Babel Rising on PSN Today, Unleash God-Like Powers with PS Move

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Babel Rising on PSN Today, Unleash God-Like Powers with PS Move

Available later today on PSN, Babel Rising puts god-like powers in gamer’s hands as they smite humans who are attempting to build the Tower of Babel. Conjure up a series of divine powers – tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes and more – to halt the progress of the pesky humans.

BABR_Tower 2_Wind 1 & Fire 2

When developing the game, we looked to really empower the players. Having players use these powers with a PS3 DualShock controller was great, but we wanted to really immerse the players and make them feel powerful, which led us to integrate the PlayStation Move motion controller.

The precision of PlayStation Move led to the development of our movements – a small gesture and a large gesture. We wanted to create believable movements that empowered players. Releasing the smaller powers, which occur frequently, would require smaller gestures while the devastating ultimate powers demand much larger, powerful gestures.

BABR_Tower 1_Earth 3

In addition to the fun of feeling almighty, the PlayStation Move also offers a good balance to the player between concentration and action. As the ultimate powers take more time to reload, the unleashing of them uses an impressive gesture is an additional reward for the player. During the gameplay tests with the PlayStation Move, we noticed that the players were much more aware of the ultimate power gauge and started anticipating the ability to use another powerful gesture.

BABR_Tower 1_Tidal_Wave

Babel Rising will be available today on the PlayStation Store for $9.99. Enjoy!

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