Play No Man’s Land Starting Today on PlayStation Home

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Play No Man’s Land Starting Today on PlayStation Home

No Man’s Land is a new free-to-play PlayStation Home game that transports you to a post-apocalyptic America that has known only war for decades. Through this devastated wasteland, you must scavenge to survive while confronting tribes of heavily armed enemies focused on their own survival. Employing a cutting-edge cover point system and immersive gameplay, No Man’s Land is a first-of-its-kind on a console: a free-to-play multiplayer shooter.

Play No Man’s Land Starting Today on PlayStation Home

We are proud to bring you this breakthrough Home experience. Comprised of industry veterans who have worked across a wide range of platforms and genres, VEEMEE saw a unique opportunity with PlayStation Home to evolve gaming by blending the immersive gameplay endemic to AAA games with the social and “freemium” aspects of casual games. This is something that is only possible on PlayStation, with its free online network and vibrant community. No Man’s Land is a game that brings something new – and a bit different – to the Home platform.

No Man's Land for PlayStation Home

No Man’s Land is a multiplayer third-person tactical shooter, featuring a cover-based movement system and 4v4 team battles. Following the completion of a tutorial session, the player is given an introductory loadout that allows access to the Drydock and the game. Armor and weapon upgrades can be purchased from the Commerce Points in a variety of combinations, which we plan to evolve in time.

Play No Man’s Land Starting Today on PlayStation Home

The Environment and the Cover System

The challenge for the game universe of No Man’s Land was to create a realistic environment that looked like it had been worn down by conflict for decades. The focus was on rendering a devastated world where obvious resources were depleted and what remained was hard to find and dangerous to claim.

No Man's Land for PlayStation Home

The cover-to-cover movement system is a deliberate departure from the usual run-and-gun gameplay of many other third-person shooters. No Man’s Land promotes the idea that in order to survive, “cover is king.” The cover control system makes moving between cover natural and fluid. Players can queue additional cover moves or interrupt any move at any time to divert to another cover position. This results in players making frantic dashes between pieces of cover, often taking evasive action when under fire, so they can reach the relative safety of the next cover point. It means players have to think ahead: where they want to be, which direction they want to shoot from, and where their teammates are. This encourages players to work as a team to provide covering fire for each other as they advance and sprint between cover points.

Play No Man’s Land Starting Today on PlayStation Home

Armor and Weapons

The developers decided to make use of the Home avatars so to increase the player’s connection with the in-game No Man’s Land survivor, which means that your Home avatar will strap on armor while its other physical features remain intact. Plus you can wear it out of the space into the game world too! We all love character customization so have been keen to offer as much flexibility here as possible.

Armor comes in several variants, increasing in weight and damage absorption properties. Heavier armor will slow survivor movement between cover, but it will be able to absorb more damage. You choose between speed of movement and the damage protection.

No Man's Land for PlayStation Home

It is possible to mix and match all the armor pieces into whichever configuration you require. Light armor for hands and feet? Medium for legs and torso? Heavy for the head? You decide. The weight, speed and damage absorption properties for your character are then calculated appropriately.

Right from the start, the intention was to make No Man’s Land as flexible as possible: from the grenade variants, to the customizable armor loadouts, to the four-weapon carrying system. This means that players can buy any combination of weapons and armor to fit their playing style, while offering a variety of visual styles.

Play No Man’s Land Starting Today on PlayStation Home

Game Modes

There are two modes of play: Scavengers and Team Deathmatch. Team Deathmatch is the time-tested ‘kill-every-enemy-that-moves’ game mode. In the Scavengers game mode teams must collect salvage packs from the depleted cityscape. These resources are all that are left of the old world. Each team must bring all the salvage to their ‘salvage dump’ before the other team does. This game mode is essentially capture the flag, but with multiple flags. Players earn points for placing salvage on their team’s salvage dump, for stealing enemy salvage, and for simply killing the enemy.

No Man's Land for PlayStation Home

“…the old ones used to call this place the United States of America, we just call it…No Man’s Land…”

We hope you have a great time playing No Man’s Land! We look forward to hearing what you think so we can continue to evolve this unique, free, and first of its kind console game. Post your thoughts here in the comments section and head to the official PlayStation Home forums to continue the conversation.

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14 Author Replies

  • Looks really cool! This is going to make me check out Home again. I have been neglecting it while I catch up on my back log of games. Any trophies in Home games?

