PSone Classic Tomba! Pounces to PSN Today

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PSone Classic Tomba! Pounces to PSN Today

While MonkeyPaw Games continues to deliver import experiences from Japan, we also have plenty of classic PlayStation titles in our library to satisfy nostalgic needs of even the most dedicated PlayStation fan. Today, we’ll be releasing the platforming-adventure classic Tomba! on the PSN. It will mark the first time that our pink-haired hero will be available digitally. It will be available for exclusive download in the PSone Classics section.

PSone Classic Tomba! Pounces to PSN Today

Created by Tokuro Fujiwara, the same mastermind that brought us the memorable Ghosts & Goblins and Mega Man, the fresh mix of platforming and sub-quest based adventures make Tomba! one of the most ingenious and versatile PlayStation titles in the Store.

The story follows Tomba, a wild jungle boy who needs to get his lucky golden bracelet back from demon pigs that have overrun his land. He’ll be using numerous weapons such as boomerangs and a large mace to overthrow a wide range of foes from evil pigs, spiders and large forest creatures.

The combination of unique 2D sprite and 3D backgrounds for Tomba! are great examples of game art at its finest in the late 90s, and remains visually pleasing even to this day. Also intriguing is that Tomba!’s gameplay is structured around earning Adventure Points by completing certain tasks such as helping trapped villagers or finding a lost item in a cave. Collecting more and more Adventure Points (AP) enables your wild jungle boy to pass through numerous area zones in the game. This is what truly makes Tomba! a unique and classic PlayStation platformer.

One of the most critically acclaimed features about the game is that all the sub-quests are different, eliminating repetition and keeping gameplay fresh from beginning to end. This also allows players to complete areas at their own pace with an option to undertake the hundreds of other hidden sub-quests. Exploration certainly isn’t discouraged here!

If you’re looking for hours and hours of classic PlayStation fun, look no further and download Tomba! Later today when it hits PlayStation Store. MonkeyPaw Games hopes you’ll like this edition and continue to give us your game suggestions. Like Tomba!, we’ll continue to listen and go after those otherworld classics! Follow us on Twitter at @MonkeyPawGames and help us relive your favorite PlayStation memories or reignite forgotten ones.

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  • Will Tomba! ( / Tombi!) also come to europe? I’m so looking forward to it!

    • Many people are asking the game to come to Europe. We want to bring it to Europe as well, but lots of elements involved in making that happen. If the USA version of Tomba sells well, the sooner we can make this immense fan request a reality.

  • if i could only play it on my vita …

  • Great one more classic to added to the US store, now where are these classics at?

    Dragon Quest 7
    Saga Frontier 1 & 2
    Suikoden 2
    Bushido Blade 1 & 2
    Mega Man Legends 1 & 2
    King’s Field 1 2 & 3
    Brave Fencer Musashi

  • ultimatedarklord

    Where is Wild 9?? I would really like to have the digital version of that game.

  • I would love to see the following added:
    -Tomb Raider: Chronicles
    -Gex: Enter the Gecko
    -Fear Effect
    The top 3 are already available on the European PSN
    -Rival Schools
    -Resident Evil: Survivor (YES, I know it was bad, but for $5.99 it would be worth the small price for its replayability)

  • Thank you so much.

    Have u thinking of making another one.
    Either for psn or vita. Some style.

  • I’m loving that Tomba! is the newest addition to PSN. Will it be available for Vita at launch of its PSOne Classics availability?

    Also, since you asked which PSOne game I most want to see on PSN…

    Suikoden 2

    Seriously, the first game is on PSN and Konami have yet to announce the North American release of the recently released PSP game. Suikoden 2 is at the top of my most-wanted list and I really urge you to look into it or at least ask Konami and report back with whatever response they give you. We’ve been completely in the dark when it comes to Suikoden 2’s chances of coming out on PSN.

    • It probably won’t be available for Vita at launch as part of the PSOne Classics availability. Arc the Lad will probably get the nod as you saw in the E3 conference. But we’re committed towards getting our titles on PS Vita as soon as possible!

  • awesome!!!!!!!!

    oh can we please have Tomba 2, Medievil 2, Metal Gear Solid VR Missions,Tenchu 1 and 2, Saga Frontier 1 and 2, Suikoden 2, Shadow Tower and many more.

    and since we already have japanese import PSN, why not titles that didn’t made it in the US like King’s Field 1-3, etc.

  • Bring it to Europe D=

    Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi! Tombi!

  • All hail MonkeyPaw Games! Thank you for bringing this to us. With Whoopee Camp gone and Sony oblivious of Tomba’s existence (he should be in Sony All Stars Battle Royale), I thought we’d never see the day of a digital release of this classic. I hope enough people buy it so that we can get the sequel, as well.

    • Been hearing lots of requests for having Tomba! in Sony All Stars Battle Royale. We’ll certainly listen to these requests and decide a best course of action from there.

