Starhawk Mobile Uplink Available on Android and iOS Now

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Starhawk Mobile Uplink Available on Android and iOS Now

I am very pleased to announce the official companion mobile application for our PS3 shooter Starhawk is now available on iOS and Android devices. With the Starhawk Uplink app you can easily check out detailed player and clan stats, while staying current on the all of the latest Starhawk announcements and community news/events, all on the go, anytime, anywhere. Here are links to download the app…

Once you’ve downloaded the Starhawk Uplink to your mobile device, you’ll find a wealth of information available on all of the player weapons, Hawk weapons, and Build & Battle structures.


The Starhawk Uplink app is totally free, and it’s a way for diehard players to always stay in touch with Starhawk. And for those of you who haven’t picked up a copy of Starhawk yet, you can still pull down this app and learn more about the game and the exciting community of Starhawk followers. Here’s a look at our Starhawk Uplink trailer…

Starhawk Mobile Uplink Available on Android and iOS Now

Features include:

  • Access to clan information: You can view your clan invitations, clan leaderboards and statistics, and search for new clans to join or challenge.
  • View player and weapon stats: You can view your player and weapon stats from all of your online action in Starhawk.
  • Track other players: Want to see how your stats compare? Look at stats for your PSN friends, clanmates, and other players you meet online.
  • View the Starhawk leaderboards: See how you rank against your friends, clanmates, and the rest of the Starhawk community.
  • Access Starhawk community strongholds: You can link to various Starhawk social sites, as well as directly link to gameplay videos and other Starhawk community-driven sites.
  • Browse The Armory: An encyclopedia of information on all troop and Hawk weapons and Build & Battle structures.
  • Stay up to date: Our news ticker and game announcements section ensure that you are completely up to date on all the latest and greatest Starhawk news.
  • The Starhawk Uplink runs on the following devices: iTouch, iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S, as well as all versions of iPad and Android devices, including the Sony Tablet S and Sony Xperia Play mobile phone and all Gingerbread Android devices. Kindle Fire support is coming soon.

Go download the free Starhawk Uplink and an edge over your fellow Starhawk players! Lastly, we just deployed another great balance update on PSN for our Starhawk fans around the world! To see all of the great stuff included in this week’s release of update 1.02.002, check out our latest LightBox Interactive developer blog here.

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9 Author Replies

  • Great but you know what would be even better? How about the long-ago promised iOS companion app for PS? Any word on when or IF it’s ever coming? I noticed Europe has an official PS iPhone app, where’s ours already?

    You’ve clearly proven that just because you’re in bed with Android with your Xperia Play and PlayStation Mobile that you still support iOS as well with apps such as this Starhawk one, so come on where is it already?

    • Thanks for the feedback. I can’t comment on the official PS app at this time but like you I’d love to see it myself.

  • How about the Vita too?

  • Not ready for prime time on Android, but it works reasonably well on my iPod touch.

    Very cool, but I’d love to see:
    Show me the possible maps and identify what buildings go where during a blitz load out
    Show me the troop and hawk weapon pickups
    Interactive – make this my mini map (Would be awesome, but crazy difficult I know)
    I can’t read or add to the calendar. Why can’t I at least see what’s scheduled?
    Sending messages would be awesome, especially if they are using the app as well
    Let me change skills while I’m playing from my tablet (I know crazy difficult as well)
    Needs work on Android – it claims I’m not connected then shows me data sometimes

    • Thanks for the feedback. We are planning some updates to the app. Did you download the Android version today? We had a minor issue yesterday and posted v1.2 this morning.

  • Fail at no Vita support.

  • You’d think they would launch this on the Vita as well, would make sense right? Also, Mortal Kombat is not a near pixel perfect port. I was very, very disappointed after I bought it. Having played much better looking games at launch such as Uncharted, it’s hard to see anyone thinking MK is a near pixel perfect port. Gameplay is the same, but the graphics are horrendous.

    i’m usually a very positive poster and supporter but I’ve been a bit disappointed in Vita support so far. Seemed so promising. Posts like these are just a bit insulting because if you’d make a companion app for a PS3 game you would at least think to make a Vita version in addition to iOS and Android devices…

  • playstation vita starhawk support please, thank you.

