Celebrate The Fallen – Resistance: Burning Skies “Memorial” Trailer

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Celebrate The Fallen – Resistance: Burning Skies “Memorial” Trailer

In war, men fall and heroes rise. Every battle has a victor, every standoff has a loser. It is for these moments that we are remembered by our brothers in arms, whether in the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. How will you be remembered? Will you triumph, or join the wall?

Celebrate The Fallen – Resistance: Burning Skies “Memorial” Trailer

The online battles in Resistance: Burning Skies are heating up, so if you don’t have your copy yet, go get it today. If you’re still not sure, download the trial version from the PSN Store so you can try the game out for yourself. Or, come join Rob Huebner from Nihilistic Studios today at 3:00pm Pacific Time, who will be answering all your burning questions. To find the live chat, just go here and click the red button in the upper-right hand corner of the page directing you to live chat with Rob.

We also have news today for those of you who pre-ordered – the Resistance avatars included in your pre-order voucher will be available on June 26th. We apologize for the wait, but for those of you who have already redeemed your voucher code, the avatars will be waiting for you to download as soon as the store publish goes live on the 26th.

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  • Alright, my person gribe with the game consists of how little ‘heart’ appeared in the game. Guys… the final boss battle showed EVERYTHING about the effort put into this game. Mind me, the game is a solid Mediocre 7/10…. but common. Why is this series tossed onto a dev team who haven’t release an ounce of heart/soul/life into a game they’ve create? Don’t ever EVER do this to the Resistance fanbase again.

    BTW: Final Boss was a complete chance fight. It decided if you died with one hit KOs that you cannot dodge *and sometimes can if you stand in a corner by the entrance door*. What gives?

  • I like the multiplayer but the Mule is way too powerful.

  • @2 The Shotgun is horrendously over powered. It’s absolutely unfair

  • Great commercial. The unfortunate part in the whole thing is that online basically doesn’t even work. This game has clearly had so little attention and care from the developers/Sony that it’s a little sad they even come out with this ad. It takes me roughly 30 tries to get into a game without it kicking me out of the lobby, and half the time when I get in, the game glitches (kills not registering, deaths when spawning, etc). I am not alone on this issue, and I’ve tried online in many different wi-fi location with the same outcome.

    And of course, you can’t get an answer out of Nihilistic or Sony on the issue, as Nihilistic seemingly has no community manager and Sony didn’t even care enough about the game to market it in any significant way. With a several-year-old PSP game (in Resistance: Retribution) having more online features than this game, I have to wonder what I’m paying for here. What makes this game honorable of a $40 price tag that I paid for it when I also got NOVA 3 on Android for $6.99. That game has even more content than this!

    • We’re definitely aware of the ongoing connectivity issues with the online functionality – the dev team has already released one patch to address it and will be working to continue improving the experience, but keep in mind that these aren’t always easy and/or quick things to fix. We really appreciate your patience though.

  • It’s just disappointing that the first FPS on the first handheld with two sticks had to turn out this way. This game was not worth $40. A game like Uncharted Golden Abyss was worth the money IMO because it was a game that I will probably never see replicated in the smartphone space, but NOVA 3 (again, a seven dollar game) has more content and does it even better than Resistance Burning Skies. And our voice won’t be heard. You know the kind of questions I’m expecting Nihilistic to answer today? “Will there be any new skins?” “Any DLC planned?” “What was your favorite part of working with the game?” It’s sad, especially for us who actually paid $40 for this game.

  • ok Derek i love the game, i think its great but no game is perfect and Burning Skies isn’t the exception so i would really love to see Nihilistic releasing a patch with improve online functionality (i’m still getting errors while trying to join an online match), add online ranks ( 20 would be great), make the mule less powerful or get rid of it in online multiplayer (its way too powerful), add 3 more free maps ( a 12 players map would be really awesome) and add new modes.

    as i said before i love the game i think its great but still needs online improvements, i mean its by far the best online experience on the little system in my opinion but it could be a lot better, anyways online multiplayer is really addictive. congrats Nihilistic.

    • Thanks, glad you’re enjoying the game. As I mentioned above, the dev team is still looking into improvements to the online functionality.

  • a skate park with Wi-Fi? that is nice.

  • and sony really needs to advertise the system, i mean 2 psvita universe of entertainment videos featuring Modnation Racers Road Trip, Little Deviants, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Unit 13, Super Stardust Delta and another video featuring Wipeout 2048, Resistance Burning Skies, Gravity Rush, Motorstorm RC and Escape Plan would be really awesome.

  • The game is really cool. For me it is an 8/10.

