PlayStation Blogcast 028: E3 2012 Live Wrap-up Special

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PlayStation Blogcast 028: E3 2012 Live Wrap-up Special

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Today, we tried something just a little bit different. We recorded this episode of PlayStation Blogcast live from the pulsing heart of the PlayStation booth on the E3 2012 show floor. We begin with a special PSN-focused segment with Senior Director of PlayStation Digital Platforms Jack Buser, then rope in passerbys like Capcom’s Special Combat Advisor Seth Killian, IGN editor and Podcast Beyond co-host Colin Moriarty, Activision Social Media Manager Dan Amrich (aka One of Swords), Games Radar’s Reviews Editor Sterling McGarvey, and Dyad Creator Shawn McGrath.

In today’s momentous episode, the Blogcast team reflects on its favorite games and moments from E3 2012 in addition to sharing the new PSN releases for June 12th. Listen in and let us know what you think in the comments!

Stuff We Talked About

Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Sid ShumanJeff Rubenstein

Official PlayStation.Blogcast: Rey GutierrezJack-Buser

The Cast

  • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Jeff Rubenstein – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Manager
  • Rey Gutierrez – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Jack Buser, Senior Director, PlayStation Digital Platforms
  • [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game
    details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating

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    5 Author Replies

    • Great podcast from what I was able to catch today… got a bit weird with Dan and Sid (he is hilarious please bring him back when there is more COD Vita news). Probably the best podcast so far and it was live!

    • Shout out to Jack Buser for getting Batman Arkham city, mad respect!!!! Now just get these digital games to a reasonable price and i might have to salute u like a General. Oh yeah and update the ps3 web video player.
      IGN, Gamespot, ESPN and video player doesn’t work on the ps3. use to work but they updated there video player. Psn really starting to get there shizznit together

    • As long as the video hits YouTube as well, I’m happy. I got to catch bits and pieces in and out but not all of it.

      Rey – “Dale nino ponte ayi sientate”

      Wow did that bring back my entire Childhood lol. Cuban heritage right there if I ever saw it.

    • How about that 15-20 minute Wonderbook presentation or the two minutes the Vita got? You know that new platform Sony released recently that’s in dire need of all the boosts it can get. Whomever decided it a good idea to marginalize it at the pre-show conference should be fired.

    • Should be “passers-by” :)

    • OK! here i am to review Sonys E3!

      The Good:
      Awesome gameplay of GoW:A and The last of US! Great Exclusive content on FarCry3, Great addition to the roster of Battle Royal with the cross gaming with vita too, Assassins creed Liberation and COD vita! YOUTUBE! HULU and more apps! PS VITA AS controller! BEYOND 2 souls! Vita Bundle!

      THE BAD!:

      NO FFVS13?! FOR REAL!? 6 years and still nothing? THATS A WTF RIGHT THERE!, No New VITA ANNOUNCES!!! what the hell sony really? no bioshock vita gameplay, NO MONSTER HUNTER?!! WHAT THA F^$&CK!!!! Sony Lost time showing the kiddie games! SONY LEARN THIS!! E3 ITS FOR HARDCORE GAMERS!! WE DONT CARE ABOUT THAT STUFF!! thats the kind of stuff u want to show in tv for parents to watch! PARENTS DONT WATCH E3!!!! No full PS1 classics on Vita?! REALLY!? No “AGENT”, NO KINGDOM HEARTS 3?! ARRG! No showing Soul Sacrifice with inafune?! No talking anything about ragnarok odyssey?

      Sony: U gave a great Conference but a “we already knew that” conference , with a lot of missing points that would have made u take the top spot (Like FF7 remake announce). Still I love u all and Jack Tretton U its a great host!!

    • oooh btw tell superbot to remember to put the stage out mode in battle royal! all the critics are saying it! if they dont do it… expect a 7 at max in the reviews. i always get it right i predicted fail on MNR:RT for not having online and BAM! 7 or lower scores all over the net… now its time to listen… also they didnt changed that horrible long name! sigh….Y U NO LISTEN!

    • KINGDOM HEARTS, KINGDOM HEARTS, KINGDOM HEARTS!!!, We need a new game, Im sure im not the only one alone on this but we need a new one or at least an HD Collection for both Ps3 and Vita, if we had this Id get both of them for my vita and Ps3

    • I have a concern. They said that us bloggers would get e3 passes. Why didn’t we get them? Please reply to me. :(

      • Not sure what would have happened there, sorry to hear it. They were corralling all the folks who came on-site, did you get separated somehow?

    • It was said to us bloggers that were at Sony’s conference. I was there.

    • Thanks for the great content guys! I would love to be able to download Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. I really liked that game, and with the new Castlevania game on the horizon it got me excited to play it again.

