New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

This week, the Music Unlimited service features new releases from Usher, Ed Sheeran, and Far East Movement, as well as titles from artists including Metric, Hot Chip, Cody Simpson, Matchbox Twenty, and many more.

In New Releases for the Video Unlimited service this week, Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law return in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Also, Best Picture award winner, The Artist and faux-viral youth antics film, Project X: #Xtended Cut, arrive in the Movies category. Other new releases include Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (now available for rent), Superman vs. The Elite, Jeff Who Lives at Home, and more. Finally, in Collections & Sales, we bring you a variety of horror flicks for just five bucks. Pick up Paranormal Activity, Quarantine, The Haunting, and many more for just $5 in SD! Get all the details for this week here.

New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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  • monthly subscription service? free monthly rental movie for playstation plus subscribers?

  • In similar fashion to #1, I will ask my question like this:

    Video Unlimited UI for the PlayStation Store? Let us discover both movies and games through searches with common results and by categories?

  • The music unlimited app on the ps3 needs to to be updated. Loads very slowly, won’t update properly and overall is just a messy, ugly UI when compared to the psvita version.

  • The PS3 Music Unlimited has absolutely horrible menus. I have no problems with loading or speed from where I am, but this has to be the ugliest interface I have ever seen for music.

    Get a list format that is easy to browse. This stuff is disgusting. Why ruin a great service with a horrible interface!!!

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