Sack it to Me: Sackboy Returns to Tron

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Sack it to Me: Sackboy Returns to Tron

Tron: Legacy Minipack Released!

There’s a fun new Minipack on the Store, which includes the long sought-after Clu Costume. Originally a pre-order bonus for LittleBigPlanet 2, Clu is now available to everyone on LittleBigPlanet in the Tron: Legacy Minipack!


Clu is joined by Quorra and Gem in this Minipack and there’s also a collection of Tron: Legacy themed Stickers to add to your collection. Gets Some New Features!

Recently we rolled out a new update for, which introduces a couple of exciting new features to our ever-expanding hub for the community.

Sackboy Gets Sorted with Lists!
The first of these is our new Lists feature, which enables a creator to compile a list of up to forty levels entirely of their choosing. If you consider yourself to be a super organised Sackperson, who likes to keep all their levels all nice and sorted, then the new level lists will be right up your street!

Take a look at my very first list featuring last week’s Mm Picks to see just what I’m talking about!

Oh and be sure to keep an eye out from future lists from me, which will showcase some of the greatest levels on LittleBigPlanet!

Sackboy Shows Off His Pins!
The other big update on is the ability to see everyone’s hard-earned Pins. Finally you can show your Pins with pride and let the community know how much of a dedicated player you are and what your top skills are.

So good luck with completing those Pin collections!

For more information on the new features, head on over to

If you want to show off your brand new Lists or your Pin collection, drop a message into the comments. I’ll love to see what kind of cool lists that are being put together by the community!

LittleBigPlanet E3 Goodies!

Sackboy had a very exciting time at E3 and we’ve got a couple of new trailers to show you, fresh from his trip to E3!

To begin with we have the lovely new videos of our exciting new games to show off to you all!

If you’re excited for Sackboy’s new portable or karting adventures, then you will definitely want to check out these new vids!

Sack it to Me: Sackboy Returns to Tron

Sack it to Me: Sackboy Returns to Tron

Play, Create, Share has never looked brighter for LittleBigPlanet and we cannot wait to get these great games to you, later this year!

Mm Picks

Finally this week, I’m no stranger to level lists since we have our usual batch of Mm Picks that feature some of our favorite levels.

La Casa de las Rosas

La Casa de las Rosas by L1GhTmArE

Sweets Fantasy

Sweets Fantasy by white_rabbit_0

BloQ (1 Player)

BloQ (1 Player) by hotalbi

Press 'em!

Press ‘em! By tevlon1

Shoot 'em Up [1 Player]

Shoot ‘em Up [1 Player] by Angel-Box

Sack it to Me: Sackboy Returns to Tron

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9 Author Replies

  • Can’t wait to play LBP Karting and LBP Vita :D would like to see more themed levels like the Muppets had

    • Each game will be packed full of new themes and LittleBigPlanet Karting will also see the return of some old favourites!

      Are there any particular themes or styles you’re hoping to see in LittleBigPlanet Karting or LittleBigPlanet PS Vita?

  • Needs Daft Punk costumes…

  • So upset that I signed up for the LBP Vita Beta, and didn’t get in!! Huge slap in the face to someone that has bought every Little Big Planet game Day 1! Whoever thought it was smart for a “robot” to give out the codes should be fired!! I am a loyal LBP player, and I know people that don’t own a Vita and got the code! Shame on Sony and Tarsier Studios who did a piss poor job handing out these Beta code. Oh BTW I am also a Plus Member!! What happened to Free Exclusive Betas?!?!?!

  • Are we going to be able to use our LBP and LBP2 DLC costume bits in Little Big Planet Karting?

  • Dude, I know Beta entry is a frustrating thing, but you’re taking it entirely too personally if you would color it as a huge slap in the face.

    Get a grip, man. It’s just a game.

  • i must say , im extremely impressed by lbp vita beta, its just like the ps3 versions, even the graphics are very, very good, i have a question when is it coming out? august?

    • We haven’t announced a release date just yet.
      As soon as we know, you can be sure that we will tell you all!

