Escape Plan: The Asylum DLC Hits PSN Today for Just 25 Cents

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Escape Plan: The Asylum DLC Hits PSN Today for Just 25 Cents

Update: An earlier version of this post cited incorrect pricing information. We regret the error.


It’s an insane time for Escape Plan, as we have a ton of new content launching for everyone this week: The Asylum DLC arrives for just 2 25 cents, Patch 1.02 goes live, five free Avatars are coming for PS Plus members and the Escape Plan Demo will be available for all PS Vita players – all with today’s PS Store publish!


Since launch, our fans have chipped in to provide feedback and thoughts on Escape Plan. All of these little nuggets of advice and tips have helped us to improve and change the overall experience, and so for a limited time, we’re giving back to fans by dropping The Asylum DLC from $4.99 to a just a handful of change — $0.25, to be exact.


The gameplay of The Asylum picks up right where Lil and Laarg left off at the end of Escape Plan. Lil and Laarg travel through a sewer pipe, only to find themselves in Bakuki’s Asylum. This latest conundrum is filled with padded walls, shocking minions, gruesome blades of mass destruction and even more helpless sheep.


The Asylum delivers a ton of crazy content, including the Lil and Laarg Dressing Room where fans can check out the God and Luchadore Super Pack costumes, with the Poindexter and Super Hero costumes unlockable by playing through all of the 18 Asylum levels.

We are also introducing seven new Challenge Modes and four more Trophies!


Everyone will receive patch 1.02, which will give them the first two Dressing Room costumes for Lil and Laarg and a handful of gameplay improvements, but only The Asylum DLC will open up the new levels, trophies and remaining costumes.

After the limited two-week 25-cent promotion, Escape Plan The Asylum will be available in the PSN Store for $4.99 on June 26th, 2012.

For those who have yet to pick up Escape Plan, we are happy to announce the release of the official Escape Plan Demo! This teaser gives fans a taste of 16 puzzling levels from the original game. Be sure to give it a try and, as always, we’d love to get your feedback in the comments below.

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  • More Escape Plan will never be a bad thing.

  • I will buy the DLC before I will buy the game. Don’t own it yet. waiting on a bigger memory card.

  • I’m planning on buying Escape Plan on the EU psn because of the upcoming discount. So I’d like to know if there will be a similar £0.02 offer for the DLC in the EU?

  • Awesome! That is nice that you are supporting the early adopters of your game. I thought about waiting for a sale but a while back I decided to pay full price. I’ve been enjoying the game so far and I appreciate all the enhancements and new levels.

  • Where do I download the DLC to fix the horrid controls?

  • That is UN-believable. You guys are showing XTREME concern for your fans. Can’t wait fpr your next Vita game!

  • Awesome news, awesome dlc, awesome game. Keep up the awesome work guys.

  • Why are they so damn nice………..wait let me shut up. This is the very first purchase when I got my vita to this day I’m still proud. Thanks guys.

  • You are turning me into a big fan of Fun Bits.

  • Gosh!! You guys are breaking my wallet!!! 2 cents for the love!!! Lol Seriously though you bet every Escape Plan owner out there will get this, I mean how can you not for 2 cents. I’m glad you guys decided to add a few more trophies since I already got all the previous ones. Now the only thing you guys need to do is help with PS All-Stars so they can do an Escape Plan level, I mean how can you not with all the possible hazards on them. ;) Keep up the good work guys! Escape Plan rocks!

  • idk about this, i mean 2 cents seems ah bit to steep on my end. i may look into it though, we should see.

  • Please do this for your EU fans as well.

  • Sold! Escape Plan + DLC will be mine this day! Thanks for the great post, Chris!

  • #5,

    The controls are fine. The game is great. In fact, they released a patch before to fix some problems players had, and looks like they’re addressing even more. This is a developer that will get my support.

  • By the way, awesome costumes! Let’s get those as avatars.

    Could you also release in a future update a way to compete with friends on overall time completing the main game and DLC packs? A total time for each could appear in a leaderboard.

  • Wow 2¢ that’s awesome, I almost feel bad buying it at that price and find myself wondering if I should wait until it’s 4.99 to show them my appreciation… but 2¢ is too good of a deal to pass.

