Dead Nation: Road of Devastation Gets “Arcade” Expansion Pack Today

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Dead Nation: Road of Devastation Gets “Arcade” Expansion Pack Today

Arcade Mode - Score Road

Attention Dead Nation recruits worldwide! We’re excited to announce a brand new game mode for Road of Devastation (the expansion pack to Dead Nation) called Arcade, which is a brand new way to experience Road of Devastation! Everyone who’s taken the Road knows of the Egogate experiment – to find the perfect zombie killer who can survive longest against ever-increasing odds (the fallen heroes’ DNA are allegedly used to clone and breed the perfect soldier).

Arcade Mode - Money RoadArcade Mode - Weapon Road

The new Arcade mode may actually see you survive the ordeal and get out alive! You can choose your difficulty level, and checkpoints will revive (or is that clone?) you.

Completing Arcade mode on different difficulty levels will also unlock new Road of Devastation concept art. If you’ve never experienced Road of Devastation before, now’s the perfect time! Think you’ve got what it takes to get out alive? Download Arcade mode today and find out!

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  • Great!

    I wish we could receive a PS+ discount on both Dead Nation and Road of Devastation. I’ve already have Dead Nation, but I’m still waiting a sales price for Road of Devastation.

  • Wicked! So glad to see the game still being supported all this time! You guys are awesome!

  • i download dead nation never really cared four it

  • i got say this infamous has yall beat infamous 2. if it was a first person shoter game yea it would be great but on the other hand call of duty black ops has better zombies

  • Dead Nation and Fat Princess would be perfect games to play on the Vita.

  • @hotbaby1156 those two games you listed are big budget titles. This is a PSN title. Great support on this game from the developer. So many games so little time, but I will have to get back on Dead Nation and check out the new mode.Thanks for all the tender loving care to your baby. I really wish all developers cared this much.

  • Awesome! DLC to DLC – now this something I’d like to see other games doing. I like that the Road to Devastation DLC is a continuation of the core game.

    ***Read this request below***
    PLEASE consider releasing a Vita version of Dead Nation! You could release a PSN title that includes Road of Devastation with this, as well as a complete package. The PSN version could get an update to allow for cross-game save, so those that haven’t beaten the core game or the DLC could do so at home or on the move. Which, is how they’d be reacting to zombies in real life.

  • Hey Petsku,

    2 questions:

    Any chance for a vita version of DN?

    Will there be a sequel?

  • when will youtube b hitting psn r crackle something anything

  • So this is free if you already own RoD?

    • Hi AsiaQatar, yes it is free. Just boot up Dead Nation and install patch 1.08. Your copy of RoD will now have a Arcade Mode available. Have fun! :)

  • I guess i will re-download this game. I had fun with the original one. I liked the online/offline coop. It was much less confusing than the zombie apocalypse game. Simple kill and dont get killed. I wonder if this will come with more trophies?

    • Heya thebgj, glad to hear you are joining in the zombie shooting again. (No offense to any zombies out there!) To answer your question there are no new trophies. This free patch adds the Arcade game mode and new concept art to unlock. Enjoy! :)

  • Yes, a Vita version of Dead Nation would be awesome!!! I was never able to finish Dead Nation on PS3 because of all the bigger games that took up too much of my time.

    Dead Nation would be perfect for the Vita. Cross-game saves would allow me to pick up where I left off, about halfway through. And it would be so much more convenient to quickly jump in and kill a few zombies whenever I had a few minutes to spare.

    I definitely support a Dead Nation: Complete Edition for Vita, perhaps with a discount for PS+ users or people who already bought the PS3 version.

  • great news, didn’t think this game would get anymore support.

    I keep going back from time to time trying to reach level 10 on Road of Devastation…but haven’t made it yet.

    Thanks for the new arcade mode, you make some great games Housemarque. Super Stardust Delta will be the first game I purchase for Vita when I eventually pick one up. Super Stardust still to this day is one of my favorite PSN games.

    Looking forward to seeing what your next project is.

  • Judging by Super Stardust, Dead Nation would be amazing on the Vita. Please make it happen!

  • Thanks for the new dlc. I really enjoy DN. I just hope for a squel. And cross play with the vita. Is the dlc free?

  • I really want this game on my vita.

  • I have not even finished the original game yet :(

  • @15 Tremulan777 – Yeah i want a sequel too, but next time let us keep our bought and upgraded weapons after completing the game!

  • It’s good to see dvelopers still supporting this game,i have to of course still finish the original game though.

  • Tell me this is a free update, if you already have Road of Devastation.

    • This is a free update, if you already have Road of Devastation. Download the 1.08 patch and that is it!

  • New trophies?

  • AWESOME!!!!