    Please Sony advertise the system and its games!!

  • by the way, nice video :D

  • I’d like to see a separate 4-8 player online co-op mode (similar to the one in Resistance 2) come to R:BS.

  • multiplayer patch now! and plz nerf the “Mule”

  • First of all, yeah I agree this game is no Resistance 3 in a long shot but I’m actually enjoying it so far. Give them a break, It’s nice that it has a fairly simple Platinum but I would’ve liked to see a few more trophies maybe 1 when you find all the Intel, another one when you fully upgrade all of your weapons and 1 when you complete the game in hard mode.

    Also, could you guys PLEASE patch it so that we can skip through the beginning level cut scenes. It really surprises me how we need to sit through them every time, most games allow you to bypass the majority of cut scenes and I’m surprised this game doesn’t more so being a portable where you may need to rush through before getting to your bus/train stop.

    Aside from this, I really enjoyed the game so much that I beat it twice. If you guys patch in a few more trophies I’ll be more than glad to run through it again but as of now multi-player should hold me off. Thanks for giving us our first true portable FPS!

  • The skies are burning and so are the sales and scores for this game…


    Sony must be punished, such a great franchise put to death like this.

    In the perfect world, Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Insomniac should take care of their franchises in portable devices too, but I can understand B studios (Tarsier, Bend, Ready at Dawn) taking care of this games. They did a great job with Resistance PSP, LBP, God Of War…)

    Now, how can the studio responsable for the horrible Playstation Move Heroes be even considered to work with one of the most important and remarkable series in Playstation?

    Its hard to see Sony with this huge effort trying to convince that Vita will have a great future, going otherwise, showing nothing in E3 conference, and killing what was conquered all this years.

    Now, when will we see a good Resistance in Vita? In 2 years? Its a bad joke.
    Its a shame that we will have to wait for Call Of Duty to play a real good FPS with Vita.

  • A lot of reviews put Resistance 3 has the true sci-fi shoter heir, many consider it the most close to Half-Life 2 since them.
    Did you knew that Sony? Not Halo, not Gears, not Killzone.

    The Resistance series was in the right way, but Sony keep turning it down, with no promotion or wrong focus like Sharp Shooter.

    And now, Sony just kill Resistance, like this, for nothing.
    What you have now?! Killzone? Good luck.

  • Amazed how sony has turned what was once a potential top flight PS3 FPS exclusives into this, Sony has lost it’s touch this gen on how to handle its franchises. Giving it to Nihilistic and clearly rushing it out is the death knell for the series. Sony step it up. Vita has loads of potential but Sony is not the same company as in the ps2 days………. hope they don’t squander it..

  • for when it will be solved the problem of resistance burning skies online pass 2 weeks we’ve been waiting and not fair. paid $ 850 so we would not fix the problem ….. I hope and beyond as a solution or at least give us a date when it will fix. The say they have no exact date means that they’re not working the problem .. please we ask the people of Mexico to solve the problem .. Thanks for your attention.

  • Sony needs to treat Resistance with a little more respect and fix the series.

  • D.O.A. Yeah, that describes this game to a T. Dumb promo spot. Who plays their vita outside in bright sunlight. You wouldn’t be able to see squat. And as another poster pointed out, a skate park with wifi, yeah, like I got one of those around.

    What really bothered me about nihilistic when RBS was released was you guys were way more concerned posting the few positive reviews of the game on your twitter than fixing the clearly broken multiplayer. Way to show the fans you really cared about them.

  • what the heck did i just watch lol ….. the guy who made this trailer needs to be put somewhere else …he’s bad at trailers …. WHERE IS KEVIN BUTLER!!!

  • What happened to Resistance Retribution on the ps store? I bought it for my pspgo years ago and now my friend wants to buy it for his pspgo but it’s not there.

  • @22, yep, most PSP games should have been on the store for vita day 1, especially first party games like retribution. Yet another case of Sony mismanagement this generation. They squandered their 70% market share from ps2 due to corporate mismanagement.

  • I’m having lots of fun with burning skies, thanks for the game, but I would like to know when I can get my pre-order avatars. I already got my mp booster but I still need my avatars. What’s going on?that was one of the reasons I pre-order the game.

  • So what you’re saying by this commercial is, “no girls allowed”. J/k, I know this probably matches the demographic. I didn’t see one girl at the pre-release party – a couple moms though, LOL.

