Coming This Friday to PSN: The Walking Dead Episode 2 – Starved For Help

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Coming This Friday to PSN: The Walking Dead Episode 2 – Starved For Help

The Walking Dead: Episode Two - Starved for Help

The Walking Dead, Telltale Games’ continuing story of adventure horror based on Robert Kirkman’s Eisner Award-winning comic book series, continues this week for PS3! Episode Two – Starved for Help tears through flesh and bone and onto the PlayStation Network this Friday for $4.99 or will be available as a download from within the game’s menu for existing season pass owners!

We’re really excited to continue the story of Lee Everett; players will have to deal with the repercussions of the choices they made in Episode One and they’ll be confronted by more difficult and sometimes gut-wrenching choices in Episode Two. Remember, the decisions you make means that your story of The Walking Dead could be substantially different from someone else’s – this is what we call ‘tailored narrative’.Our game engine has been tracking every choice players made in Episode One – A New Day. From course-altering life-and-death decisions to seemingly banal actions and conversations, we’re keeping tabs on all of it.

**(Spoilers: Don’t watch this if you haven’t played Episode One!)**

Coming This Friday to PSN: The Walking Dead Episode 2 – Starved For Help

This video is just a sampling of some of the choices players made in Episode One. Those choices might have an effect in the scene you’re playing, later in the episode, later in the season or not at all. Think about what you do and say — the game and the characters in the game are watching! The information recorded by the game helps the team devise aspects of the ongoing story of The Walking Dead, making this episodic gaming at its best!

Hopefully by now, you’re hungry for more information about Episode Two – Starved for Help. Let’s just say that if you thought Episode One – ‘A New Day’ had some nasty, stomach-churning moments, you’re probably going to need a bucket at hand (and perhaps a box of tissues for tears; this episode made our PR manager cry) for episode two!

The Walking Dead: Episode Two - Starved for HelpThe Walking Dead: Episode Two - Starved for Help

The Walking Dead: Episode Two - Starved for HelpThe Walking Dead: Episode Two - Starved for Help

The Telltale team is thrilled that you’re getting your hands on The Walking Dead: Episode Two – Starved for Help soon, and we can’t wait to see all the choices you make as you sink your teeth into it!

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  • Finally people can stop whining about it.

  • very nice, ive been dying to do this althouh i still having other endings to sed in thd 1st ep! thanks, great game worth the bundle price!

  • finally i can stop whining about it.

  • Sweet, can’t wait to play it..


  • thx tt this is going to be a blast

    ps take your time

  • We need this game on PSVita..

  • @6 just play it on ps3 im sure u want it for free on psvita correct

  • @3 I nearly spat coffee everywhere then :)

  • Sucks that we have to wait longer. But it’s nice to know it’s finally coming out.

  • Finally! =D

  • About Zombie killing time. What as the problem to change date and what are the release dates for the rest of the others?

  • What took so long?

  • I ‘ve heard so much about this series,i have to check this out very soon.

  • about dame time

  • I enjoyed episode 1 very much, looking forward to episode 2 on Friday! =)

  • FINALLY!!!! Been waiting for this for ages!!! w00t!! Thank you for the update; can’t wait to play it over the weekend.

  • Finally people can stop whining about people whining about it’. lol

  • about timeeeeee something was mentioned. they hadee to say something today or other wise the psn store update blog would be rioting right noww haha.. cant wait,

  • no way!! im excited yet fearful that this finally releasing could be a harbinger of the end of days!

  • I’ll prepare Alan for the next round of questions:

    Where’s Episode 3?!

  • Wow finally!!!!!!!! I was thinking the game got dropped on its head even though I really liked it. Can we at least get one episode once a month?

  • YAY ***** GREAT!

  • is the show any good?

  • when will the episodes get Move+Nav support? the UI scheme *begs* for Move support!

    also, when will Sam & Max Season 1 come to PSN? it would be *awesome* if it supported the unified front-end like The Walking Dead for all Sam & Max seasons and episodes. Sam & Max Season 2 not having a Platinum trophy is a major reason a bunch of people I talked to in Home didn’t buy it.

    also also, still waiting to see Wallace & Gromit on PSN. with the PS3’s awesome shaders and 1080p support, and the lighting advances made in The Devil’s Playhouse, it would look *amazing*.

