Wheels of Destruction Gets Free New DLC: Moscovian Mayhem

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Wheels of Destruction Gets Free New DLC: Moscovian Mayhem

Developing at Gelid Games is a personal process for people who genuinely love games. We set out to make Wheels of Destruction a hardcore old school arena shooter in the same vein Quake and Doom, something we were successful in. We knew we wanted to expand upon Wheels of Destruction and let it evolve with its players, and what better way to do that than release some awesome downloadable content, improve the game greatly, and ultimately create something substantial and worthy. Best of all, we made it free.

Wheels of Destruction originally had five different maps. It was enough for the start, as each map had a very distinct configuration and size, but we expected our players to want more. Hence, our first DLC, “Moscovian Mayhem,” contains a new map of post-apocalyptic Moscow, where the players show their skills among the ruins of the Kremlin. The goal with this DLC is to create a fresh experience for players, so this map was created with completely different set of objectives in mind, resulting in a map designed for a radically different “feel” compared to the other maps. Everything’s different: size, topology, and, most importantly, the number of power-ups that fill the level.

Exclusive for the PlayStation Blog readers, here’s the level map with a bunch of hints on how to play it.


We’ve anticipated a solid amount of feedback from the player community we’d like to address. Some of it was expected – the players wanted more content–and we were prepared to deliver. However, some players also have troubles with mastering the controls. We’ve mustered our engineering team to suggest controls that would better suit fresh players. The main challenge remains unchanged, as players still need to control the car, with its size and inertia, while simultaneously controlling the weapons. We sifted through various versions before finally finding one that suited everyone – and we’re happy to offer it to you, our players!


Besides the new map and configurations, this DLC brings quite a few changes to auto-matching and bot AI to make the game even more comfortable. For example, you won’t be alone in either a Ranked or Unranked game, since there are warm-up bots to keep you company while other players are joining the game. Even then, the behind-the-scenes technology has been greatly improved to help make sure players won’t be playing against bots for too long.

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  • The only car combat game i loved back in the days was Vigilante 8 and Vigilante 8 2nd Offence. Those where fun as hell!

  • These improvements made this so much better. I bought it when it was released but couldn’t get the hang of the controls. The new system is much improved and I really enjoy this game now. Thanks for the changes.

  • Please explain the new controls. This was going to be a day-1 buy but after all the reviews mentioning the horrible controls I decided not to. If the controls are better now I’ll probably go ahead and purchase, need more info first.

    • Alexey Pchelintsev

      Basically, it’s now possible for those who feel like it to steer and aim independently, as well as select a preferred fire/brake button layout

  • They moved the gas to the r2 pedal. The only real issue that I had with the game was trying to aim and drive with the right analog. Now I think it should be reviewed again. I just hope more people try it again so there will be more competition in the online matches.

    I actually played it once when I first bought it. Since the changes it truly seems like a different game and I play it quite often. I hope that helps supvic.

  • @DoTheKiller91

    Yes! those were awesome!! Wish they never were stolen from me. D=

  • hey Alexey, its Marvz the person who posted on your WOD site. im glade you posted this, i believe everyone should realy give this game another chance. it may still not be perfect but its muchhhhh better then before just like xzile said. no game is perfect but this is on the right path of being very good. hope to see more improvements soon.

    • Alexey Pchelintsev

      Hi Marvz!

      Thank you – as well as for the feedback on the site! We’re striving to give our players the best

  • I’m so glad I saw this post. Thanks for the changes – but I’m still not 100% clear on what they are. Do you no longer aim and steer with the same stick?

    I pretty much got the hang of the controls and enjoyed the game but had some trouble finding matches and haven’t tried again lately. I will definitely get the patch and try it out – I just hope for some confirmation on exactly what the new control scheme is.

    Truth is I can’t remember exactly what the controls were other than the main issue – you couldn’t aim somewhere without also driving in that direction. Is that fixed? Thanks.

    • Alexey Pchelintsev

      You’re very welcome!

      And yes, the main change everyone asked for was separate steering and aim – and we’re happy to provide. Although I personally prefer the original controls, especially when driving a fast car like an Assassin

  • Thanks for the support of the game and the replies! I can’t wait to get back into this game. Also the bots in the warmup waiting for opponents is welcome – though hopefully players will get joined quicker too. I think I saw an earlier DLC on this game as well. What was that one?

    Re the cars – I liked the Scout quite a bit, actually. I think that’s what it was called.

    • Alexey Pchelintsev

      You’re welcome! Re earlier DLC – this one is definitely the first for our title, so the one you saw should have been for some other game, sorry.

      Yes, the fastest one is the Scout.

  • This is one of those games that have been on the fence. I think now I’ll get it, as the developer seems like they’re really listening to make this a fun experience. I also like the free map pack and look forward to hearing about future DLC. While I’m not opposed to paying for additional content, could you please consider providing any additional maps for free? The one thing I don’t like about online competitive gaming is the fragmented result of providing maps for a fee.

    This looks like a frantic good time, and I already know of a couple people on my list who have the game I could challenge!

    • Alexey Pchelintsev

      Thank you for your kind words!

      While I cannot promise that all our future DLCs will be free as this one, I can assure you, that we feel the same way about online fragmentation.

  • DeadKillersRevng

    This game should get more sales as it deserves. I admire you for the risk you took and wish you all good luck.

  • Hurry up Formik and put that vita down. I feel confident you will enjoy this game. Just send me a pm when u are ready to play. lol

  • nice,new map!
    ha,i wanted the game on release day but i was/ am juggling just too many games.
    although only 1 of them is online,it sure is taking a while to hit top rank.
    but! when i do reach level 100 on gci i’ll surely get into this game [:
    …wait…do yu level up in this game? o_O”

    ps. playing 5 games on wii 2 on 3ds 1 on psp & 1 online game on ps3…and theyre top notch rpgs so they demand a hefty amount of time xD

    hehe no worries,soon ill hit this games online & display my dominance! D:

    take care!

  • I think maybe a one board demo will help push sales. The new update really makes this game better. I know a good fun game when I play one. The early reviews hurt this game, but I am pushing to hopefully get a 2nd review. I really hope these guys put a demo in the psn store. I think most try to compare it to Twisted Metal. Totally different game and what game could compare to that. A lot of bang for the buck people. Please give this game a look.

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