    • Bring it on! NML is brand new starting today. There are no PlayStation trophies in Home, but there are always tons of rewards to pick up around every corner. The denizens of Home appreciate them usually more than a single bronze any day because they’re often wearable (swag!), displayable say in a personal space, or occasionally interactive.

  • Just one question. Will there be in-game weapon & armor unlocks? Rewards even?

  • Or will all the “good stuff” have to be purchased from within the store..?

    • That’s a good question. Let me dig and get back to you on that.

    • In this first phase of No Man’s Land, all the upgrades in armor and weapons, besides the ones you get to start off, are for purchase. The game is intending to adapt based on community feedback, as we will be also bring more level maps out over time. Nothing evolves quite like Home does, so check it out and join the conversation in the forums:

  • I’ll give it a shot… hope it runs smooth.

  • Looks like fun. Count me in…

  • I’ve neglected Home for a long time. I went on my brother’s account back when the Fat Princess event happened, got some stuff did it for the long run then made my own account. But then I lost interest in it. I force myself to go to E3 every year because unlike all the other free stuff that’s handed out, it’s limited time and super cool! I was here for all the E3 events, or alive, I should say, but didn’t bother going to 2 of them. I went to the one last year then quickly got off. Except this year had a lot of changes primarily because of last year’s reboot. I liked it! I like playing games, leveling up, earning rewards which are in a sense trophies for Home. I’ve bought some stuff to make my avatar look cool and tried out Sodium 2 and 1 for the first time (in that order). Sodium is a lot of fun too. I’m still waiting for this space to load, but I’ll have to give it a chance and see how it goes!

    oh but can we unlock the items? Like in Sodium 2, the parts cost a ridiculous amount of money to earn, but there’s the option to buy the parts with real money.

    • I’m glad you liked our 2012 E3 virtual booth update—it’s always a hit. We even extended it one more week, since the community demanded it and the traffic is still strong.

      No Man’s Land is uses a freemium—meaning free to play (everyone 18+!), but people may purchase premium upgrades to weapons and armor if they so choose (get it? free + premium = freemium!).

  • Unplayable without Y-inversion support, sorry.

  • I see what it Sony trying to achieve with Home. “Buy the console and you get lots of games included (plus a social network)”

    But I think Sony must promote this in a much heavier way with PS PLUS as a “combo”. They should bundle every PS3 with 1 year of PS PLUS. So they can advertise the PS3 as having lots of free games just by buying the console. :D

    The only bad thing about home is that the download/streaming content is way too slow. Also the addition of trophies would do the trick ;D

  • This is why Ps Home is cool ther’e’s so many new things constantly being incorporated into to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ShoutOut to VeeMee for bringing a realistic campetitive shooter to PSHome! If you didn’t know, this is the end all be all to date as far as Home is concerned. I got my hands on it and I’ve played tons of matches. The customization in the weapons and armor by itself is something Home has never seen!

    This game is intricate enough for the seasoned player to hone his skills and simple enough for n00bs to hop on and feel like they did something. It’s not COD and its not BF it is its own shooter and I cant wait to score a few headshots on it….as soon as I get off of work lol.

    Original Beta Tester with that Homey!

    • I totally agree—VEEMEE raised the bar with this new addition to Home. I wish I could see everyone the moment when they play and have their mind blown away by the game.


      My favorite part of the game is design is that once you get comfortable with the cover-to-cover movement system, which only takes about a minute to do, the game allows you to focus on the FUN part—the shooting, the kill or be killed. It’s really you against what’s left of the world, and within moments, you feel right in the middle of it all.

  • I don’t have time for all these free games!

  • Please add the option for inverted aim so I can play the game too…also I’m sure many other gamers will want this too.

  • Okay I figured it out in the forums. I guess there is options for inverted aim. I just didn’t get far enough in the tutorial to know that, cuz I couldn’t see strait to go anywhere so I left disapointed.

  • Yes, in the very beginning of the tutorial it asks you if you want to switch to inverted.

    Ok…this game is mess right now. lag lag lag. and that’s just in the lobby. im sure some of that is because its the first day and the servers are crowded but come on. i couldnt even get in a game before the server crashed on me.

