Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles Hits PSN Tomorrow

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Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles Hits PSN Tomorrow


Brand new Marvel Pinball tables will be available tomorrow via PSN on PS3! Marvel’s The Avengers, based on Marvel Entertainment’s BILLION dollar movie, World War Hulk, The Infinity Gauntlet, and Fear Itself make up one of our most exciting videogame pinball releases ever. Each table is based on a huge event in the Marvel universe, and I cannot hide the fact that we are very proud of these tables! We have taken major steps forward with our pinball craft and of course, I could go on forever and ever about how great I think the new tables are, but I’ll let them do the talking! Check out the trailer for Fear Itself.

Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles Hits PSN Tomorrow

So, what is new and different about this set of Marvel Pinball tables? Previous tables were developed around individual characters, pitting you against their enemies with table elements focused on capturing their personalities. With the Avengers Chronicles tables, we focused more on storytelling, basing each table on an event in the Marvel Universe. In order to accomplish this, we recorded more voiceover than in any previous set of tables, and most of the lines are straight out of the comics. For example, The Infinity Gauntlet table alone has 139 lines pulled directly from the comic series and outlines the events of the story arc. And if you want to know more about Thanos (no spoilers here), may I suggest The Infinity Gauntlet table as a means to learn about the Mad Titan?


Did anyone happen to see a little movie released back in May that has broken box office records? Yes, Marvel’s The Avengers! I don’t want to spoil anything for those of you who have not seen the movie, but the Avengers table is based on events in the smash-hit flick. Back in the glory days of pinball machines, pinball was the center of pop culture, and a table was released for everything big in mass market entertainment. It is pretty cool that we have a table based on a movie that has broken countless records! Our friend Chris Baker from Marvel Entertainment wrote a post here on the blog about Marvel’s The Avengers table a few weeks ago – so if you need more info on that table, it is a great read.


Finally, Hulk is making his Marvel Pinball debut. We have had about ten million requests for Hulk, so we are happy to give him to you in a big way. World War Hulk is an explosive story, and the table reflects that in every way. I am sure you will all enjoy playing in the ruins of Manhattan as you crank up the volume on Hulk’s intense one liners. You’ll also get a cool cameo appearance from the Punisher!


I also wanted to take a moment and update you on Zen Pinball 2. We had planned to release the new Avengers Chronicles pack in line with the release of Zen Pinball 2, however we are experiencing some delays, and unfortunately this will not happen as planned. Technically speaking, Zen Pinball 2 is a very complex game and we have been working very closely with Sony to get it released as soon as possible. The wait will be worthwhile – I am proud to say that Zen Pinball 2 was nominated for Best of Show from IGN, and Best Portable by Destructoid at E3!

As always, I want to say thank you to all of you from all of us at Zen Studios. We truly appreciate your support and look forward to hearing what you think about the new tables.

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  • Tables look awesome. Can’t wait to download tomorrow. Also can’t wait for Zen Pinball 2 so I can have it all on the go with my Vita. I don’t mind you taking the time to making sure it works properly but just don’t take to long. lol. Guess I won’t be lucky enough to take it with me on vacation.

  • Cant wait to pick this up. any news if Plus members will get it for free or at a discount?

    Also when will we hear more news about the pop cap table which was supposed to be Peggle.

    I am sure ZP2 will be worth the wait every table so far has impressed me.

    • At this time we do not have a program in place for Plus. Hopefully you were able to take advantage of the Plus promotion we did in December (Marvel Pinball was free).

      You will hear more news about our collaboration with PopCap later this summer.


  • sooooo! no walking dead episode 2 tomm…..prolly not!

  • hope all of them are worth spending much time unlike the iron-man one.

  • Thanks Zsolt.

    Can’t wait to play these tables.

    Hopefully Vita will be getting these very soon too.

  • Been a ZEN pinball fan from day 1 , would really like some Playstation Home rewards added ! any Home content would be bought up with a quickness ! …. except for t-shirts .. GAH ! perhaps some tables we could play in our apartments or even a public space like the old pinball arcades . you could sell tokens or let table owners play free , have rewards for certain goals being met , like high scores or multiball . Home IS a cash cow , don’t miss out !

  • This is cool and all but i hope you can join your friends and don’t have to be forced to play with random people.Because that was one of the major problems with the marvel pinballs games before it.

  • Its not coming to vita?

    • There is no Vita release this week. When Zen Pinball 2 releases in a few weeks, you will be able to play these tables on Vita. Don’t forget, if you already own it on PS3, you will be able to play on Vita for no extra charge!