  • i would love to see the following games come out on the psone section:

    suikoden 2
    herc’s adventures

    • Both those titles are high on our licensing list. One is pretty close to getting done. Stay tuned!

  • Please… Bring FEAR EFFECT and FEAR EFFECT 2 RETRO HELIX back!!!

    Both these games are fantastic!…

    P.S. Brave Fencer Musashi would be great too…

  • how many Hours is the Main Game ? looks pretty easy and enemies look pretty weak. looks pretty good for an old game though, let me know on the hours please.

    • Lots of hours. Some people can easily play Tomba for 30-40 hours, since there’s so many tough and challenging quests to do. No quest is ever the same.

  • is that just one psone classic coming to psvita are is there a list of games cause i really want this game called jade cacoon i had it on my fone but until it messed up on me thats the only one i really care but other then my final fantasys thank and good day to you

  • Buying it the second I see it’s available, hopefully Tomba 2: Evil Swines Return will make it to the classics soon as well!

  • Also Legend of Legaia! Life would be complete, lol.

  • “MonkeyPaw Games continues to deliver import experiences from Japan…”

    Does this mean we’ll be getting more import PS1 games? Because there haven’t been any new ones in months.

    • There’s some that’s still in the works. Reason why it’s been taking longer is because some of these potential projects are much larger scale titles than our previous offerings.

  • I’ll stock up on these old classics when I can play em on Vita. No desire to play this on the big screen.

  • i would like to see capcom vs snk marvel vs capcom digimon 3

  • Looking forward to getting this tonight. I even found the old Tomba! manual online and printed it out.

  • Day one purchase…WHEN it can be played on Vita.

  • Cool. I look forward to buying this, on the Vita.

  • Oh man, Tomba! I had forgotten all about this game. Will most certainly be downloading it. <3

  • Please release Capcom Vs Snk 2 on PS3 in HD

  • Can’t wait to buy this classic

  • If I can make a request….

    Please bring over the King’s Field series

    • We’ve tried hard for King’s Field but haven’t been able to get it done on the licensing. The good news is you might just see them bring it out themselves.

  • I can’t find it, where is it? D:

  • Any plans on bringing the second game over? I plan on buying the first one later today I just want to know if I’ll be able to buy the second at a later time. Also, where’s Medievil 2?

  • @SniperShank – The PSN doesn’t get updated until later in the day.

  • @TheJuggla17 Thanks for the reply. :)

  • Thanks for being awesome, MonkeyPaw.

  • PS2 Classic: Wild Arms 5 please!!! It’s a Sony game, should be easy to bring it.

  • Thanks for deleting my last comment.

    Will we be getting any more PS1 imports any time soon?

    • We have Class of Heroes 2 coming to PSN later this fall, but we haven’t announced further PS1 imports for USA yet. Europe will get an import title soon that we’ve already released here in USA. After that, we’re focusing all efforts on Tomba and our import titles to hopefully bring more retro love to everyone.

  • Nobody buys til PS1 classics are made available to the vita. It’s pretty ridiculous we still can’t play PS1 games.

  • #3: Brave Fencer Musashi is a great game; I still have it on disc (w/the FF8 demo on a separate disc, anyone remember that?) and have played through numerous times.

    Not so hot about Mega Man Legends, but I would love to see the old Mega Man games from Nintendo days of yore ported over to PSN…

  • I love what MonkeyPaw Games does. Thanks for bringing over Japanese titles and PS1 Classics.

  • For a second there I though PS1 support was coming to Vita today. :(

  • @Clocian-IGN The original PSP didn’t get PSOne Classics until a year after it’s original release, it’s harder because it doesn’t have the hardware/software mixture to play the games, so they have to develop an emulator for it. You’ll get it eventually, don’t worry.

    • Sniper, you’ve got it right. Its hard to make changes on the spot. But it will come. Only patience is needed.

  • Is this out yet?? I can’t find it anywhere and I’ve been looking all day. I’ve read a few places that it is out, and others that it isn’t…any confirmation as to which one is correct/could i get an idea of when it will be on th PSN.?! Please and thanks!

  • @Lafe_08 I just asked the same question. They run in a different time zone, it’ll probably be on there around 3 PM EST, or so on wherever you are.

  • Can you PLEASE find a way to bring Einhander to North America? PLEASE!

  • I may retry this game (was sick when I played this game on Ps1 and though I would be sick if i played it again).

    Games I would I like to see:
    Brave Fencer Musashi
    Tobal No. 1
    Tony Hawk 2 & 3
    Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (I kinda dont remember this one)

  • Is it out now? :)

  • It’s out now, buy it people!

  • Now let’s bring back the tony hawk’s pro skater series too!

  • TOMBA!!!!!!!!
    Been waiting for this since Dragoon was released.
    My PSOne Classic Collection is complete!

  • matt_123_caygeon

    iam having troubling installing it it just wontt work help!!!

  • Einhander for the US store. For the love of everything, Square! Please!

  • Nice TOMBA is here. Now where is Brave Fencer Musashi? Where’s Tenchu 1 & 2.?

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