easier for people to get their feet wet in Dust.

  • oh and one last thing i just remembered.. in Dust when you die you lose ALL your stuff and are set back t basic default gear.. that includes teh stuff you spent REL money on… so even if the game WAS pay to win youd be stupid to spend any money on it because of that fact…. i mean i dont care how overpowered you are.. h w long do you REALLY think youre gonna go before someone kills you in an FPS?..

    i dont know anyone (even the best COD and BF players) who can go 5 match, have at LEAST 10 kills per match (to show theyre actually participating and not just hiding) and can go all 5 matches without getting killed at LEAST ONCE

  • If you want to know more details #5,#7, and #9. Click in the highlighted Mercenary Pack and it will take you to there site showing details.

  • @Duo – You talking about me? Micro transactions can easily make a game P2W. It’s got to be a balancing act. And if it works like you said – all cash items get erased when you die – assuming you die often, there’s no incentive to buy anything at all, which would defeat the purpose of having cash items, unless they’re extremely cheap…

  • 30-day Skill booster!!!!! 4k in AUR is well worth the $20. plus the additional Gear items.


  • I just curious,do the previous beta testers get the same level of access or do we have to get the mercenary pack?

    Either way the pack is a must buy just from the value point alone.!

    • If you were already in the beta before the Mercenary Pack came out, you will still have all access to the beta as before. We are not making you pay to get back into the beta.

  • Thnx for the comments from the ppl that are already in the beta it’s tempting to pay the $20 and thank you to the crybabies saying they will not play this game theirs already to much on the PS3 now it’s turning into Xbox. I remember asking awhile back on one of these blogs if their would be M&KB support and to my surprise they said yes so has anybody tried or know if you can use M&KB controls in the beta? Cause that would be a for sure purchase for me.

  • I’m still on the fence about this anyone have any link to solid gameplay and how the MMORPG interacts with this? I’ve been looking all morning and all I found was old trailers from yester-year and speculation CG trailers.

  • @27 yeah you just said yourself microtransactions CAN make a game pay to win… CAN does not equal WILL, so until we see the stats the “free” weapons have and compare them to the stats the “pay” weapons have, lets not just to the “omg people that pay get stuff so its pay to win” conclusion shall we?

    @31 whats there to be on the fence about? the game is FREE (just liek dc universe online) just wait til the game comes out, download it, play it.. if you dont like it delete it from your ps3 and never touch it again…. not hard.

  • Dude I want into this beta so bad! I registered for the beta who knows how many different ways and still nothing. As a fan of MAG I was hopping to get a taste of the beta and would play lots. I have many people on my friends list that play it, but noooo beta for me I guess.

  • @Duo – Yes and you just admitted I said Can not Will. I’ve never said micro transactions == P2W, I said devs can easily make it that way. Calm down and reflect a little before slapping the word “noob” on everyone you think might have different opinion than you.

    Many F2P games have fallen apart for the reason I said earlier. I’m not saying DUST will have the same fate, I just thought it was worth mentioning. It sounds like the game has completely different mechanics from what I’ve ever seen, so I’ll be keeping an open mind about it.

  • @JMG24BAD your character will still be available in the full game but they said they just might lower your lvl or take away a couple of items to make it fair for other that didn’t even get into the beta.

    I just bought it because i don’t have a full access key and i really wanted one if i knew that this had came out in would have never put in my beta code for the upcoming event in and given it to someone.

  • @DuoMaxwell007 the Aurum which is wat you buy from the store can only be used for unique skins and such it cant help anyone get more weapons and such for their team the money you earn while in the game is the money that is used for.
    and yes you do lose all your equipment that you have on when you die which i thought was kind stupid but they have priced everything super low so that ppl can by bulks of items to put in their characters layout because they’ve said they may item wont be on the markets for long periods of times.

  • @31 There’s still an NDA, so technically any gameplay videos from Joe Schmo would be breaking that. If you trying searching for CCP’s Fanfest function this year, there’s probably some decent gameplay kicking around.

    @Dust514F2Pcritics Without going into too much detail (NDA and all), the differences between the Pay-real-money-for versions and the In-game money versions that I’ve seen are almost entirely limited to simply being able to use the item with a level or two less relevant skill levels, as this article mentions.

    I’m having a lot of fun with the beta so far and I don’t normally like FPS games. If you’re interested at all in this game, I’d go for the mercenary pack. As people are saying, the Aurum deal alone is worth it since you’ll receive any Aurum you buy during the beta back after the game releases, even if you’ve used it all.

    My question is: Will the 30-day skill booster roll over to the actual game release if I don’t use it during the beta (since skill boosters are in-use even when the servers are down during the week)?

