Weekly Home Update: No Man’s Land Survives The Apocalypse

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Weekly Home Update: No Man’s Land Survives The Apocalypse

This Wednesday, June 20th, brings a new challenge of post-apocalyptic survival in the form of an intense new multiplayer third person shooter–No Man’s Land. Newer developer Bigyama releases several new lines of furniture, x7 gets several new early-access items and another sweet bundle, Lockwood’s Cucumber line of furniture gets an exciting expansion with some modern contemporary beds and a developer diary, and VEEMEE releases an arcade bundle giving a sweet deal on their collection of arcade hits.

Weekly Home Update: No Man’s Land Survives The Apocalypse

Hyper-violent and intensely gritty, No Man’s Land is a post-apocalyptic third-person shooter unlike any other game in the history of PlayStation Home. Race through urban wastelands where chaos and disorder are ever-present, dodging enemy fire and exacting revenge on roaming bands of death-addicted warriors in a world gone mad. Squads of up to four players each clash in two game modes – Team Deathmatch and Scavengers – in pulse-pounding multiplayer mayhem where only the savage survive.

  • Action-packed gameplay in a dark, desperate third-person shooter framework that introduces signature “Cover-to-Cover” movement and “Tru-Aim” combat systems to PlayStation Home.
  • Two game modes at launch: Team Deathmatch pits two teams in a competition to rack up the most kills in a multiplayer session, while Scavengers places teams against one another in a fight to collect salvage and return to their base while avoiding enemy fire.
  • Freemium model: Default load-out for all players with premium weapon and armor upgrades that affect rate of fire, player speed, resistance, and more.
  • Additional maps, modes, functionality, and associated content planned for future expansions.

Trust no one because it’s not about what’s right — it’s about what’s left.

This is Bigyama’s first furniture collection modestly titled ‘The Bigyama Ultimate Furniture collection’. There are six different furniture sets each with a unique style. Everything from the Captain’s Collection, a Forthstar inspired furniture set with bold blues and a decadent feel, to the comfort and coziness of the Snug Collection. Check them all out in the video and if you can’t decide then there’s the Ultimate Bundle that includes them all.

Weekly Home Update: No Man’s Land Survives The Apocalypse

This week in exclusive VIP nightclub x7, early-access items include a Suave Tuxedo for the men and Glamorous full look for the ladies—in individual mix and match parts, of course. Also this week there’s yet another fabulous bundle deal, only for members of x7.

In from Lockwood this week, Cucumber updates their bedroom range with a selection of comfortable, colorful Active Object beds this week – animations included! Gone are the days of jogging endlessly around the mall with no respite, only to return to your apartment and perch on the edge of a hard chair. Cucumber Active Object beds allow you to lie down alongside a friend and daydream the stresses of the day away. Furnish your apartment with one now, lay back and relax. These are available at a reduced price for owners of the original Cucumber beds.

Lockwood Pose Beds

Fans of VEEMEE will enjoy the new arcade bundle arriving this week. Head to the game store in the Mall to find this bundle comprising several of their popular arcade cabinet games.

Finally, the Community Theater gets an update this week with new videos from HomeCast, Hip Hop Gamer and more. Head to the theater on Wednesday and enjoy the show.

See you in Home!

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  • Here’s hoping NML doesn’t force me into a outfit like Mercia does.

    Otherwise I’m going to instantly lose interest.

  • when will the Loot MIB space/ bundle be released?

  • It actually is really a fun game @ Jacked-Assassin. I would recommend giving it a try even if you are forced into a costume. lol

  • the personal space MIB

  • I have negative 0 interest in No Man’s Land and won’t be touching it, so thank you for releasing 2 fantastic furniture sets this week! I will def. be picking up the Cucumber beds and Bigyama ultimate bundle.

    Any word on when the advanced tools will be released from Granzella (shovel of the gods, pickaxe from lost civilization, ect) and the third rarity tag? It’s really getting annoying digging without the extra luck boost from those tools and the tag -_- Please tell Granzella we want MORE STUFF!

    • Good news – we have more Granzella content coming this week, including updates to the Grand Edo, new costumes and collectibles, and more.

  • Finally No Man’s Land… can’t wait to try it out.

  • yes and when is the MIB clubhouse/ultimate bundle coming out??? Was announced over a month ago.

  • awwwwww… quite Wednesday… but i wanna play NML nao :p

  • Just curious… Will there be any sort of Home rewards associated with No Man’s Land?

  • @ TARAZUMA the tools have been released and so has the rarity tag as well look in the new for them at grandzella psace.

  • Triad the tools we have currently are the “high-class” tools. There is another set of tools that have been released in EU and Asia with better stats, and a third rarirty tag making a total of 3 tags.

  • o my bad.. all i really want is the glowing swords from edo and the other games and personal space that the fossles go into. can’t wait for downtown neon and monster fishing and peakvox labs.

  • Great update keep up the good work 4 quick questions

    Is there going to a single player mission in NML or is all mulit player.

    Are you guys going to update the Yetis vs Hunters game. I love the game and hopes it doesn’t get the boot

    Are we going to see better active items like how the mysterious doll is

    When are guys going to bring back a military theme of some kind like Socom

    • NML is multiplayer, though there is a single player training campaign that will help get you up to speed.

      There are no plans to update YvH at this time. If that changes, we’ll be sure to let you know.

      Definitely expect more active items in the future (such as the Cucumber beds, releasing this week).

      There are a lot of military-themed areas, such as the Action District and NML. What other kind of military-themed content would you like to see?

  • Finally! No Man’s Land arrives. I didn’t get a Beta invite so can’t wait to check this game out! Will the game have any music to it?

    • There’s not a music soundtrack per se, but the sound design is top notch and adds a lot to the experience IMO.

