Visit the 2012 E3 Virtual Booth Today

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Visit the 2012 E3 Virtual Booth Today

So you’ve loaded your HDD (err…brain) up with all the exciting PlayStation news that was announced in our 2012 E3 Press Conference and have moved into that phase where you anxiously watch the countdown clock tick on towards the release of top PlayStation titles. But there’s no need to stand by idly waiting for the newest PS3, Vita, and PSN games to hit the proverbial shelves, when you can get hands-on in the 2012 virtual E3 Experience, now live in PlayStation Home!

Here are some shots of the virtual booth, just prior to the doors opening:




Journey through our special E3 quest, hosted by Christina Lee, and unlock exclusive rewards from the hottest games like God of War: Ascension, Assassin’s Creed III, PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, LittleBigKarting (and LittleBigPlanet: Vita, of course), Borderlands 2, and more! Get up-close and personal with CCP’s free-to-play AAA shooter Dust 514 in our special Total Game Integration event, and get a head start on all your friends before this highly-anticipated title hits PSN later this year. Collect all the content from the main floor and you’ll gain access to the VIP area where you can learn more about and get exclusive content from PlayStation Home’s upcoming MMORPG Mercia!


Even if you are reading this from the Los Angeles Convention Center, you need to set a reminder to log in to PlayStation Home this week and check out the 2012 Virtual E3 Experience. This content can only be accessed on your PS3 and will never be available again after we shut the virtual doors…

What are you waiting for?

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  • WOOOO I’v been waiting for this update :D.. i hope this is not the only home update for the week.. :x! Still E3 Here i come :D

  • How long will this last? Just for this week? I’d like it to be up at least for 1 more week.

    • The current plan is to keep it live for a week, but that could change. How long would you want it up for?

  • You should let us try the demos in Home instead of just watching videos.

    • There are a variety of reasons why we are not unable to provide full playable demos from the show floor, but we know that watching trailers isn’t what all gamers want, which is why we’ve included a lot of interactive experiences – from the master quest to games in the VIP area.

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    A virtual Christina Lee???!!!

    Wow, i might just have visit Home again (after deciding it sucks this time last year.) Tell me, is this Christina like KARA by any chance?


  • Thanks Matthew.

    Love this event each year you’ve had it in Home.

  • Uhhh Christina’s skirt isn’t short enough… I JK XD

  • Are there any plans to expand on the recent fantasy update, like creating some more fantasy/medieval armors for avatars?

    • Do you mean for Mercia? There will certainly be add-on content, such as armor, launched over time.

  • FINALLY, God of War themed items!! Aside from those two shirts from ages ago, I mean. I have been wanting more God of War themed items since I first started using Home. Pleaaaaase say it’s not going to be a t-shirt!!

    • Check it out – I think you’ll be pleased with the variety of rewards included this year!

  • Umm Im lost here as far as the quests go. How do I do any of these objectives? I also noticed some of the items on the objective list involve booths that are only available if you have a playstation plus account. So does that mean you cant get access to the virtual E3 VIP unless you have a playstation plus account?

    • You can complete the entire quest without being a Plus member. Visit Christina to start and then go to the first area listed in your objective list.

  • ps home is so oddly confusing :/

    i can not get any of the Trivia or Photo quests to appear or give me credit when i take photo’s with the Characters

    any help would be nice

    • Have you exited out of the scene and restarted? This should help. If not, you can clear your cache and try again. We’ve tested this extensively and not encountered these bugs, but the two above methods should clear things up for you.

      Let us know how this works out for you.

  • Got into the space the second it was open. The rewards were really great and had no problems viewing anything this year. Great job! Space looks great and Christina Lee’s avatar looks just like her!

  • Dropped in, picked everything up besides the 3-day reward which looks junky. Probably should have given something cooler for that task to encourage return visits, but you’re in charge, not me. Rather slow space, and the obligatory intro video didn’t help anything. Annual visit: done. I guess I’ll drop in next E3, and on that note, I’ll see you then…

  • a lil better then last year, not much diff still nice treats thanks guys and gals. O nice job on the host… we should have been able to take a pic with her avatar.

  • Great booth guys. An improvement from past years. Plenty of things to check out, lots of item, and Christina Lee. You can’t go wrong here.

  • Matt, that’s why i was so confused (#10). I ended up leaving the E3 space and then went back then I seen the markers for the quest..etc.

  • Is there a Vita section? You seemed to gloss over the device at the conference. And will we be having a follow up for Vita releases? 3 games and a bunch of cross-platform stuff that we already knew about doesn’t scream manufacturer/ developer confidence in the device.

  • @Matthew Harper

    We get some of these later in the exact same state, just months later. The God of War 3 Demo we got was identical to the one that was at E3 for example.

    You totally could let us try them now, you’re just choosing not too. If the third parties don’t want to do it, Fine. But Sony totally could do it if they wanted.

    Otherwise what’s the point of E3 in Home? Why should I want in line in Home to watch videos I can see on Gametrailers without waiting?

