Virtual E3 PlayStation Booth vs Reality + Weekly Update

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Virtual E3 PlayStation Booth vs Reality + Weekly Update

This past week the PlayStation Digital Platforms Community team attended E3 down in Los Angeles and hung out with PlayStation community members from around the world. This was also this third year we built out a virtual E3 booth in PlayStation Home, literally matching schematics as closely as possible to the real deal, and bringing the community the sort of experiences you would have if you were lucky enough to get entrance to the real expo.


The best part about the virtual E3 booth—no lines! Some games and experiences at the real E3 require waiting quite a while to get in.

We would like to share some pics from the real PlayStation E3 booth, so you can take a further glimpse into the excitement that is E3. Due to popular demand, we are extending the virtual E3 booth one more week. So if you didn’t get a chance to check it out, you have a little more time. But once it’s gone, it’s gone for the year.


We bumped into our buddy, writer and director of Platinum’d, Brandon Winfrey.

Teammate Paul Sullivan got to meet superbabe, er… supermodel Brooklyn Decker who visited us in the PSN area.

Aside from all the excitement, to attend E3 is to feel the beating heart of the games industry. There is a camaraderie that instantly forms .. It feels like a family reunion! Everyone in the games industry comes together and works hard (during the day) and plays hard (at night). There are many special events, dinners and parties, and it’s clear that everyone’s hard work is for one purpose: exists to bring joy and happiness to gamers around the world. In that way, we get to feel as if we are working together to make the world a more fun place. Witnessing all this, I am very proud to work for PlayStation, and to have an opportunity to connect gamers to one another and the products that they love.

Enough gushy insider gossip—you want to know what’s coming this week in Home!

As mentioned above, due to popular demand, the virtual E3 booth will be extended one more week, so if you haven’t run through all Christina Lee’s quests, visited all the kiosks and collected all your rewards, do so quickly. If you haven’t picked up your limited edition Booth Babe and Beefcake outfits from Lockwood, gotten your free Warrior Starter Pack from playing the Mercia: Fractured Realms Demo in the virtual E3 booth or picked up your solid gold Mechjet, a golden Sodium Companion and Kiburi the White Lion do so ASAP. When the virtual E3 booth goes away this year, so do these limited-time exclusives.


This Wednesday, June 13th, exclusive nightclub x7 gets some new early-access items and another freebie, Granzella releases a bunch of ballerina leotard items as well as a new Seaside Coconut Crab Set bundle, Konami expands its Gothic collection with some new furniture, we get some more Billabong clothing, and more.

Konami’s Gothic Cathedral is finally being released to the public. Pick it up in either personal space or clubhouse form, then deck it out the way any dark lord might. What does your inner goth tell you to do?


Granzella is releasing a large collection of elegant leotard outfits and bundles, over 20 in fact. If your inner ballerina needs to break out, you have many options in various colors and combinations to choose from.


Billabong’s virtual collection releases new laid back items, just in time for summer. Check out these new threads in the VEEMEE store.


Finally, the exclusive nightclub x7 gets some new early-access breakdancer and raver outfits. Pick them up and get the smoothest moves on the dancefloor. Also, there’s a new freebie and another exclusive super deal bundle.

See you in Home!

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