PlayStation Blogcast 029: Prometheus, Pinball, PlayStation E3 Wrap-up

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PlayStation Blogcast 029: Prometheus, Pinball, PlayStation E3 Wrap-up

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As we catch our breath from the pandemonium that was E3 2012, we’re left with some sweeping questions. Will Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch revitalize the JRPG genre? What does David Cage have up his sleeve with BEYOND: Two Souls? And what the hell were Ridley Scott and Damon Lindeloff thinking with Prometheus?

We don’t have answers to those all-important questions, exactly, but we do have much to discuss. Today’s show marks the triumphant return of Blogcast regular Nick Suttner and, with the band back together, we discuss our favorite games from E3 and answer a slew of user questions (including an update on the long-gestating mobile app).

And, of course, we share first details on next week’s North American PSN game releases. That’s info you won’t find anywhere else! Give it a whirl and let us know what you think. We’re listening!

Stuff We Talked About

  • Prometheus
  • The Avengers
  • BEYOND: Two Souls
  • The Last of Us
  • Zen Pinball 2
  • Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
  • Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Sid ShumanJeff Rubenstein

    Official PlayStation.Blogcast: Rey GutierrezNick-Suttner

    The Cast

  • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Jeff Rubenstein – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Manager
  • Rey Gutierrez – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Nick Suttner – PlayStation Sr. Product Evaluator
  • [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game
    details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating

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    11 Author Replies

    • I knew Nick was an Animorph!

    • BEYOND two souls and The Last of us getting day 1

    • MP3 link goes to last week’s episode.

      Any more video blogcasts like last week coming soon?

    • Hey guys, you know what would be an absolutely excellent idea for Dust 514?

      Since it’s free to play, update the console and put the game under the game section for everyone’s PS3, when you select the game icon, you’d be prompted to download the full game (exactly like PlayStation Home does on the XMB for new users)

      This would not only be an excellent form of advertisement for Dust 514, but also an excellent free game that anyone that updates their PS3 or buys a PS3 can have instant knowledge and access to! (but please make the ability to delete the game off your games section if you choose not to want to play it, haha).

      You guys should definitely get this done!

    • i have some questions for the sony team. 1) why is playstation plus not on the psvita 2)why r yall not putting psp games on the psvita regularly every other week r so stop the procrastination its really not gone help sales just gine push yall back on sales yall never catch up with other systems its really sucky 3) shouldnt take this long to find support for ps one games as 4) i think playstation home should b on the vita will just need bigger memory cards 64 maybe enough im not tripping on yall its just that this is bull my best games i cant play and i hate this crap really pissin me off im ready for vita to take the lead and surpass every game system ever made its all ready fallin behide time to catch up

      • Thanks for the feedback – nothing new to share on your questions, but PSone is coming later this summer and more PSP/mini games are coming to Vita, so stay tuned for updates and thanks for the patience.

    • The MP3 link didn’t work because they’re dealing with the E3 hangover. Can’t blame them though. =P

    • when app psvita youtube and tag and treasure park and wake up club?

    • Hello jeff, sid, rey and nick. Please let us know when retro city rampage and doctor who is out for vita. I really want them bad lol been playing so much gravity rush and still have my metal gear solid hd collection waiting. I have 30 vita games im loving it! Keep up the good work guys, by the way my birthday is june 19th!

      • Doctor Who should be soon. Retro City is also pretty soon, but neither game has an official announced launch date just yet. And happy birthday!

    • Oh also picking up lego batman 2 on the 19th. Makes a good birthday present… Add me on psn guys.

    • Hi guys! A Lil’ off topic question for the Cool crew of the PSBlogcast. Will see a Playstation All star Battle royal “Special Edition” bundle *(Please, NO plain/generic ps3 wilth just the game thrown into the box)* at some point? Would most definitely pick a PS3 PASBR bundle if it came in a different color with some cool art/design and extra dualshocks 3! Hint, hint… Hint. 8) Please, pass it along to the Sony OverLords. The Playstation Nation demands it! 8)

    • Damon lindelof who sank Lost and turned a groundbreaking show into a laughing stock and helped write the terrible Cowboys and Aliens ruined Prometheus. Gee, who would of thunk it. Hate to say it, but these tv guys need to stick to tv. The film is receiving a lot of negative user reviews from metacritic and imdb.

      The problem with Ridley Scott, is he doesn’t write, so he’s at the mercy of writers. Alien was a triumph of style over substance. Terrible script actually and few people realize that the original Alien is a actually a remake of on an old 50s B movie called It, the terror from beyond space. When I went to see Alien, I said, damn, I’ve seen this film before. The big difference between Alien and It, aside from the budget is that the crew in It were a lot brighter than the crew in Alien.

      Anyway, I’m excited for the dlc for wipeout 2048.

    • When can we see PS Plus deals on Vita?

    • I can’ wait for “The Last Of Us”! To me it’s an M-rated Uncharted, which is a GOOD thing, because Uncharted is awesome as it is.

