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PSN Community Spotlight

After a quick break post-E3, we’re back with another edition of PSN Community Spotlight. We review the dedicated space on the PlayStation Community Forums to find PlayStation stories and commentary from the community, and pick one to be featured on the PlayStation Blog. The winner gets a $50 voucher to the PlayStation Store to spend on whatever their heart desires!


PSN member HorrorGod brings us this week’s spotlight. Sometimes it’s tough to let your true gamer color show. HorrorGod details how he continued his gaming lifestyle into married life. But did it all work out? Read on to find out!

How My Wife Found Out I Was A Gamer

When my wife and I started dating, I was a gamer. I’ve been a gamer since I was a kid, and I’ll die a gamer. The funny thing is, she wouldn’t know that about me until after we were married. I rarely had time to play video games between work and our time together, so she never got to see that part of me. Looking back, I wouldn’t exactly say I was trying to hide it from her; it just simply didn’t come up.

My wife and I

Eventually we got our own apartment together and while unpacking our huge amount of boxes in our cramped little space we called home, she saw my PS2. Not thinking too much of it, she asked “Oh, is that yours?” which I simply replied “Yeah.”, and we left it at that.

After the honeymoon and 6 months later, I finally couldn’t stand it anymore. I needed to play my games! So, one night I whipped out my PS2 and hooked it up. When she got home from work and saw me playing Fight Night Round 3, she gave me this half smile, half “Oh-no” expression. “My goose is cooked! She’s going to leave me! Game over!” were all thoughts going through my head. Overreactions, I’m sure, but her expression was enough to make me feel as if she just caught me with another woman. She just chuckled and didn’t ask another question about it. I continued to play my PS2, but never while she was home.

The PlayStation 3 was shown off at that summer’s E3, and while watching some highlights of it on television one day, I looked at my wife with pleading eyes, as if to say “I want that.” The time had finally come. She knew for sure that I was a gamer. But instead of screaming “NO!”, she quietly said “Okay. Sell your car and you can use the money to get one.” This was almost a dare. You see, I loved my car. Since the age of 17 I had put a lot of money into customizing it (Tinted windows, rims, sound system, engine work, etc.) It wasn’t just a car, it was my car. But, I had plenty of time to decide. The PS3’s launch wasn’t until another 5 months later.

After seeing all the great games that were out, as well as the games scheduled for release in the future, I absolutely had to have one. In February of 2007, I caved. My wife had won. It only took a little over a week for someone to buy my car, and he was a tenant in our apartment complex. As soon as he handed over the money, I rushed down to our bank, deposited the cash, and went out to buy myself a PS3. I bought the 60GB console, an extra controller, and a few games.

Around a week after I sold my car, I saw my neighbor having it towed in the parking lot. When I saw the damage to the side of the vehicle I got a knot in my stomach. I walked over to him and he told me ran a red light and was side swiped at an intersection (thankfully nobody was hurt.) He then said instead of paying to get it fixed he was going to sell it to a wrecking yard as scraps. My car had now not just been sold to another person, it was to be gone. Done. Kaput.

Capturing my moment of silence with my old friend.

As I walked back to my apartment to play my PS3 that day, reflecting on my decision to sell my car , only one thought kept coming back to me: “it was worth it =)”

Five years have passed since then. We’ve traded our small apartment for our own home, we’re about to celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary, and my wife accepts me as a gamer. Instead of rolling her eyes when I escape to the family room to play my PS3 she’s actually played some games with me, like Little Big Planet, Rock Band, and Sports Champions.

Sometimes I think about the next cool gaming item I’d want to get but all I can think is “What will my wife dare me to sell this time?”

Congrats to Horrorgod, who is now the recipient of a $50 voucher redeemable in the PlayStation Store! Send in your stories here, and feel free to read HorrorGod’s original submission right here.

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  • pretty funny and cool story and dude yeah there are a lot of times where i hesitate when it comes to sacrificing things for other things, and most times its worth it

  • Very good story. a sour sweet moment.
    we still have are PS1 (works! the older buckly version) PS2 (went though 3 of them and the 3rd slim version works,the other two were the fat one’s) a PSP 3000, a PS3( had to replace are first one and got lucky enough that they still had a fat PS3 60GB in stock at the Sony warehouse because it was 2009 and they were already with the new models.) and last but not least my PSVita which is finally starting to pick up with games!
    which reminds me any news on LBP Vita release date and when can we expect the steady line of updates that we heard about at E3? one last thing any plans of bringing back Crash Bandicoot? that was one of my favorite PS1 games had the first 2 and the racing one and then we got the wrath of cortex for ps2.

