RPG Rainbow Moon Rises on PSN July 10th

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RPG Rainbow Moon Rises on PSN July 10th

Rainbow Moon is our upcoming role-playing game for PS3. It’s been nearly two years since we started working on Rainbow Moon, so we can hardly believe that the game releases on PSN in just over two weeks — it’ll hit PlayStation Store on July 10th for $14.99. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll enjoy a 20% discount, paying just $11.99, for the first two weeks after launch.

RPG Rainbow Moon Rises on PSN July 10th

The last time we spoke, I explained Rainbow Moon‘s battle system. This time, I’d like to give you some insight into the game’s character development system. Many gamers think that character development is just about battling and leveling up. While that’s partly true in Rainbow Moon, there’s a lot more that can make or break a game.

Aside from RPG standards like experience points and gaining levels, in Rainbow Moon you can earn a resource called “Rainbow Pearls.” You can exchanged these for improved character attributes or increased health and magic limits. This system gives you a certain freedom in how you’d like to develop your characters. A higher “speed” attribute, for example, will grant you a turn order advantage during battles, while an increased “luck” attribute increases the chance for critical hits.

You can also strengthen your characters by equipping them with different kind of weapons, armor, amulets, rings, and purchasing active and passive skills, as well as by taking advantage of the game’s crafting system. We’ll chat more about that another time!

Be sure to check out the following gameplay video, which is part of our development diary video series. It’s a great recap about Rainbow Moon’s battle system.

RPG Rainbow Moon Rises on PSN July 10th

Thanks to all of you for your interest in Rainbow Moon. Don’t forget to watch out for Rainbow Moon on PlayStation Store this July 10th. We’re really eager to see what you think!

In the meantime, if you want to stay in touch with us or read up more on Rainbow Moon, make sure to follow us on Facebook or visit Rainbow Moon’s official website.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know through the comments below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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15 Author Replies

  • Will there be a demo available to try on release day?

  • Plus discount makes this all the sweeter! Cannot wait for this game!

  • No Vita version, as usual…

    Sony really needs to get on the ball when it comes to enticing developers to bring over these PSN titles to the Vita. I’d gladly double dip, or pay some kind of extra cost to get both the PS3 and Vita version of these titles:

    Dead Nation
    From Dust
    Fat Princess
    Scott Pilgrim
    Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
    Pixel Junk Eden, Monsters, and Sidescroller (Shooter is too SPU heavy to bring over properly, I think)
    Calling All Cars (would be so fun on the Vita)
    Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light
    Mega Man 9 and 10
    Bionic Commando: Rearmed
    The Monkey Island games
    Sam and Max games
    Savage Moon
    Shank 1 and 2


    None of those titles are beyond the Vita’s capabilities, and the system would have even more cool titles for us all to enjoy.

    Anyway, Rainbow Moon is looking really cool, so it’s definitely on my list for next month!

  • Hey Sony? Can you give me this game for free? Seeing how my birthday is the 10th.

  • Please tell me this baby is coming the EU store also??

    • Marcus Pukropski

      Yes, Rainbow Moon will also be released in the EU store and it’s even a few days earlier, so watch out for it on July 4th.

  • Another RPG for the PS3? Of course it it a buy.

    While I do not agree with Figboy’s list of games, none of those are my cup of tea so to speak, I do agree that there need to be more games released for the Vita, even if they are just download only PSN games. However the Vita is still young so I am sure it will happen eventually.

  • hey sony when are you going to announce the new apps for vita especially the youtube app


    Looks awesome! Like an old-school SNES JRPG on steroids! I will be picking this one up for sure, especially with the sweet PS+ discount!

    Post #3: Agreed. None of these games are beyond what the Vita can handle and would vastly improve the depth and variety of the Vita’s game library

  • This is a classic jrpg that would have also been great on the Ps Vita,more developers when revive these classic games should also think of bringing it to the Ps Vita as well.I mean after all it could only help the software lineup for it.

