Free Update: MotorStorm RC Gets New Demo Tracks, New Features

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Free Update: MotorStorm RC Gets New Demo Tracks, New Features

Attention MotorStorm fans! MotorStorm RC — one of the most popular PSN games of the year — has just received a community-focused update and I’m here to give you all the details! Beginning today, MotorStorm RC fans will have access to new tracks to try out for free, experience fun and more accessible races, the chance to share challenges whenever you like, and recover lost medals! Please note that it can take up to an hour for the update to be available in all territories. You will be prompted to download this game update when you next fire up the game from the PS3 XMB or PS Vita LiveArea.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to MotorStorm RC or if you’ve been playing from the start: This update makes MotorStorm RC better for you and your friends. I might be a little biased, but it’s definitely worth a look if you’ve got a PS3 or a PS Vita – and even more so if you have both! So please give it a go and tell your friends about it too.


Jamie Brayshaw: What does the update do for MotorStorm RC?
Paul Rustchynsky, Game Director: There’s been lots of activity in MotorStorm RC and there have been lots of stories shared about it, which we’ve been paying very keen attention to as we’ve continued to enhance and improve the game since it came out. Over and above lots of little ‘behind-the-scenes’ tweaks and adding a method for recovering lost medals, there are three key improvements in this update that will make a big difference to the quality of the experience for everyone: we’ve fine-tuned the campaign to make it easier, we’ve increased the opportunities for sending challenges, and we’ve changed which races can be played in the free trial. All in an effort to make sure that when you play this game, you and your friends get the most out of your time with it.

JB: How has the ‘Festival’ campaign been fine-tuned?
PR: Many of you told us that “the Festival gets too tricky too quickly” and the stats we see from the game backed this up, highlighting 23 races in particular that only a small percentage of people were able get all three medals on compared to the other races at that stage of the campaign. This wasn’t what we’d expected to see – the campaign is intended to be challenging but the progression should be smooth. By the time you reach the formidable Supercar events you should have built up your skills through every other race to be able to handle them!

The update re-tunes and re-balances these races, to iron out the unnatural spikes in difficulty and make the journey through the game more enjoyable overall. After a lot of testing it looks set to make a positive difference to the game, so we expect to see new players getting into the swing of the game and progressing much more fluently, although they’re still going to have to rise to the challenge to get every medal from every race and go on to earn the prestigious “Lunatics Unite” Platinum Trophy!


JB: Will these campaign changes affect those who already have the full-game?
PR: There’s more room for improvement in these races now, so if you were short of a few medals, or you were stuck at any point, go back and have another go!
And give it another go even if you’ve already mastered the Festival to see how much you can improve on your previous personal best – maybe you can get the edge on your friends and challenge them to do better, or rise above your rivals on the leaderboards!

JB: How does the update increase the opportunities for sending challenges?
PR: Sharing a performance you’re proud of with your friends and challenging them to do better is an exciting part of MotorStorm RC. It really keeps the game buzzing and it works so well because it’s up to you when and who you share it with. The way it’s always worked is that you’re given an opportunity to send your race result as a challenge at the end of the race itself – a point in the game carefully chosen in order to make it easy to send relevant challenges directly to friends, but not so easy (or forced) that it makes challenges become hollow or spammy. In that regard it has always worked perfectly and we’ve always had peace of mind that the thousands of challenges that are sent every day are done so meaningfully.
We came to learn – and again this is from community feedback and analysis of game stats – that while being able to send challenges at the end of the race works well, it is easy to miss the opportunity, so we’ve improved it. Now you can send challenges anytime after the event from the Leaderboards as well as at the end of the race as before. So if you ever wished you’d sent your awesome result as a challenge and though you’d missed your opportunity, you can go back and do it, whenever you like!

JB: What was the reason for changing the races that can be played in the free trial?
PR: There are a lot more vehicles, tracks and race modes in the full-game than you can see in the trial, so by changing up what’s available we’re giving everyone an opportunity to see more of the game for free. You’ll get a better feel for just how much value MotorStorm RC offers if you haven’t yet picked up the full-game. And it’s a good thing if you have got the full-game too as it means more opportunities for fresh competition with friends and rivals, which will improve your experience and might just be what you need to earn some of the challenge-based Trophies!

