Gravity Rush Launches Today on PS Vita – Get the Inside Scoop on DLC

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Gravity Rush Launches Today on PS Vita – Get the Inside Scoop on DLC

To help celebrate today’s U.S. launch of Gravity Rush for PlayStation Vita, I’m excited to share this new trailer which will give you a taste of what the game has in store for you:

Gravity Rush Launches Today on PS Vita – Get the Inside Scoop on DLC

Gravity Rush was based on the inspiration I received from the artwork I saw in a magazine when I was a teenager. When I joined the industry, I thought that someday I would want to create a game with a world setting as vivid as that piece of art.

It’s been awhile since Japanese videogames have carried the clout that they used to in our industry. When I began my career, I was striving to find a way to break through. I thought about making a game based on the top global marketing strategies, major genres that were popular at that time, and even based on a character that would be widely accepted in the Western market. However, none of those concepts produced the results I desired, which is when I realized I was trying to put the cart in front of the horse.

After that, my ideas began to gain more momentum. The Gravity Rush project started with the simple idea of ‘making something based on my original vision,’ a game that has a brand new and exciting mechanic, gorgeous visuals, a captivating setting, fascinating storyline, and lovable characters. The goal was to deliver a game that contained each of these aspects. If you think of it, that’s what most games are targeting, and it makes sense to go back to the basics.

During the production process, we faced a few challenges and there were times when the game was misunderstood. However, thanks to the potential of PlayStation Vita, we were able to create something completely unique to the market. The path we took was similar to the character Kat’s, where she started off unsure of herself, but slowly gained the trust of her peers and became accepted and admired.

We’ve been receiving a tremendous amount of feedback from players since the title was released in Japan. I was both surprised and overwhelmed by the amount of comments I received. Most of the feedback was positive, and one comment that really touched me was: “It’s been awhile since I enjoyed a game like this that is truly innovative, and I believe that only a Japanese developer could have created such a work of art.” I really feel that my vision fit what the players wanted to see, and that I have truly achieved what I was striving for. That comment almost brought me to tears. This assured me that our thought process wasn’t wrong. I feel a state of fulfillment, and I’m sincerely hoping that everyone who plays the game will have a similar opinion.

Gravity Rush Military DLC

With Gravity Rush launching today in the U.S., I wanted to not only take this opportunity to reflect on my experience creating the game, but look to the future and share that we have a great lineup of DLC on the way. First, I’m pleased to announce that if you purchase Gravity Rush for the first week on PSN for $35.99, you’ll also receive the Military DLC Pack for free (this promotion will run from 6/12 to 6/19).

Gravity Rush Spy DLC

In addition, on June 26th we’ll be releasing the Spy Pack. For just $3.99 you’ll receive a Spy Costume as well as two exciting new Side Missions and two Challenge Missions to unlock.

Gravity Rush Maid DLC

Then, on July 10th, you’ll be able to download the Maid Pack. Priced at $3.99, the Maid Pack offers a stylish Maid Costume and two additional unlockable Side Missions and Challenge Missions.

If you miss out on the Military Pack during launch week, you will also have the opportunity to purchase it starting on July 24th for $3.99.

I hope that you enjoy experiencing Gravity Rush and these three DLC packs as much as the team and I enjoyed creating them!

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  • Sweet Cannot wait to play later!!

  • YEAH!! AWESOME!!!!

    Update the store already!!


  • Umm yeah, military pack already in-hand. I can hardly contain myself for some Gravity Rush today! If you are not a Vita owner you are missing out! xD

  • im probably buying a vita this weekend just for this game and uncharted

    • Thank you! This game is so innovative and uses lots of Vita features. Enjoy floating with zero-gravity and free-falling using gyro. It’s a great sensation that you’ve never experienced before!

  • Nice, thank you for releasing the military pack free for the psn version.

  • Sweet can’t wait til the store updates so I can buy this game!!!

  • I say we hold a vote for the PlayStation Store to update sooner or have daily updates! All in favor say “#vote” in your comment!