  • Will LBP Karting be available on PSN or not? Day 1? Also luvin the LBP Vita Beta. Day 1 digital purchase!

  • @ 5Hooligantuan

    When you are loyal to a game and company it just seems like they don’t care. i know it is just a game, but this is a blog for games so I am just letting them know my frustration. It’s not the end of the world I know, but this is the reason for blogs, and message broads. To get the word out! Hopefully someone out there cares enough to change it, and have more Beta for NA!

    • Sorry to hear that you didn’t get into the LittleBigPlanet PS Vita.

      There were a variety of people invited including new and dedicated LittleBigPlanet players, which would allow us to have both beginners and experts testing the game to help us ensure that it appeals to all players!

      Unfortunately space is limited with these tests and there isn’t always space for everybody.
      We even pulled down our sign-up page early to ensure that the most dedicated and earliest sign-ups would have a greater chance of being selected.

      Hope you’ve been enjoying all the recent news coming from the beta though! :)

  • I’m sure if Plus actually did anything on Vita then u’d be in. They still need to get Plus on there

  • Also this wasn’t available in the Beta but will we be able to play community levels from LBP1 and LBP2 with the exception of PS Move lvls?

    • LittleBigPlanet PS Vita is an entirely standalone game that will not feature the LBP1 and LBP2 community levels.

      We’re definitely looking forward to seeing a whole new range of games being created on LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, which make great use of the PlayStation Vita’s exclusive touch capabilities!

  • @DZORMAGEN There’s millions of people that play LBP, its really hard for them to tend to millions of people, and only a few hundred, maybe a few thousand people can take part of the Beta, don’t take it too personally, I’m sure they care for everyone that plays their game

  • @ 11 Ace2540

    Yes, but how many of those millions have a Vita also?? I know a lot of people just went on the site and lied about having the system. I am just saying it was done poorly and it could of been done different.

    I got a chance to play the Beta from a friend, and at E3 and the game is AMAZING!

  • Absolutely love the new Tron Legacy pack! Any chance that there will be a level pack themed after Tron?Tron Legacy? I’m sure that many LBP fans would love that.

  • I can’t believe I wake up everyday excited to “maybe” have a release date for a game, and then still have to wait for it come out.

  • @DZORMAGEN yeah, maybe they should’ve had the Beta registration only through the Vita to make sure that the codes are at least going to people who can actually use them

  • Everytime you post LBP Update, I get all excited thinking the Vita cross-controller DLC is coming out!
    Any word on it’s release date?

    • The Cross Controller DLC isn’t due for a little while yet.
      Our reveal of the pack at E3 was the sneakiest of peeks that we could offer everyone. ;)

      We have a great line up of content to release before then though and we cannot wait to reveal more on the Cross Controller DLC, it’s definitely an exciting pack that will appeal to all.

  • Oh sweet. I know what I’m downloading this evening. :)

  • more themed level packs like pirates and metal gear

    how bout a disneyland one for the kids, or.. hmm .. a batman one? or avengers? its so hot right now

    not great at ideas but you guys should get on it! :)

  • Twisted Metal Theme!!! Imagine the possibilities! For both Karting and LBP Vita! Sweet Tooth Sackboy!

  • I’m with Wario64, Tron: Legacy themed Daft Punk outfits would be amazing! Any inclusions of Tron or Tron: Legacy themed stages would also be an amazing addition. The visuals in the films and the new cartoon are so awesome, seeing that translated to LBP would be a real treat.

  • When will the astronaut costume be available for everyone?

    • The Launch Spacesuit will actually be re-released twice this year!

      One week to celebrate the release of LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and another week for the release of LittleBigPlanet Karting!

      Keep your eyes peeled for the announcements of those release dates to know when to look out for these popular costumes.

  • Hey, I like pins. The day LPBVita is released is the day I buy a Vita (Unless by some happy accident I am able to win one).

    • We all love Pins here and you will be glad to know that LittleBigPlanet PS Vita will bring a brand new batch of Pins for you to collect!