  • Ok everyone that keeps saying that you loose all of you’re stuff no you don’t you loose 1 of each slot and a suit that’s why you buy extra and restock every chance you get and no the aurum weapons/armor is not overpowered it’s pretty much the same as the isk weapons/armor it’s just if you don’t have enough for the in isk drop suit or weapon you can buy a similar 1 for aurum so you don’t need to go back to you’re starter gear it’s just giving you a option you don’t need to buy anything .

  • Oh and also someone with starter gear can kill someone with advance gear just asking as they’re skill allocation is superior to the opponent so be smart with skill points to all new players

  • I ment as long they’re skill alocation is superior x.x auto correct is on with the device I’m useing

  • I feel very insulted and angry that CCP is guaranteeing access to the beta to people who pay the $19.99 for the Mercenary Pack!

    I understand that CCP needs to earn revenue to compensate it for the development costs of Dust 514 – but this decision will likely foster ill will among the potential customer base.

  • If you read the product description it tells you your stuff WILL be put back on your account for the games release.

  • lots of questions here. thanks to those who are answering but it would be nice if someone from CCP can confirm how the Mercenary Pack rolls into the full game release.

  • Glad to see a few other beta players here trying to set the record straight on this P2W crap. If you think Dust will be P2W then you either don’t understand how it works or your an idiot. If you have a question then ask it but don’t state something like you know what you’re talking about when you clearly don’t.

    P2W NO. The biggest experience we have ever had on console YES.

    To those that think Dust looks interesting and may give it a try…do some more reading, you don’t even know the half of it yet.

    And to the guy with the PS Home beta key, you should be able to redeem it this weekend.

    If ya don’t like it HTFU or GTFO.

  • In what world do you live in where there are tons of people willing to work for and give you things totally for free? A company develops a revolutionary MMOFPS (incredible budget just right there), tells you that it’s going to be free for you to play when it’s released, and then tells you that there’ll be things you can purchase so they can actually have revenue and keep the game sustainable. Now you’re complaining!?

    These people have put in some serious work and love to get this game to your hands AS a free to play title whereas they could have just charged a box fee and a subscription. Look at MAG, nowhere near the amount of content and features of this game and that’s dead. Yes I know F2P elicits thoughts of ridiculous cash shops, but hey folks are going into the office and working, completely free play and complaints about people buying things do not keep bills paid.

    CCP, while not entirely altruistic (extremely close to it, they do families to feed) has put out about 17 EVE expansions for its players and has charged nothing for them. They’ll be bringing that ethic to Dust. Look on your shelves and find another company to do the same.

    I’ll be paying not to win, but because I want the game to last.

  • While I bought a small bit of Aurum, $4.99, and used it for a booster and some gear, it doesn’t make you a better player. It does give you a bit earlier access to some better gear but you still have to play well in order to get the Skill Points needed to progress through skill trees and access the better gear and open other skills. A person could buy all the boosters they want but if they don’t play well, they still won’t acquire skill points quickly and a player who doesn’t have Aur but plays well will be able to surpass them no problem.
    What’s also great about Dust514 is that you don’t necessarily have to have a high K/D ratio to earn skill points! Players who excel at sabotage or logistics/support (healing/ammo resupply) or just great pilots/drivers and are good team players will also earn a lot of skill points.

  • Looks like this game is shaping up nicely.

  • I understand what Dust is, it is not pay to win and it will be free to play. What you will be paying for if you choose is time boosters really. Pretty much every gun you can buy with real money stat wise can be obtained with the in-game currency, it just takes a lot more time grinding.

    However, the current beta we all got into through PSHome was one of the crappiest beta’s I’ve ever had the misfortune of participating in. Simply put, it was a lag fest. Slow stuttering framerate and glitches/bugs galore and apparently it’s a very old build compared to the one shown on the floor of E3. Why we were asked to play that build I will never know, it definitely gave me a bad impression thinking the developers aren’t nearing that finished due date of “sometime in 2012.”

  • Now we have this new beta, this “open beta” which isn’t really open since you have to pay real money to get in. I know they say you can still get in by signing up at their website but let’s be real here. That’s just talk.

    CCP can’t be too serious about testing their game if they have to charge people to get in. Fewer bodies will be using it and that means less bugs will be found. Something fishy is going on here. I don’t think this game is going to come out this year and I think their funding is running out.

    • It’s not just talk. :) We will be sending codes to people who registered at our website soon. Oh Ye of little faith. :)

  • @48 the current build is a true closed beta so yes they’re will be bugs lag and such the next build coming this weekend will be the outcome of all closed beta testing progress it’s most likely the same build as the 1 in e3 I look forward to it and I don’t understand why everyone that has played the closed beta always think its the final game how they get that idea is beyond me .

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