  • Playstation app first? not to say I don’t like this but it seems backwards

  • Just wanted to say thanks for the Droid support. I’ve been eyeing Starhawk for a while now, and the Droid support could be enough to push me to a purchase.

  • Oh I should note, you do not need a PSN account or the game to download and play with the app. You can see leader boards and such without needing to log in.

  • @lobotomies4free – Exactly!

  • this has nothing to do with this, but i need help!
    does anyone have news for the escape plan demo for the ps vita?
    why does it not work?
    how do we fix it?
    does anyone else have this problem?

  • @Stuart Platt
    Yes I’m having trouble with the update today, on my SGS with (presumably) the same behavior as yesterday which I tracked down to a signal 11 due to a segfault. The Thrive works but the busy indicator constantly pops up. Have someone get a hold of me (twitter @Guardian_Bob) and I can send some logs/screen shots.

  • I love Starhawk as I loved Warhawk before it. Just downloaded the APP for IOS so far it’s nice touch to keep up with what my friends/clan mates are doing. As was mentioned before it definitely would be cool to be able to send/receive messages from clan mates. I have been playing the game constantly and have become the goto kamikaze guy for taking out bases (does not use Bruiser perk). I do have an issue with the way player stats are shown to us. In Warhawk it was very detailed as to where you could see the types of battles you’ve won/lost, how many times each weapon was used and it’s KDR. I am something of a trophy whore and knowing how many battles I need to win to get the TDM, ZONES, CTF, & Prospector battle trophies would be a big help. Keep the support coming this game is an instant classic.

  • That is well cool:P Not got StarHawk yet(or a Smart Phone) :D but will download that when i do;)

  • I know I was hard on the team that made this game in the past cause you never released it digital but all is well and I caved in a bought it a while back and platinum it within 2 weeks. Great game guys and I platinum it when all this base rape was happening to lol. I had to deal with so much to get that platinum man lol. Now its a little easier for people to platinum unless for coop now. That new patch where the barres spawn once a round instead of like it was before will make it HARD as heck now even by yourself which is the way I only played coop. Anyways great game and looks like all my ranting about the ideas I had to fix spawn campers were mostly listen to and solved now in patches. Great job guys and I had fun to platinum that game. I can hold my head up high in the gaming world knowing I’m one of very few people to achieve that feat on Starhawk. Awesome game guys your making it better and better every update. Thanks for all the support its means alot to me. Take care!

  • Nice app, now if it could show me a list of current games that are going on and if my friends are online. Then this app would be amazing.

  • No excuse for not having a Vita app here. Left hand should send Right hand an e-mail and get with the program.

  • had to sign in just to comment on no Vita app. Vita owner here btw.

    For a PS exclusive game, this pretty bad. What a missed opportunity to help cross promote the Vita. Plus for Vita owners, it’s a slap in the face. How is Sony going to encourage other devs to make great companion apps for it if they can’t get it made for the exclusive titles?

    Vita app needs to be put out ASAP.

    …And I love the Vita, I am enjoying the games and using Netflix on it alot. As said before, no excuse not to have this on Vita.

  • What about normal computers too? Why do I have a phone or Ipad to be able to view stats and all?

    • Thanks for the comment. The idea behind our companion app is so that fans of the game and keep up with their clans and stats etc. on the go with a mobile app and not have to be connected to their PS3 or PC.

  • Sony has seemed to forgotten they also have a handheld device here on look I have one of those PSV’s (sarcasm) but seriously droid and all the iDevices but not Sony’s own portable game console come on really Sony? Just laziness in my opinion here.

  • Thanks for all of your comments regarding the Vita. It is good to know that there is interest in these types of apps. As I mentioned there are currently no plans for Vita but it is very helpful to know what fans are looking for.

