Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Tutorial Video, PSN Launch Wrap

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Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Tutorial Video, PSN Launch Wrap

Fighting game fans worldwide have spoken. Since the release last week, we’ve seen an overwhelming amount of support for Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. Today, we are releasing our tutorial video #3 for Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown that we put together while working closely with AM2 (the development team) and VF community members. We are hoping that these videos will help newcomers pick up VF5’s advanced techniques quickly!

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Tutorial Video, PSN Launch Wrap

Also, just a few weeks ago in LA, we teamed up with fighting game legend Alex Valle and his crews from Level|Up Series to host a Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Pre-launch party. We’ve invited the VF legends, Fuudo and Chibita, from Japan to demonstrate the game and also take on 20 or so challengers. Amazingly, we had people fly in from Australia, Japan, Singapore, Canada and all over the US just to make it to this event and … we had a blast! We’ve put together a short video of our event. If anyone is interested in seeing what the VF community is like, you can watch the video here!

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  • I recently got a PS+ membership and downloaded this game. I’m not much of a fighting game player, but i found it extremely fun. Thanks for these tips.

  • Its great to see Sega come out and support the VF community :D

  • Got it free with my new PS Plus subscription and it’s awesome. Brings back memories of when Sega secretly launched the Saturn ahead of the PlayStation 1 in the spring of ’95 (instead of the Fall as planned) I walked into Toys R Us and saw Virtua Fighter running on a demo station and I just about needed a change of underwear! LOL. I bought a Saturn shortly after that and Virtua Fighter was my first game and I loved it! :)

  • im a happy plus member,,but i have a question?? when is the platinum tracks (dlc) for mad riders gunna be released? hope to get a response soon,,,the game is awesome,,im ranked 22 sofar(worldwide)

  • I hope this game catches on in the FGC — no gimmicks, no comebacks — just pure skill and mind games. Great release SEGA!

  • Loving this game.

  • Can these two issues get looked into.
    1st. People always leave mid game is there any way to do something about this. I know it shows an icon in red if they leave but I don’t want to always look for another player when that happens.

    2nd. So far some games there is tons of lag and it is almost unbearable to even play the whole match. It keeps freezing mid game any news on how to fix this issue?

  • This game is awesome. I prefer it over Street Fighter or any 2D fighter.

  • Yea Sega! I’m loving this game!!

  • I remember seeing VF2 in arcades for the first time and I was hooked, I haven’t played in a while but I had to get this.

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