  • At what time is the update anyways?

  • Please reply to our numerous questions about digital version and the pre-order dlc next time sooner.

  • Will the military pack be free for those of us with hard copies?

  • @10 it’s free only if you preordered it from a participating retailer.

  • i dont understand why they dont update the store at midnight for big game releases? i mean you guys should have done it with Resistance and now with Gravity, its torture to wait till the store updates when i’m home and not working like today lol, bring playstation plus to vita too and i can’t wait to play Gravity Rush , oh i almost forgot i’ve got accepted into lbp beta and i must say im really, really impressed by it .

  • Ican’t wait to pick up this amazing and original title!

    Will there be Gravity Rush PSN Avatars released?

  • @11 that sucks. I’m not from the US so we don’t have “participating” retailers.

    My copy does say “ver.DLC”.

  • Congrats to the team on your NA launch! Question: The soundtrack is a sweeping and moving masterpeice any plans to release the music like you did for Japan? I really would like to own the music, Thanks for bringing this killer app to Vita!

  • I can’t wait fro update for the store. This is the game I wanted to get even before the vita was out. say when is the store update today? Toyama-san is all the costumes DLC or are there some in the game?

  • Please, update the store. can’t wait.

  • @15, i stumbled upon a student costume that is part of the main story.

  • I am glad you are offering the DLC, but it would have been nice to know sooner. I wanted to buy on PSN, but the peorder DLC was never announced for PSN so I did my preorder on Amazon. Please do better next time so I can make a more informed choice.

  • Does anyone know if DLC is region locked because I bought a retail copy from a different country?

  • Thanks for waiting until now to finally answer about the pre-order DLC for the digital copy of the game after being asked numerous times on numerous blog posts. Already gave my money to Gamestop and see no reason to bother going all digital with my Vita if Sony is only going to approach it as half-heartily as this.

  • Finally!! Already picked up my copy. I’ve been waiting for this game for soooo long!

  • Any new trophies with the new DLCs?

  • I’m really excited for this title, but this DLC thing is leaving a really sour taste in my mouth. What is this, Capcom? $3.99 for scraps. So if I buy this game at a retailer for $40, I need to expect to pay another $12 for stuff that should already be in the game? Only to find out about a “ultimate edition” with all content months down the road with a reduced price?

    I played through the demo three times, its a stellar game! But this?! This is just donkey!

  • @22

    They have 8 trophies per DLC.

  • I Agree with what (#18), Gnordy says. Please inform us sooner. I rather have Digital releases on my Vita, than physical copies.

  • Any info on the size of the download? Deciding if I want digital or flash card version.

  • Toyama-san, this is one of the most beautiful games I have seen on any system and the gravity mechanic is the most innovative thing I’ve felt since playing Wii Sports for the first time. Do you duty to humanity and give this game proper sequel, aka bigger, better, and more intense…if that’s even possible!

  • @ 23, So Donkey, its Redonkeylious? Technically, you really don’t have to buy the DLC. So you don’t really NEED it per say… :P

  • This is what’s needed by more developers to take this kinda of approach to dlc for the Ps Vita!!!!!!!!!!


    Played the demo of GR and thought it was pretty cool. With Vita games being $40 on average I can only afford to buy the best of the best games for it and this game is certainly one of them. Beat Uncharted Golden Abyss the other day – best portable game I’ve ever played, but then again I’m a Huge Uncharted fanboy. So I’m looking for a new game to play – on the Vita at least as I have LOTS to play now that I signed up for PS Plus and got 12 free PS3 games :)

    Does anyone know roughly how long of a game it is? 10 hours? 15 hours?

  • @23, these are def. side missions in addition to costumes. They’re not “unlocked” like how other devs sell their content. I finished the Japanese version of Gravity Rush. This title is complete w/out the DLC. Enjoy waiting for an “ultimate ed.,” or wait until the DLC is on sale, or purchase the DLC & support the dev… or just don’t buy it at all. Nobody does DLC like Capcom- do not make that comparison.