    Well, I’ve been a longtime fan of the Resistance series. I never did get to try Retribution. I’m waiting for Sony to make it available to North America, like it is in Europe (ahem). As for Burning Skies, I’ve quite enjoyed it. All the hyperbolic reviews and complaining turned out to be just a lot of noise. The game is a lot of fun and the graphics are pretty good for a handheld. More importantly, the game plays pretty fast and is similar enough to a console Resistance, that it’s well worth playing. I thought the touch controls would really be bad, but even they turned out to be pretty usable.

  • {continued from 25}

    There are a few difficulty spikes in the game, which are kind of a let down, and the checkpoint prior to fighting a big boss at the end is woefully placed, so that you have to run down a hall and listen to the same voiceover a million times (playing on the hardest level, at least). All said and done, the game is well worth playing and it does feel like it fits in the Resistance universe.

    Finally, I love the Mule. Don’t nerf the Mule. If you get close enough to accurately shoot someone with a shotgun, they should go down – period.

  • I am enjoying this game. There is a lower bar for portable gaming. Would I be playing something besides this if i was at home? Yes. Is this finally a FPS that has good home console controls? Yes. So it is great on the road to shoot some aliens in the head. Love it!

    I even play a lot of multi-player at home. It is great to play in bed as it is quick to get a MP game going.

    Would I liked the quality to be higher? Yes. Am I still having a blast? Hells yeah!

  • @27, NO, total BS, LBP Vita, MGS HD collection, Uncharted and close to their ps3 versions, there is NOT a lower bar for portable gaming that is a horrid blind excuse. A bad game is a bad game regardless of platform, and RBS is one. There will be WAY better FPS on a potable then this rushed, contrived, generic snore fest.

  • I loved Resistance BS. It was really fun to play. Don’t know why people are complaining. Yes it’s a little hard to join a game but when you do its really fun. The graphic is good for a portable. It could use a little bit more guns in multiplayer. Don’t nerf the Mule its good the way it is. Completed the game like five times and I’m on level 40. Remember people this game is just a spin-off. Enjoy the game and if you don’t like it, there’s plenty of other games out that you could grab like Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Unit 13, MGS HD Collection, and many more. Thank you Nihilistic for making this game. Good Day!

  • i agree with comment 4. when i saw the game , i saw it had lack of support, about all the bounuses the game had if pre ordered weren’t there and we have to wait for it. i also agree on how games like nova and modern combat are made from a company that puts more support to the game, costs 70 percent less, and has twice the content resitance has. It also shocks me how you gave the game to a company who never handled resitance before and made the awful playstation heroes. i bet u need dlcs to get more features but when it comes to games like mc3 and nova they get free updates. and aren’t GREEDY.

  • also i agree with everyone who say this was rushed

  • playstation killed resitance which had potential to be one of the best fps for consoles. but instead make this stupid game and use resitnace as an advertisment for sharpshooter. if you were only the same as u were in the ps2 era

  • I just bought a VITA along with this game. All I know is that I really liked the campaign. The weapon sounds were a little muted, but the graphics, controls, animations, and levels designs are better than anything I’ve ever played on a handheld. Ipad included. I don’t understand all the “hate mail”. Hats off to the developers.
    For being the first fps/resistance on a handheld its amazing actually. I actually think that it was better graphically than the first entry, Resistance:FOM, and I loved that game!!! The only thing about this game that felt a little lacking was the online multiplayer. Its a little bare bones, but still kinda fun to be in spurts here and there.

  • @28 I am guessing you don’t even have a Vita. I am sure you have such a better opinion on this game as someone who has never PLAYED IT.

  • @34 I certainly do own a vita, just picked up Gravity rush and MGS HD collection 2 more games that show the bar is much higher then Resistance, which Sony has burned to the ground. Thats your rebuttal you don’t own a vita? ROFL. Add me i’ll show you my vita trophies. Epic fail. The bar is not lower for porables not on vita, Gravity rush, Uncharted, MGS, Fifa, MLB the show prove this. RBS is just a bad game.

  • as far as the resistance series not getting any love from sony, i can see where most of yall see that, considering the way Resistance 3 ended, i was sadly hurt that it wasnt as epic as it could of been (Resistance 2 ending comes to mind) but i am very open to the idea of Resistance being on Vita, mind u its the first fps on the handheld, and there’s not much to complain about other then sound, and connection for online play, still working through the story, but im in no rush, cause im leveling up! (currently at 21) the near updates for it makes it much more exciting to play because im constantly earning multiple xp just for being someones friend! sweet, lol

    but keep an open mind guys, i hope there’s a resistance 2 for vita, i know the potential can go through the roof, but im in no rush, excited to see a future patch so it dont take as long to play online, i do love my online sessions at work, makes the time fly!!!

    in resistance i trust! never stop gaming folks!!!

