Modern Warfare 3 Collection 2 Available Now On PSN

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Modern Warfare 3 Collection 2 Available Now On PSN

Modern Warfare 3 Collection 2 Available Now On PSN

Hey Call of Duty fans, we have new downloadable content heading your way on PSN today! Collection 2 is the latest addition to Modern Warfare 3, and we want to give you a quick rundown of what you’ll receive: three new multiplayer maps (also usable in Survival mode), two Special Ops missions, and two Face Off maps. You can grab Collection 2 now for $14.99.

Face Off

Face Off is a new multiplayer experience that challenges even the most talented Call of Duty players. It distills all the fun and intensity of multiplayer into a new breed of 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 close combat. Partner up with a few friends and challenge your team skills, or go head-to-head against your most challenging opponent. With the inclusion of two additional maps for free on PSN, Call of Duty veterans can get even more of this new experience.

Face Off - Getaway Environment 1Face Off – Lookout Environment 2

Close to the shore, this place once was a tropical beach getaway boasting exotic aquariums and oversized pools, but is now a haven for ruthless run-and-gun violence. The best method of attack is to throw down a portable radar in the middle of the house, and maneuver around your opponents. Alternatively, you can kick back behind the pool and pick off heads when they pop out of doorways and windows.

Carved into a combat-worn mountainside, this new “Face Off” map pits you against your opposition in a forward observation base littered with chokepoints and tight corridors. There are several methods of attack for you and your partner(s). Stick to high ground, whether that’s on a hill or above a base, or run guns blazing through the bases to grab that quick kill.

Erosion: Free
Make your way through Mediterranean ruins and ancient aqueducts, using leftover Roman masonry for thousand-year-old cover. As my personal favorite Face Off map, I get a kick out of leveraging the SMGs’s rapid firing rate and maneuvering as fast as I can under the archways. Taking the low ground is one way to go, or you can be the first to take the center tower and snipe opponents from above.

Aground: Free

Head to Scotland’s Orkney Islands where treacherous cliff faces, cave networks, and the rusted and ruined remains of a grounded transport ship provide for constant combat. This is definitely a map where you’ll want to pick off enemies using long range weapons — I also suggest using the Marksman perk.

Multiplayer / Survival Maps

Foundation EnvironmentSanctuary Environment 3

Suspended a thousand feet in the air, you’ll find yourself battling on towering sandstone monasteries in Central Greece. There are plenty of windy paths and hidden locations in which to station yourself, or you can move quickly to flank the opposition.

This decommissioned concrete factory is located in the heart of South Korea. After decades of constructing roads and buildings, the towering facility is now a perfectly-constructed combat zone for sniping, as well as fast-paced shootouts.

Though once a picturesque escape for vacationers, the sprawling Hotel Oasis is now a multiplayer paradise, with multiple lanes of combat built atop an ancient fortress.

Special Ops

Iron Clad
With one player manning a tank and the other escorting it on foot, you’ll clear beaches and take cover in plane wreckage as you escape Hamburg from behind enemy lines in this all-new Special Ops Mission.

Kill Switch
Cripple a Russian carrier by detonating an electromagnetic pulse. Be the soldier on the ground, making your way to the detonation site, or play the sniper providing vital cover fire from a vantage point high above the city.

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  • Doesn’t help much when your sign-in is screwed up. Nice job, sony. My password is no longer valid, I must change my password. Why? For what possible reason. Wonderful catch 22. The only way to change your password is to enter in your password. So how exactly do I do that?

  • this service is currently undergoing maintenance.

  • The service needs more than just to undergo maintenance. It needs a complete overhaul.

  • Sony fix your s!@#!!! No one can get on. No one cares for MW3 anymore. This isn’t worth the problems we’re getting.

  • Someone please help….


  • @6 Xbox does this more often than PSN, so isn’t that worse, dood? I mean you pay for XBox live, dood!

  • ok let me get this straight. you have people pre-order collection 2 map packs that are released today but at the same time you are going through a maintanance as well??? thanks for the heads up.. This is ridiculous. A refund would be nice. SMH!!!!!!