    So glad Sony pushed for the DLC promo on digital purchases!:)

  • @30. YOu can prolly speed thru it in under 10 hours. THere are challenge missions to lengthen the playtime. I found myself just playing with the gravity instead of going on with the story.

  • This looks like an awesome game, and I’m glad to hear there’s a stream of DLC in the works.

    Normally, I wouldn’t favor a game with DLC upon release, but I believe this is the case because the game has already been available elsewhere. That is different than the game being released with content left out and rebranded as “additional content”.

  • @32

    The DLCs are already finished. They did it for the Gravity Daze version (JP), I originally thought that it will come with the game for the English version,

  • So where the hell is this game on the PSN? Its goddamend 9AM PST.

  • I got this Game last week and damn its so beautiful. Toyama-San you should really create a sequel to this game
    and please add more intense combat , more side quest adventures as my advice for you
    This Game is the best Vita experience I got so far

  • This is the game I want a Vita for. Just wish I had more money.

  • So um.. it’s lunch time here on the East. Was hoping to play this during lunch. Any Idea when I can pop on buy and DL?

  • I don’t understand the motivation for DLC a month later that adds 1 costume and a couple missions. This isn’t a bash on DLC or on the game. I am just trying to understand the thought process for this plan with regard to marketing your product. I usually have 0 motivation to spend money on a game I finished a month ago when it adds so little. Again, please don’t read this as me bashing your game, I am sure it is tremendous and I will likely buy it this week.

  • @37, I think the costume thing is a Japanese thing. as for dlcs, I don’t care for them either unless they are free or of great value. Oh, since I am asian, the costumes are quite tempting. Lolz.

  • Its almost 1pm in Baltimore… when do they plan on putting this up on the PSN? -_-

  • Previews of this game are one of the top reason I decided to get a Vita in the first place… and now the wait is finally over!

    And I think the time frameof the DLC is perfect. I like to play a game all the way through and then enjoy the extras afterwards. I’d be pissed if I had to wait 6 months or more for a chance to delve back into the game. And it depends on the length of the missions, but it seems like the price is perfectly reasonable to me. I can’t wait to dive in!

  • @37 – Tchanku, I’m guessing you imported Gravity Daze from JPN. Since it’s releasing in the States today, the majority of people on this blog didn’t finish it a month ago. Fluent in Japanese and, too impatient to wait for the US release, I too have had/finished the game for some time, now. So, the DLC my not be geared towards us. However, I guess it isn’t all about us now, is it?

  • Sweeeet! I wanna go home now and download this!

  • Maid pack?

    Come the frick on. Way to perv this up.

  • I REALLY wanted this game on my memory card, as its pretty much the main reason I bought my Vita.

    How come you could not just come out and tell us that the DLC incentive for pre-ordering would be available for PSN purchasers? I mean its really not that difficult?

    I even asked point blank on the last post. I’m really disappointed in how this is being handled. Loyal Vita and PS users shouldn’t be let guessing what their options are, right? I mean this is pretty basic stuff.

    Really disappointed in you guys.

  • I’m serious, here. Stop bringing us games featuring a kick-butt chick, then throwing DLC onto her that turns her into a suggestive, subservient boy toy.

  • Got my copy almost an hour ago from Amazon, used my code already and “DLC” was nothing but a unlock file, the content is already on the card and I’m sure it’s the same for the others. Glad I got the first one free, for $4 each the chances of my buy the other two are extremely slim.

  • @reson8er

    There’s absolutely no reason to preorder this console generation. The early adopter gets screwed. You wait often as little as 4 months and a better deal comes around, along with the wide release of whatever preorder incentive they were dangling in front of folks.

    Wait a year and there’ll be a GOTY/Ultimate edition on the horizon with all the DLC in a nice, cheap-o bundle.

    Sony and everyone forgets that these are just games and they’ll never properly foster consumer loyalty (capitalism!) if they don’t provide better incentive to be an early adopter.

    Show of hands: Ever felt screwed after preordering something?


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