  • Also, due to the free PS Plus games this month, I’ve been playing a lot of Saints Row. Is there ever a chance of having a nice wardrobe functionality overhaul to like how Saints Row 2 has it? It has folders for each type of clothing.. layers.. etc.

  • Can we expect any sorts of rewards or benefits from No Mans Land, such as handheld guns or armour suits for our avatar?

  • Im still wondering one thing guys lol we have all this new stuff in home amazing stuff to be honest…yet we cant change cloths in our friends house? will that ever be changed?

  • Please release/restock Dust514 Beta codes with 10k more


  • Nothing interesting to me this week, I can’t wait to play Home Tycoon and Mercia as it’s avalible this summer (when will that be?) and I was just wondering if there’s any news or updates for Sodium 2 (including how to earn Sodium credits faster for upgrades).

  • @Cade Peterson

    What does the VeeMee Arcade Bundle consist of? Is it Savage Cosmos, Electro Kid and Superhero Madhouse or does it have any new arcade machines within this bundle? Just wanted to know because I collect Arcade Machines and I already have all three of those. However, if its just those three, I would still suggest the bundle because if you have the need for oldschool 8-Bit cabs in Home, these will satisfy that need.

  • Is No Man’s Land the game that was shown on the E3 floor? If so it looked pretty good for a Home game. I didn’t get to play it at E3. Is it FREE?

  • :( was hoping that game was gonna be a first person shooter, for once…..still looks great tho, will stll try it out!!!!

  • I think i would have been a lot of fun if we were able to use our avatars with whatever clothes we like in NO MANS LAND. It would make the game a little more interesting and fun – apparel wise that is. I cant wait to get home and give this new game a try..im pretty sure it wont replace BF3 or Starhawk but i guess it will make HOME somewhat interesting :p


  • I like the looks of the Bigyama the best out of this update. Their Forthstar collection was very well done so I can’t wait to see these items in person.

  • NML looks like crap

  • i was a bit disapointed with no mans land, i mean uncharted game in PS Home used cover-to-cover system first then no mans land brought back cover-to-cover system, sorry i though no mans land was gonna have free movement system meaning move where ever you want.

  • Now we need to get DLC for No Mans Land that takes the game back to the Old Central Plaza to fight it out from the Apartment building high ground and doorway of the Bowling alley or Theatre or Mall. I can see a lot of good maps for this game. Looking forward to playing it on Wednesday.

  • When are we getting the portable EOD’s from Loot? I want to be able to watch movies, listen to music, etc. in my other personal spaces as well.

  • Is there one hit head shots in this game? Heres hoping the controls and the movement of the characters are smooth and accurate as well as the aiming.

  • Great Update !_!

  • Great job on PS Home

    Is there plans to expand Home on the Next PS console? or even a vita app?

  • So, PlayStation’s Home take another step toward being a sexual predator’s paradise, and a complete “SecondLife” clone. Way to go, and screw it all up again Sony.

    I also read about the “cleaning” being done to Home, and had a riot of good laughter when I saw that out of all the spaces you are taking off of Home that you are keeping the GodFather space which is known for nothing, but scum. Congrats on suckin’ arse Sony, and Home staff.

  • Soo when does PS+ users get some PS home items??

  • I was in the No Man’s Land beta and i was lucky to play with one other person any given day.

    I was highly disappointed that movement really was limited to predetermined locations much like the Uncharted Fortune Hunter cover shooter.

    Also while it is free to play, the inclusion of paid extras that make you shoot better and live longer is a terrible idea. its called “pay to win”, and that absolutely kills free to play multi-player games. either no one is going to pay for that extra stuff so we are all on an even playing field, or a few people will pay and the rest of us will drop out never to play it again. What you should of done was offer paid items such as cosmetic alterations. there’s big money to be had in that alone. and if there was an exp system(there always should be in games like this) you could of offered experience boosters for sale too.

    This game in its current form is destined for failure.

  • Waiting for the @home game where I can sneak into people’s @home apartments and steal stuff :P

  • Great update!


    Will the theatre include videos from PSTalent?
    If so, I hope its the one with me in it:D

  • this looks so good, I cant wait to jump into it.

  • @KILLZONE79 and AG-QiREX, if that is how No Man’s Land is played, then i definitely have no interest in checking that out. that does sound quite disappointing. it might have that initial excitement, but loose interest like i did with Cutthroat. Hope Mercia, which i am really looking forward to, stays updated and keeps staying fresh….time will tell.

    i’m actually looking forward to some of the furniture items. hopefully the Cucumber beds aren’t priced ridiculously.

  • am i the only one tht thinks this is a jacked up stupid ass, horrible graphic’d 8 year olds game?

  • For a second there I read Tailon’s post too fast…. I was wondering how I really offended him….

    But anyway NML is below my expectations. The game play is okay for what it is. But when a game forces me to be a character I don’t want to be I lose interest.

    Back when the original NML trailer came out in The Adventure District I had my own sci-fi outfit already made. The worst I thought that could happen was having 0 armor despite wearing armor.

    By forcing me into a rewarded outfit VeeMee has lost a chance at me buying weapons & reconsidering their outfits.

    I’m not a tool for some PS Home game to do as they see fit to me.

  • Dammit I already made a post yet it wasn’t posted….

    Anyway short version.

    I played NML & it was okay for what it is.

    But VeeMee’s NML isn’t getting a single penny from me till I can dress however I want.

  • No mans land is passable. An item bundle that cost $49.99… A price of a full game and a much better one. if you spend under $10 on this you wont be to disappointed. But it plays just like The uncharted 3 mini game they had back a while ago.

  • I will be wasting my money on Granzella!!. I will buy anything ninja =p

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