    • Welcome back Nick, fhe blogcast isnt as well rounded without you, but the PS blog crew did a great job. As always you guys are doing a great job, love the blogcast, keep the posts coming with news for us Playstation fans, especially PS Vita info.

      and Dear Sid, theres been alot of blogcast episodes, but now i think its time to call you out. I think its time to get a new picture for the blogcast posts, everyone else has very professional looking photo’s(yes, even Nick), i mean even Jeff posted a new fancy looking photo.

    • I liked Prometheus, you can tell the guy from Lost wrote part of it.

      Also what happened to Qore? It hasn’t been out for 2 months. Last one came out in april.

      What about the other PS Plus content? I know we recieved 12 games (PS3 and PSN), but what about Add-ons and the PS One game?

      I feel like telltale has ripped us again. I want my walking dead. It feels way over due.

      • Qore has officially ended its run (this info was shared a few months back). PS Plus will continue to offer new games for multiple platforms, so PSone isn’t out of the question. I’m also dying to play The Walking Dead episode 2!

    • question….so that mgs vita trophy tip is awesome..i was wondering if that works both ways? like will the trophies i earned on ps3 unlock on vita? i have MGS2 and MGS3 platinum trophies on ps3 soooo yeah thatd be pretty awesome if it works vice versa. thanks again for another great show!

    • If what I have been reading about PS Plus on the Vita…WoW!!! I think a lot of people will subscribe who have both systems

    • I’ll have to disagree with you on Avengers Sid. Had so much fun watching the movie. It’s kind of weird to expect the same amount of time to spend on at least 6 characters as you could in a tv show. Joss was all over that movie. Not just the comedy. Anyway great show and glad that all of you do it.

    • Cool deal on finally hearing some news about Zen Pinball 2, I certainly thought that was forgotten about. Any word as to whether that Vita version of it is still coming out free, as well as the upgrade from 1 to 2?

    • thank you for replying to my question, if i had the vita versions id try it myself…but alas… :(

    • Hi,
      I have some questions
      1.When is playstation plus making it’s way to PS Vita
      2.When are these apps coming?
      Travel Bug
      Equalibrium (app) Summer 2012
      Treasure Park
      Wake Up Club
      3.I want a God Of war game on the VIta please request the team if u can!!!!

    • It’s good to have Nick back. I like his taste in games. Anyone who thinks 3D is a useless gimmick needs to see Prometheus in 3D. It makes every single scene look fantastic. Sid is right, it looks better than the 3D in Avatar.

    • Thanks for the shoutout to Hellfire Games and Home Tycoon in the Blogcast! If you guys ever plan a segment on PlayStation Home in a future episode, you know who to call…

    • Not going to go for “Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch” after the mess level 5 did with White knight chronicles 2, lack of updates dropped support for NA and europe for quests out in japan not coming anywhere else so there are a lot of us boycotting future games from level 5.

      They do not support the community so we will not support them.

    • Finally the DLC for Wipeout 2048!

    • Downloading this on my sony tablet s and my ps vita heck yeah!!

    • I think it was a great idea to offer the preorder bonuses for Gravity Rush with the PSN version of the game. Unfortunately, like many people I had already preordered the game elsewhere because that was not announced for PSN until the day before release.

      Please try to promote these types of offers sooner so we can make better decisions when deciding how/where to buy our games.

      BTW, Gravity Rush is a pretty fun game.

    • @9, sign me up for Lego Batman too! However, judging from the Amazon product page, it looks like the DLC promotion is only limited to consoles. 8( But they offer a $10 credit to all platforms if you pre-order. Guess I’ll stick to the digital version.

      @16, sorta bad news on this topic. Both the PS3 & the Vita saves MUST have the new patch installed or else the trophies will not stack. Meaning, any trophies earned before the patch (released last week), will not pop for the Vita. So: patch installed > start new game or continue game (any trophies earned prior to the installed patch will NOT pop for the Vita) > Transfar > wait for trophy “zing!” sound…

    • To the first part of this episode: That’s what I am talking about!!!! It is good to hear your honest opinion on something. Ashame it can’t be about video games because I know how Sony makes you say nothing but positive things about even the worst games like Amy. I sometimes have to turn it off because it feels so fake, but this episode seems like you guys snuck a little truth in there. I like it.

    • hey guys, any word on when the skyrim 1.6 patch will be released for ps3? or any info about why it’s delayed?

    • Haha.. wow you guys are some movie critics and… farmers! ;) Which movies would you guys actually recommend?

      I think this episode was better than the live one because it wasn’t as sporadic with so many guests in such a short amount of time and I think Rey was back to his regular self since I didn’t think the E3 coverage this year was his best work as an interviewer (see Transformers: Fall of Cybertron interview).

    • @luvtoseek thank you for the clarification on that. unfortunately i earned those plats before the patch lol

    • One question.
      What with the Assassin’s Creed: Liberation gameplay that was suppose to be at E3 ? I remember you said it will be available this Monday after they will finish encode it.

    • There should be a VITA PSBlog app.

    • Whats good with this Youtube app though. Is it being released this week?

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