JB: What about any challenges sent from the original free trial?
PR: They’ll still be active, but from this point on, when you download and play the free trial you’ll get just one chance to play the original 4 events that were hand-picked by Evolution Studios, so you can take on any challenges you’ve been sent from them and settle any rivalries you’ve got going on them. This will be your last chance to play those events until you get the full-game though, because when you fire up the trial again you’ll get to play the 4 different events that have been chosen from the most popular events in the full-game right now.
We encourage you to play it (and tell your friends to play too) and please let us know what you think!

JB: How can my lost medals can be recovered?
PR: If you’ve had the misfortune of encountering the rare incidence of losing all of your campaign medals, please contact the PlayStation Community Team to recover your progress on the Official PlayStation Community Forums:

Even though only a very small percentage of players have been affected, this was one of the most important changes we wanted to make in this update because as passionate game players we know that there’s nothing worse than losing something you’ve played hard to achieve!

That’s all I have for now – continue to check back here on the PlayStation.Blog for new updates for Motorstorm RC!

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13 Author Replies

  • Thank you for the update and congrats for this great game, amazing job!

  • I think the difficulty added to the challenge. I already platinumed it so it doesn’t affect me. But those working on the play right now: you lucky bastards! Lol jk

    • Congrats on earning the Plat before the update! :-D

      It’s still very challenging – it’s just that it gets difficult much more gradually now. All of the Super Car events remain the same as when you triple-medalled them, so owning the Platinum Trophy is just as much of a status symbol now as it was when you earned yours. It’s definitely a testament to your skill playing the game.

  • Thanks for the update. I was having quite a bit of trouble with several of the later medals, so I’m downloading now to give it another shot.

    • The really good news is that if your existing times on any of the events that have been re-tuned already beat the new target times you’ll be awarded the medals automatically when you update your game!

      So there’s every chance that you’ll make progress towards 100% completion (and more Trophies) just by updating your game. :-)

      Good luck!

  • I have been KILLING myself trying to get my last three medals (One in the Ice series, the final supercar race with the drifting, and two in the last series) and it was killing me that some of the races I KILLED my first time out, and others I had NO prayer for. This will make that platinum hopefully achievable.

    My only question? Did the total time trophy change? Or is it still at 40:00? (I’m at 41:30ish)

    Great game guys!

    • I hope you kill those few remaining events! ;-)

      40mins total time is still the target but it’s a little easier to beat after the update. The re-tuned events are listed here: Focus on the 8 races first and then return to the earlier events in the Festival (especially Pursuit events) and you’ll do it pretty quickly.

  • Just ordered myself a Vita last night… can’t wait to fill my overpriced memory card with some MotorStorm RC.

  • Nice update. I feel like the title of the blog post is a little misleading, though, since those of us with Motorstorm RC actually AREN’T getting new free new tracks today. The title couldn’t have been more clear that we would, and yet it’s actually for those who have the trial.

  • More tracks is a good thing. I would not even mind if it was reasonably priced. I won’t complain about free however.

    Time to play this again. Great game, seriously more fun than the full size motorstorm :)

    • The title was a little confusing. To clarify there are 4 new events to play in the free trial but they are taken from the full-game. Thanks for your support!

  • well Jamie you know im a huge Motorstorm fan but this game isnt Motorstorm at all, i want a full blown adrenaline kicking Motorstorm on the vita, Arctic Edge could have done a lot better than it did on the psp because vita has the social,online functionalities that the psp never did, oh well its free so no complaints i just hope to see a true motorstorm game coming to the little system

    • Huge is possibly an understatement! :-)

      MotorStorm RC is certainly different but it’s still great fun and the short-burst racing gameplay is perfect for PSVita!

  • i’m happy about new tracks. can’t get enough motorstorm RC, and i’m really happy that it’s new races and not more ice cream cones and shoes with wheels on them.

    i’m not even all that high on the leader boards but i did legitimately earn all 3 medals on all the tracks, and smoke all my friends when i was still playing.

    i kind of dislike that this invalidates my records. i guess i can always set them again if i really want to, but some were miracles for me that i probably can’t reproduce to an equivalent degree.

    • There are only 8 Race events & 4 Pursuit events that will play differently (as the AI competitors have changed) – the rest of your times will be just as competitive as they always have been. :-)

      Well done for getting triple-medals on all events before the update! Have you got the Platinum Trophy too?