    • Will the Gravity Rush digital copy coming to PSN store next week include the extra DLC missions and costumes that come from pre-ordering the physical copy? I saw they announced this was the case in Europe, but we never got confirmation about it for NA and I’ve seen this question asked in several places. Thanks and keep up the great podcast guys, it was a great E3 for the most part!

    • Hello Sony
      I was an early adopter of the PSP which somehow lost its importance with Sony after the release of the PS3. I am also the proud owner of the PS Vita, and with Sonys vowed commitment to not letting the Vita fall by the wayside I was very much looking forward to E3 this year. Although E3 is always a big deal for me due to the amazing products you make for your home consoles i.e. PS 1,2 , & 3. I was especially excited this year due to the PS Vita. So imagine my disappointment with Shuhei Yoshidas’ statement “It was our fault for not spending enough time on PS Vita content. We have 25 new games on the show floor, playable during E3…So we could have shown more during the press conference.” Hopefully you will have more on the PS Vita come TGS. Do not disappoint me again. Thank you.

    • Was hoping for Christina Lee… ;_;

    • Excellent work guys. Good to see so much live coverage and blogcast dedication. Just some sound snafus but everything was solid content. Just make sure the PS Blog gets a Vita app pronto. I want instant streamlined PlayStation news without the trouble of logging into SEN from the browser; articles, video feed, and blogcast MP3s every week

    • I wish all the Final Fantasy games would get a discount again :(

    • Sid Thanks For listening!!! Take notes for next year if the Apocalypse haven’t occurred yet :)

    • @6 Not that there is anything wrong with having high expectations, but it would serve you better to stop reading rumours since it really seemed that you complained over dream scenarios than seeing the great games that they delivered. The only thing they did wrong was not showing PS Vita games and spending far too much time on Wonderbook.

    • Although, I really enjoyed the Blog’s coverage of E3… Rey has to step it up as an interviewer. I know that is probably not what he does best but he tried to remain engaged as a interviewer or even in the live Blogcast by making comments or jokes that don’t add to the conversation and instead cut off the current speaker. There are many great examples of this, but the one that I can recall is Transformers: Fall of Cybertron as he tried to make jokes or little comments that kept interrupting instead of either guiding the interview in a different direction to keep him from focusing on one aspect or adding something insightful to the conversation.

    • Oh and is the PS Vita 3G version not coming to Canada at all? I already have the Wi-Fi version, but I figure some people may have been waiting for one.

    • Overall Sony had the best conference out of “the Big 3”. It really showed the depth and breadth of exclusives on the PS3 and the fact that there’s still a lot of gas left in the system’s tank as far as pushing the visuals goes. The Last of Us and Beyond easily compete with the “next gen” stuff that was shown by Square-Enix, Epic & Ubisoft.

      The PS Plus offer was so crazy good that I could no longer resist and signed up for Plus on Friday. It took the better part of 2 days to download & install the 12 games (over 65 GB) of free games, but it’s still such an amazing deal! I’ve been a subscriber of Xbox Live for longer than I care to admit and I’ve NEVER got that kind of a return on investment with it so well done guys! Seriously you guys need to do a new Kevin Butler ad (borrow him from Bridgestone) bragging about Plus – give it some spotlight on a bigger scale. People NEED to be told about this!

      The virtual PlayStation booth in Home was super awesome as well. I don’t use Home a lot, but it has certainly improved quite a bit over the years!

    • Only negative things about the conference would be the Wonderbook demo was WAY too long – neat idea, just WAY too much time spent on it. And as a Vita owner, I was expecting more. Like where’s our Street Figher 4 port? It’s on the 3DS and even the freaking iPhone! What about NHL ’13 now that it has dual analog sticks? So come on guys, let’s get those 3rd parties excited for Vita!

    • I liked the interview with Jak Buser. It was interesting to hear the behind the scenes about the digital market.

      While it wasn’t “PC” i nearly died laughing with the talk about Dan soliciting Sid.

    • Great interviews this week, guys! I have one critique, could everyone besides Sid slow down when you speak? I love that you are so passionate about your opinions, but take some time to breathe so that the listeners can understand what you are saying. Peace!

    • I have a question, now with all the great ps3 available on PSN, do you know if sony is working to have some sorting option for game that we own. When I go on my download list, its just crazy, I would like to go on a place and see what I own so I can erase games on my hard drive and download them back easy.

      Keep up the good work.

    • Hey, this isn’t a question but a tip about free games you get from Playstation Plus. When the free games go live at the beginning of the month you only have until the next cycle or the end of the month to download the games to have access to them while you are a + user. There are a crazy number of good games this month, around 50-60 gigs worth if you downloaded everything. So here is what you do for the games you want to play eventually. Start the download for the game you want and then cancel it right away, taking up no space. The red downloaded box will show up over the game image and you will now have the game as long as you have +. Hopefully this was helpful tip. Thanks, Darrell from Phoenix

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