  • Yungshep, there’s also the horrid video compression, the fact that when you load up your game’s saved state you have to sit through the long compressed and unskippable cutscene for the beginning of the level (seriously? How on earth did that happen?), the terribly bland menus and UI (yes, it may not seem like a big deal, but there are some amazing menu designs like Resistance 3 that make it feel like a better game), etc. The list can go on.

  • personally, i don’t care much about multiplayer. any shooter can tack on multiplayer modes. i care about the substance of the single player campaign. story and characters are essential, nihilistic showed no effort in keeping to the high standard that the resistance franchise has established.

    i’ve never played a single resistance game until burning skies and i can say that this game could have done better if it didn’t bear the resistance name.

  • no one gives a lick what u have to say eat sh** and pass away!!!!!

  • massimodo.

  • Haters gonna hate, but I liked the game. It’s not perfect, some of the touch uses were stupid. Like the auger’s secondary. Would have been more intuitive to use the back touch for that instead.

    Literally never used the shield, because I’d just die trying to set it up. :/

    Decent game, flawed, but I had fun with it.

  • Derek my man, well im from mexico and i bought resistance falling skies here in mexico as well as my PSVITA. my problem is that my online multiplayer is not downloading, yes its in my service list but it wont download. i redeem my pass code correctly and everything. now i went to nihilistic forum and they said its because it only in region 1 wich is USA and Mexico is region 4 so my online multiplayer wont work. now let me clear something. if you guys are going to sell a game make sure it works wherever you guys are selling it otherwise don’t sell it. you guys need to fix this. thats all i ask for. now Derek my man, am not saying its your foult but come on man imagine how i feel about this. how would you feel if you bought this new awesome game and you get home and play your new awesome game in your new awesome PSVITA and you find out that the best part of the game “online multiplayer” doesn’t work, yep you would feel hella _______ off exactly. now come on man help me out here.

    P.S. I still love my PSVITA, god bless PLAYSTATION

  • I don’t understand all of the haterade for this game… I love it. The campaign was great, best shooter experience on a hand held by far. High octane FPS action, the weapon wheel with new creative and innovative weaponry that the franchise is known for… and I loved the cover system!! Really reminded me of the Killzone cover system, loved it!

    I also really liked to alternate viewpoint of the Resistance Universe as seen through different eyes, seeing SRPA and Project Abraham stuff from another viewpoint was really cool.

    I was having online connectivity issues the first couple of days but ever since the patch release I’ve been good and the multiplayer is fun.

    Honestly, don’t buy into the trendy haterade, this game is really cool when given a real chance. Hats off to Nihilistic and Sony!

  • Burning skies story had no emotion, but the combat system was pretty good,… I hope they put dlc into the game.. To extend the single player campaign and to add more multiplayer maps

  • So this game has an online pass but the online is broken? not cool, I liked the demo but the online pass made me think twice before buying and now that I read all this comments I’m out, maybe when I find it really cheap I may get it. Also what #43 said is terrible, I’m not buying games from people that don’t care about us

  • Speaking of love, massimodo.I was with ur mom and sister the other night. I beeped both of their beeps!

  • Thanks for the update on the Avatars. Now I would like to know about the Vita Screen lock theme that also came with the pre order. Will it also be avaliable soon too? I have one of 3 bonues at the moment. The manager at GameStop told me the pre order comes with three items.

    1. Multiplayer Booster- Begin Multiplayer at Level 5.
    2. 3 PSN Avatars- Comming soon on June 26th.
    3.Vita Screen Lock Theme- When you pre order Resistance: Burning Skies You will recieve a PS Vita Screen Lock Theme.

    Is all this infomation true and will we get all three items as promised?

  • well i got it on day one sony lie to me and the game makers le to me sony is falling Off big tike i got all sony stuff he abd all the bs going on cant play online kill not reading so yea i waste 40 buck for what then they said it best at e3 the psvita might ass stay at sony i should bought me and ipad and get like 100free game to play some that sony want you to pay for

  • hello i recently purchased resistance burnign skies new at gamestop but they had no official case for it which was odd but yh i played it on my vita and it said i needed an online code which i rememberd now that it is contained when u buy it with the case and well i jsut dont want to buy the online code when i bought the game new i even have the receipt for proof and i cant get a new one as i checked 3 other gamestops and all were sold out but this one taht i went to so please sony may i have a code or somethign for an online pass ill show the recepit in a picture

  • Today is the 26 how can I get my frecking avatars. Can find them any where. Please someone? This’ frustrating. How can I say it seems false advertising to me you can’t not keep your word.

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