  • I actually managed to plat this within a well or so but this had got to be the hardest gage I’ve played in a while. I think I almost cried a few times trying to beat the game and DLC. I bought all DLC the to the carnival, the cars included. Then no new tracks so I stopped buying cars. Waste of money really. The cars don’t perform better. Just look good drifting. But this game is 5/5 for me. I love difficult games. Probably why I’m addicted to puzzlers. Good job with this one. Keep it up! More DLC tracks and I’ll buy!

  • Love this game. I got stuck on a drifting one “Out of the Frying Pan” (missed by like a tenth of sec) so hopefully this is one of the ones that will be softened. Great that you guys keep coming out with content. Bought the DLC and it is fun.

    I didn’t even see the thing to send challenges.

    I have a problem with the Pitwall. The challenges I get are all by random people with impossible times. I have 3 and the spots saying I beat them stay so the other 7 spots are impossible and don’t seem to change. Need to get that 10 for a plat!

    Also the playground isn’t that fun after about 5 minutes and the there are trophies for it.

    Feel free to add me as a friend and send me easier times even with the DLC.

    Talking about this game is making me want to play it right now so bad.

    • “Out of the Frying Pan” has been re-tuned! If you were only a tenth of a sec off you will pick up the medal as soon as you update the game.

      The best way to earn the Pitwall Brawl is to get your friends to challenge you (from the full-game or the trial). :-)

  • @10, rather envious. The trophy reqs. are killing me…:( 100x thanks for the update, Jamie!

  • Someone please leave a link to the reporting thread. I lost all my progress halfway through. :'(

  • This game ended up being huge, and for the trophy hunter, buying the ps3 version as well as having the free vita version you are able to get 2 sets of trophies off one game, including 2 platinum.

  • I’m confused so the free copy of Motorstorm: RC for PS Vita is getting less content now? or more?

    • There’s no change to the tracks available in the full-game, just the ones available in the free trial.
      24/64 events in the full-game have been re-tuned too.

      Hope that helps to clear things up for you?

  • Good to know, I kinda stopped and lost interest from the annoyance of some races/time trials along with the fact that it seemed like every challenge on my Pit Wall was from people who didn’t just edge out my time on a track but blew it away, could never get the beating a friend’s ghost trophy to work either.

  • Now I checked and doesn’t look like any of the 16 medals I have left are affected, lol.

    I was one of those people who had their medals reset due to the bug I won’t repeat here, sent the community manager guy or whomever he was a message but never saw any results, not like it matters now since I’m well beyond the point of needing to get the medals I lost back.

  • Awsomeee thanks for the needed update. i love this PSN game and got it a couple days after its release. hade a hard time beating many of the races because of difficulty and crashing into walls non stop. i hope this helps ah bit. how long do we get to keep the demo tracks ?

  • i just read vanwinkle comment.. i thut we ALL where getting new FREE tracks. misleading indeed. VERYYY

  • I’m not sure why people think the title of this post is misleading. “Free Update: MotorStorm RC Gets New Demo Tracks, New Features”

    I took that to mean that the demo tracks are going to be different than they currently are in the demo. (That’s correct) Then I read the rest of the article to figure out what “new features” are–tweaking the difficulty level, expanding the opportunity to send challenges, and offering a solution for the lost medal glitch (never experienced it, fortunately).

    Just because some people failed to read the word “demo” in the title doesn’t mean it is intentionally misleading. That’s just poor reading comprehension. :) Besides, how would you announce the fact that there are new tracks in the MS:RC demo? “MotorStorm RC gets new demo tracks”? Or “MotorStorm RC demo gets new tracks”? Either way, people would still miss the word “demo” and complain…

  • @Android66 They edited the title by adding the word “demo” so it would no longer be misleading.

    I was very proud of this platinum trophy. It was very challenging and you had to significantly fine tune your skills, but it wasn’t impossible by any means. So obviously I don’t agree with making it easier. New platinum trophies should have a little asterisk next to them. This is a fantastic game though (probably my favorite on the Vita so far) and at least this may give my friends a chance to pass me so I can pass them back.

  • @Jamie anymore future DLC tracks in store for us? I hope so. And if so I hope you consider making it a real challenge again with a cumulative time goal that’s really hard to get. With the original game I had to go back and really shave milliseconds away on all the tracks after already having all 3 medals on each event. But for the two DLC packs the time goals seemed easier, and I got the cumulative time goal trophy simply by playing each level, without even having all 3 medals on each course yet.

  • *sigh, I just want a real motorstorm on my Vita. I’ve tried my hardest to like this game… but I hate RC games.