  • I’m sure Zen Pinball 2 is going to neat and all, but can people like myself who prefer to have Marvel Pinball stay its own game be able to? It sounds like once the transition to Zen Pinball 2 is complete, “Marvel Pinball” won’t be anything more than Labels in a larger group of unrelated pinball machines, and I’m not interested in that.

    • Yes, you will be able to keep Marvel Pinball separate from Zen Pinball 2 if you do not with to upgrade!

  • I love Marvel comics and Pinball so this is an awesome combination. Whoever decided to put The Infinity Gauntlet table in should be promoted because that is such a great story in the comic books. Keep up the Marvel Pinball tables

    • The Infinity Gauntlet table is really something special! Big thanks to Chris Baker at Marvel Entertainment for his contributions to this one – it was a great collaboration.

  • @9 They have stated in the past that Zen 1 and Marvel Pinball will still work seperately, but Zen 2 is going to put the collections of both games under one roof, with some bug fixes, improved physics, table demos and so forth. So yes, you can continue to use only Marvel Pinball if you like, but I doubt it will be supported anymore, and if you are interested in the inprovements you will want to take the FREE upgrade to Zen 2.

    • Marvel Pinball will remain a standalone game for those who do not wish to switch over to Zen Pinball 2. Any new Marvel tables released will also release for Marvel Pinball.

  • Day 1 purchase for me. I’m really looking forward to this table pack and I can’t wait for ZP2 to release. I’m really looking forward to play the old tables with new improve physics and textures. :)

    • Thanks! The older tables look really fresh with the updates. It is rewarding to see that we have improved so much over the past few years, we are happy to update these tables for you!

  • Great news, gonna grab it tomorrow.

  • Yes! D1P for me! Cannot wait to get all these tables for play with Zen2 on my Vita! Keep up the great work!

  • So can’t wait for this; look at all those cosmic entities lurking in the Infinity Gauntlet table. Anything that has the Celestials is an automatic sale for me, even if it is just that boring old Ziran the Tester (not to be a mega-geek, can’t help it!) That and the Fear Itself table are definitely the ones I’m looking forward to; the Worthy are no match for my mad pinball skills (still needs to be a Speedball ball that we can use to play, though!)


  • can i just buy this table or do i have to own marvel pinball or zen pinball?

  • @RXL209 You have to have Marvel Pinball in order to play these, or Zen Pinball 2 when it releases later.

  • Hats Off to Zen Studio’s for release of more great PINBALL action.

  • Thank you, Zsolt! I can’t wait to play these. The Infinity Gauntlet table is a dream come true. Now if I can just talk you guys into doing a table with Archangel and Apocalypse my wishlist will be complete ;)

    BTW, do you have a personal favorite out of the new Marvel tables?

    • It’s a tough choice, but I think I have to go with The Infinity Gauntlet. The table’s visuals are incredible, and the way the team embraced the story with gameplay is probably the best we have ever done.

  • I’ve always been a big fan of Zen Pinball, have gotten all the tables as soon as they’ve released, as well as Marvel Pinball. I’m also a huge Marvel comics fan, so I’ve been waiting impatiently for these tables! I’ll definately be getting them as soon as the store updates tomorrow. You’ve released a lot more tables than I thought you would for Marvel Pinball, and I’m still hoping for more!

  • I’m too broke this week to buy the new tables but will definitely be picking them up next week , I bought zen pinball day 1 , got all the dlc tables ( even got the accidental early release of the Epic Quest table and played it for a few months before the official release ) , and still play the zen tables weekly .
    I also got marvel pinball day 1 and have got all the dlc for that game , and always try to get the dlc tables day 1 , play marvel pinball a few times every week too .
    Zen studios is great , they support their pinball games regularly and they make great games , the only thing I don’t like is that tournaments on marvel pinball have been too few and even worse on zen pinball , I think there were maybe 3 tournaments total in 3 years for zen , we need regular tournaments every few months with actual prizes ( maybe the top 200 get a dlc table the next time one releases ? ) and they need to list more than the top 100 scores in tournaments , I have finished a couple with scores close to the top 100 but have no idea what position I finished .

    that’s my only gripe , more tournaments please , and post all scores so even the last place finisher gets posted .

    • You are totally right. We’ll do a much better job managing tournaments and make sure they happen more frequently. This will be a lot easier to do within the Zen Pinball 2 framework.

  • I’ve been looking forward to these new tables for quite some time! Question: how will the pricing work? Is each table going to have a separate price or will they only be available as one lump purchase? What will the price/prices be?

