PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

E3 is an amazing thing, but when you’re there (and working), you don’t always get to see that many games. So I’ve been enjoying catching up on the titles I missed seeing in person… and now I’m sharing the (immense) list of stories I’ve been reading with you.

From what I did get to play or see in the flesh, I was especially taken with Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Assassin’ Creed III & Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, Guacamelee (played on PS Vita), PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (Big Daddy is a badass), and Jet Set Radio PS Vita. Wish I had a time to see and play more, but it seemed clear to me that the quality of games on display this year was very, very high. This will be a good year for gaming – of this I have no doubt.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of June 4, 2012)

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  • E3 was amazing!! I had a lot of fun, and I have been watching the interviews from the Blog cast crew on Youtube! There are so many great interviews and so many great games coming! The meet up for the Press Conference was amazing and it was so cool that we were among the same people that made amazing games like Heavy Rain, Uncharted, and even Metal Gear Solid. Yes, I even saw Mr. Hideo Kojima. I was too nervous to ask for a picture, and didn’t want to bother him. All in all I had a blast the week of E3, and would want to do it again next year. I am also looking forward to the next blog meet-up, hopefully it’s something PS All-Stars related.

    Thanks again for EVERYTHING!!

  • its not fun waiting for games thats should be here already are updates we should have had during E3 it really sucks i miss my psp3000 had everything i needed psone games comics and a ton of games it was a blast psvita has a long way to go with features that should have been into play with vita and it sucks we have to wait so long for something that should take u a few days to accomplish sony yall need to get yall ish together if u want ten million by march of next year at this rate u b lucky to sale 4.5 million by the end of the year not even half way toward the goal u expect to reach more apps more game more features its time to stop wasting time and get to the point

  • Jeff, do you know if we get the Gravity Rush pre-order DLC by buying the digital version on release day like SCEE?

  • First I enjoyed PS press conference and my favorite game was Beyond two souls. I think the wonder book won’t be bad I just hope it sells decent.
    Will COD Black ops Declassified have a camo Vita bundle because that would be really cool! ( even although I own a Vita) also when might we see a trailer for the Vita COD?
    I listened to IGN live feed for LBP Vita and they said they don’t have a release date for the game yet. Will it a least be sometime this summer? go knock down Rockstar’s studio door for a GTA for Vita or GTA 5 to Vita! That would be a big seller! Can’t wait to see what ps4 has to offer becuase Beyond looks like Square Enix demo for next Gen games!

  • Can’t wait for persona 4 golden…

  • Can ya’ll please post my ideas on the PS.Blog.Share? I have real good ones.


  • I rarely post comments here (I’m a lurker lol) but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you Jeff, Rey, Sid, Christina, and the rest of the Blog crew for all the work you have done during E3 week to provide us all the coverage that is PlayStation. It was amazing to be able to watch the conference from XMB and the frequent Store updates and video interviews were top notch and made me love my PlayStation more than ever. Thank you again for all the work that you do.

    P.S. LMAO @ the Last of Us meme article.


    can someone please help me !!!!! i keep getting this 80002AD23 error code. every time i sign in ill stay signed in for like 5 minutes and it’ll automatically sign me off !!! and it does it alot lately. i called my service provider they came out checked everything and all is fine with my internet. but this keeps happening still !! sony please help !!!!!! i cant stay signed on for more then 10 minutes.

  • Hey Jeff do you know when we can expect Plants vs Zombies on the PS Vita? It’s the only Vita question I have.

  • Another thing that wasnt reported yet was the latin american Sony unveils stunning God of War Omega Edition heres the link to see the bronze statue—>> IT looks alright to me i like color ,but maybe north america will be different since this version has gow 1-3 .

  • i know to my knowledge i saw a blog here and it said papy announced a god of war collectors edition that comes with xmb dynamic theme and avatar pack ,so this time we get multiple avatars not just one, and also the ascension comes in a tin case and art book as well but havent heard any updates about more, maybe this coming week i hope.

  • infernoofdarkess

    black ops anyone?

  • very disappointed how sony excluded Square Enix from its conference… also showing casual games like wonderbook on a hardcore gaming crowd like E3…. Really sony? u should have known better. and the worst part was giving it 10-15 minutes of ur conference to it?! sigh…. apart of that GoW:A Last of Us and Super Smash Station Melee saved Sonys E3… too bad nothing showed there was a surprise.

  • whats wrong with the credit card funding jeff plz reply if u kno y i keep getting errors i try funding my account it was working to days ago n now it stoped working plz help me out bro

  • Jeff,

    Any news when we will see or hear anything about a firmware update to include Remote Play. This was a key feature advertised for the Vita, which we’ve yet to see implemented, any info would be appreciated. Is this something Sony has decided to drop?


    mannn SONY SUCKS DONKEY BALLS !!! cant even play online cuz damn ps3 wont stay signed in…. a$$holes ……



    ps and of course no one from sony answers my help cuz why would they care….. guess ima have to get me a 360 where there internet is running fine … im done

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