  • Thank you, I am enjoying the E3 booth space, may I know if Playstation Home will be updating tomorrow or not due to the E3 event?

  • Clearly the Cache worked & helped me find the Blue light. :]

  • Ummm could yall please fix the servers cuz im tired of gettinn error codes….. Thanks sony

  • Loving the E3 Virtual Booth experience this year. It’s a lot more fun with the inclusion of quests. Of course, the free rewards are the best thing ever. Keep up the good work. Thank you for helping us lowly gamers somewhat experience the media only event. My hat’s off to you Sony. Always a good idea when you show some love to the gamers.

  • I have to say I’m loving the exclusive place! It feels less -noobish- I haven’t gone in yet besides past the entrance haha. Dancing in front is fun =)

    I was just about to recommend someone to PS+ when I talked about how exclusive and cool it felt to be in. They were all “Man I wish I could get in” I was going to say. “Get PS+ because for $50 a year, you’re getting a ton of good deals!” If you don’t buy a ship load of games each year then PS+ is for you. If you’re a kid that only live off of Christmas games, then I strongly suggest PS+ mainly for the free games you get to play each month.

    Except it froze on me mid sentence.

    I am worried about the E3 goodies though. I got all of them except the 3 day thing and the 30/60 minute theater challenge. I swear I was in there for 30 minutes. Does it rack up or does it reset each time you go in? Because the screen froze or finished the video multiple times. I re-entered but nada. I’d love to get those rewards.

    If anytime is a time for PS+ it’s this month since it’s packin’ 12 free games!

    I don’t even go on Home much but I might get back into it If I have time to spare.

  • By completing everything. Will we get some early demos?. Am so excited about THE LAST OF US


    Since a lot of people don’t understand how to go about getting a beta key mentioned in this post (there should still be plenty left as of this writing), here’s a step-by-step guide on what you need to do:

    1. Go to PS Home. You should spawn in the E3 area. If not, head there.

    2. Find the Dust 514 kiosk. There should be a really big Dust merc right outside the kiosk, near the stairs. Click on him** (**note: you may or may not need to complete the 12 E3 mini-challenges (found around that location) to unlock the ability to talk to the large Dust merc).

    3. Download the Dust Warbarge room when the box pops up (called Event Horizon Lounge or something similar).

    4. Talk to the recruitment officer once in the Warbarge who will tell you that to get a beta key, you’ll need to watch every video and win a game of Slay (the game of Slay does NOT need to be a multiplayer win). You might not technically need to speak to him first, but he’s got some game info you can browse through as well.

  • 5. There are 4 videos right around the recruitment officer that give a short explanation of each of the 4 races–watch them. There are 2 videos above the bar on the side closest to the window facing the planet outside–watch them.

    6. Go to the big room on the side of the bar opposite the recruitment officer (you’ll probably see a lot of players through the hallway). This is where the game Slay is. Play a single-player match and win (it may work for multiplayer too). It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, and reading the instructions first is recommended.

    7. After you’ve won, go back to the recruitment officer. Don’t click on him, but instead look just behind and to the right of him (as you face away from the bar) and you should see a little area that looks like another video section. Go there. You should see a pop-up when you click on it that tells you that you’ve qualified for the Beta and it will give you a voucher code.

    8. Go to the PS Store and find “Redeem Code” at the top right. Input the code you received in Step 7. Download the client.

    Hope this helped. If you want to mention this post (or copy it verbatim) in yours to let people know how it’s done, please feel free.

  • Hey,

    I won a game of Slay last night, and watched all the videos, but the Recruiter guy kept saying the same thing. I’ve been looking really, really forward to Dust 514 for a very long time, but probably just lost another chance to play the beta. :(

    Any help or suggestions?

  • @Matt Harper…. it would be nice if it stayed up in Home for a least a few weeks for us working folks with families to full soak it up, thank you!

  • Why don’t you work on the bugs, before you advertise this??

    I was at the 2012 theater for 30 mins, and close to an hour.. Got both items, the Resistance figurine and the other item as well, but when I go to the activity board in the Home PS Booth, it shows I never got the Resistance Figurine, it is the only one that is not checkmarked. I hope this doesn’t screw me up on getting a reward for completing everything, or whatever..

    please fix bugs before you add content.

  • @26
    You don’t talk to the recruiter, I was just using him as a location point. The place you actually get the voucher is a little booth to the right and behind the recruiter, it sort of looks like another video booth (like the others around him), but it’s not.

  • lilyofthevalee2

    Is there an extra reward for finishing everything? If so, they really do need to fix the problem with the 30 minutes in the theater quest. Once I am in there tomorrow, I will have everything checked off except that.