  • @ Stuart – well, the problem is the interest will wane and people on the fence about a Vita will have less compelling reasons to pick one up if it doesn’t seem supported for things like this. Just how the Vita got passed up for this is something I’d love to know.

    You say there are currently no plans to make a Vita app, please bring it up that it should be made a priority (and funded by Sony if need be, not Lightbox) to show that support of all types (games and apps) is of importance to Sony and their devs.

  • Thank you!

    I will install it in iPad!

    Can I make a suggestions here?
    – Windows Phone version
    – Vita version

    From Vita version, could be possible to change dual-shock for Vita?
    Like the next Littlebigplanet Cross Controler DLC.

    So we could use the Vita touchscreen to change perks, maps, etc, and continue to play with buttons.

    If Lightbox could release something like that before other consoles, it could be a blast in news sites about games and technology.

    I know its hard and take time, but you know… we are never happy

    Again: thank you for this app, its amazing! Congratulations for the amazing job with this game!

  • @insano_jaco it is supposed to be iPad compatible.

  • This is great…. but where is the official PS app? Microsoft just released an overhaul of their free Xbox app and I have to say it’s extremely sexy and leaves a void for the PS app. :(. I would love to be able to add PSN friends on the go without booting up my Vita.

  • Also, I would love a Vita version of this app :D…. if not the whole game for Vita :D.

  • This is an amazing feature…ALTHOUGH it would be FANTASTIC if i could ALSO download the app for MY PS VITA..I dont want to be negative towards the VITA but how is it that i can download this app on an ITOUCH but not my PS VITA which is suppose to be just as good if not better than an ITOUCH :/ – very disappointing. Sony all we are missing for the Vita is a better web browser and allow us to group our apps. But then again i guess i can download the app on the new SONY XPERIA ION that i will be upgrading to next week! Thanks Santa Monica & Lightbox..keep up the fantastic work..i shall be looking forward to those FREE MAPS! :P

  • How many comments about a Vita App we can count here in this first page?
    And whats the answer? “no plans for Vita”…

    Sony try to convince that Vita has a great future with this zero support, its a shame…
    Vita should be the first option for this App.

    @Guardian_Bob I just installed the iPad version :)

  • hopefully right now someone at LBI is yelling at someone else saying “I told you we need to make this for Vita”, it would be much more scary if it never came up in their plans at all

  • I’ll be sure to check out the armory, is there something like that included in game?

  • @Gadirok
    The game doesn’t have the armory. It describes buildings, weapons and such.

  • Wow, I’m going to have to agree with everyone else…SONY & LBI, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?…Vita app should have been a priority.

    Hopefully, Sony isn’t writing off the Vita as a failure. If they’re not, it sure looks like they are…especially to those who don’t already own a vita. If I didn’t already own one, I wouldn’t buy one right now.

    …just shooting themselves in the foot, I just don’t get it.

  • Why no Vita app?

    I don’t use my android for gaming, but I use my Vita ALL OF THE TIME.

    Start bringing some of these cool gaming related apps to the Vita!

  • Almost absurd that this app is available for android and ios, but not the vita. Sony continues to have massive brain farts. And what’s even funnier is they have no current plans for a vita app.

  • Still waiting on the Official PS App that Europe has had for a few months now… what the hell gives, Sony!?

  • + Stuart Platt on June 14th, 2012 at 1:26 pm said:
    Thanks for all of your comments regarding the Vita. It is good to know that there is interest in these types of apps. As I mentioned there are currently no plans for Vita but it is very helpful to know what fans are looking for.

    I can’t believe that it never occurred to anyone that the vita, a sony handheld gaming device supporting 3g would actually be a good candidate for a companion app to a sony first party game. Are you kiddin me!

    You’re going to add Kindle Fire support but not vita? Unbelievable.

  • Needs retina support for iPad 3!

  • More. More. More..

    1. VITA app please.

    2. This should be a standard for all sony first party multiplayer games. I really enjoyed for resistance 3, I would love to see more of that as well, also it would be perfect for the vita or a sony tablet or phone.