  • Does anyone know when this maintanance crap is over in the East Coast???? USA that is???

  • It’s called patience. Just wait til tomorrow and you will be able to purchase it from the PS Store. Geez.
    Also, the Xbox 360 does these maintenance stuff way more than the PS3, and they make you pay for the online.

    Sony is probably doing these check ups to ensure we don’t run into another PSN outage again for like months. Remember what happened?

  • It’s over here in TX, dood!

  • @10 Everytime a “xbox exclusive comesout” this happens so once due to MW3 isn’t too bad, dood!

  • those JASON looking mask are soo RAWW looking, other then that hurry up and fix the PSN store sony. got some money to burn.

  • so all over google is saying South Korean psn is being taken off. this must have something to do with why psn is not working….

  • it comes out later tonight.. around mid night lol.. that how they(cod devs) always do it for the sony brand.. it not a sony issues it the cod devs issues, They always do this.

    The last map pack cam eout a 1 am in the morning. that what i was told.

    vp-psn legioniaree group

  • I cant fathom why all you CallofBooty people put up with the crap that you get for playing this game on the PS3.

    I really think you need to shuffle things up for the franchise and its makers, and you can do this by not supporting it. Send them a message that its BS, that your not going to pay for second class treatment. BUT if you must keep playing this game with the way things are go right ahead, but its my opinion that your being mistreated.

    Glad to see there are so few people responding to this post, it gives me hope that SOME of you are finally starting to feel screwed by this whole set up.

    Feel free to LOL @ me if things HAVE changed, because im at the point I have stopped even checking (:

  • Why do people keep on buying Gun of Duty games? They’re all the same game and clones of one another. I mean, how many times can you aim crosshairs at stuff and shoot? Doesn’t that ever get boring for them? I mean, it just bores me to tears and makes me yawn and sleepy just thinking about how boring Gun of Dooty games are. Seriously, play some other games and stop being a sucker with buying the same crap game over and over and over again.

  • @neuropunk

    you dont have to like it, you just need to have fun and thats what call of duty provides, and i dont see anyone saying ac games are clones.
    i own both battlefield 3 and cod mw3 and i have a lot more fun in call of duty mw3 with special ops and survival with a friend, thats experiences battlefield 3 doesnt deliever neither any other game does.

  • BLACK OPS is better nuff said

  • Hello Tinaaa! =)

  • Game sucks bring on KILLZONE 4!!

  • it’s so funny that any time PSN is down for maintenance, so many people get butthurt and say they are gonna get an xbox. Most of the people that say that are probably little kids with zero income and no way of paying for a console. You gonna ask santa claus to bring you one?
    I’m really looking forward to the release of the next PS console. Hopefully it’ll be priced out of the reach of whiny little kids. It’ll be just like old times when the PS3 was launched.

  • i wish there would be a sale for these things.. :(

  • Black Ops FTW! First person shooters never get old, and Treyarch produces the best!

  • PS4 launch games
    1.KILLZONE 4
    3.GOD OF WAR 4
    With that line up i would buy the PS4 no questions asked.
    Oh and sorry COD fans with the post i put up there i just dont like the game and how they treat you guys.

  • PS3 still has loads of potential. I have no desire for a PS4 yet.

  • @16 Every game has problems and downtime to repair the problem.The reason why COD never seems to get fixed is actually certain players faults thank to new waves of hackers and want to be hackers the servers get messed up..Just look how bad it got in MW2 now you can’t get in a game without it being hacked or unplayable..So you can thank all the people that can’t play legit..

    Never be mad at the makers they fix there glitches and then a lot of hacks get released to the public then over and over again we wait for an update.

  • So I fire up the ol PS3 to play a little COD before bed, and what do I find? I can’t play the DLC 1 maps that I bought for $15 anymore because the new DLC has come out and won’t let me play the original DLC til I buy it…… WTF! It would have been nice if I had been told when I originally paid $15 for DLC that it would be useless to me in a month unless I wanted to keep shelling out more money to Sony. Sony, you need to make this right, or you have seen the last bit of money from this gamer.