    Hi, my name’s Hobo and I’m a Dead Nation-holic…

    Got the original Dead Nation through the “Sorry we lost your personal info” fiasco. I played this game for 6 months straight, then for the sake and satiny of myself/freinds/family, had to delete it from the HD. Got back on the wagon when they released the Road to Devistation DLC and now I’m really pumped for this new release.

    Developers should take note on how to extend the gaming experience like this for their own future properties (hint hint Vanquish!!) as this game came out back in 2012, and I’m still loving and playing this game!

    @Sony: how much!?!?!? + although I don’t own a Vita yet, this would be such a great game for this system.


  • I loved Dead Nation and I have been trying to buy the DLC since but I haven’t been able because PSN won’t let me add funds :( I have tried with many CCs to no avail and I know my info is correct but it just won’t accept it :/ And now with this update it makes me want to buy it even more but I can’t!!! :|

  • #23 – Go pick up PSN card at GameStop… Problem solved. Yes, I know this doesn’t fix the issues with you entering CC info but, there’s no need to miss out on stuff…..

  • @23 or go to best buy they sell $10 cards thats where i pick mine up

  • Yes. That’s what I’ve been considering because I really do want this DLC. I do hope Sony does something about the CC issues that are pretty widespead and I do appreciate the suggestions :) And BTW, kudos for this great game! ^u^

  • @6:
    Funny thing, I would take Dead Nation over any of those inferior titles. My opinion of course (and certainly not in line with the rest of the gaming world).

    Glad to have yet more to do in Dead Nation. I have 100% on it all, it was a great and fun challenge. Look forward to the revisit, my wife, not so much. The tense combat situations (no other stick shooter comes close) make her pull her hair out.

  • Well im glad for the great addition but, i wish you would have put this as an add-on in the store. The 1.08 patch is 375MB and cant be downloaded in the background…….My net has been getting slower each month :((( but ohh well atleast the DLC for the DLC is FREE…..downloading it now and only 73 minutes till i can use my ps3 again LOL

  • Dead Nation on the VITA with cross platform play! Make it happen guys! :D

  • Sweet, love dead nation! Keep up the support.

    Thank you!

  • @29 we want dead nation 2 forget dead nation vita and make it happen sony

  • I liked this game, the one thing worthwhile offered after PSN got sucked into that black hole april ’11. This looks like an expansion I could go for as long as its not overpriced. Perhaps this is a good example of what DLC should be. I’m thinking it could be a while before we get it though since I didn’t find any release date or price yet. Hopefully not a long wait.

    • Hiya CaptainJames99. It’s available now. The Road of Devastation expansion is $3.99 on the Store. Today we are announcing the release of a patch adding in an Arcade mode into the Road of Devastation expansion pack. Hope you enjoy it! There are plenty of zombies to shoot! :)

  • Hey, I logged in just to say:
    I am totally in support for a vita version.
    Come on people, let housmarque know we want it.

  • trophies? or no trophies because you don’t pay for it?

    • Hiya cwsluke. No additional trophies beyond what was added with the original release of the Road of Devastation DLC. This free patch adds in the new game mode and new concept art that can be unlocked. Have fun!

  • StriveThruStrife

    I absolutely love this game n play it regularly…kudos for the free DLC. Any chance we can get an update that allows the Turret in the regular game and makes it so u can get ammo or pickups for it. As u can pickup flares, grenades, ammo etc. from fallen enemies, vehicles n chests but not 4 the turret. That would sweeten the pot n make u Gods/Godesses among men. Thanks Again!!!

  • StriveThruStrife

    Plz add the turret 2 reg game n also allow pickups n ammo 4 it like u do with every other weapon… Love this game!!! Thanks 4 da free update

  • I don’t know about every one else but am wait on other classic arcade games.Like double dragon 1&2 and DD tower of doom.If they are gonna put on ps3 I hope so.

  • Some guy said… Dead Nation for the PSVita??? Now… THAT’S WHAT I’m TALKING ABOOT!! :P Make it happen SCE!! :D

  • Hello! I would like to add that I would gladly pay 19.99 for a Vita version of Dead Nation special Edition. I am not the only one either.

  • StriveThruStrife

    Jus ran thru it love but a bit of a tease w/only 6 rds, round 6 is right around wen things get interesting… I have made it 2 round 14 on my own n me n my bro make it to 15 or 16 online. Love it but just feels waaaaaay 2 short ..thanks

  • Did I miss something? 385mb download and it’s the same road of devastation but now has a 6 level mode as well as the same continuous mode. The arcade mode is the same as the old road of devastation? I haven’t tried a new co-op mode as I’m currently in the middle of a save.

  • Is anybody else having problem with downloading the 1.08 patch? When I try to download it, it keeps me waiting then gives download error “80710092”. It happened several times and i wasn’t able to download it yet.

  • Gees,mzingarellis! The DLC is only $3.99, how much cheaper does it need to be? Lord have mercy!

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