PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

Happy Fathers Day to all those dads out there. I’m hoping to catch up on some games (namely Gravity Rush and upping my scores in Pinball Arcade Vita) – assuming my family lets me. That’s pretty standard around here.

We’ve got a few more late-filed E3 stories in the list this week, and as we look back on E3, I wanted to ask you a question. E3 2012 was the 2nd E3 we livestreamed out to you. We’ve also streamed out a few other things, like the reveal of God of War: Ascension and our PS Vita Q&A.

My question is: what else would you be interested in seeing happen live? Other gaming events? Developer walkthroughs? Gameplay sessions? Let me know; we’re kicking a few ideas around now.


The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of June 11, 2012)

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  • How bout some of “The Tester” live?

  • The 1up article really was the best article this week. I really have a feeling soon Xbox live will become somewhat similar to Plus and it would be awesome if it happens. I would love to get free games on my 360 like I do on my PS3.

  • I like the tester idea but maybe do that for the last episode but how about an option for all testers were we can get an in edited version via PS3 Vita and PSP. Like none of the Language is beeped out. Also have any thought about putting the tester on TV like ABC or NBC or something else?
    Blog cast need to be done live and each blog cast you guys answer 3-5 questions out of the comment box. I think a video feed blog cast would look good to! Ohh and make sure next year’s E3 is live feed so i can see the ps4 being announced :).

  • hey Jeff check out my Psvita universe of entertainment video

  • happy fathers day… wait, my father hates videogames.

  • *unedited

  • @digeythedog YYYeess the PS4!!! cant wait for that announcment but I better be able to keep all my trophies, AND play all my downloaded games an my PS3 library.

  • Jeff, I hope Sony, its suits and engineers are paying attention to the 50 some odd page, MS leak of the next Xbox iteration. Looks like they’re headed the low cost, moderate tech, streaming route. It’ll be a set top box cable provider with a cluttered mess of an app store slathered with adds and subscriptive services.

    That is what people (like me, and you, I assume) DO NOT WANT. Well, gamers at least. Sony could position themselves rather well by offering a real alternative to the flood of crapware and subscription, micro-transaction bs that consumers are subjected to more and more these days.

    I’ll be grabbing a PS4 so long as its vastly different (in specs and ideology) than Ninty and MS’ offerings.

  • @ 2. That’s exactly the opposite of where MS is headed. There might be some “freemium”, but nothing wil be “free”. Envision subscriptive services for everything and pure, microtransaction Hell. Seriously, just search for the Xbox 2010-2015 powerpoint presentation (since removed from the internet – lol, as if anything can actually be removed from the internet) by their legal counsel. So, some or all of what was leaked is definitely true.

  • Stay the course Sony and you’ll have me on board for PS Orbis (god I hope that remains a code name). Just got my Vita (thankfully ebay panned out 200, 8gigs, Uncharted, Wifi Vita) and I’m liking it so far. Can’t wait for PSOne classics to push me out the door for a 32 gig stick. The price should come down on the memory sticks and a copy of stardust delta included inthe box. Throw a 4 gig stick in for a 250 dollar bundle and that may help people pick up a PSV. Can’t wait to pop Gravity Rush into my vita, just waiting for Amazon’s shipment to arrive on Monday.

  • Ohh since we are talking future Sony have any plans of have a 4k or 8k tv? Make sure the ps4 is in 4k a least! I hope ps4 is the best console out their and not at par with Xbox 720.


    Oh and I vote for Free or Heavily discounted versions of PSV Clones of PS3 games. Would certainly help me invest more heavily in PS3/PSV.

  • i want Motorstorm to be a ps4 launch title you hear me sony lol Next Gen Lunatics Unite lol

  • It would be nice too have an live stream for Gamescom and Tokyo Gamer Show through ps3, I enjoyed watching the E3 stream through my ps3. Do an marathon for Little Big Planet Karting and Little Big Planet PS Vita.The marathon for Little Big Planet 2 was nice and like too see that done again.And bring in SkyD1ddy for both Little Big Planet marathons.

  • oh and Heavenly Sword and Gravity Rush need to become franchises not just one game, how about Nariko on the psvita?

  • My son will be 19 this yr Jeff and thanks, I dont know if this is your 1st Father’s Day but congrats and Happy Father’s Day to You too and all the Game Dads and Moms who are doing their Daddy Duties too!

    Im Playing MGS HD Collection / Resistance Burning Skies MLB2k12 / Mortal Kombat, Escape Plan with the new DLC (love it) / Hustle Kings / Buzz Quiz World / Virtua Tennis 4… over 20 games easy…

    I hope Wake Up Party ( i believe thats the name) and the other apps come soon. i wish we had Words with Friends. lol

  • hey Jeff any idea if a Note app is coming to the vita?