    3. Single player games could use mobile apps too. Ghost Recon Gunsmith for Sony Xperia or tablet, vita etc.

  • + Stuart Platt on June 14th, 2012 at 1:26 pm said:
    Thanks for all of your comments regarding the Vita. It is good to know that there is interest in these types of apps. As I mentioned there are currently no plans for Vita but it is very helpful to know what fans are looking for.

    wow, you guys are bringing this mobile app to other devices but the vita? the psvita should have been first then the others , i’m a starhawker (as a matter of fact is the only ps3 game that has been taking me away from my vita lately), i still dont believe you guys never thought about bringing this app to the vita, im speechless, heck as a matter of fact you guys should bring the whole game to the vita (that would be amazing)

  • I downloaded the Android app today and even though I don’t have Starhawk (yet), I liked what I saw! I can see it as something I’d like to use once I get involved and a part of my friends’ clan.

    One request, though: a Vita app! This should be pushed by Sony for each game that has a mobile companion app. It’s a great way to keep people aware of the community for the game. Sometimes I am on the couch using my Vita and would like the option to see what else is going on in the world of PlayStation.

  • Wow! What is with no Vita support? This should be priority one. I personally do not own a ios device or android phone. So I am left out with no vita support…. Vita is the mobile platform for connectivity for the playstation brand as it stands.

    I think vita support should be reconsidered.

  • It’s kind of redundant to say anything regarding a vita version but I’m pretty sure it goes without saying that people would be interested in a vita version. Vita owners probably feel weird when they go to the blog site and see that the iphone and android are getting the companion apps when the vita was advertised as the main companion to the ps3 in the first place.

  • Er, my second sentence was kinda weird, I meant that as a hypothetical example going by the logic of the decision.

  • Was coming to comment on the PS Vita too. xD

    It’s a bit weird, if people own a Vita and nothing else, why are they missing out exactly? They should be a larger priority, because they’re supporting the PlayStation brand even more than people who don’t own a Vita. I’m not saying drop iOS or Android support, but to not include the Vita at all is pretty stupid to me.

    My iPod needs all it’s space for it’s music. My Vita is for apps and games. Guess I won’t be using this application.

  • cookiemonster525

    I just want to echo the requests for the PS mobile app. The competitors already have this thing out, and it’s a great way to keep people involved with their PS3s when they’re not at home. Please bring it to us!

  • Great stat app! It appears that the marketing strategy to come out with this app (within budget) for the iOS and Android is a successful way to get the majority of PS3 (released on Nov. 11, 2006) owners whom are most likely to own a tablet/smartphone as oppose to a PSVita (released on Dec. 17, 2011) involved with the ardent Starhawk gamers. Thank you for considering all the average dedicated PlayStation users. Plus, it’s only $free.99! Who can complain about that!? Thanks LightBox and SCE for the complimentary mobile app! Game on everyone!

  • While Microsoft declares SmartGlass for every first-party game and mobile, we have to ask for the obvious.
    We are not asking Microsoft to port a SmartGlass app for Vita, its Sony for its own handheld!
    Is that so hard to come to this conclusion?

    The hardware is there crying for killer-apps that dont exists!
    Sony first-party games are there, with multiplayer, stats, everything!
    The app is ready!

    Whats the problem?
    Is that so hard to put some effort in apps for Vita?

    Its more easy to wait for a Microsoft Smartglass app for Vita than Sony to deliver what suposed to be first-plan.

    Thank you to encourage more people to let Vita at home and use iPads, great job Sony!

  • at 47 your comment is a little harsh but very spot on. Ps vita must be the priority then comes the other platforms.

  • @48 It is not harsh at all i’m still baffled by this. How could LBI not realized this was going to have some type of backlash from people?

    I don’t know if this is a LBI or Sony issue, but it’s going to cause heat to be on LBI IMO.

    LBI you have made a truly fun game that is a 10 in my book. Thank you for Starhawk!

    The obvious needs to be stated, there should have been a Vita app made.

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