  • ok so…….ppl are still getting kicked off home and freezing!!!
    Im so disgusted with home! and so are my friends. it not even worth the time
    it takes to get on home and if you get on then you have about 10 min. before
    getting kicked! Im tired of spending money on home for nothing! so are my

  • Who is the one in charge of running HOME ? Obviously that someone is doing a S job .
    more than 7 weeks since Home started to go down hill and still no fix in sight, i get kick out every 2 mins , and when im not , im getting freezed………………But of course , that doesnt stop any single one of you , to try and shove all the crap you want to sell, to make money off of us ……………..If Home is defenetly this patheric and unfixable then shut it down for good, then none of us will have to put up with imcompetence .
    And i dont want to hear the same old ridiculous reply, “well post it at the Forums ” .
    I DID , actually, 2 months ago i went to my Dolphyn place and my LoccoRocco place and both were empty , like if i just bought them , i was called a Jerk and replied on how i should post it at the forum..i did , i was told , ” we are going to investigate”……….2 months later and no reply as to what happened to my places……..
    so Sony is at 6 and a half Billion net loses right ?

  • How menny kiosks is ther in ps home e3 booth

  • Ra_The_Sun_King

    I agree with Erickafollie, everytime i try to go from one place to another, Network Error
    Soon as i log into Home , 5 seconds later Network Error
    im trying to do the E3 Quest but i cant because Network Error
    a lot of my friends and i are tired of the lie you have on the Network Error page , the one that says :
    If the problem is related to OUR SERVES we apologize, WE ARE CONTINUALLY MONITORING THE SERVICE ” really ?
    and try to RESPOND QUICKLY to FIX any issues that arise . ? cmon , i been coming to HOME since late 08 , and not some new kid that just got a PS3 and think every update is Awesome !
    oh i almost forgot, here is the kicker
    If the problem persist you can look for further HELP on the PS HOME FORUMS , too funny
    whatever , Home sucks at this point .

  • OMG i tired of gettin kick i cant enjoy home without getting the error code its very frustrating that i spend so much money on home but cant get to enjoy it without freezing n gettin disconnected…. These updates does absolutely nothing to help keep saying yall will take a look in to the problem but yet yall still aint fix it…. At this point im just feel like giving up on Home because its useless if i cant go on without any problems

  • If you’re taking votes for how long it stays up, please make it two weeks. I don’t get back to town for 10 more days..

  • dancinglights800

    Man.. This is Strange.. Why Christina’s Move Controller when she plays is Blue, and My Controler is pink??? Confused….

  • ghostkilla_23568

    Do we gots to have playstation plus for the vip cause im a big gamer an I really love sony

  • Ok Now I’m a little annoyed. I went back in today and the minute I entered the theater it froze on me.

    I rebooted the system up sent them a message and then had to restore the system (from corruption, not the actual format and restore thing).

    If I have to do this a lot I may not even go on Home…. like 5 minutes just to boot up, freeze, then wait another 5 minutes for it to restore. Not the ideal experience I’m looking for.

  • Best one yet. I like how it was set the event up like the quest to get the rewards this year, and the Cristina Lee avatar was a nice touch. Thank you guys.

  • the Cristina Lee avatar is fantastic. I figured you guys could enable the super high res meshes and skins/textures. It is most likely the resolution scaling you have. Cristina avatar has got to be set to super high detail and no down scale. Very impressive ! This is my first E3 on the virtual playstation booth. Great experience. I went through the 12 Christina quests yesterday. I picked up the + vip list quests with no problems except for the visit three days quest LOL. Tomorrow. I watched the E3 for one hour and 30 some minutes in the room(s). I picked up both 30 minute and 1 hour prizes. However; the 30 minute check box is not checked. The one hour check box is checked. My stumbling quest is the “review all kiosks on the main floor”. I’ve been around the main floor twice, using exploring and Christina’s 12 quest locations. No check in the check box. I don’t need a cheat answer, just confirmation that the quest works okay, if you can.
    Thank you,



  • there were some really nice prizes , thanks for another fun E3 on Home . (:

  • A maintenance is going on, perhaps to fix some problems people have been mentioning? I froze twice during the Lockwood egg game, but glad I was able to gain my reward for doing the 10,000 purple eggs ( What a chore.. ) before the maintenance. Fixing Home and making it run smoothly should be first priority.

  • guys please leave it for another week , my ps3 broke and i didn’t manage to get everything!!! hopefully it will be repaired soon!! :( PLEASE SONY 1 MORE WEEEEEK!!!!!

  • Kudos to everyone who had a hand in producing the E3 booth for PS Home this year. It’s great.

    Just wish the errors we have all been dealing with for a month now would finally go away :( Froze five time last night in E3.

  • Awesome!! Going to hit the virtual booth as soon as I’m done playing Starhawk multiplayer and watching the White sox game. Two questions though. Does anyone know if LBP Karting is going to be for the Vita? Us Vita users can use more sports! lol. Also, how cool would it be to have Knuckles the Echinda in All Stars Battle Royale? Along with his Aquatic Mine level from Sonic Adventure 2 as a battle area in the game?

  • Hey I’m 2012 seconds away from doing all the checks, I want to know what happens after I get them all?

    Also I did not receive my gold gloves for the 3 day one – please help me?!

  • EDIT – I just found them – it didn’t notify me.

  • you guys have done it once again love the rewards and thanks for the great e3 experience keep up the good work u guys :)

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