  • Is this an action RPG ala Dark Cloud, or a SRPG ala Jeanne D’Arc? It looks SRPG like in the screenshot but that trailer seems to show free moving. I’m confused.

    • Marcus Pukropski

      The battles are turn based, but you can freely roam around on the world while exploring the land.

  • Well, this is a nice surprise. Never heard of the game before, but I can always use a classical JRPG-type game. Especially that it’s on the PS3, though I’d have no problem with it being on the Vita. As long as it’s on the PS3 lol.

    There’s a very good chance you’ll have my 15 dollars :)

    Also, you say it; will have 50 trophies + platinum? Awesome!

  • Please tell me you are looking at a Vita version. I heard this game could be 70+ hours of fun. If this games supports PS3+Vita Cloud saving, I would actually consider putting in that much time in this game.

    Please :)

    • Marcus Pukropski

      A Vita version is currently under evaluation, so there’s definitely a chance. However, even if we decide to make a port, this will probably take some time. So, if you’re really crazy on Rainbow Moon, there’s unfortunately no alternative during the next couple of months:)

  • RPG?!?!? I’ll definitely be buying this. You don’t see this genre very often this generation.

  • This looks like FF Tactics(Graphically), anyone agree?

  • when will youtube hit psvita are the other apps that sony promised to b out rite now where r our psone classics wats the news on them the things that matter it sucks to have ur on line up of games and cant play them where r the rest of the psp games that r not compatible no news is not good news with this it really really sucks now its clear why people say vita sucks i was down with vita to so much i put money down to get one on release date but im beginning to think it was not worth it i dont understand why all psp games r not on the vita store they come from the same family only difference is ones a touch screen so why it it so hard not to have all that good stuff at day one ive been a gamer since i was old enough to talk and that was two years old i have every game system ever made since the first game system none disappointed me like vita always knew wat to expect thinking bout saling my vita who wants to buy it two bills u can have it thanks for the disappointment sony giving up gaming dont have time to waste waiting for nothing

  • This looks like prety good RPG and $11.99 for PS+ members is great; I’ll defintely be picking it up.

    Any chance for a Vita port?

  • Vita Port And u Will Have my Money like… right now!

  • @10 you can explore towns and roam the whole map kind alike the classic PS1 FF games but the battles are SRPG style

  • How about the difficult? I´d love a very challenging SRPG…

  • I saw something a bit odd in the video.. it mentioned “epic adventure” usually epic refers to how good/grand the story was )i thought) yet Its been said plenty of times that the story wasnt the main focus but instead the gameplay/combat is and the story itself is very basic?

    As for character development umm I always thought that referred to how your character him/herself developed as a “person” (not stats wise) throughout the games story >.>

    • Marcus Pukropski

      Hi DuoMaxwell007,

      well, that depends from the point of view:) To me epic is also a term that indicates something huge with lots of details and stuff to discover, that you can play for a long time if you want and that’s definitely true for Rainbow Moon.

      Our focus was indeed gamplay, so storywise you shouldn’t expect a similar story like FF XIII but I’m sure it’s a nice and entertaining addition.

  • @19 its extremely difficult if you choose to make it that way.. just look at IGNs preview video about it.. it talks about how this game can kick your ass if you dont grind all day… but of course there are difficulty settings to as to now turnaway the less hardcore lol

  • @21 Thats good… I dont like to grind e I love very difficult RPGs…


    Marcus, you should send a link to this video and the game’s official website to Square-Enix – seems like they’ve forgotten how to make a proper JRPG… ;)

    • Marcus Pukropski

      Haha, thank you very much for the compliment:)

      Yeah, to be honest sometimes that’s what I think too. Modern games are very often extremely impressive in terms of graphical presentation but when I’m starting to play them, there are so many design flaws I don’t like.

      Well, in fact these are all personal preferences. I really hope a lot of people will have the same fun we had during the development of Rainbow Moon:)

  • Hi Marcus,

    I’m not really familiar with SRPG’s at all. I’m only really familiar with games like Fallout and Dragon Age. The only real experience I had with your type of game was Final Fantasy Tactics and I got whooped even fairly early in the game.