  • @29 Complain to Activi$ion, not Sony…

  • @30 Activision may have made the game and the DLC, but Sony allows them to pull stuff like this, and Sony controls the Playstation store where it is distibuted. If Sony distributes this DLC without a disclaimer stating it is worthless when the next DLC comes out, then I am complaining to Sony.

  • WTH happened to the playstation blogcast, I had to listen to it off of … gasp …. itunes. You know, the competition. Sony, man what is going on.

  • No mention of walking dead episode 2 for next week on the blogcast. Sorry, guys.

  • Ttina Palacios? I might have seen that lady on IGN.
    WTF is she doing at Activision. LOL

  • DA FOCK its going on here on the PS blog? could barely log in! hmmmm!

    Anyways… when activition start treating PS gamers with respect then we can talk about ur games… until then… activition will never see a penny from me.

  • DarkOne_PR Its not that they dont treat us with respect its just that Microsoft pays big bucks to get stuff first and have better support. Plus Sony could give 2 rats and a f&^k about a series thats going to die soon.

  • @sumpunk So true, I remember back in the day when only the hardcore Playstation fans had PS3s back when it was €629.99 in Ireland. I would pay it again for the PS4 no problem. At least I didn’t have to replace the machine every year, buy a new headset every 2 months when the supplied one broke, buy a wireless network afterward for it, constantly have to buy battery packs for the controller when they break, have to go back to the shop every time my machine scratches my games, pay for standard non dedicated server online every year. Actually I would gladly pay €800 for a launch PS4 tomorrow rather than €150 for a launch 361.

  • @1: You don’t have to change your password. I didn’t and it worked fine later. I just chocked it up to maintenance errors, and it was. Dat rage.

  • to ALL you little babies on this that are crying “SHUT THE eF UP!” stop your boo-hooin and grow up. Its a game and a system. Go get a job and SHUT UP… This is how Playstation works and has always works. Dont like it? get and xbox. and for those of you that keep crying about this and say your getting an xbox you fools are all retards you cant afford another system and all you know how to do is complain over something so small.

  • It tells me you can not acees this content on your account i have elite i downloaded all the other maps and requirement to download collection 2 but it wont let me get it sony needs to fix this can someone help me

  • Theres more post for the Sega cart clone…lol thats just awesome (:

    Cheers to the end of a trend!

  • So I purchased the first map pack (piazza, black box, etc) then today I purchased the new map packs, but it is telling me I am “Playing with original maps only. Download all DLC content you are entitled to from the STORE in order to play on DLC maps” in red. I had no issues until I downloaded the new pack (7 downloads). Anyone know what might be my issue? Thanks for any helpful comments.

  • Despite everybody giving negative comments, I do say the map look quite impressive. I like the video and I hope this DLC is worth it.

  • ToKKeNbL00dMoNeY

    yeaj! and dlc for a $60 dlc im so impressed…. NOT XD while u babys complain about mini whiners 3 ima play battlefield 3 till my eyes bleed :P also dont complain to sony cuz sony just has to work with activisions garbage thats why commercial sayto buy the garbage game on a garbage system aka xbox. i got mw3 bought for me like 4 months ago and its still in the plastic because cod is bring in about ten seconds, play some real games that have real potential cuz cod aint the only game out there my friends and its definitely not the best either.

  • *yawn* Yep. Great to hear. I would love to go and play a rousing game of “Recycled Military Shooter” that’s released every year every year but I got original games to play.

    Also, @6 Yea because it’s MUCH better at Xbox. Seriously, I own a 360. Microsoft is worse with their servers than Sony is (Not to mention, they have the nerve to make you cough up $60 a year to play online). So, if you’re going to run to Xbox because PSN was undergoing maintenance, here’s some suggestions. Play something offline, watch tv, browse the web, talk to somebody over the phone or better yet, GO OUTSIDE!

  • @43 (Oh, my comment)

    “that’s released every year every year”

    lol I fail

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