  • i love Escape Plan and i will be getting the DLC , your next game is an instant buy from me you guys have showed tremendous amount of support to your game and your fans , San Diego Studios take notes please

  • I would’ve gladly paid full value for more Escape Plan.. This is indeed a nice treat.

  • This is too generous. Thank you.

  • That’s good to hear (read), only 2 cents. So that works out as £15 for people in the UK.

  • Wow! I have exactly 4 cents in my PSN wallet right now. Any way I can buy it twice? lol

  • love this game, u guys are good hearted fools

    could have asked for $1 and i as many others would have buy it, for 2 cents is just unheard of

    Make sure to let us know your next game launching, i will buy it day 1!!!!

  • i love this game, i’m 40 years old so you now I LOVE my platformers….! great job, will buy the DLC asai ts available

  • still at $0.25 is good hearted fools

    love u guys!!!

  • 25 Cents? I can almost buy a matter transporter for that!

  • Awesome will buy in a sec if the US PS Store is still working in Egypt since i’m traveling. But whats up with the the 1GB update, it will take years since the peoples house i am at here have terrible internet.

  • i guess in one hour it gonna raise to 1$
    then 4.99$… then 9.99$ :P

  • a demo finally! Now I can try this game and (if I like it) buy it, thank you, a demo is a must for me on digital only games since I’ve regreted buying before

  • I’m glad there is finally a demo. i have been meaning to try this out since watching videos can only take you so far. personally im still on the fence for this game. it seems nice, but i dont know. seeing the DLC gets me somewhat excited.

  • Escape Plan is a truly fabulous game. More Escape Plan for $.25 is even better! I might just have to pick this one up. A note to Sony: The Vita needs more games like Escape Plan! Thanks a lot!

  • Definitely picking this up for 25 cents. And yay for more trophies.

  • I see inflation has struck. just a bit ago it was just 2 cents.

  • OK, cool. But… I don’t have the game yet and I’m waiting for Sony. Why? Because in Europe users will have discounts in six games: Escape Plan, Hustle Kings, Motorstorm RC, Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack!, Top Darts and Super Stardust Delta + Advanced Star Fighter Pack. What about here, eh???

  • “There’s new DLC coming for Escape Plan!”

    yeah that’s pretty cool but i’m buying gravity rush today so-

    “It’s only $0.25 because we love you guys so much!”

    oh wow that’s awesome but i already got all the trophies and uninstalled it and lost my save file so-

    “There’s four new trophies!”


  • i thought it was 2 cents. but who really care anyways cuz its still less than a dollar! gonna get it!!!

  • that’s the price all DLC should be!

  • you son of a GUNSSSSS, you raised it up to 25 Cents… it said 2 Cents. now im realy not getting it. 2 Cents alone was steep enough but this is outrageous…..

  • @painofsarrow

    Can’t tell if serious….

  • LOL at people cry over a 0.23 cent increase!!!

  • Jeff Rubenstein , that is unacceptable… NAHHH im just messing HaHaa. i wasnt serious at all on any of my post. just was mocking others. no need to be sorry, 25 cents is very good.

  • Could you update the LiveArea screen to show the amount of trophies and stars collected? It would be similar to the screen for MotorStorm RC.

    The new costumes are cool. I want to unlock the other two for each!

  • Grandioso!

  • 1.02 update is up, and its nearly a gig in size. Downloading now.

  • Escape Plan dlc for 25c???

    Sony, you already sent me a LBP Vita beta code, gave me a pass to the press conference and E3 and (finally) released Gravity Rush this month.
    I think I love you. :)

  • Mine, mine, mine….oh yes, it will be mine.

    For a qwahtah no less. Word!

  • Oh, sup krae? How’s the place?

  • That’s a 1250% price increase Jeff. Inflation on PSN must be killer. :p

    @FeloniousMax Sup. I’ve given up on that place for the most part too. 1/2 the time I get “This page no longer exists” errors.

  • 1gb patch?

    Come on Sony. You’re smarter then this. You should no better then to be still doing these “patches” that are really downloading the entire game again along with the new content.

    People have download caps and don’t need to be wasting what little bandwidth they have redownloading stuff they have already downloaded.

    Are you going to make us redownload 15gb’s too when you patch retail games on PSN?

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