    And when you enter you get a set of free clothes which is nice but i dont think there are any unlockables. they give you a pistol, and basic worn out clothes but to get the real guns you gotta pay real money. and weapons cost 2 bucks and armor parts cost a buck or so.

    looking at the bundles, a full set of armor, 2 weapons and some gear will run you $49.99. is that price an error because that’s freaking outrageous. I played the beta and this game is not THAT good. its not realistic at all either, dont know why someone would say that unless they were paid to say it. It’s a cover shooter and plays a lot like the uncharted fortune hunter game so you have no free movement to walk around. you can only stand or hide behind predetermined spots.

    If all the good stuff has to be paid for then VEEMEE, you just killed your own game. “pay-to-win” is a death sentance for F2P games.

  • I feel disconnected from PS Home when I play this. NML forcing me to strap on rewarded clothes is just a bad idea. in this case NML would’ve been better off as a PSN game instead if this is how its going to treat Home Users. Plus it probably would have had better controls for Cover Based Shooting.

    I feel more connected to SR3 when it comes to PS Home. SR3 not being a PS Home game. But SR3 did sell some awesome clothes on PS Home. And SR3 didn’t constantly change my clothes.

    The Offense I feel toward NML would be the same kind I’d feel toward Skyrim if only Nord & Imperial Men could be Dragonborn. Could you imagine all that time someone spent on a Mer or Beast Race that might Female just to be told they can’t be Dragonborn? Just because they didn’t create a White Man? Then you add in the fact you were never the Dragonborn in previous games either. Then TES starts feeling unfair. Why even play if the customization is going to force you to be something you don’t want to be?

    • Though i can’t speak on behalf of VEEMEE concerning their decision to automatically put everyone in the game’s clothing (while keeping your avatar otherwise you), my guess is that it was simply to help maintain the narrative of the game while you’re playing it. Since it’s so easy to switch back when you’re done, I don’t think they saw it as a problem—and I believe most won’t either. This game clearly comes with a heavy dose of narrative before you even get into the tutorial, and I am sure they want to keep it focused on that.

      Still, it’s good feedback, and I’ll make sure they hear it. Thanks for your comment.

  • I cant wait to play this, maybe if I have time even stream a few matches!

    see you online….

    PSN ID: Craigums!

  • You would think by now there would be trophies associated with PS Home, I guess I have been speaking to deaf ears.

    Please explain why there would be no support for this game?

    It’s nice that is FREE, but I thought trophies would be in every PS3 game.

  • @18: Home is like it’s own platform for games. So it’s not really like the games within it are stand alone PS3 games.

    I would love trophies if it were possible, but I have no idea if it is. It would surely get a lot of people more willing to try everything out, and pay more attention to all things PS Home.

  • I’d like to know, is that $49.99 armor/weapon bundle pack price an error??

    • No, it’s correct. With it will come everything in the game (all armor, weapons, etc). It’s basically the total premium upgrade package.

  • I should hop on Home sometime today and check this out! It looks good from the images and videos.

  • nothing new in ps home and nothing free for plus this no mans land i already did in beta and passed it in 5 mins what type of update is this nothng new

  • any trophies in home yet

  • The one thing I absolutely detest is that auto-lock system after ducking into cover. It will not only kill immersion (logistically, one can’t possibly get an exact aim on someone without actually going through the motion of lining it up via sights, making necessary adjustments if it’s a distant target and then firing–in that exact order); otherwise, the bullets should be spraying all over the place straight out of cover until the player does the aforementioned. And the biggest issue I foresee with it is this is a multiplayer shooter, which means it’s competitive by nature. With auto-lock you can kiss that goodbye. Every shoot-out will degrade into someone finding a choke point and abusing the cover system/auto-lock technique so others will either be forced to do the same, or they will need to turtle inside their spawn until the end of the match. This is not fun game play, nor is it conducive to solid gun play mechanics. Please consider taking it out.

  • Why is there no match-making in this game? I was just in a game with all pistol users, myself included, and one player with full armor and a machine gun. The user with the bought weapons dominated the match so much so that our weapons were useless.

    And if i put on rose colored glasses and praise this game blindly will i get a response?

  • @ Cade Peterson, i try finding the no man land skull outfit yet it nowhere to be found, any idea where it go????????

    • It was temporarily pulled to address an issue, but it will be back up there once we verify that all items that should come with the bundle do.

  • is it on pshome EU

  • Will we be able to play today without a hitch? The games I have played in the past in home, required very long waiting and lots of freezing or crashing.

    • Day 1 downloads might be a little slower than usual due to massive server loads, but the game play is reportedly working smoothly once you get in there. I personally jumped in several times today and it worked flawlessly for me.