    I know there’s a tutorial in Rainbow Moon but I feel that there’s much more than that to help beginners like myself to help ease there way into the game. This game looks very promising and have had my eyes on it for awhile.

    Is there any tips that you could share with beginners like myself to help ease us into the game so we don’t end up bashing our heads in due to frustration? From previews of the game on various sites, they’re all saying that it’s a difficult game. I don’t mind a challenge, but not when I’m not familiar with the strategy concept at all! =P

    Thanks! =)

    • Marcus Pukropski

      Hi StealthReborn,

      I wouldn’t worry too much about the difficulty. As long as you don’t choose ‘hard mode’ on game start, keep killing regular monsters and regularly update gear through shops and crafting, you shouldn’t have any problems.

      You can even ignore random encounters completely on normal difficulty if you do all the regular battles.

      In fact, there are only a few boss battles that are somewhat difficult. But if you still think the game is still too hard or if you don’t like to battle regularly, feel free to buy some of the available DLC which makes the game even easier. To avoid misunderstandings: The game is balanced and can be cleared without any DLC. DLC is just to make life easier for some people who prefer it that way.

      We also offer a game forum on

      where we are supporting players and answer questions.

  • Cool Thanks, I’ll probably buy this. Wish it was cross compatible with Vita however.

  • A Vita release would have been epic, but for now any RPG is great. Thanks!

  • Waiting for Vita version, my game backlog is huge as it is so I’ll be fine waiting for a while. :)

  • @3, a Vita version was never announced. I wish there was a mandate to produce PSN titles for both systems but sometimes for budgetary reasons, it’s not realistic. However, you’ve put up a good list.

    @12, agreed. The more I think about it, Rainbow Moon could be a more traditional version of let’s say the Disgaea series. Having a Rainbow Moon counterport for the Vita + cloud saving will be very useful as battles could be quite lengthy.

  • I just wanted to say that I will make the purchase for the PS3 to support this excellent title but I truly want the game on my Vita. Hopefully you will earn enough in the PS3 sales to complete the effort to port it to the PS Vita.

    • Hi JaguarCRO,

      thanks a lot for your feedback. Of course if the game sales well on PS3 chances for a port are indeed higher.

  • Thanks for the quick response Marcus, I appreciate it very much. =)

    Regardless of DLC making the game easier or not, I’ll be purchasing whatever you throw at my way. I like to support developers such as yourselves.

    Keep up the fantastic work! =)

  • the discount for the ppl that have the ps plus thingy is very nice but since i’m not a subscriber of that service i’m ok with paying the 14.99 price tag :) wish you guys alots of good luck with this game!

    and its true great graphics doesnt make a good game,gameplay does :)

  • Marcus: thank u guys for considering a Vita version!! I’l be getting this day one on ps3 especially with the ps plus discount but i am secretly waiting for a vita version. I have a suggestion:

    If you do a vita version, not only is cloud/cross save a highly requested feature but pricing is very important too. Getting it free if u already have the psn version would be awesome but if thats not possible even 50% off or some sort of discount would be great. Please keep that in mind.

    Sony this is what i want from PS plus! Free big profile games is great, but a general discount on day one for all new releases is even better cause i get to pick what i want. Even if its only for the first week.

    • Hi Ricen-Beans,

      thank you very much for your feedback.

      We are always trying to keep prices as low as possible and offer max possible value for our players. However we’re an independent developer and aiming for a very low price could be a big risk for us if sales are below expectations. So that’s not an easy decision to make but we’re confident you you’ll honor the price once you have played the game over a longer period, especially if compared to other games.

  • Vita version please! This game would be perfect on Vita!

  • I love SRPGs! I’m currently playing through the Fire Emblem games on GBA because it’s been so long since a decent SRPG has been released. Hopefully this game ends that drought!