  • lol yes Jamie HUGE is indeed an understatement, i’m a Motorstorm junkie and i will buy a ps4 in a heartbeat if a Motorstorm game is part of the launch line up, its by far my favorite new sony franchise this generation, while others love Uncharted, inFAMOUS, Little Big Planet, i love Motorstorm and Resistance but Motorstorm a little bit more lol

  • Android66 .. Because they EDITED it. it was VERYYY misleading at first.

  • its NOT poor reading comprehension on anyone… its Poor Tittle post on there end.

  • After I bought and installed “Escape Plan”, the blue logo on my PS Vita started flashing and the system does not shut down anymore. I followed the recommendations on the site to rebuild the database, restore and update and it got stuck on the “Please wait …” screen. Any tips on how to solve this?

  • Is there gonna be another MotorStorm game on PS3? Like MS Monument Valley, MS 2 and MS Appocalypse? The last game was great but i hated the whole racing on skyscrapers in an city ravaged by natural disasters and i also didn’t really like that in every races in singleplayer the vehicles where pre-chosen, you couldn’t choose your own ride, only in multiplayer.

    I like racing games and MS is a really great franchise, and it’s even better that its PlayStation exclusive, please don’t kill this franchise. Go back to roots with the next game, off-road and let us choose our own vehicle!

  • Wow, I’ve been taking a break from this game and this is just what I needed to start playing again.

  • so its easier now with the update?

  • Lost all interest after copying the game to my computer, and then copying it back wiped away my save file.

    smh, the PS Vita save management is a huge fail.

  • the difficulty was right for me, i had platinum and it was one of the most easy platinum i have unlocked. Surely it requires a try and retry to unlock some medals, but nothing so difficult to beat. This update is a mistake… and you had to fix the error that give me in the midle of the race very often (“impossible to save” <___<) and almost broke a lot of nice lap time

  • what’s up with the ps store i cant access it

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Made it easier?!?! Why on Earth would you do such a thing? I agree with what Squiggle55 said… any new platinums earned after the update should have an asterisk. Platinum trophies are supposed to be challenging.

    One of the best things about this game WAS the challenge level. In fact, I felt like it was just right. Challenging but not impossible. It reminded me of classic NES games in that way. It was great. At least I got the platinum before the update.

  • I just wanted to say as a happy customer (I bought the PS3 version, platinumed it and got the platinum on Vita via the online sync feature) that I really enjoyed the game and all of its DLC.

    I am not a motorstorm fan, but motorstorm RC was great! I will gladly purchase and play additional DLC if you put out more and it had trophies. please consider making more DLC festival events like the two you’ve already released.

  • I second the release of new festivals and trophies, this game was really fun as I previously mentioned, so fun in fact I bought and played the ps3 version after getting hooked with the vita version including buying the carnival and pro-am addons.

  • @21, 25, 26: Ah, my mistake then. By the time I read the post, the word “demo” was already in the title. I did not realize that the word was added later.

  • I must say this is a great way to keep a game updated,glad to see the continued support from the developers!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for the update! I wasn’t super enthused about the game at first, but bought it on day one out of my faith in Motorstorm. I was not disappointed in the least! Great game and I love all the DLC that’s been cranking out!

    I’m only on the PS3, though, and while I’d love to get a Vita, I’m stuck in the house most of the time (disabled). Are there any plans to beef up Arctic Edge and release it for PS3? That’s the only one I don’t have and I’d love to play it.

  • Of course, having not earned the platinum trophy to this game prior to the update, I cannot speak openly from both perspectives, but I support the developer’s decision to make it “easier” by smoothing out the increase in difficulty. If they feel the game doesn’t have a gradual increase, as they wanted their game to have, they should make adjustments to make for a better overall experience. It’s good to hear that many people received a platinum trophy prior to this happening, but I’m glad to hear the game has a smoother ramp-up to the campaign.

    I also like that the game received such a substantial update in general. Two things I like that don’t get mentioned too often are the challenges and to a lesser extent the LiveArea for the VIta version. The challenges are a great way to bring gamers together through competition. I’m glad to hear this great feature has been improved. The LiveArea on the Vita version is something I enjoy because it tells you upfront how many medals and trophies you have earned thus far. I don’t understand why more games aren’t using this feature.

    I have both versions. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to hearing more about the game!

  • Just downloaded this last night to my Vita :)

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