  • Hi Zsolt, I really wanna upgrade to Zne Pinball 2, however I also really want to have the option to go back and get the old trophies from when Marvel and Zen Pinball were seperate. Will upgrading to Zen Pinball 2 which has new trophies, exclude me from being able to go back and get some of the older trophies? Thx, Stoni.

    • As long as you buy the DLC before you upgrade to Zen Pinball 2, you will have those tables for Zen Pinball or Marvel Pinball, and can still earn those trophies. Once Zen Pinball 2 releases, Zen Pinball will be removed from the store – but if you own it, it will remain on your system.

  • I’m in. I have all of the other Marvel Pinball tables and I can’t wait to try these out too. Love the Avengers! Imagine that! I thought I would have nothing to buy when the store updates tomorrow. Please guys, could we make this an early update? Yes?

  • Great :) I just need start playing more Zen pinball again :). I haven’t played first zen pinball other set in long while. I’m a big fan pinball tables.

  • I’m not sure if this has been asked or answered, but when ZP2 is out will I be able to delete the other 2 programs from my system? Just to be clear. I download ZP2 and import all the tables I own. After I do that can I delete Zen and Marvel while still keeping all the tables I imported, or do I have to have both programs? I’d like an answer to this please. I love you guys and I have waited for these tables and I am looking forward to not having to switch.

    • I do not suggest deleting anything until after you have upgraded to Zen Pinball 2. Keep in mind, the trophies for the tables are totally different, so if you have not yet earned all the Zen Pinball / Marvel Pinball trophies, you may want to hold off.

  • Or all 3 programs I should say

  • Ok Thank you Zsolt. I appreciate the quick reply. Looking forward to Hulking out on the morrow. EXCELSIOR

  • Anyone know what time tomorrow that Zen Pinball is going to launch the Avengers table.

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on this, I only wish now I had been buying the tables on ps3 instead of the 360. Having to re-buy the entire collection to play on the vita just sounds costly.

  • Oh wow, there are new trophies for the tables along with the ZP2 update? I guess buying Zen Pinball 1 +DLC tables takes priority so I can get those extra trophies listed on my system before ZP1 leaves the store. No point leaving trophies sitting on the table. Thanks for sharing that, Zsolt, you just earned a few earlier purchases than I had planned. :D

  • Azért mi Magyarok is tudunk! :-) Grat! Csak így tovább!

  • i wish to know what exactly will be the time the game add-on will be there for purchase

  • i guess my statement is to early or to late to answer

  • does anyone know if sony is going to ever sell extra hard drives for the playstation3 cause my 120gb has almost died and the money for the 3d tv and new ps3 pluse possible vita and games is making me smoke three pack aday and i take time to sleep and still somehow another do’nt have any smokes or new equipment

  • Is the ps vita US PSN store gonna have sale like the europe PSN store?

  • i will be the hulk master!!!!!!!!!

  • Any idea of when the update will hit today? It’s 9am EDT right now.

  • Between Zen 2 and The Pinball Arcade, there’s really no need for any other video game to exist.

  • I wish I knew what time the update. i been waiting since 6am. I can’t wait to play. i have my psn card in hand waiting. Please let us no what time it will be availible..

  • I just checked the PS store, and there is no new tables yet? Anyone know what time they plan in launching these new tables today? It’s now 8:00 am PST.

  • Why does it say “this content cannot be accessed on your account”? I want to buy it now and get the 1st in the world like I had in Ghost Rider for an hour!

  • where did you even see it cause i looked but i did’nt see it.need marvel

  • to bad we have wait for wenesday before we can have one of the working marvel games.

  • how do you get any answers from these guys i’m in need here.

  • @MKnight7

    Same here. I get the exact same error as you have stated “this content cannot be accessed on your account”.

    I’m a Plus member; does this mean that I can’t have access to the new content because I’m got the original game for free through Plus? I have no issues paying the lean 10$ for it, just give me the option to purchase please!?!


  • MKnight7 I keep getting that same, “Content can’t be accessed from your account.” I called the people at the PSN(Playstation network), and they said they are doing spot mantinence. What ever that means. They said to try back in a few hours, and it should work. I guess we will have to see.
    relicm16 I don’t know how to get an answer from these guys either but goto the Playstation Store, and on the top right of the page there are 4 blocks, the first one is a search, type in Marvel Pinball and the Avengers set is the 4th one down. Good luck downloading it, if it gives you the same display that says you can’t access it, try it again later.

  • I got it working! Hulk high score here I come!

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