  • Words with friends (free) and draw something (free) for Vita would be awesome!

  • I second a live stream of TGS. That would be awesome… hopefully it wouldn’t be on at like 4:00 am or something.

  • Hey Jeff,

    Another week in the books and another great Blogcast. Thanks for updating us on the status of the Playstation App. Hopefully when it comes out it is as integrated to PSN as possible.

    I’ve tried looking for this on the PS Blog Share but can’t find an idea that encompasses the task of redoing the Playstation website so that it includes the PSN store and we can purchase and queue up PSN purchases online for our PS3.

    I would love to bring more attention to it if anyone can find it for me.


  • Thats great news about munchs oddysee but, what ever happened to the move update for strangers wrath? Is that just another broken promise?

  • I loved that 1-up article. PS Plus is the best, I actually just had a friend of mine become a member I save so much money. Here’s hoping some of the free games’ DLC goes on sale. Been thinking about that Hard Corps DLC ever since I got it on sale last year.

    Anyways to the people talking about the next Playstation. I shudder at the name “PS4” They can call it anything they want and I hope they avoid that calling it the “PS4”.

    The PS3 is a great console on it’s own and it’s been going strong and getting stronger every year. They’re pushing a lot of people to buy new PS3’s so I think they’d be upset if it just went obsolete in 2 years. I would hate it if I just upgraded my HDD to a terrabyte and then have another console on it’s way. I don’t think I’ll buy it until a price drop too. I don’t see why people want to rush out and spend 500 or so dollars on a new console when they have a great one already.

    Oh and of course you keep your trophies and downloads history, I know that bit. It’s not a PS3 account. It’s a Playstation Network account. You know, for the playstation network. The playstation network will carry over definitely.

  • @21 Reptile Hand
    If people are just now buying PS3’s what makes you think they’ll give a damn about buying a PS4 next year or for the next 6 years. Stragglers sir, stragglers.

    I highly doubt Sony is willing to exceed 450 dollars again for that price tag. They got pretty burned by the PS3’s high price tag and have enough financial issues as is without falling back on another 300 dollar loss per machine at 500-600 dollars. There is also no radical architecture like the Cell, last minute tack on’s like the RSX, and no bleeding edge tech like bluray coming (BD has arrived). Next gen will be cheaper with bigger hard drives ^^.

    I’m also really excited about next gen. PS3 has hit its cap and its a slow ride from here on. We may see a nice set of games in the next two years, but they will pale in comparison to what is coming. The writing is on the wall regardless of what Sony and Microsoft have been saying, next gen is coming and it will be here next year.

  • @AceBeeDee SCEE recently passed the Stranger’s Wrath HD patch-update for release so assuming its been submitted to SCEA, it shouldn’t be too much longer.

    Love unique, stylish fantasy games? Buy Gravity Rush and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD!

  • TGS of course is the obvious one.

    But overall gameplay sessions would make me really happy. Games like Rising, Battle Royale (saw you guys playing that in the office), Last of Us, etc.

  • I think it would be pretty cool if you guys did live blogcasts on ustream. Then you guys can take live questions.

  • NINEblademanNINE

    Out of all the gaming articles I read today only one made me happy and that would be some talk about Timesplitters series. I love how former Free Radical Graeme Norgate (music composer) is also involved.

    Here is the article:

    Facebook page:

    And while I am at it, here is Cevat Yerli twitter and his question on the Timesplitter community:

  • can ya dig up any news on walking dead episode 2 i have searched the web and just found alot of mad people looking for answers like me lol!

  • sup, i’m not sure if anyone is bothered by this but will the ps4 use a cell processor like the ps3 does because most other platforms use a cheaper processor thus making the value of the console or your computer’s cpu alot cheaper, what i’m trying to say is what if sony uses some really expensive stuff in the next gen playstation and the cost is $600.00 for a 80gb console again like what they did with the ps3 at launch that caused sony to loose millions in profit, i just hope that doesn’t happen again.

  • My .02 on the PS4 talk… Given Sony’s history, i know i’ll experience the Best and unique titles and New IPs on their upcoming ps3 successor, The PS catalogue/track record is there to back that up. But please Sony DON’T short change the PS4 on the RAM department. Please…. pass it along to the Sony OverLords and have ’em command their minions on the RnD department to make sure the PS4 owns the competition. IT could make the difference when it comes to Multi platforms and ports. Thank You

  • my hopes for the ‘live’ question is that Genso Suikoden 2 comes to PSN o/
    and if possible the psone’s digimon world series too XD

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