  • Is that Rico from Killzone’s voice in the first trailer???

  • I just watched the tutorial vids, that auto lock while cover, that seems really cheap. Hopefully Veemee makes another fps for home without the cover mechanics and that constant lock on. This seems to much like a campfest.

  • Great, when will the Vita get it?

  • Impressive is all I can say.

    Actually there is more I can say.

    Home for VITA?
    No Man’s Land and other Home games for VITA?

  • I just finished playing NML in home and immediately deleted it and home. I apologize but the game is simply a pay to win (free pistol demolished by premium full auto AR) game, it is horribly polished ( doesn’t run smoothly ), the tutorial doesn’t teach the players the basics ( If started with friendly-fire you end up being teamkilled by blues ( aka. teammates, most don’t know this)).

    I now resign from playstation home.

  • NML is basically the uncharted 3 mini game with a verses mode attached. It kind of blows. there is way better home games then this. Sodium 2 is lots of fun as well as the sodium. i can get a way better game at the price point of 49.99 bundle. I’m so not wasting my money on this

  • Please bring NML to Asia!

  • Sounds cool. I like that you allow the use of our Home avatar in the game. Will definitely check this one out.

  • Hey, where’s that super over-priced super heavy armor that was here this morning? I’m just saying…I just want that flashy gold skull helmet, that’s all.

  • This game is a lazy copy paste of the Uncharted game, also the whole pay to win is a joke. Veemee must be insane if they expect people to pay $49.99 for a bundle of in game items.

  • Are there any update of personal spaces oh yeah and the dust 514 game slay is hard and are the codes are all out or y’all be giving more out ? dust 514 cheat so much I’m half way done but they killed me and say error 32 is weird are y’all going to show tips how to eat the game it driving us crazy :p

  • Couldn’t even join a game. It kept saying “Activity Chat Log” disconnected or something along those lines. What a huge waste of time downloading and waiting.

  • I can’t wait to get into the game. It looks great so far.

    Now I have a use for my Post Apocalyptic Apartment.

  • Thanks for the heads-up on the Y-Axis Inversion!

    (I still really could have used that in the training mission, man. :D)

    Is it actually stated anywhere that you can do that? Any chance that should change if it doesn’t? :P

  • Like others said, it’s a copy and paste of the Uncharted game and it’s very bad. The pistol is bad and it makes me want to try out other weapons but I have to buy them in order to do that. Buying better versions is one thing but not having them available to earn is another.

    I’ve actually seen someone with the $50 reaver costume. They say they’re a collector but $50 for one costume? It’s just… embarrassing, almost crazy, you could buy a whole game with that money… or a whole lot of home items… which is even better than one costume.

    I’m also upset because ever since I started going on home, the store has had a lot of maintenance which is very frustrating because I most of the time I don’t see the prices, so when I look at an item I have to wait for the price to show up… and it never does, I don’t know if this maintenance is going to go by quickly or happen more often.

    I wish there was a wishlist of some sort because whenever I come across something I want to buy, I can’t get it because the store is down. I’d like to add it to a queue of things I want to buy. It’d be really handy…..

    Is this going to happen more often? For once I actually want to buy things and / or see their price!

  • This has to be one if not the worst shooter I’ve ever played. Anyone that spends any money on this is simply foolish. Spend your $50 else where. BE smart and use it for PS+ and play some real games. This is just awful on so many levels.

  • No offence but I would rather get Dust 514 as a free game instead.

  • @49 Salt I completely agree with you.

  • I meant 43

  • I am trying to give this game a fair shot but keep having problems loading the game. Finally got into the tutorial. I was given a very clear message at the start asking me if I wanted to invert the Y-axis. So I don’t know what people are talking about not being able to do that. However, after completing the tutorial the game attempted to load the Drydock level and showed a ‘www.’ symbol. Yet nothing was downloading. I backed out of Home and tried it again. Got into the tutorial but still no Drydock level. Either the load is ridiculously long and I am not willing to wait 10 minutes, when I have very high internet speeds, or something is very wrong.

  • Thanks for the avatar clothing items though.

  • @Ronin, not that I was expecting much of NML anyhow, but you nailed it on the head with the copy and paste of the Uncharted game on Home. And the “pay to win feature”, because that is what it is just ridiculous. But the Home development team will chalk it up as some amazing success.

  • The tutorial was fun, I wasn’t able to get a chance play Team Deathmatch, but as few mention, it did felt similar to the Uncharted 3 game.

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