  • I’ll buy this for sure, thanks for breathing new life into a slowly dying genre, its much appreciated

  • A real on RPG on PS3 for $15 with a Platinum!? Instabuy! Now if only you could release it a week early so I could have played it over my July 4th vacation! :(

  • I’d like to take advantage of the Plus discount, but don’t like buying games without playing a demo first. Why is it that the sale on Plus seems to always be before the demo is released? The 60-min trials sometimes don’t cut it, especially with RPG’s. But then again, sometimes a demo doesn’t even portray a game properly (such as Eternal Sonata, which I was killed by a tomato every time I tried to play it). I just feel that sometimes as a Plus member I’m being suckered into buying something just by the sale price. I don’t have unlimited funds, so even if I get something on sale, it may prevent me from getting something I’d actually play and enjoy.

    • Hi DelMurice,

      I see your point, but even if a demo version for Rainbow Moon would be available on release, game time would probably be restricted too. On the other hand, a lot of games are cleared within 5-10 hours, so an extended time limit the way you want it would in fact make a lot of games almost free of charge. The only model I know that works this way is “free to play”, where you really can play for hours before paying money. But then your game progress is usually extremely slow, so you feel the need for spending extra money all the time. And that’s not what we want to do.

      Finally we’re glad that Sony has offered us this promotion. They are also trying to make new games even more attractive and that’s probably the reason why most of those discounts are synced with game release.

      Hope you will give it a chance anyway.

  • I will definately be getting this day 1. Oh how I miss turn based rpgs.

  • Vita version and a new Soldner-X, please.

  • I’m extremely excited for this game!

    I guess I’m one of the few people who is happy that this game is coming to the PS3 and not the Vita. Usually games like Rainbow Moon tend to be on handhelds these days. So its VERY cool, imo, that this one is coming to the PS3! There are just enough stradegy rpgs for the system. Actually there are just enough turn-based rpgs period. This is going to be awesome!

    Can’t wait to play this on June 10th! I’m ready for it. :)

  • just NOT enough. gah. what’s wrong with me today? lol. Not enough stradegy rpgs on the PS3 or turn-based rpgs. Wish there was an edit button here. :P

    Anyway, hope July 10th gets here fast! :)

  • The game is looking really great. Love all the options (skills, weapons, etc). Its going to be nice to have such a huge game right on my PS3 hard drive. I know I’m going to be addicted to this one. :)

  • Looks great Marcus, I can’t wait for this one. I know alot of people are hounding for a Vita version, I can’t wait to hear about that incoming months!

  • I am glad to hear there will be DLC available to get if we so choose, though based on what I know so far I will definitely be buying the DLC, if nothing else, as a way to help show support for the game.

  • I can see this being one of the best selling games on PSN can’t wait.

  • I’d love a game like this, but not everyone who has a Vita has a ps3, people would love it on the vita at this price point !

  • i would by this if you sell it on vita this type of game for me is better in a portable way also if you could have the save files changeable between the ps3 and the vita and maybe sell this game like in 24.99 $for a bundle attached to the account for the ps3 and the vita version that would be great

  • This looks awesome!! but one thing, is there a difficulty setting?

    • Marcus Pukropski

      Yes, there are two difficulty modes to choose from, ‘HARD’ and ‘NORMAL’. On hard, enemies will get a bonus applied to their attributes. But that’s the only difference, the game itself remains the same.

  • Ill have to agree with others on a Vita version. if anything both games should have been made at the same time. Dont get me wrong im not blaming the Devs who made the game, just one would think this would look/play much better on a Vita. If anything ill probably wait on the Vita version. dont get me wrong the game looks promising, but i would much rather have it on the Vita than my ps3 or at least play a demo of it. ill probably miss the PS+ sale, but i guess its ok.

  • People (in this comment section) should realize that SideQuest Studios (a relatively small studio) needs to get the PS3 version out first to sustain their business before considering additional work in porting assets, code, going through QA, etc in order to put “Rainbow Moon” on VITA.

    Just let SideQuest Studios have their moment with the PS3 version of “Rainbow Moon” and wait. It would be much better to see SideQuest Studio have a successful “Rainbow Moon” launch and it would also be much more of a welcomed Surprise if they announce a VITA port at a later time.


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