  • anyone else wish these forums had a like button? their is some great posts out their that could use some liking :).

    • if you’re seeing good stories out there, feel free to vote them up by bringing them to my attention via a PM in the forums. Just send a message to “mochuuu”

  • Great story. Wonder what you’ll sell for a PS4.
    This story also made me think of Soul Sacrifice. That game is gonna be awesome.

  • Well the Ps4 is coming out soon so u might have to trade her in for it lmao. Na just kidding. But remeber this, the time u spend with ur wife is time u could be spending with ur Ps3. Or u can just get her hooked and earn a new gaming buddy.

  • Thank you for the comments. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss my car. But, I still think it was a worthy trade.

    @supermoc10 – I’m currently wondering what I could sell to get a Vita :P
    @DKeener420 – hahaha, I wish I could get her into more games. I like playing “Rock Band” with her when she wants to. She likes to sing, but watching her play that plastic guitar is adorable.

  • damn, that’s a really crazy story bro..

  • You forgot to mention how many ps3s you’ve gone through. There’s no way you’re a level 16 and still rockin’ a 60gb fatty.

  • Any info on the Gungir fix for Vita yet Morgan? Still waiting on the $30 piece of software that I can’t use to become usable.

  • @X1XKilluaX5X
    I am on my 3rd PS3. But, I never went and bought a new one. The first time it was under warranty, so they sent me a new one free of cost. The second time I paid to get it fixed from Sony. The third time, Sony offered me the deal to trade it in for a 120GB Slim, which is the current one I am on now. Over a year, no problems ::knocks on wood::

    Sure, I was sad to leave behind the Backwards compatibility, but I still own my PS2. So if I want to play some older games bad enough, I can just hook that up.
    And I already owned a USB adapter to make 1 USB into 4, so I can still play Rock Band with all the instruments.
    And I already owned a USB SD card reader, so I didn’t miss the feature of having those slots in my PS3.

    I try to back-up all my saves on an SD card, while just using my PS+ Save Cloud for the save files that are copy-protected.

  • ive sent you a messge i hope you get it i wish you the best luck

  • i’ve read a few posts from this guy so i was excited when i saw his name on the front page. glad you won you deserved it!

  • Seems kind of mean that she’d make him sell his car just to get a PS3. I mean, he had plenty of time to set aside the cash. I’m sure there could have been a less painful sacrifice to make.

  • I thought it was a great Playstation Story. Best of Luck to you HorrorGod!!!

  • (raises Dual shock 3 / SixAxis controller into the air) To HorrorGod. TO HorrorGod !!! 8)

  • I don’t get it. In the YLoD thread it says:

    HorrorGod = Jun 06 = 60GB = Dec 08

    So he bought the PS3 in 2007 or 2006? His wife couldn’t have been happy he sold the car to pay for it and then the thing broke right near Christmas after less than two years. Then Sony wanted another $150 to fix it. Oh and it was the second one to crap out on him!

  • @Mattsta001
    It couldn’t have been June 06 (must be a typo), considering the PS3 did not come out until the end of 2006 ;) So that must have been June 2007. And I didn’t have to pay anything that first time. It was under warranty. When it went out around Christmas, sending it in to get fixed was considered one of my Christmas presents.
    And then the third time, Sony finally had an offer to trade in my 60GB fat boy for a 120GB slim. The offer was too good to refuse (cheaper than paying to get the 60GB repaired.)

    She wasn’t upset or mad that I sold my car. At the time we had 3 cars between us. My car, her car, and our car. — with only 2 designated parking spots at the apartment.

  • This is very wild story,. sold your 1st car for ps3 console..Wow man..

    As far vita its not that expensive only 250. shouldnt be so ahrd to get at saving 50$ a month or w/e Since your married i said month not every paycheck.:). also it father day happy father day everyone

    vp-psn legioniaree group

  • Lols at anyone who’s had more than 1 PS3. It’s unfortunate but I guess I have amazing luck. I still have my original fat. Old bessie is still kicking since 07′ and I play that ish WAY more than any machine should be used.

  • may the wizdom of a thousand gamers power your controller,lol,great story

  • BlackOpsChampion

    I know how you gamers feel, I’ve been a gamer since 1995 when the first playstation drop, I also still have my Atari 2600 in the case in my attic. I’m a hardcore gamer with a wife, two girls 6 and 13, a house and car, I recently just lost my job working at a hospital so buying a game is pretty hard at this moment but I somehow find a way. I currently looking for work so I can continue playing more new and exciting daily, I go by playstation moto Never Stop Playing, I will die a gamer its in my blood, So my heart goes out to gamers around the world.

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