  • Hey Steven, any chance you can confirm that there is going to be a Fallout/Nuclear Wasteland theme for Vita? I figure that by now LittleBigPlanet would have one :D

  • If you’re still answering questions, how long is the Beta expected to run? I’ve had limited time on it but definitely want to spend a metric-ton more when I can so I’m hoping the Beta runs for a long time. Any news at all would be good, thanks.

    • The LittleBigPlanet PS Vita beta is due to end on June 25th.
      So you’ve got one more weekend to crank out some awesome creativity before the beta ends!

  • Loving the LBP Vita beta, can’t wait to get the full version! Esp can’t wait for the inevitable dlc, you always support these games so well. Keep up the brilliant work :)

  • Any word on if will support LBP Vita?

    • will offer full support for both LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and LittleBigPlanet Karting.
      It will be your one stop for levels, creators and community activity for LittleBigPlanet!

  • Please create some Gravity Rush costumes! I’d love to dress up as Kat and Raven. <3

  • If Anyone Knows If The Vita’s YouTube App Is Coming Out Next PSN Update, Please Reply!

  • Oh, And Any Idea On LBP Vita? I Will Get It Day 1, But I Have No Clue On Release.

  • i am so at a loss i signed up for the beta day 1 only hours after the sign up page was launched i was one of the first at least first 20 i told them that i have played and owned every LBP and i dont get a betta key im talking to friends that signed up like a week later and they got in in but not me im so disappointed and really kinda angry i dont think thats fair at all ……if anyone knows how i might be able to get a betta key send me a mssg on psn… i even pre orderd day 1 but i kinda feel cheated i know its free and all but come on how do they skip over 1 of the first to sign up

  • i really think that what dzormagen is saying is right this beta was handled very poorly i think they should extend it we saw starhawk beta get extended because of problems and ghost recon as well and im sure there were more times where people saw things were done wrong or not as well as they could have been and so they tried to make up for it why cant we do that with lbp vita beta and just extend it a little longer so they can get me and dzormagen and other big fans/supporters in this beta even if its only for a week or 2 im a stay at home dad i could do so much in that beta in a short time …I STILL WANT IN…. ok i think im gonna go cry now…LOL…Sob.

  • Any chance we can use our old costumes for LBP Karting?

  • Been curious about this for some time now. Do Little Big Planet 2 add on’s work with Little Big Planet?

  • I wanna know if this game will have a satisfying length of game play. i don’t want it to be short. good luck on this game

  • Thanks Steven for the reply!

  • yeah im waiting for some sort of reply really any acknowledgment will suffice

  • Sweet !!!!! :D this could help me with makeing my Hyper Neptuine scak girl outfits wow this is great :D sorry tottaly a Hyper Neptuine Fan and i cant spell today >.<

  • wow now im really angry some moron took the time to remove my last post wich i specifically censored so that it would not be removed so somebody obviously read what i wrote but still could not put up any sort of reply …… so ill put it up again ……seeing as tho nobody gives a dam about there true fans/suporters on the subject of the vita beta and how bad they messed up i have decided to no longer buy lbp games new from now on i will by them used ive already taken my prereserve credit for lbp vita and transferred it assassins creed 3 vita since i know ubisoft cares about what there fans /suporters think…….. is that better moderator?

  • 4 days to go,hopefully they will release the LBP vita on wednesday.

  • I’m so excited getting this game! I bought LBP on the PSP, but I had problems on making levels on it. With PS Vita, I’m pretty sure that it would work out fine just like or better than the PS3 version because of its touch, gyro and camera capabilities that you can bring on the go. :)

  • I’m just curious, will LittleBigPlanet for the Vita feature multi-player? I enjoy playing LBP with friends, and I was just curious. By the way, is the Pod still in the game?

  • Does anyone know the release date?So far my most reliable source saids that it will be released on June 26 or 27.

  • I payed for the Tron:Legacy Minipack but it didn’t include the Clu Costume. I bought the pack mainly for the Clu costume could you tell me how I can get it?

  • sad to see a rare item like the clu costume become available to everyone. takes away from the fun of owning those few things that not many other people have.

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