  • @23 show is fantastic

  • Finally! They took long enough..

  • can’t wait

  • about time…. I was starting to lose hope on June! weird it’s coming on a Friday.. I thought all updates usually happened on tuesdays besides random maintenance.

  • @23, the show has a few pacing problems & some questionable actions done by some of the characters. However, there are many shows that are far worse in that regard. From the start toward the end of season 2, the acting, direction, & the special effects have been top notch. It also deviates from the comics, fyi.

    Like the show, this game deserves to be played in the dark.

  • woohoo its about time been dieing for more game play now i can stop whining about it also lets just hope i dont have to whine about any more episodes lol

  • omg i want to play this game! but i hate waiting so much to continue the story,it just loose its magic after waiting 2 months for next episode :(

  • i think we can all agree that episodic games are an awful idea?

    I mean think, 8 episodes. If it takes them 2 months for every episode like they did episode 2, we’re gonna be waiting 16 months. That’s almost a year and a half to finish ONE GAME.

    My girlfriend bought the whole game thinking the episodes would be release monthly. She traded in MLB 12 for it. Obviously the most regrettable thing ever haha.

  • OH SNAP!!….It’s time for brains!!

  • Weird time to drop it, but I guess I’m just glad it’s coming.

  • my wife asking me about the new episode everyday… :facepalm:

  • When will episode 2 be out lol

  • Finally! Can’t freakin’ wait!!!!

  • So hype i Love the Walking Dead will def be worth the wait. Telltale dont rush these gems but keep em coming.

  • Gonna pass on all the episodes until they are all released, this is worse than the weekly soap opera schedule of the show, which turned into just another daytime soap with a mild coat of gore back in the 2nd season.

  • About freakin’ time… The only reason I bought the season pass was because of it being The Walking Dead. Huge fan of the comics and t.v show. Telltale Games really turned me off. This will be the last game I buy from them, assuming we still get all five episodes. Now, what did I do in my first playthrough?

  • Well that’s good. But all players hope that you guys don’t get too late with the other episodes, because for this one it’s already been like a month. This is a great game actually. Hope we don’t wait too much for the other episodes.

  • Ya I played the first EP and was not pleased with the game play. But i love tha show.

  • Thank god, now people can be quiet. They better not be late with the other episodes, I don’t want to have to deal with the whining more.

  • whoo-hoo!

  • I am sure hoping it didn’t get held up two extra days so Xbox could get it first. I see u guys announced it was in their market place now. Say it isn’t so?

  • @#46, It’s only because we got the first episode before everyone else. @ all of the whining people hating on the “whining people”: Don’t hate that we are all stating facts about promises made, and NOT delivered. As I recall Telltale said that the episodes would be released monthly, which would mean that we should already be finished with episode 3, and waiting for 4 to come out in a few weeks. The problem with Telltale, is that they decided to put the game on the Poverty-Box 180. Which not only hurts us financially, and timely. They have to dumb down the graphical capabilities, because the Povo-Box can’t handle anything.

  • Can we PS users get something first (or at the same time) that Xbox users for once, on third party products? (Besides a three day head start on Battlefield 3 maps…).
    I love the PS brand, own both PS3 and Vita, but it`s always sunny on MS land and there`s always something downcast on PS3 versions of games. I don`t know if the problem is marketing or corporate deals, hardware differences etc., and i don`t care who FREAKING WINS the Console Wars or anything. I just want a fair third party support for my PlayStation platforms. Sony needs to regain the respect the PS brand once commanded with third parties. Not to win, or to leave the competition out of the water, just to deliver the goods the their loyal customers.

    My two cents.

    Telltale will always release the episode within the calendar month; anyone who’s played Sam & Max Season 3 (probably just me & @24, but still) knows this. You will get your next episode of zombie magic in July, even if it’s Tuesday the 31st. So, create multiple save files and find all the possibilities within each episode until then. Or, whine about the Vita; whichever you prefer. :P

  • i thought jet set radio was going to bec coming to the PSN on the 26 of june what happen?

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